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Weekend Summer Party Fab

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YBF folks hit the Hamptons last weekend for L.A. Reid's Summer Love Bash. Including "love birds" Nick and Mariah of course: Ciara kicked it with the host of the party. Too bad she looked like somebody flashed a cheeseburger next to the camera man and she got shook real quick. You know you want that burger girl...gone ahead and take a bite. We won't tell. In fact I'll Fedex you some since you'e looking quite gaunt these days. MJB, Kendu, and Star Jones were all there to party. And so was Benny "Snaps for the Kid" Medina and Gayle. These damn polka dot man scarves are killing me... Vanessa Simmons celebrated her b-day at Mansion in Miami last night: Of course her lil sis Angela and their BFFs were there to celebrate too. Fun times. Lots more pics from both parties when you read the rest... Uncle Russey and L.A. Reid posed for some pics in the Hamptons. Star is trying her damndest to work out that fierce pose I see. Oh Mimi. MJB looked pretty fab too. Samuel L. and his wife LaTonya were there. So was LL. And Tyler Perry rocking the clean all white. And Erica Reid (in her cute Dior shoes) spent some time with the ladies. Down in the MIA: Vanessa Simmons partied it up with her girls for her b-day. And looking fantabulous while doing so. I'm not sure who ol girl ont he right is but she could be their 3rd sister. This is not your party Angela. Chick was hogging the pics like she got it twisted. But we love you anyway. Fun times for the girls. And just for S's and G's:
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Angela looks really nice..she

Angela looks really nice..she seems sometimes prettier than Vanessa..then there are other times...Gorgeous girls love them
JANEY's picture

Both girls look nice, but

Both girls look nice, but there is something about Venessa's dress that looks off.
AK(South Africa)'s picture

Did I miss something. . .when

Did I miss something. . .when did Star "girls" go from a 40 long to a 40D.
Voodoo Child's picture

Bow look like he wanna sop'

Bow look like he wanna sop' Angela up with a biscuit
mzgurl's picture

You've got good eyes

You've got good eyes djl9w...that sure does look like Bow Wow in pic #2! I would have missed that for sure.
qtpie's picture

Is that Bow Wow in pic #2 of

Is that Bow Wow in pic #2 of Vanessa's celebration?
djl9w's picture

Oh Gayle, I don't know what

Oh Gayle, I don't know what to say. She really tries, but just does not quite hit the mark. My goodness what is the deal with Benny Medina? Star, some days you get there and others like this day in particular, you look so aged. You should try a different hairstyle next time, and tone down the seductive pose you got going on. Ciara, please don't fall into the Hollywood stereo-type that you have to be skin and bones to be beautiful. You are border line and it's not cute, you are way too fab for that nonsense.
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hey ya'll

hey ya'll
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Mary J's dress is really

Mary J's dress is really nice...
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Mariah and Nick.. moving

Mariah and Nick.. moving on! Ciara, Star and Mary J. Blige just need one burger and I know they will be hooked. The Simmons Sisters- I like the purple but something is off with Vanessa's dress... Did you see Mr. Aaron Reid's pink shoes. SMH
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why can't i leave a

why can't i leave a comment....
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