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T.I.'s Babies' Mama Wants More Mula+Weezy Has Issues With Mrs. Officer?+Flicks From Janet's Opening Night

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The mother of T.I.'s oldest 2 children, Lashon Dixon, is suing Clifford for more child support.  She says the current $2000/month she gets for both boys just isn't cutting it and they need a raise.  It is a recession peoples.  According to the Associated Press, Lashon Dixon has been reportedly been receiving $2,000 a month for their two 7 and 8 year-old boys. Rather than demanding a specified amount, the 29 year-old is requesting a court to order a stipend equal to Tip’s financial success.  I mean if Tip is going to be a Louis Vuitton Don every day, why shouldn't his kids get to be LV Don Jrs.?  Lemme stop... So this issue with Weezy and his drug charges just got interesting.  Here's the latest according to the Daily News:   Lil wayne AKA MR CARTER times 3 Appeared in count on 09/10/08 His lawyer Stacey Richman made a statement objecting to earlier statements made by Officer Diane Hornung of the NYPD during her testimony this week. Officer Hornung claims she noticed smoke coming from tour bus following concert on 07/22/07 and she could smell what’s known as  the drug Marijuana, Weezy’s Lawyer pointed out that Officer Hornung was quite a distance away to witness all of that.  “She wasn’t any where near where she said she was” he said.  Richman, also brought up various court documents that showed the officer to be, in fact, blocks away from the scene where she was helping a fellow officer arrest rap artist Ja Rule and his entourage on gun charges. So clearly the OFFICER was no where around and makes her testimony not justifiable in either case. Before the case was brought to trial Officer Hornung stressed that it was the scent of marijuana that was probable cause for her as an officer to search the bus.   Weezy will be back in court next week facing 3 ½ years in jail.    Mrs. Officer Mrs. Officer...     And Janet Jackson kicked off her tour last night in Vancouver:   I hear the original Nasty Girl's still got it.  
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first or second or third

first or second or third
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I guess this is what you get

I guess this is what you get for getting involved with thug wannabes. Stay away from them. Stop mocking and laughing at educated, well-educated brothers (who may also like u back) labelling them as corny or no "swag" (seriously black people gotta stp using that word!).
ManDown_Holla_TyraMail (Miss Jackson if ya nasty)'s picture

so just how many kids does

so just how many kids does t.i have?
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Janet looks fat

Janet looks fat
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