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*UPDATED* The Latest In The Hudson Tragedy

The Hudson family tragedy on the cover of the upcoming issue of People magazine

There have been a few developments in the last several hours.  It has been discovered that William Balfour was actually arrested on drug charges again just this June--which violated his previous parole for attempted murder and drug possession.  It is now also believed that William--if guilty--may have had help.  The time line of the murders, cars being driven by the suspect, and time that William saw his girlfriends are all pointing to the possibility of another party being involved in that fatally tragic morning. The Chicago Tribune has the full update. Also, William's mother went on CNN's Nancy Grace Show last night trying to clear her son's name with the public:

It's taking everything in me not to go the hell off about the foolishness Michelle Balfour was talking about in this video.  I'll reserve my complete judgment for when official charges and a conviction happen in this case.
Yesterday's details are here.
UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Jason Hudson, Julia Hudson, and Gregory King (little Julian King's biological father) were all arrested on crack cocaine charges back in '02. Only Jason and Gregory were convicted though. The entire Hudson home was raided by authorities back in '02. Jason and Gregory were also allegedly in the same Gangster Disciple street gang as suspect William Balfour. It is being determined if drugs and gang affiliation had anything to do with the murders. The full story here. The murder weapon has been found and police believe they know who the accomplice in the murders is. Story



Wow this woman is a damn

Wow this woman is a damn ignorant fool....but ole white chick is givin her the buisness. they went toe to toe.....damn my prayer goes out to the hudson family. please lets stop the black on black crime. love each other.
Maya's picture

[quote comment="259264"]I get

[quote comment="259264"]I get really irritated by the mother of Balfour. She really just needs to not say anything. Clearly he had something to do with this tragedy. Instead of just stepping back to see what happens, she keeps speaking her ignorance. I know a mother wants to NOT believe that a child that came from her could be so hanous. But the fact is that he has a consistent record of being evil. My heart goes to Jennifer and her family. It's enough that they have to deal with this, but the medias coverage of the nonsense statements of the evil dudes mother, must add insult to injury.[/quote] Nail ---> Head She is a sorry excuse for a woman and I refuse to listen to anything she has to say. She was probably a sorry ass mother too, coddling and defending him. I'm REAL sick of women defending their sorry ass sons and sorry ass romantic partners.
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Wow. Was she serious? When a

Wow. Was she serious? When a case involves a child...do NOT attempt to battle Nancy Grace. Balfour failed big time.
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Balfour's mother is the

Balfour's mother is the reason why he is sitting in jail right now. She has an excuse for everything. She raised a fool because she is a fool. To all my brothas' out there LISTEN UP...when you leave a woman to raise YOUR male child, this is how they turn out. IGNORANT! A woman cannot teach a little boy how to be a man. We need THE MEN in our community to step up and take care of their responsibilities.
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I feel that it is very

I feel that it is very insensitive to Jennifer to report on her Mother and Brother's drug convictions, at this time. She is grieving and people are talking about her Mom using crack, IN THE PAST. I would expect it of TMZ, but not here. Kinda messed up.
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I don't understand why people

I don't understand why people are hating on this lady because she is defending her son. Nobody was there, no one knows the intricate details of what went on, all we are getting is from the media and they are getting their information from the cops - which is only one side. None of us know what we would do if we were in that situation. Like I always said, people want an excuse to hate, to blame somebody without investigating or having accurate information. William Balfour has not even been charged yet. Someone having a criminal past does not make them a murderer. I am not making excuses, but people seriously need to wake up and see there is ALWAYS more than one side. Blacks have historically thought that police officers were crooked, why would they not think that now? If it is him, then he deserves whatever he gets, but UNTIL any of us learn what really happened (at least what they say); maybe we should be the ones to shut up and not pretend to be Sherlock Holmes Rejects.
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That newswoman wasn't

That newswoman wasn't playing. For a second there I thought she was about throw in a few snaps and a neck roll. I was like "get it!" Seriously though, Balfour's mother couldn't BE more delusional. Chick had some kind of "explanation" for every wrong this foo committed. She needs to sit her ass down and stop trying to paint her son as the victim here.
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and stop blaming the black

and stop blaming the black women for all this crap!! here is an idea, hey black men!!! yoohoo!!! Why dont you go to school and finish your education, get a job...stay out of trouble and maintain your relationships and stop having children out of wedlock? it takes two to tango and the women shouldnt have to be the sole blame!
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and some of you agreeing

and some of you agreeing about Jason dealing in drugs thereby frees William from all blame should have your head examined!! the case at hand is not drugs. Its murder!
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[quote comment="260269"][quote comment="259702"][quote comment="259331"][quote comment="259317"]I need to know how Julia met this fool - how come she let him in her life? Low self esteem is a MOTHER - and will lead women to the wrong type of man because they act like they love them. Just looking at this fool I wouldn't let hin within a million yards of me and mine.[/quote] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uhmmmm Look at Her....The Hudson family is your everyday ghetto black family...The Englewood area in Chicago is one of the worst in the entire country... They hood...bottom line..aint no doctors, lawyers, or NLF players in that neighborhood!![/quote] Thats true i was going to mention that. She is a product of her environment Jennifer's ex-boyfriend looks thugged out too she dropped his ass when she got famous enough and got herself that lawyer guy.[/quote] AND..JENNIFER STILL DON'T HAVE NOTHING JUST CAUSE HE A LAWYER MAKES HIM BETTER? SEE THAT'S THE $HIT I'M TALKIN BOUT. SO HE WON'T TRIP CAUSE HE A LAWYER GET THE FU@% OUTTA HERE WIT DAT BULL![/quote] I agree .....its not about your occupation but instead your purpose and character in life. But accordingly to "KC" getting a lawyer is a move up. THUGS come in all types of packages (doctors, lawyers, athletes, teachers, police, judges)...just b/c you have a job doesn't mean your attitude or ambitions are any better than the "common person".

so her son was locked up for

so her son was locked up for carjacking but he "never disrespected anyone"??? somebody please tell this ignorant broad to sit her ass down. i can't... i simply cannot
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His mother is a

His mother is a fool!! acting like he is such a saint! what killed me was when she mentioned that he doesnt hurt anybody. um hello? he violated his parole from attempted murder!! give me a break lady!!! either your in serious denial or you think your words are going to give the public a different opinion about him. bottom line, he is a loser and deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life!! What a disgraceful woman, she seems so proud that her tramp of a son is in and out of jail and has multiple girlfriends while he is still married!! He deserves to die slow!!!!!!!
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[quote comment="259545"]I

[quote comment="259545"]I guess I'm the only one who thinks that Ms. Balfour made some potentially valid points. The media IS villifying her son, as though he's never done anything productive and good in life. But no one has publicly questioned Julia's decision to MARRY him and make him a role model for her son. She must not have thought he was so bad, huh? Now the GED and the job at Cosi may not be relevant, but neither is his "mile long rap sheet" unless you can place him at the scene of this here crime between the hours of 9 and 3. But the nature of the crime makes Jason's potential drug selling all the more relevant. The baby mama who is now stating Balfour had something to do with it is also a woman who is willingly sleeping with a married man raw. No one considers she might be talking out of pure bitterness, but we dismiss Ms. Balfour as delusionl for thinking her son may be innocent? At the end of the day, it took the police 3 days to find a Suburban that some neighbors said was parked on the street- tags in place- at least since Friday. People are finally recognizing that it had to be more than one person- he can't drive 2 cars at once. There's a lot of accountability in this story, and far too much is resting on William Balfour without the connecting facts to support it.[/quote] I agree with you a 110% Mrs. Balfour was the first to mention Jason selling drugs...and now the story is unfolding
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Sorry for the misspells.

Sorry for the misspells. Black Queens, arise and respect yourselves.
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[quote comment="259305"][quote comment="259288"]Has Jennifer sister said anything else? I haven't heard, but I'm sure she's too jacked up right now to talk. I'm sure she feels absolutely horrible right now... Man, you gotta watch who you bring to the house...[/quote] you could say that again that's why so many chicks right on here are like they don't want a man, they don't want kids... and they say i'm so jaded lol. but no one could ever expect this, just like when women bring men into thier kids life and dude ends up molesting the kids... you feel bad but what are these moms supposed to do stay single their whole life?[/quote] That why you fuckin think when you spread your damned legs! Most of these knuckle heads ain't about nuthin noway, so why you givin up the goodies having a kid by this one and the other, and then wonder why life has passed your ass by and oh by the way, I'm gonna get my tubes ties and not have no more kids and get me another man who will then come in and mess up your life and your kids life. When you have kids, guess what ladies? THEY come fuckin first. If you got to have some dick, then go buy one from the toy store. If someone wants to come into your life and be good to you, go talk to his family and friends, and ex's and find out what the hell you are getting yourself into. Anyway....I'm finished. Love your kids enough to keep your legs closed until you know for sure and keep them niggas out of your house!
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This is just a shame. I

This is just a shame. I cannot stand ignorant people, and it's people like this that give us (Black Americans) a bad name. She just rattled on about "her son" and contradicted herself. I believe even if he is found guilty of this horrific act she will still be talking about "my son" didn't do this. Stupidity!!
Nikki's picture

This whole Jennifer Hudson

This whole Jennifer Hudson story is very tragic. I could not image the pain the family is feeling all I can do is pray that the truth will be discovered. Nancy Grace held her own in that interview as usual. Balfour's mom sounded like a fool, if I were her I would just close my mouth because the more she speaks the more ignorant she sounds. This makes me ill. I feel more parents need to love,nurture and raise their children and teach them right from wrong. If we teach our kids right from wrong and show them how bad choices can affect their lives that would make a world of a difference. If the news is correct all the children Balfour's mom have led wreckless lifestyles.
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[quote comment="260276"]mom

[quote comment="260276"]mom seems a little dense....[/quote] you don't talk about him getting his GED or him studying horticulture... and he wasn't jacking a car. he as starting it and the guy he was STEALING IT FROM reached in and grabbed my car. So my son hit the gas and drove at high speeds taking the guy who's car he was stealing for a high speed chase--- his momma said this crap on national TV. oh it's ok to jack a car but the other guy choked my son so he had the right to go speeding with the guy latched on the car? and yay he got his GED, what you want a damn cookie for him? a lot of brothers locked up get their GED but they don't turn around and murder a family, they better themselves and their families THEY LOVE. this guy didn't love anyone, he had two other women he was laying with and his momma knew it and was glorifying it like it won't a big deal that the weekend her son in law,grandchild and williams' mother in law were murdered that he was off getting some from a side piece. throw him under the jail with Bubba and Ray Ray. This is revolting, and I hope that when he's finally arrested and charged she's on TV eating her damn words. Shit if I knew that my brother had murdered someone or was suspected and was creeping the way he was, I'd call the cops on him. Defend those that are wrongfully charged and you KNOW IT and can prove it, but when they're wrong and you're trying to cover for them you'll get dragged down with them.
Dana J's picture

mom seems a little dense....

mom seems a little dense....
ishawoo's picture

yep, i agree with someone

yep, i agree with someone earlier this is just another reason for myself not to reproduce. stop the madness increase the peace!
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[quote comment="259702"][quote comment="259331"][quote comment="259317"]I need to know how Julia met this fool - how come she let him in her life? Low self esteem is a MOTHER - and will lead women to the wrong type of man because they act like they love them. Just looking at this fool I wouldn't let hin within a million yards of me and mine.[/quote] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uhmmmm Look at Her....The Hudson family is your everyday ghetto black family...The Englewood area in Chicago is one of the worst in the entire country... They hood...bottom line..aint no doctors, lawyers, or NLF players in that neighborhood!![/quote] Thats true i was going to mention that. She is a product of her environment Jennifer's ex-boyfriend looks thugged out too she dropped his ass when she got famous enough and got herself that lawyer guy.[/quote] AND..JENNIFER STILL DON'T HAVE NOTHING JUST CAUSE HE A LAWYER MAKES HIM BETTER? SEE THAT'S THE $HIT I'M TALKIN BOUT. SO HE WON'T TRIP CAUSE HE A LAWYER GET THE FU@% OUTTA HERE WIT DAT BULL!
doUseewhatIsee's picture

For one I am not going to be

For one I am not going to be one track mind in this and I do feel really bad that all of this has happened to Jennifer Hudsons family but I still would like to know where was Julia on Friday if she was off from work? which is what I read from another website. Why wasnt she at the scene of the crime? I cant judge from a mothers point of view on how I would react to this situation but from seeing her on television when she was speaking about it she didnt seem to distraught. But every one deals with pain differently so I wont look too much into that. One thing I will say is im not taking sides but I like to look at both sides of the story before I just start judging a situation. Another thing I feel the reason why the husband is not speaking much is because if this is drug related and gangs are involved, hes probably thinking he will be a snitch. Say he is innocent, if they release him there going to kill him too, thats what may be going through his mind if he is innocent. Especially if this has to do with money, drugs, and gangs. To sum it up who ever did this it will come to light sooner than later and I cant wait to see who ever did this get what they deserve.
sasha's picture

[quote comment="259329"]i

[quote comment="259329"]i listened to that clip this morning and his mother is a certified crack head! i have told my children from the day they were able to understand that i will have their back IF THEY are innocent but if they are guilty they have to stand alone. . they do a grown man time, don't act like a baby when it's time to face the music. and i'm abso-damn-lutely beside myself that she would speak ill of the dead like that to have the first thing that come out her mouth "Jason was selling drugs" i so assholian it's borderline retarded! then to suggest that Julia planted drugs in her son's car so he can get arrested was so stupid, i can't believe she parted her lips to say that! if julia did plant drugs (which i find unlikely) how did she know he was going to get pulled over by the police? come on now. .let's be realistic! your son was convicted of ATTEMPTED MURDER and now you wanna talk about his job. . beyoch go kick rocks. .somebody's mama, brother and nephew are all dead and you want to talk ill of them and act like your son is innocent?[/quote] Amen!!!! She's trying to make him sound like he was an angel. That he would never hurt a living soul. So what was the attempted charge for? Cause he was trying to help an old lady cross the street? I think she's buried her head so far in the sand it's cutting off circulation to her brain.
stella's picture

Why is his mother trying to

Why is his mother trying to make her son out to be the damn victim? Like 3 people (who they were probably close to at one point) wern't just murdered.
Nikki's picture

I found the answer to my own

I found the answer to my own question Jennifer's father died in 1999. Phew! Just a shame. I am a proponent of two parent families. I just think it can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes your circumstances just can't offer you the option of giving your child a 2 parent household. That is understood. But I do think that we, as a community, have become too accustomed to a "household" being head by a woman. I sort of think that Jennifer chose the Hollywood "ghetto" approach when choosing a mate. Same old choosing a man who won't be around in 10 years. "Punk" is not a person who will be around beyond the highlights of the media. When that fades, he will be off with another woman - or man. He is using her. But she is making the same bad choices that so many of us - black females, make. That man is using her. I just feel soooo bad for her. Without her mom to ground her, what is going to happen. If nothing else comes from this, I hope that she will at least move beyond "Punk" and figure out that she can do bad by herself. WE AS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN, HAVE GOT TO TAKE A STAND AND STOP TAKING ON ANY OLE MAN - JUST TO HAVE ONE. We can create lives for ourselves that don't HAVE TO INCLUDE a man who cuts us off at the knees. I love black men, don't get me wrong. But not all black men are stepping to us correct. If we don't value ourselves, nobody will. If nothing else, PLEASE, let us as black women, view this tragedy as an example that we use in weeding through the men who will only cause trauma to our lives, our families and our children.
AgelessDiva 39's picture

O.K. I don't have the time to

O.K. I don't have the time to read through hundreds of posts. But what I think is very interesting in our community, is that we haven't questioned "Where is Jennifer's father?" Truly. Why haven't we questioned this? Are we so accustomed to our men being absent that we aren't questioning this? Or maybe somewhere in the information about Jennifer it was stated that her father died. Maybe I missed that. And then in that case, my question doesn't apply. But we have to be honest with ourselves. If Brittany or the Jonas Brothers lost their mothers, one of the first things we might look to the media to fill us in on, is what the father thought. Why aren't we asking about Jennifer's father? Even if her parents divorced, this is a time that a father would step up and make himself visible. Does anyone know where her father is - if he is alive?
AgelessDiva 39's picture

Another site said this: An

Another site said this: An even more horrifying fact has emerged in the case, as it has been learned that one of Julian King’s hands was also cut off, suggesting that he may have been being held for ransom. The boy was also shot in the head, although it is not known if his hand was severed prior to, or after his death. Smh..this explains the possible mutilation theory. This is just too much
Joja86's picture

Another detail that was

Another detail that was mentioned on the news and subsequently on this mornings Steve Harvey show was that the reports that a family member/ cousin initially found the body is false...actually Julia found the body at 3-3:30pm on Fri. and backed out of the house and called the cops. As I thought about it they never did reveal the supposed family member or cousin as it was initially reported. I believe without a doubtthat Julia knows soooo much more than she is willing to believe, and it is all going to come out. I don't think she intended for her family to get killed, but she knows something.You heard it first from adowa.
adowa's picture

Wow this story is so sad, the

Wow this story is so sad, the hudson family is in my prayers.. I can't believe that the mother had the nerve to be on the news. I was so mad when I heard her on the radio!!
SxyKole ( is ready to vote)'s picture

I'm hating the fact that so

I'm hating the fact that so much of their family's business is being exposed. Jennifer and her family are no different than any other family who's members aren't perfect. There are women in my family who've made bad choices when it comes to who they date and marry, however they never intentionally sought out for convicted felons or murderers! Not making excuses for what has taken place, but it could have been one of us! I just want those who are ignorant to Hudson's and many others "unchosen" lifestyle to be mindful that we come from different backgrounds. Please don't misinterpret my use of the word "ignorant". Sometimes when we haven't experienced certain situations within our time on earth, we tend to pass judgement on other's decisions. You are not to blame for this, but you also have no right to speak in such negative manners when it's obvious that these people are mourning!! Let's just pray that both families are coping with this tradegy. God bless you all and I will keep praying for their sanity!!!
jdot's picture

I just read on another

I just read on another site...that Jennifer Hudson wanted to move her mother out of that house, but the mother didnt want to go. But Jason and Julie said they would move instead, and Jennifer said no I aint buying y'all nothing, get a job. I cant believe the mother didnt want to go, she should have left them damn kids in that house....then on the flip side Kanya West said Hollywood killed his mother....he Believe if he wouldnt have moved his mother to Hollywood, she would be alive today.
nychelle's picture

His mom is a hot mess. She

His mom is a hot mess. She should just keep her mouth shut. I mean she's arguing with CNN and digging a deeper whole for her son. Lady just STFU! I mean she was hesitant to answer his alibi! Now we find out he was with TWO different women at that time...DEEPER HOLE! And she wonders why he's a person of interest?
Nikki's picture

I always try to be positive

I always try to be positive when I comment on the foolishness that is reported...but I can't this time....Ms. Balfour sounds like a damn fool! Sometimes it's best to keep quiet, you can do more harm by speaking on things you really on have second hand knowledge/information on. In terms of why the family still lived there....let us keep it funky!!! Jennifer has not come into enough money just yet to uproot and move her family, I'm sure if she had her sister wouldn't still be driving buses for a living. At some point people need to realize that it doesn't matter where the hell they lived, worked or partied...no one, absolutly no one deserves death at another's hand!!! I don't give a damn about who, what where, this is senseless. People need to realize that you can't always choose your living situation and I'm quite sure if she could move them she would have. It took my mother in laws house to catch fire by intruders for her to move and she lived in a bad area. So maybe it was they didn't want to move....no matter how much you try to take the hood out of people, some don't want any part....there could be many reasons. I think the only focus should be why whom ever did this and who the hell did this bit**assness *ish, this where we definitely need the death penalty~
msdeclarke's picture

I hope I am not making a

I hope I am not making a false judgement and God forgive me if I am but I would not be suprised if the sister is not involved. Last week in my city we had a NON-crackhead daughter kill her mother over 2700 dollars. Everybody in family don't feel the same about family no matter how much they smile in your face and say I love you.
SHEA 08's picture

This story is getting more

This story is getting more sad by the day. Also breaking news is there was a gun found in the area where the truck and the babies body was found. Now hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. I feel for Jennifer. All she wanted was to have a better life!
Natasha's picture

Now what?! Telling you Jason

Now what?! Telling you Jason getting shot last year is crazy and fishy. Now for them being all together in a gang is something new. WELL DAMN! Julia not only knew about William's past but has a past herself. Where's all the Julia's defenders now? Rolling with crime catches up. I hope for Jenn's sake she isn't involved or knew about something going down or got the hint but avoided it.
Joja86's picture

this is too much, now they

this is too much, now they saying they had a drug raid at the house and the brother and child father and Julia were arrested.....hmmm,I dont mean to said huh rude But if I was Jennifer, I would give Julia some cash and if she wanted the house let her have it....and I would wash my hands with jULIA....either Julia will sink or swim
mIAmA GiRL's picture

I bet that this whole thing

I bet that this whole thing is gang related. William Balfour's mother is thinking from her womb and she might not be educated; but I think she knows that her son is not the only party involved. He probably owed some people some money and the whole thing went botched.
Harlem Chic's picture

I don't like to make

I don't like to make judgements so I'm taking in everything as the evidence presents itself. Jennifer is adored by all and yes we as the public want to see the killers brought to justice swifty, but lets not be so blindly ambitious in our efforts that the wrong person is convicted. The mother is doing what any mother who feels her son or daughter is innoscent, she will defend. However, she also contradicted herself along the way when defending her son that will reflect poorly on her son character. She said that her son was raised not be disrespectful, yet he stole a car and almost killer as a last ditch effort to get out. He has multiple women (girlfriends) including a wife he separated. Mrs. Julia has time to update her myspace page during a time of great distrought and also admit she likes to start a little shit if she gets bored. There are so many factors to consider. Balfour committed this crime when he was 16 years of age. There are so many factors to consider.
psalm4ever's picture


[quote comment="259752"]Jennifer Hudson family tragedy: Suspect William Balfour's relatives, friends in disbelief Get the latest from the Tribune Breaking News Center See photos from the scene By Stacy St. Clair and Deanese Williams-Harris | Tribune reporters October 28, 2008 During his brief marriage to Julia Hudson, William Balfour seemed to embrace the role of stepdad. He declared himself a "proud parent" on MySpace and decorated his page with photos of a smiling Julian King. The boy also is mentioned in a seven-line autobiography Balfour wrote for the social-networking site. On their Englewood block, the two often could be seen walking to the park or enjoying barbecues on the front lawn. Balfour, 27, helped support his fledgling family with money he earned as a Cosi baker and frequently indulged his stepson with boys-only trips to Popeyes and McDonald's, neighbors say. Balfour's affection seemed so genuine that friends and relatives struggle to reconcile the involved stepfather with the man authorities call a "person of interest" in the 7-year-old boy's homicide. Authorities believe that Julian's shooting death is linked to the Friday slayings of his grandmother Darnell Donerson and his uncle Jason Hudson. "The guy they're talking about is nothing like the guy I knew," said neighbor Ante Moore. "I'm not saying he was a saint, but I do know that he was trying to turn his life around." Police named Balfour as a suspect in an Amber Alert released Friday. He currently is at Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet; authorities say he violated his parole by becoming a murder suspect. Balfour's criminal rap sheet dates back at least a decade. Court records show that Balfour was arrested in 1998 after police spotted him driving a stolen vehicle. They tried to pull him over near the 6900 block of South Yale Avenue—about a block from the Hudson family home—but Balfour stopped the car and fled, according to court records. Balfour was out on bail when a man saw Balfour breaking into his new Chevrolet Suburban on Nov. 29, 1998, and ran outside to stop him, court records show. Balfour, then 17, drove off with the man hanging from the roof rack. As police followed, Balfour drove through alleys, front yards, through a police barricade and onto the Dan Ryan Expressway—all with the victim clinging to the vehicle, records indicate. He eventually crashed into a telephone pole and fled. The victim suffered burns from fallen electrical wires as well as other injuries. Balfour was sentenced to 7 years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted murder and car hijacking in September 1999. He was released in May 2006, returned to the neighborhood where he grew up and reconnected with Julia Hudson, one of the three Hudson siblings he had known while attending Yale Elementary School. She was a single mother who drove a school bus, lived with her mother and depended on relatives to help care for Julian. Balfour was smitten with Julia Hudson, his mother said. "He was in love with Julia," Michele Balfour said. "And Julia loved him." The couple married in December 2006, the same month Julia's sister Jennifer made her screen debut in "Dreamgirls." The deeply religious Hudson clan, however, gave Balfour and his criminal record a wary welcome into the family, relatives said. The newlyweds lived in the Hudson family's large home, and there was frequent friction between Balfour and Donerson, Michele Balfour said. Donerson repeatedly kicked him out of the house, and he accused her of meddling in his marriage. (what kind of man has to live with his wifes mother?) Balfour moved out of the Hudson home for good in May and told his mother recently that he did not want to reconcile with Julia Hudson. He told relatives he was moving on with his pregnant girlfriend. Tribune reporter Emma Graves Fitzsimmons contributed to this report.[/quote] WOW. he got out of jail in May/06 Julia married him in Dec 06... All this is so CRAZY....they cant write a movie better than this....and this is REAL LIFE! Its all so SAD
nychelle's picture

i could not even finish

i could not even finish watching nancy grace when that interview aired how stupid can someone be her baby boy deserves to be shot like a dog just like he did that poor beautiful baby she should be somewhere asking god for forgiveness for raising that gang bangin piece of s$^!!
shubbysmah's picture

Damn yall new info on tmz

Damn yall new info on tmz they found a gun and they talking about they were in gangs the brother the baby daddy and the husband and they all sold drugs
KITTY's picture

I swear his mother is

I swear his mother is sooooooo ignorant! She is one of those" My son can't do no wrong" types. She makes me want to vomit. Nancy Grace should have went in on her worse than she did.
jenniferd's picture

So it's everyone's fault

So it's everyone's fault except her son's? It was even the guy's fault that threw himself on his own car to keep her son from stealing it? It was the fault of Jennifer's brother who was selling out of the house (and that seems HIGHLY unlikely). When her son was picked up in June for drug possession, it was Julia's fault cuz she planted it in the car because she was upset that he had moved on?? This woman needs a grip and Imma need for Doctor Phil to call her a$$.
Throws Sunshine In the Air's picture

I wonder if what she said

I wonder if what she said about the brother dealing drugs was true....(she was obviously trying to deflect the accusations from her son.) But, I have a feeling drugs were involved in some way.
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[quote comment="259320"][quote comment="259311"][quote comment="259300"][quote comment="259294"][quote comment="259278"]So who do you think helped him if he had help?[/quote] I read somewhere that he may be part of the Gangster Disciples - I wonder if there is any truth to that...[/quote] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yes...he is GD....which probably means he owed them some money.... I told ya'll on Monday that I thought this was mob/gang related!!![/quote] GD is far from the mob - just a street gang that wishes they was the mob. bunch of ignant niggas.[/quote] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That's what you think....I suggest you do your reaseach on CHICAGO gangs.....they run the city.... Vice Lords GD Blackstones.... Those gangs are still alive and operating...but now its not as organized as it used to be and its all bout dope and territories.....[/quote] i LIVE in Chicago and they do NOT RUN this fucking city and I wish you would SIT DOWN and STFU with your Wicker Park livin' ass. What niggas around here run is their mouth, and they po' ass, jacked up azz block with broken glass, run down schools, they basically sell dope to other niggas, they get head from black dopped out feigns. like animals in cages they prey upon black blood, addiction and despair. the don't bring their funky, pants hangin down shit downtown, they do not sell drugs on the Gold Coast, Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Beverly Area. they shit on the neighborhoods where they live and kill each other up like dogs where they live and if they tried that damn bullshit along the Magnificient Mile they would be in jail faster than they could blink. You have already said that you go around the South side to 'slum' - you are dehumanizing everyone who lives in on the South side, like I do. You are trying to make a connection between ballin' and throwin big BBQs, like meat is a fuckin luxury. You do not know SHIT. You are sensationalizing this, like its entertainment and its NOT. You think its a 'no snitch street code, my husband works in a jail, its so many fuckin' snitches that they cannot be on the same floor with one another, everybody a tru blue gangsta until they are faced with a hard bid or the death penalty. You have a right to voice your opinion but it seems incredibly shallow and you have gotten on my last nerve. If there are any other CHI peeps on YBF, speak on it
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[quote comment="259450"][quote comment="259419"][quote comment="259390"]Part of being a good mother is having a sense of accountability and being able to admit when your child is dead ass wrong. What part of her son having something to do with this is she confused about? Irregardless of "her side" of the story and what he and Julia were going through at, the end of the day he harmed innocent people and it is so damn sad that she is in denial. Clearly William has never had to be accountable for a damn thing in his mother's eyes. She had the audacity to be defending the fact that he almost killed someone while stealing a car as self-defense? Seriously, what about the fact that his tired ass just should not have been stealing someone's car. I was so irritated that she would be putting the victim of the car theft out there as if he was wrong.I am seriously leaning toward I.Q test being required before having children. I really want to believe that his mother is retarded which is the reason she keeps opening her mouth, which would be her only damn excuse.[/quote] YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I worked for the court system before and you could not imagne how many mothers will defend their cold blooded kiiler children! just because it came out your womb doesn't mean it's right! LAWD! The woman blamed it all on the victims! hot mess![/quote] I've seen it a lot too! Mothers defending their criminal sons, girlfriends defending their criminal boyfriends. Obviously everyone who is accused of a crime isn't guilty, but for those that are, they should be held accountable for their actions. If we continue to do that all we do is enable their behaviour which, in effect, condones it!![/quote] jUST BECAUSE YOUR MAN TREATS YOU REAL NICE OR BRINGS HIS MOTHER FLOWES ON MOTHERS DAY DOES NOT MEAN HE IS NOT A COLD BLOODED KILLER!ADMIT YOU DID A BAD JOB AT RAISING YOUR KIDS AND APOLOGIZE TO THE FAMILY!
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was his momma with him at

was his momma with him at every incident EVERY SINGLE DAMN SECOND OF THE DAY!?! and she's defending her son's cheating on julia and trying to basically say he was sweet as sugar and julis instigated the arguments?!??! give me her number and nancy grace's: so I can give his momma a piece of my mind and to call Nancy that she's earned my respect for this piece alone. She took it to her dumb ass!! Nancy was a lawyer for years and has been doing these type of pieces for a good number of years, but his damn momma... who told her to say any damn thing on TV?! isn't there a gag order on all involved to NOT say or give press statements to the media till all this is over and done with? she's digging his grave (and good for her because she stupid as shit) but she's not helping anyone, including herself look good. still that some shit she spouted out, who thought that was a good idea?
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I am a single woman who has

I am a single woman who has been raising my son by myself for the last 8 years. I have watched the men I've allowed into his lives and he can count on one hand with three fingers the amount of men he's seen even hug his mother. I've been blessed to have fallen in love with a person who has the characteristics that I would want my son to grow up and have to become positive and productive member of society. Not to say that I don't think men who have been in prison can be rehabiliated I'm just not the women to do it. I don't down Julia Hudson for loving who she loved but I just wouldn't want a man who's been to prison for attempted murder or car jacking to be the role model my son looks up too. Everytime I here about the Hudson family my heart goes out to Julia, because everyone is focusing on Jennifer...Jennifer mother Jennifer nephew, Jennifer brother.But this woman MAY have lost her baby and her mother and brother because of the choice she made in choosing the wrong life partner..
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1)Nancy Grace cracks me

1)Nancy Grace cracks me up!!! 2) I totally agree with the following and will add that she is NOT helping her son's case by coming to his defense.[quote comment="259755"] I am reserving judgment also until more evidence is produced. However, this man has way too many issues for his mom to be portraying him as the victim on national TV. She needs to sit back and shut up.[/quote] 3) I think it's sad that part of (probably only) reason the national media cares is because it involves the family of a celebrity. How long have they been looking for Caylee Anderson? How long did they look for ELizabeth Smart? Aren't we still talking about Jon Benet Ramsey? If it wasn't Jennifer Hudson's family, to the national media it would have been just another bunch of dead ni**as.
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