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Tidbits: DMX, Deshawn Stevenson, Al Reynolds & Another NBA Baller Cops A DUI

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DMX says he did not throw food at a Maricopa County detention officer in jail the other day as reported. He released a statement (they allow inmates to put out press releases from jail?) yesterday attempting to clear up the rumors. And it said "I Did Not physically touch or hit an officer. This is just another attempt to destroy my credibility." Earl Simmons is serving a 90 sentence and has been put on a bread and water diet for previous in-jail altercations. I'm honestly starting to feel really sad for this dude. Hopefully this jail stint won't completely break him as a person. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley is supposedly going to be serving his 5 day jail time in the same place. Will they be cellmates? Sources tell YBF that Wizards baller Deshawn Stevenson (LeToya Luckett's most recent ex) isn't getting any play from the industry chicks. He's been having "his people" try to hook him up with Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Melyssa Ford, and Ciara. But none of them will give him the time of day. Why? because of those statutory rape charges from a few years ago when he was having sex with a 14 year old when he was 19. We're told he "lucked up" with LeToya, but she broke it off soon after because of his cheating ways with his groupies. SMH... More news when you read the rest... Al Reynolds was supposedly shopping for a some jewelry for his new lady friend down in Miami recently. He was spotted in Tiffany's looking for an engagement ring, but his rep says he was there, but looking for a present for his mom. Mmhmm. Supposedly he's been dating Miami attorney Nicole Hutchinson. And he's also in negotiations to get his own reality show. Do we really need that? And Boston Celtics baller Gabe Pruitt caught a DUI charge last night in L.A. the Celtics were in L.A. playing the Clippers last night and lost. Looks like he didn't handle it well. He posted $5,000 bail. Same script, different cast.
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Damn Earl, you stay losing...

Damn Earl, you stay losing... I don't even know the rest of these folks.. or just dont care about em...
~GhettoGossipGirl~'s picture

Deshawn stevenson is a

Deshawn stevenson is a buffoon...I cant believe LeToya would waste her time on him. BTW Tasha, DMX is already broke as a person...he thinks he's a damn dog for crying out loud..
Gorgeous1/Bey Stan #14/Sexy CHOCOLATE MEN LUVAH!!!'s picture

Was this dude hittin the Tony

Was this dude hittin the Tony Yayo?! Lmao! And DMX..my goodness. WWJD? *SMH ?? Credibility?? Seriously..u went from sugar to shit..
Staci's picture

Gay Al needs to just quit

Gay Al needs to just quit it... come out already! DMX needs Jesus.
Martinique_fr's picture

boo to this whole

boo to this whole post...nothing news worthy...nothing. i love bball and don't know either of these guys. pruit must be like, 17th off the bench or something. BUT, glad the celtics lost to MY LAKERS!
Jaurdyn22's picture

[quote comment="436838"]2nd

[quote comment="436838"]2nd or 3rd...somebody get DMX some help![/quote] Are you really the #1 fan? Why?
Gorgeous1/Bey Stan #14/Sexy CHOCOLATE MEN LUVAH!!!'s picture

Darn! DMX and Barkley as

Darn! DMX and Barkley as cell mates lol...hmm I wonder what they would talk about.
Reese's picture

2nd or 3rd...somebody get DMX

2nd or 3rd...somebody get DMX some help!
RHOA's 1# FAN's picture

Couldn't do a NBA

Couldn't do a NBA baller.Ladies at Lipstick Alley would.lol
You can't ban the Snowman's picture

1st maybe

1st maybe
Reese's picture

Sit down AL!!!

Sit down AL!!!
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