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No Bubbly For MiMi?+The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Reunion

Mariah appears on Ellen today. And after Ellen offered Mariah some champagne to celebrate her "non pregnancy", MiMi couldn't even drink it. She tried to play it off and said she's not confirming necessarily that she is preggers. Y'all know Ellen is messy and did that mess on purpose. Stop with the games MiMi. Just like I thought--the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Reunion show alone was worth me suffering through the train wreck that was this first season.  My favorite part:
After Kim gave her Oscar worthy performance talking about her FRIEND who happened to e a doctor telling her he was 90% sure she had cancer due to her hairloss and weight loss, we find out she DIDN'T have cancer. Even though she spoke about it for about 5 minutes and indirectly confirmed that she did--and laid a guilt trip on NeNe in the process. Even the host was confused as all hell. And here's an exclusive clip only shown online when the ladies received their Blog Awards:
I couldn't help but fall out after NeNe was about to Pop Off Son! on Kim's ass after being called a b*tch. Hilarity at it's finest. Damn these trainwrecks for making want to watch Season 2. But I am happy the OC chicks are back. Sue me.




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I think all of the posts so

I think all of the posts so far have made great points about the Real Housewives, but I have to comment on some of these women (Kim, Lisa, and DeShawn). I don't know them personally, so I'm not trying to start ish. I'm just stating what I inferred. - Kim - I agree with everyone who pointed out that Kim should not dramatize her cancer story/scare, nor use it as an excuse. God don't like ugly! As far as the Sheree/Nene thing...I just get the feeling that maybe she really was NOT trying to play the fence. Her loyalty began with Nene, whom we all know did not care for Sheree; although they were civil. Perhaps her disdain for Sheree deterred Kim from even trying to be friendly with Sheree. Eventually Kim interacted with Sheree one-on-one, and possibly realized she wasn't so bad; or so she thought. I know I've had situations where I initially misjudged someone or really had no valid reason for disliking them, but once I gave them a chance I'd regret my ill actions. Just saying, maybe that's a possbility. - Lisa - Ummm K. I actually liked her throughout the show, right up until the reunion. No ma'am. Yes, Kim was on that BS, but Lisa only blew up becuse she was being called out. Period. Kim was calmly explaining the Nene-song situation and as she started to mention/elaborate on how Lisa played part, Lisa blew up as if she was diverting the attention from her name or stopping Kim from possibly saying something further. That blow-up was totally uncalled for. I've read a lot of the internet, hearsay granted, about Lisa being very two-faced and definitely not so polite or squeakly clean. They all want to dig dirt on each other and talk ish, especially gang up on Kim, but nobody has mentioned that Lisa Wu filed for bankruptcy last year and has 5-6 aliases. She has skeletons in the closet as well. - DeShawn - Yes, she was the least dramaa-infused. That is only because she is sooo wrapped up in her own little world of money and elitism. Initially she comes across as a soft-spoken, good-hearted chic, but after observing her...No. I've read about her foundation and real-estate endeavors. Supposedly her company packages subprime loans and the fundraising is not going all towards the girls, as most foundations never do. What really irks me about DeShawn is the way she tries to downplay the money and her husband, yet she finds a way to work it in to everything she does, whether that's talking to Lisa (ya'lls money ain't guarateed) or doing the confessionals on the show. I'm sorry, but money or not, she does not need an estate manager, housekeepr, maids, chef, governess, and nanny. That's a little extensive. She's primarily a stay-at-home mother, and she cannot complete simple tasks like dressing her boys for school without help? I really came to all these conclusions after reading her own website. You guys should check that out. There's a bunch of different areas to the site, but a couple that are about her life/fashion sense/favorite items. In EVERY question she is asked, she finds a way to work in what she owns or buys. That is how she carries herself with everything she does. That's why I dislike her; because she tries to come across eloquently, but she is still managing to brag. I.E. the website has interview questions about her favorite items. They ask what is her FAVORITE handbag. DeShawn: "At the moment, I love my Luella salmon-colored Python bag, My Louis Vuitton grey "Nimbus” handbag, and my chocolate brown Chanel doctor bag. I like the sensibility and favored design of the traditional black Jimmy Choo “Mahala” bag for Fall 2008!" They also ask what is her FAVORITE PAIR of sunglasses. "My Chanel, Fendi, and Dior’s are classics." That's not too outrageous, but it just shows how she takes something simple and utilizes it as a stage to brag about her belongings/tastes. Ugh. I have all that too, but I can't stand braggers! All I want to know is how the hell she fits into True Religion jeans? I'm a lot smaller than her, and I barely fit mine comfortably! Whatev!
Judas's picture

I hope mimi is preggers dude!

I hope mimi is preggers dude! She deserves the good life! She got herself a good man now all she needs a baby to probally feel 100% complete now. OMG THE REUNION SHOW WAS HILARIOUS!!
Vanessa's picture

I pray to God that Kim never

I pray to God that Kim never really gets cancer. As someone who's currently receiving chemotherapy, her comment really upset me. I wouldn't wish this ish on my worst enemy. Cancer isn't something you joke about, period.
Anonymous's picture

I couldn't help but laugh out

I couldn't help but laugh out loud over and over again when Nene went off. Nene just simply tells it like it is take it or leave it. Team Nene all day. As for Kim, I was disgusted by her. I am a cancer survivor and didn't appreciate her and her sobb story which sounded suspect as she was telling it. Crying for no reason and then saying no I didn't have cancer. Kim, get it together you are sooooooooo not cool. Hopefully Lisa smacked some sense into you when she clocked you. Love Dwight.....Hope its a season two and we see more of him.
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