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Weekend Fab: Christina Milian, Meagan Good, Jourdan Dunn, Amerie, Diddy & Mo'Nique

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Fab chick Christina Milian was spotted arriving to the Apple Lounge Launch in Beverly Hills this weekend: Looking cute in her white dress, pewter shoes and belt with a matching Louis bag. And Meagan Goodhas once again left the house with no bra on. And proceeded to wear a sheerish dress while she posed for the flashing lights on the red carpet at The Bank nightclub in Vegas this weekend. Pics of her own flashing lights after the jump. YBF model Jourdan Dunn walked the runway in Cape Town, South Africa this weekend for the Virgin mobile Cape Town Fashion Week. Hot. And Diddy's new ads for his brand new I Am King cologne are here. And y'all know he's rocking the suits with the swagger. More pics of all these folks when you read the rest... Really Meagan? Really? You're too fab for this consistent "mistake". She was also spotted poolside in a cute swimsuit though. Here's more flicks of model chick Jourdan Dunn rocking the runway at Cape Town Fashion Week: Fabulous. And at her press conference: Cute. But I'm going to need her to be careful before she ends up with a f'ed up hairline like Naomi Campbell extra early. Mo'Nique and Radio One hosted "An Evening With Mo'Nique" this weekend in Detroit: She's looking pretty good these days. Here's more pics of Amerie on the red carpet of the Hot in Hollywood party: Gorgeous girl as always. And more pics of Christina Milian at the Apple Lounge party: Lovely. And the rest of Diddy's new cologne promo pics: Hot.
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The Randomness: 1. Looks like Kobe is about to get distracted yet again by booty. Lebron too.
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Diddy said no to black didn't

Diddy said no to black didn't he? Well I guess he can be bangin Cassie and Aubrey and claim that the love of his life was j. ho, but Kim is too much of a nigga to eva have his heart publicly! I mean he says it all in this add! And I'm losin respect for meagan by the minute pullin these stunts!
mirelli's picture

can we please ban the furry

can we please ban the furry vest all the starlettes keep wearing as well as the "blowing kiss" pose! It's just too much! Speaking of too much, Puffy, OMG, please make him go away for a while!
nolababe's picture

and I want Christina's

and I want Christina's handbag.
Jap's picture

I really wish Mo'nique would

I really wish Mo'nique would shave her legs. hairy legs are unflattering, unsexy, and unfeminine
Jap's picture

I thought Monique was "Proud

I thought Monique was "Proud to be big" and all of that jazz!? Always makes me laugh when big...I mean..."really" big...women talk so much smack about being so proud of their size yet they're working religiously to try and lose weight! Come now...you don't honestly think that big women sit around in the spring time saying stuff like: "Hey, check me out...another few pieces of fried chicken and a cheesecake or two and I'll be ready for summer! I love being this size!"
SKAAR's picture

Meagan please invest in a bra

Meagan please invest in a bra or better yet a better quality dress. Your breast are 2 saggy and you actually look stupid. I guess anything for attention since you can't get a box-office hit, or get paid millions of dollars for a movie role. Have some type of class. Chritina Milian never disappoints. Love that girl. Ready for her to do some more acting. I love all her movies. Tired of Puff Daddy, Diddy, P.Diddy, whatever the hell else he is called. Not really feeling Ameries pants. It makes he look weird That model is very Pretty. Especially in the press room pictures. Gorgeous!!! Monique looks good, but shave your legs. That is so nasty. Especially when you are that hairy. Don't care what her beliefs are, shaving is not a crime. Ugh!!
Lisset's picture

Where are the black women,

Where are the black women, diddy?
shesh1nes's picture

Umm...What's up with

Umm...What's up with Meagan's... Goodies!? Sorry, but first of all...that isn't exactly the greatest set of twins on a celebrity and second, while I'm sure she thought she was just being "sexy"...that's just the sort of outfit that a porn star would wear to the AVN awards! I love it when it when these women wear stuff that's clearly showin' off their goods...and then act like they're too good to pose nude! Here's some advice ladies: If you want to show us all your "goodies"...just go ahead and pose for Playboy! Stop frontin' and playin' like you're too good!
SKAAR's picture

Sheer dress + flashlights +

Sheer dress + flashlights + no bra = PUBLICITY. And Megan knows this. Nevermind if it's the WRONG kind of publicity. It'll keep people talking about her and that's what she wants. It may not land her a solid acting role, but it'll land her main video ho in Plies next video!! And a nice spread in King mag...so there you go!
AnotherNatasha's picture

Christina looks fab, and is

Christina looks fab, and is it just me that thinks Megan Good always looks high. Like she just got through taking a puff before her red carpet events, and at least diddy has a black chick in this ad and not all white and latin women.
CoCo's picture

Meagan looks like she is

Meagan looks like she is asking for help in the first picture. Amerie's make-up is gorgeous, but I don't like the vest on her. Diddy don't do dark.
Pinkflame1983's picture

I Love Monique but her Head

I Love Monique but her Head is looking HUGE. Her head don't even match her body.
Genuine Lady's picture




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DeeDee's picture

so tired of diddy...amerie

so tired of diddy...amerie looks so cute so does christina and meagan i guess it's nice to see she has on different shoes but she is a pretty young lady...MO REAL MO LAUGHS MO LOVE MONNIIIQQQUEE IN THE AFTERNOON i like her show here in houston (sometimes)
ALTIMA2008's picture

I still dislike Duddy, Puddy,

I still dislike Duddy, Puddy, or whatever his name is today. Everyone else looks fantastic. Meagan is beautiful, but she needs to learn how to hold her face properly for photos.
chaka1's picture

Megan...WTF? We get it, your

Megan...WTF? We get it, your boobs are great, but c'mon?! and her make-up person needs to let up on the super light concealer under the eye and top of cheek with the Hyper real foundation. She looks like she's melting. She's still pretty tho. Amerie looks good, but bombed with the outfit. She needs to drop a single. Loves her music.
Roxi2States's picture

Top 5? Me? Hmmmm....I had a

Top 5? Me? Hmmmm....I had a feeling something was wrong...I though everybody was on vacay. Including Tasha. Well anyway, weather it get's deleted or not I have to say this: Meagan, Meagan, Meagan- you can do so much better.
Kizzy's picture

Listen, I'm all for the no

Listen, I'm all for the no bra when u have fab tatas but Meaghan should know better. Flashbulbs, sheer dress, and no bra...not a good look at all...ur not Rihanna ma lol. But my girl Christina Milian does not disappoint....fab chick as usual
Ms. White's picture

I don't fault Megan because I

I don't fault Megan because I don't like wearing a bra either!
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[quote comment="176571"][quote comment="176565"]YBF acting up? Where did all the comments go?[/quote] exactly, so I'm not even going to waste my time posting again![/quote] er...waste my time posting a comment about the post, that is
♫ Lola AM ©'s picture

[quote comment="176565"]YBF

[quote comment="176565"]YBF acting up? Where did all the comments go?[/quote] exactly, so I'm not even going to waste my time posting again!
♫ Lola AM ©'s picture

YBF acting up? Where did all

YBF acting up? Where did all the comments go?
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