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Damn Shante!

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Shante Broadus, Snoop Dogg's wife and mother of his truckload of kids, was arrested early this morning and slapped with a DUI charge. Shante was stopped by police in Fullerton, California, at about 12.15am. She was released with a citation as there is no bail needed for DUI arrests in Fullerton. And she for damn sure can't lie her way out of that with her mugshots looking like she's been high for days. That's unfortunate.
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[quote comment="117836"][quote comment="117824"]PROACTIVE PLEASE...........[/quote] I know I can see Diddy telling her to try to preserve her sexy right?[/quote] Lol!
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[quote comment="117835"][quote comment="117828"]y would she crack a smile i didnt know getting arrested was funny.how old r u?[/quote] YEAH, HOW OLD...(he, he, he)!!!![/quote] MY AGE AINT YO BIZ. LOL;; i was just sayin people, she looks nasty you know, i know it aint all exciting to be arrested buh still...lol
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you've used the phrase

you've used the phrase "truckload of kids" in 2 back-to-back posts just sayin.... lol i hope shante can recover from this poor judgement call!!!
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Her braids are really

Her braids are really kool........... but she looks like she's been up for days ( Speed Anyone?) lol
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Wow, didn't think she had all

Wow, didn't think she had all those acne scars
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[quote comment="117831"]I

[quote comment="117831"]I need details though...like, How early in the morning was she arrested? Was she on her way home from an all-nighter? Because who gets drunk, and pulled over IN THE MORNING!?[/quote] 12:15 a.m. is also considering late, even though it's really morning, do you know how many people go out and kick it around 11:00p.m and don't get home until 3:00a.m even though it's morning it's still considered late night, she was obviously out kicking it this weekend, it's not like she woke up got out of bed got drunk and got on the road...come on now
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