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Rihanna's New Flirt Buddy Is Wilmer Valderrama?!

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The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that  all of Rihanna's recent nights out on the town involve some heavy flirting with a particular actor.  Rihanna and "That 70's Show" actor Wilmer Valderrama have been seen out in Hollywood together and flirting like they're definitely trying to be more than friends. Apparently this is how Rih's about to get her groove back.  And while all this does sound pretty far fetched, Wilmer has dated plenty Hollywood chicks himself--like Lindsay Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Mandy Moore, and others.  And people were just as shocked then too.  Time will tell....
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WUD YA'LL JUST LEAVE MO17 ALONE! Geez! The person's stating an opinion...every is entitled to an opinion....ur judgement whether it's childish or not is all up to you, that's y they're called OPINIONS!!! U PPL ARE SSUCH DUMBASSES ABT THESE STUPID BLOGS SUMTIMES!
Fedupwiththedrama's picture

In other words you are

In other words you are advocating for Chris Brown and Rihanna to stay together? Rihanna seems to be into Non-BLK men, I think Wilmer is her type, remember the rumors about Shia Labeouf(sp???) and Josh Hartnett?
Annabele's picture

I'm not avoiding your

I'm not avoiding your questions...I just don't really want to argue...cuz as I've read thru these messages, all a lot of ppl do is argue and debate over things that don't concern them so I should've never gotten involved in this conversation in the first place. So I guess the only way for you to stop is to say I'm sorry for stating my opinion, I repeat....MY OPINION...every1's entitled to 1 right? That's all i have to say.
Mo17's picture

and how do you know this?

and how do you know this? because the tabloids say it? ok...lets see...'keepin it real' sucks dick for a living. she bites ass and give head. lets see how many people believe this and call you a hoe without knowing you, you bitch bastard!!!
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RIRIFAN's picture

I believe they were together

I believe they were together longer than 1 year, we the public just found out about it a year ago! They claim that the were friends for a very long time. And you're right, she will move on and date other guys, but when your young sometimes u don't want to move on, you're pretty much stuck, because in your mind u believe that y'all will be together for ever, and u may also believe that u may not love anyone else like u do that person. And as far finding a man who won't put his hands on her or cheat on her i agree, but at the end of the day we don't know exactly what happened. What we do know is that they had a fight, which means that she hit him, and he hit her ass back.. Not saying i think he did the right thing, but shit happens. People make mistakes you live and you learn.
Oh GooDNess's picture

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you Calyx! I hope yall don't expect Rihanna to take years to get over Chris while it will take him a week. Stop dragging out the healing process when a relationship doesn't work. Cry a little, scream a little, call some girlfriends and enjoy your damn life! Life is too short to stay miserable over some damn man who didn't treat you right anyway. And just because you spend time with a guy, it doesn't mean you have to sleep with him. No one has proof that she is already sleeping with this dude already, so calling her a hoe just seems childish to me.
Grown Woman's picture

Again, for the last time,

Again, for the last time, since I'm not going to waste my time replying to someone like you, I DID NOT SAY WHORE! I SAID HOE!!! THEY ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT....and since ur bringing back up the concept of stupidity, it would be stupid of me to continue this senseless argument which is not going to go anywhere, since we both are discussing someone neither of us personally know....so just end it right there and then.
Mo17's picture

A year long relationship is

A year long relationship is not that long. A year goes by extremely fast. She's young, she will date other guys and she should. Maybe it is too quick, but after all this drama, she should probably move on. At 21, it's just not that deep. She can develop a "history" with another man who doesn't feel the need to put his hands on her or sleep around.
Grown Woman's picture

Furthermore, I'm not a fan of

Furthermore, I'm not a fan of Rihanna's. In fact, I can't stand her music. I'm pointing out that your "post" reflected stupidity. Defending her? I can't say that I am.
Calyx's picture

hey, thats true tho. U hav a

hey, thats true tho. U hav a point.
Mo17's picture

Having my own opinion doesnt

Having my own opinion doesnt make me an idiot...i believe i said "IF"! And by her history, i judge and used that word as I saw her practices with men that i've even seen with my own eyes....so I respect your opinion, u respect mine....simple as that....and BY DEFINITION...an idiot is a stupid person and from the peoportions of ur senseless argument with me, thats what u seem to be. So keep ur insults to urself, I DID SAY "IF".
Mo17's picture

so no need to come out all

so no need to come out all "Rihanna-stan-superhero-i got her back no matter what-but i don't know her" on me. ok?
Mo17's picture


Mo17's picture

Me neither. How can you even

Me neither. How can you even flirt with someone who was beaten a month ago? What's going through your mind as you two are flirting? Maybe she just wants to forget for the moment, but how can you when the world knows what happened to you.
SHY's picture

To the left, to left, every

To the left, to left, every thing you own Chris to the left, to the left!!!!!!
Jamaicaseemiya's picture

I agree with you,I hope she

I agree with you,I hope she has moved on wether it's with Wilmer or someone else. If she is single and the rumors are false,that's ok too. Wilmer is a nice looking fella though, I would love to see him and RiRi walking and seen together all over town. I don't know much about his style but if he's with my girl, he better step his game up, if it's not up already. What's up RiRi.
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