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Weekend Fab

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Estelle showed off her new haircut at Circle nightspot last night to celebrate upcoming artist Se7en: Extra short this time around.  Still trying to decide how I feel about it... And Granddaddy Flavor Flav celebrated his 50th birthday at JET nightclub last night in Vegas: I really want him to sit his crusty ass down.  ESPECIALLY now that he's 50.  No excuse for this constant clownery. More weekend fab when you read the rest... Flav was presented with a custom-made oversize Jet Nightclub timepiece set to 5 o’clock in honor of his “Big 5-0” birthday and then a tasty Jaimeecakes cake in the form of a Viking helmet, the lid which he wore so famously on “Flavor of Love”. According to TMZ, Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam, b.k.a. M.I.A., officially named her son Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman.  Hmm...that could be pronounced like "Ickett".  Just sayin'.... Alesha Renee, Juelz Santana, and DJ Whoo Kid all hit up a bowling party in Harlem last night: Fun times. And Ja Rule is trying to make his way back on the scene: He was spotted on the set of the Gwop Boys' "Get Money" video shoot. Looking rough. Remember "Top Model" reject Camille McDonald?: Well she popped up at Bongos in Miami this weekend.  And I'm not loving this look at all. Congrats to Smokey Robinson and The Miracles as they were honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday afternoon. And Vanessa Williams was spotted on the set of "Ugly Betty" yesterday  looking all kinds of fab: As ususal. Is that you Tupac?
Photos: Wenn/Johnny Luis/Nunez/The Light Group
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BROTHER & SISTER's picture

I wish Ja Rule's

I wish Ja Rule's turtle-lookingself would siddown!!! Camile looks tired! Love the green eyed monster...as my mom calls Vanessa. (i dont know why) lol
Ellee's picture

Top Ten.. YEAH!!!

Top Ten.. YEAH!!!
kelis's picture

Congrats to Flavor Flav!!!

Congrats to Flavor Flav!!! Some people don't get to see that age. Ummm Camille, looks a mess. Ja Rule is looking a lil miserable. Mrs. Williams is looking HOT!
HOTNESS's picture

Oh, and I like Estelles hair

Oh, and I like Estelles hair cut. It is really simple , cute and still chic.
HOTNESS's picture


muna's picture

So DAYUM glad she's getting

So DAYUM glad she's getting them grills fixed. About freakin time..!!!!!!!!
kelis's picture

First, Flav is ancient...he

First, Flav is ancient...he needs to let it go. SMH Second, Ja WHO....ugh he is washed up. when is the last time he had a hit?? Congrats to smokey and the miracles they deserve it and Vanessa who just recently celebrated a birthday(who isn't that far away from 50) and as always looking fab none the less.
concrete rose's picture

Estelles hair looks cute

Estelles hair looks cute enough. Flav needs to sit down and be 50...I never liked Camile her attitude is always too much for me. Am I in the top ten!!!
keqi's picture

Tupac...who is this

Tupac...who is this impersonator
caribbelle's picture

Vanessa looks great! LMAO at

Vanessa looks great! LMAO at the guy checking her out.
nsharris77@yahoo.com's picture

Camille looks a bit like

Camille looks a bit like Meagan Good
Capeflower's picture

Wow first!

Wow first!
Capeflower's picture


Calyx's picture

LOL! dam, you were ON that!

LOL! dam, you were ON that! i didn't even see it the first time around!!!!
Chotpy's picture

But her eyes are more

But her eyes are more beautiful
STDlove's picture

I second that !

I second that !
Real Housewives's picture

I dont. But denigrating her

I dont. But denigrating her anonymously only makes me feel better about my own failings as a person.
akapluto's picture

How do you know that she is a

How do you know that she is a reject in life?
Annabele's picture

camille wishes. they look

camille wishes. they look NOTHING alike.
HOTNESS's picture

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