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Tracy Morgan Spends Time With His Fave Girls+Jermaine Jackson Says He Aint Got It

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Tracy Morgan was spotted out in L.A. yesterday spending some time with two of his favorite girls:

His girlfriend Tanisha and his doggie.  Awww how sweet.

Last month Jermaine Jackson was supposedly setting up to go to court to gain full custody of his kiddies Jaafar and Jermasty. He wanted them full time after their mother, Alejandra Jackson, was accused of possible abuse. But Monday, Rico Waxy himself headed to court and begged to be relieved of the $3,000/month he pays in child support to ex-wife Alejandra for their sons. Jermaine claims that he made only $10,000 last year.  So as far as making those payments--he ain't got it. And since Alejandra has kids with Jermaine's brother Randy as well *side eye*, he might want to go tap his brother on the shoulder and find out what type of 2-for-1 deal can be worked out. Just brainstorming options here...
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There is obviously a lot to

There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
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YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF...HOW FUCKIN RUDE..ESPECIALLY IN THEIR TIME OF NEED YOU ACT THIS WAY..THAT'S RIDICULOUS. kimpavita4: YUUUUUUUUUUKK!! all the jackson family make me sick. they are so ugly and tacky.Plus the self hatred among them is soooooooooooo obvious!!!!!
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What's funny about the

What's funny about the Brother/Wife/Brother mess is that they all lived in the Jackson family house, before, during, & after this mess. Alejandra would even side with Margaret during Margaret's fights with Jermaine. Randy didn't marry her and she wanted a secure future so she probably demanded marraige from Jermaine. She saw how Margaret was treated since Margaret was not officially married to Jermaine. Yes, somebody said it above, but I'll say it again: with the Jackson parents and Jackson grandparents, those Jackson grand children will need therapy.
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That's why this grown azz man

That's why this grown azz man could get away with not working; he continuously lives off someone or the other. First Michael in the family home, now as a kept man by this Halima person. How does he expect his children to eat/survive? Oh yes, let them live off Michael, too, in the family home. What a great example and role model to his many sons - get some rich Middle Eastern idiot woman to support them. I can't believe I am supporting Michael Jackson, but in this situation, he is the lesser of the two evils.
NomieMalone's picture

Continued jealousy of his

Continued jealousy of his brother Mike is the reason for the name Jermajesty. Michael named his son Prince Michael, and Jermaine always has to try and top him, hence Jermajesty, which spoken sounds like "Your Majesty". They are not royalty, just full of it. All those Jackson boys are mental. I read Margaret Maldonado's book and it gives interesting insight into that family. The reason all the adult sons live in the family home with their 3rd and 4th families, is because it is free. Michael used to pay all the bills in the house since it is where his mother lives. They all move in with their families and live off Michael.
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CORRECTION TASHA: Jermaine's son is named JERMAJESTY...which I think is cute since he is Jackson royalty...but whatever...
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2 for 1 HAHAHAHA!!!! das

2 for 1 HAHAHAHA!!!! das just nasty!! and speaking of nasty- it looks like she alejandra got with the wrong jackson--she should have jumped on the lesbo train and gotten with Janet.
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Jermaine married Hazel Gordy

Jermaine married Hazel Gordy (daughter of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy) in 1973. Their first child Jermaine Jr. (often called Jay), was born in 1977. Their daughter Autumn was born the following year in 1978. As Jermaine and Hazel were in the midst of a divorce, their third child, son Jaimy, was born in 1987. While still married to Hazel, Jermaine began an affair with Margaret Maldonado. After Jermaine's divorce to Hazel was finalized in 1987, Margaret and Jermaine spent eight years together. The couple had two children: Jeremy Maldonado Jackson (1986) and Jourdynn Michael Jackson (1989). Shortly after separating from Maldonado, Jermaine abruptly married Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza in 1995. This caused much controversy as Oaziaza had dated and had two children (Genevieve & Randy Jr) with Jermaine's brother, Randy Jackson. The couple had sons Jaffar(25July96)and Jermajesty in 2000. Jermaine filed for divorce in November 2004, and it was finalized in May 2008. Jermaine was only ordered to pay $50,000 for Alej's legal fees and $50,000 back child support in August 2007; in exchange for Alej waiving her spousal support [3]. However it came to light during the court hearings that Alejandra was already married to Nicholas Ray for green card purposes at the same time as being married to Jermaine which meant that the marriage between Jermaine and Alejandra was null and void Jermaine married his third wife, Halima Rashid, in 2004. They alternate living between Los Angeles and the Middle East. Alejandra Jackson indicates that, since August, she has been making $15 per hour working as a personal assistant, she has no health insurance and she had to borrow $500 from her aunt to pay legal fees. She also lists her total assets from her partnership in a Colombian clothing design business as negative $198. Her income is listed at an average of $81 a month, with no overtime, commissions or bonuses, or investments to boost that figure in any way. Alejandra said Jermaine's mother, Katherine, tries to help out when things get really dire. "Occasionally and not consistently Mrs. Jackson will give me a couple hundred dollars for food or other expenses I need," Alejandra stated in court documents. Several expenses and past-due bills are listed in the court documents, as well as a wish list that includes health insurance for the kids and tutoring for Jermajesty. Once she and the kids move to their own place, Alejandra states, they will need, among other things, approximately $7,000 for rent (based on the going rate for a five-bedroom home), $2,500 for groceries and supplies, $1,800 for utilities and $1,000 for pet expenses. ------------------------------------------------------------ THESE PEOPLE ARE TRIFLING. ALEJANDRA IS A FRAUD. SHE CAME TO THIS COUNTRY TO SECURE HER FINANCIAL FUTURE. WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO IS GET OUT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA START OVER FOR HER KIDS SAKE. GET AN EDUCATION. THESE FOLKS THINK THEY ARE ENTITLED BECAUSE THEY ARE "JACKSON'S" OR MARRIED TO A JACKSON. ALSO JERMAINE NEEDS TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT. HE LAYED DOWN AND HAD THESE KIDS. GET A JOB.
greg's picture

eeeeew how come this fool

eeeeew how come this fool married and divorced a woman who had sex and delivered his own brother kiddies? and he has 2 sons with her too?! my lord this is tricky and so jackson! I'm confused!
Capeflower's picture

Marlon doesn't stock shelves

Marlon doesn't stock shelves that was just a rumor. He has his own real estate business and the last I saw him on tv he was doing pretty good, living normal It's the jackson's I'm not shocked at anything. I still luv you MIIIIIKE!!!!!
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So, we're sharing baby mamas,

So, we're sharing baby mamas, too? Them Jacksons are a certified mess. But, quick question: How was he going to ask for custody for his sons, when he can't even pay to support them? Tracy's dog is ugly and his girl looks crazy with that long ass sweater around her waist
Southern Queen Dee *GLAD THE OLD FORMAT IS BACK*'s picture

Nope both randy and jermaine

Nope both randy and jermaine were married to her. Randy first and they have a daughter and son together. The daughter is trying to start a singing career with no luck.Her name is Genevieve. Jermaine had three sons with they nasty ass woman afterwards. whole thing makes my skin crawl. i'm sure the lord said thy should not cover thy brother's wife's ass...XD
effie's picture

kimpavita4 On Mar 24, 2009 at

kimpavita4 On Mar 24, 2009 at 4:28 pm | Reply | the girl of the "WANT A BIGGER BOOTY?!!!" advertising on the left side got her ass in her back. that's sick!!!! That advertisment is so gross. Dang, I'm so late. When did the theybf go back to the old comments...
ann's picture

So these kids are COUSINS and

So these kids are COUSINS and BROTHER/SISTER.....sick
MLOVE's picture

HOLD UP!!!!!!!!!! So Jermaine

HOLD UP!!!!!!!!!! So Jermaine only made $10,000 last year???!?!?! That ish is funny as hell....so this ni%%@ made less than folks living in poverty?!?! And WTF is this the Bold and the Beautiful??? So his babymomma is his brother babymomma too? Do Papa Joe have any kids with her too?? jeez these folks are dysfunctional has hell!
MLOVE's picture

Wish T Morgan the Best - He

Wish T Morgan the Best - He is Hilarious!!!
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i think the kid's actual name

i think the kid's actual name is "Jermajesty" like "Her Majesty." Jermaine thinks his kids are royalty or something.. SMDH… ^^^ This is true. Sad as all hell. But true.
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Randy never was married to

Randy never was married to her, she was one of his ex girfriends, that jermaie later married
house's picture

Randy never was married to

Randy never was married to her, she was one of his ex girl friend , that jermaine later married
egypt's picture


SHUT UP!!!!!!!......LMAO!.....I am spitting water all over my damn keyboard over here!!!!!xDxDxD
Alexandrite Pearl's picture


Alexandrite Pearl's picture

Who did she have Baby's with

Who did she have Baby's with first? Randy or Jermaine?
Flyguy's picture

i think the kid's actual name

i think the kid's actual name is "Jermajesty" like "Her Majesty." Jermaine thinks his kids are royalty or something.. SMDH...
chocolateqt's picture

They would actually be

They would actually be cousins and half brothers
arie rogers's picture


Alana's picture

What does the Jackson momma

What does the Jackson momma think we she looks back at all the fuckery with her children (except for Rebbie)? She has got to feel that their fuckedupedness is her fault. Wooo! and just wait till all these grand babies become adults and little JERMASTY (WTF?) continues this legacy of foolishness..
Chaka1's picture

what about the royalties of

what about the royalties of jackson5?o.0
helloboy's picture

Hmmmphf!! She was WELL trying

Hmmmphf!! She was WELL trying to secure a financial future....sleeping w/two brothers!? Sleeping w/two JACKSON brothers and bringing forth children from BOTH?!!! Dutty!!
WestIndiePrincess's picture

Never loan money to screwed

Never loan money to screwed up family members with no jobs! Don't do it!
Chaka1's picture

*Crying* Lawd, you guys are

*Crying* Lawd, you guys are killin me!!!
Chaka!'s picture

Here we go again. Ya'll say

Here we go again. Ya'll say the woman is nasty for having babies by brothers. I say they are both nasty but the brothers are worst. What brother would sleep with or wife his blood brother's leftovers...especially a woman that has a baby by your brother? WTF???
CorporateHoodB!tch's picture

Wasn't Jermaine on that Big

Wasn't Jermaine on that Big Brother show last year? I know they gots to pay them more than 10 grand. I read on another site about some of the Jacksons. Don't know how true, but i read that Marlon stocks shelves at some supermarket in Cali and that most of the brothers still live at home with their parents and Randy works at a auto shop fixing cars and Jackie was trying to manage his sons rap career. Reebie married and is still married to the same guy, and well Letoya is just off the chain trying to still look 20 and looking a hot mess. i read that Tito does session guitar work here and there and has a blues band that does gigs here & there. I know one of his sons in the group 3T is married with kids now......dang shame about the Jacksons. jermaine needs to get a J-O-B! Them two boys are still youngins! Sheesh! And get that damn wave perm ish out your head! Probally where his money is going! ;)
melody's picture

o.0o.0o.0:oo.0o.0o.0:$.... I

o.0o.0o.0:oo.0o.0o.0:$.... I don't know what to say-I agree w/ everyone-the Jackson's have some SERIOUS issues, Jehovah Witnesses or not-they still need copius amounts of Jesus! Let's pray for them.
Imnotthatstoopid's picture

I believe that book Latoya

I believe that book Latoya wrote all those years ago, even though her family made her recant. Mr. Jackson molested his children and they are truly sick in the head. I read that all the brothers and their second, third families still live with Mr & Mrs. Jackson as if they have some kind of secret twisted mental hold on them. Out of all the women in the world Jermaine had to have his own brothers wife. Sicko! He has always been the least talented one in the family anyway. Berry Gordon tried to make Jermaine a big star after he married Gordy's daughter and Jermaine did seem to soar for a few years, then Michael blew him out of the water.
Janet's picture

yeah! her ass is just as

yeah! her ass is just as nasty as ice-t 's wife butt is
kimpavita4's picture

OMG Bruncles LOL... You need

OMG Bruncles LOL... You need to copywright that term... You know its gonna show up in Websters Dictionary soon, w/ all the other craziness theyve started adding.
memememe's picture


MRS. les923 ELBA's picture

I thought he was stacking the

I thought he was stacking the shelves at WinnDixie or something!?!? How come he only making 10G's a year? Get a job Jermaine. I'm sure you can work as a body double at Madame Toussad's House of Wax, they GOTTA be paying atleast minimum wage.
MRS. les923 ELBA's picture

Tito's ex-wife was murdered

Tito's ex-wife was murdered by her boyfriend in the family pool while the sons 3T were on a promo tour w/ Monica in 95, they felt so guilty they quit the music biz altogether. Sad story
lawnshampoo's picture

talk about keeping it in the

talk about keeping it in the family.....LOL....craziness...
tRaCi's picture

I've always wondered...are

I've always wondered...are those boys brothers or cousins...or both?
NO ID's picture

I hope those kids don't get a

I hope those kids don't get a draw your family tree project in school.
Ebo's picture

Those sibling-cousins are

Those sibling-cousins are gonna be some f*cked up adults. I would love to see a reality show of all the 2nd gen Jackson kids forced to live in a house, to find out what happens when people stop being coons, and start getting real. :( Except for 3T...those n*ggaz could sing.
Diddy is the devil's picture

i heard about him marrying

i heard about him marrying her but that's nasty no matter what! your kids are uncles/cousins/half siblings. . .i can't figure out the sesspool that is the jackson family. . someone call Maury so he can help us sort this shit out!
MrsCirocObama's picture

good question! so basically

good question! so basically they are brothers and sisters
yucko's picture

Lawd, you just said it all?

Lawd, you just said it all? JESUS be a therapist! PLEASE!o.0
Alexandrite Pearl's picture

Tasha this whole post is just

Tasha this whole post is just wrong girl....LMAO! And what kind of name is Jermasty? And why do they keep marrying each others wives? WTF? Tracy and his two favorite girls...his woman and his Beyotch....LMAO!
Alexandrite Pearl's picture


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the girl of the "WANT A

the girl of the "WANT A BIGGER BOOTY?!!!" advertising on the left side got her ass in her back. that's sick!!!!
kimpavita4's picture

i meant on the right side

i meant on the right side
kimpavita4's picture

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