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Tracy Morgan Spends Time With His Fave Girls+Jermaine Jackson Says He Aint Got It

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Tracy Morgan was spotted out in L.A. yesterday spending some time with two of his favorite girls:

His girlfriend Tanisha and his doggie.  Awww how sweet.

Last month Jermaine Jackson was supposedly setting up to go to court to gain full custody of his kiddies Jaafar and Jermasty. He wanted them full time after their mother, Alejandra Jackson, was accused of possible abuse. But Monday, Rico Waxy himself headed to court and begged to be relieved of the $3,000/month he pays in child support to ex-wife Alejandra for their sons. Jermaine claims that he made only $10,000 last year.  So as far as making those payments--he ain't got it. And since Alejandra has kids with Jermaine's brother Randy as well *side eye*, he might want to go tap his brother on the shoulder and find out what type of 2-for-1 deal can be worked out. Just brainstorming options here...
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thing is, randy is like 10-12

thing is, randy is like 10-12 years younger than jermaine, and randy was married 2 her first. jermaine has been crazy since mikey took his lead singing job in the jackson 5. only micheal, jermaine, and latoya are crazy. the rest of them are normal if u ask me.--oh yeah, tito's wife died in the family pool about 15 years ago.
dark kent's picture

(exhaling) Every time you

(exhaling) Every time you think that nothing else psychotic can come out about the Jackson's BAM!!!! He and Randy share the same baby mama? WTF!!?? Is Tracy still wearing that ankle bracelet? What happened to his wife? I guess the success of 30Rock destroyed that marriage.
devonne's picture

Damn Jermaine only makes 10K

Damn Jermaine only makes 10K a year!?!? Janet or Mike couldn't throw him jus lil bit of they cash, or least help him get a job that pays average salary...
Mr.Ray's picture

So she got kids with Jermaine

So she got kids with Jermaine and Randy. So if her kids want to buy a birthday card for eachother do they go to the brother/sister section or the cousin section?
Ebo's picture

I made more that that in high

I made more that that in high school @ mcdonalds.WTF is he doing with all of his spare time?
Womp Womp's picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one who didn't know that Jermaine's ex had a child with Randy too. Talk about trifling. And what is up with the kid n' play hair Jermaine? Sheesh. And he really only made $10,000 last year? That must be handout money because I doubt he's working.
Go Girl's picture

I’m totally convinced

I’m totally convinced that the Jackson are F*ed in the head, not that I needed more foolishness to convince me But seriously WTF??
kerry's picture

and the Jackson crazyness

and the Jackson crazyness continues...is there any Jackson that's SANE!!! AND NO JANET DOES NOT COUNT..SHES WITH JERMAINE (nothing further needs to be said on that). and still dying at his kids names..Jaafar was the ish in Lion King tho. And yuck to her having kids with the both of em..that makes their cousins also their brothers/sisters..interesting..she must have thought when she tapped into the Jackson family that she was going to stumble upon some mula..WRONG!
Miss. Tiandez Jones's picture


YUUUUUUUUUUKK!! all the jackson family make me sick. they are so ugly and tacky.Plus the self hatred among them is soooooooooooo obvious!!!!!
kimpavita4's picture

What kind of woman has

What kind of woman has children with brothers. Low Down. I wonder how the children feel about all this and their parents are in the spot light. Foolishness.
PCW's picture

What kind of nasty woman

What kind of nasty woman would have kids by a man and his brother too?
Opal 's picture

why are his kids name jaafar

why are his kids name jaafar and jermasty?????? is it just me
mommy_phresh's picture

The Jacksons need

The Jacksons need therapy...no, they need Jesus.
I love black people's picture

Damn, who has kids by two

Damn, who has kids by two jacksons??? F*ckery at its finest
~GGG~'s picture

Top 5!!!!! Luvs Tracy!!

Top 5!!!!! Luvs Tracy!!
Hotrollnmom's picture

Not that Jermain Jackson is

Not that Jermain Jackson is providing excitement to discuss. But I do wish that he would do something about that hairstyle. Good gracious.. :'(
Mz. B's picture

i love tracey morgan..

i love tracey morgan.. Jermaine wow..
Adrienne's picture


Mz. B's picture

LMBAO @ "Bruncles"...wooo

LMBAO @ "Bruncles"...wooo hooo!!
Exxxotic's picture

C'mon, you know where

C'mon, you know where "Jermasty" come from! Either.... 1) it's a combo of both parents name....Jermaine & Nastiness or 2)Mom got pissed at Jermaine, after a 'crack-fest' and combined "Jermaine is Nasty" to get "Jermasty"! ---------------------------------------------------------- lol...i tried!....idk either!!
WestIndiePrincess's picture

Nasty at its finest

Nasty at its finest
Dicole's picture

That looks like Ice T's

That looks like Ice T's wife....
poshpearls08's picture

Well, I know of a woman who

Well, I know of a woman who had kids by one man, then went and had kids with his daddy. F*ckery indeed! That's just wrong. So the kids are...brothers and uncles?? WTF?
Wisco's picture

i think jaafar is from

i think jaafar is from aladdin and jermasty is from.....idk!!! LOL!
Ms Thang's picture

Im thinkin the sammmmeee

Im thinkin the sammmmeee thing... not to mention two JACKSONS??? WT-FLYING-F?!
Princess Cam's picture

epecially those brothers.

epecially those brothers.
~GGG~'s picture

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