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The 2009 White House Correspondent's Dinner

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YBF folks turned up for the White House Correspondent's Dinner at the Washington Hilton last night.  And all kinds of fabulousness was in tow:

Alicia Keys made her entrance in a black and white dress with beaded embellishments.

Kerry Washington looked pretty much perfect as always in her blue gown with a ruffled waist.

Chris Bridges brought his mom as his date.  Nice.

And of course, the President and First Lady--in a Michael Kors hot pink sheath dress--were looking fabulous as always. And Kerry looked cute for the pre-dinner event as well:

She knows she could have rocked a hotter bag than that Gucci one though. More pics when you read the rest...

Alicia arrived with her mom and tow and friend Kerry beside her.

Whoopi was there.

So were Melody Hobson and George Lucas.

Tyra Banks made a very conservative appearance.

Eva Longoria rocked a gorgeous silk organza gown.

Rashida Jones was there in basic black.

Wanda Sykes was there and gave a comedic speech.

Fabness for Kerry.

D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and his wife Michelle were there of course.  Michelle's looking fab post-baby too.

Tyra chatted it up with Rev. Sharpton and Chris Tucker. And more pics of First Lady Michelle in pink:

Gorgeous look for her.

Colin Powell chatted it up with Michelle Fenty while Whoopi snapped pics of the Prez. Over at the after-party:

Not sure if these stripperish shoes were right for the occasion Sherri.

Forest Whitaker and Keisha were there looking nice. And you can check out the President's funny speech he gave last night at the dinner in its entirety here.
Photogs: Morigi/Wenn/Splash
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I love how my little comment

I love how my little comment provoked you to go off!! The style of the Gucci bag is, INDEED, older than YOUR 21 yrs "vintage standard". Keep doing your thing, i wish you much luck with your blog..its always full of such accurate & reliable info..not to mention the excellent fashion commentary!!

Man all these ladies look

Man all these ladies look really great! Very elegent and classy... even if they are wearing hair extensions. You can tell each one of them take extra care in how they look. Alicia Keys you look fabulous! I love what you've done with you hair, you look like a million bucks!
perfect_locks's picture

You should know Annabele, you

You should know Annabele, you should know.
Ava's picture

alicia's a whore, why does

alicia's a whore, why does hollywood supports and applauds whores?
jenn's picture

Is Whoopi ever going to get

Is Whoopi ever going to get some decent clothes? I'm sure she won't but I just thought I would pose the question. Alicia Keys appears to be all things wonderful. Her look is flawless. Michelle Obama does not disappoint. So many attendees opted for black ensembles. The First Lady made it happen in hot pink.
Kish's picture

everybody looks good. BUT i

everybody looks good. BUT i literally heard on my local radio station this morning that SWIZZ BEATS is starting to talk about his relationship with ALICIA KEYS and how much he loves her, blah blah blah...if that's true, SHAME ON YOU ALICIA. i loved her, but she just seems fake to me now always tryin to talk "girl power", love and respect...guess she doesn't practice what she preaches which is a shame. but didn't she have a song sayin, "what goes around, comes around"? tsk tsk.
donya9's picture

-First Lady is always

-First Lady is always fab. -Alicia, looks beautiful, I love that pic of her signing the autograph, she wasn't even looking. I think the dress should have been more covered at the chest though. -Kerry Washington is such a rare beauty. -I don't understand how Eva Longoria is YBF, but she never dissappoints when it comes to dressing. -Tyra looks less drag queenish she should keep this look. -Keisha Whitaker is beautiful, and I don't think she is too skinny, she looks healthy to me.
Brittany's picture

Oh Ty-Ty :( It looks like

Oh Ty-Ty :( It looks like she got dressed in the dark. Is that supposed to be a suit? If so the colors are off. If not, why pick shades that are so close to each other? And the center part with stick straight hair is Naomi's hair game. Quit playing! Kerry always looks so put together and polished. I see someone gunning to play Michelle Obama in the Obama biopic. That would be a good look for her. Imma need Mrs Fenty to work on that hairline before she steps out again. No ma'am!! Sherri looks out of place.
SweetDivaT's picture

Is stormzoe the same crazy

Is stormzoe the same crazy Obama-hating girl from mediatakeout.com? What a crazy.
Annabele's picture


STORMZOE's picture

Everyone looks great. But

Everyone looks great. But did Tyra mix/match that suit b/c the colors r off?
csm's picture

A Keys - Good Look!

A Keys - Good Look!

dark kent: y is alicia

dark kent: y is alicia beatz half-naked? because alicia beatz is a whore
bkdigg's picture

*threw* :)

*threw* :)
pink wall street's picture

trying to school you on

trying to school you on VINTAGE lololololol.. GUCCI! that ish Kerry is wearing is not VINTAGE its RETRO as in LATE 1989 but more like EARLY EARLY 90's .. VINTAGE Gucci With VALUE! has NO GG'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SHE FAILED WITH THAT ghetto a$$ bag lolololol. It through her whole pretty look off! Girl PREACH! about that ESTATE MINT VINTAGE! girl PREACH! :)
pink wall street's picture

So was that really Tasha

So was that really Tasha commenting or was that someone pretending to be her? Tasha usually puts her disgust with ignorance in its on post or part of a post and not in the comment section. Just wondering......
LouisianaGirl's picture

Natasha- I think she was

Natasha- I think she was referring to the Red and Green stripe which was popular on Gucci bags 20+ years ago. Maybe she misused the word 'vintage'.
Toni's picture

Um, to whatever SMARTASS came

Um, to whatever SMARTASS came to my site trying to school me on Vintage: I suggest you drink a glass of Bitch Please and pick up a book your damn self. You ovbviously know and own nothing vintage. Vintage does not=a few seasons ago. Vintage means 21 years old from the manufacturing date or more. And it holds true value. Kerry's Gucci bag is FAR from vintage boo. Classic--maybe. Vintage--not even a little bit. True vintage is always classic, but classic is not always vintage. How do I know? Because I SHOP and BID on vintage. OFTEN. And I am more schooled than clearly you will ever be. Vintage Gucci bags from 21 years were not in that shape of bag . If you shopped and bought true vintage, you would know. But it's not for broke people. Don't ever try to snap at someone and be wrong--especially not me on MY shit. I take my vintage buying and "schooling" extremely serious. If you can't name at least one vintage buying house, you know nothing about vintage. And no, true "vintage" is NOT what you see in sidewalk stores and true vintage is not replicas and they were not made THIS YEAR and made to LOOK vintage. True vintage is usually auctioned and traded and is always 4 figures or more--for ANYTHING. Learn the difference boo. Even still, my opinion is my opinion. At least criticize my opinions iwth correct facts if you're going to do that. So my comment about her wack ass Gucci bag stands. A label does not automatically equal "hot". Thanks.
Natasha's picture

hell nah to tyra's outfit my

hell nah to tyra's outfit my fave are kerry an ak
Amber romance's picture

lipz: Wow Keshia and Forest

lipz: Wow Keshia and Forest are starting to resemble…Tyra A++ on the darker wig, and no baby !!! AMEN!!!But she needs to go back home and change the congress women running for election outfit! Alicia, and Eva look ! Actually, I saw a close up of her hair and lo and behold those baby hairs were sittn there...lookn like baby spider legs
Oppi's picture


DLS's picture

Alicia looked

Alicia looked beautiful. Tyra looks great with dark hair. Wanda looks ok. Luda is fine.. Whoopi...No comment Kerry looks fantastic.. First Lady Michelle looks fab as always. Forest and wife look okay.. Sherri looks cute.. I'm not feelin' Eva's dress this time..
KOKO's picture

You can work out five days a

You can work out five days a week and still managed your perm hair without wearing a weave. Rinse the hair with conditoner after a workout--this keep the hair from drying out. Let it dry naturally or blow dry with protectant on the hair on low. Its a myth that we can't take care of our hair without weaves. Leave the damn weaves out of our heads!
Toni's picture

Ms. Keys looks Fab!!! Quit

Ms. Keys looks Fab!!! Quit hating HOES!!!! Keri looks Elegant!! Love Tyra!!! First Lady looks Nice!
Honesty's picture

Alicia trying to lay low!!

Alicia trying to lay low!! We all know about your homewrecking skills. What goes around comes around. To bad she can not display him in public. What is done in the dark always comes to light!!! Tyra, loves her!!! Fabulous! She can do no wrong, in my book. She still look better then most of them women in a conservative outfit. lol Plus, she has learned not to give a f***! lol
Hello's picture

Love Alicia I wonder when her

Love Alicia I wonder when her & Swizz are going to go public as a couple...Love Kerry's navy dress, it's absolutely beautiful....and then there's everyone else nothing bad to say....Kerry's Gucci bag I never really cared for that style...
lipstiick's picture

Alicia looks good I like

Alicia looks good I like Tyra's hair like that
Joja86's picture

Lovely pics, I love the

Lovely pics, I love the dresses the women had on. The woman with George Luca, isn't she friends with the Obama's and Desiree Rodgers or something? She's pictured with George Lucas alot are they really dating? I heard she dated someone from HBO, could be a rumor though. The first lady looked pretty in her pink dress and pink lip stick. I know she will never see this, but "Hello fist lady". lol! I love your new hair color Tyra I heard the fans yelling for you when I was watching c-span. Tyra! Tyra! I saw John as well, why was he walking behind you? I can't wait until you two have atleast 1 baby. What's up John, I know you can make this happen son.
Princess MiMi's picture

everyone looks

everyone looks wonderful.loving tyras new hair color.except alicia keys with her manish raspy voiced overrated self.no thx alicia...no thx
alana's picture

The Gucci bag is a classic..

The Gucci bag is a classic..
Jermaine's picture

And I love that Vintage

And I love that Vintage Gucci. I'm sure Racheal Zoe found that back at one those hot vintage shops in LA.!! Lovin it!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

Love the dark hair on Tyra.

Love the dark hair on Tyra. Everyone looked great but I am in love with Eva's dress. TOPS for me!
NO HATE!!!'s picture

Ok for real, WTH with

Ok for real, WTH with WANDA!!! she looks out of place!!!1
Tink's picture

OP, that white lady next to

OP, that white lady next to Alicia isn't her mother. That's Leigh Blake, she is the co-founder of Alicia's organization, Keep A Child Alive.
BSSTinks's picture

Everyone looks FAB!!!

Everyone looks FAB!!!
♥MWNY♥'s picture

I hate A-keys smile, dont it

I hate A-keys smile, dont it look crooked a little...i mean smile straight dammit. OBAMA IS AWWWW-SOME!! ♥♥
89damzel's picture

Whoopi just don't give a

Whoopi just don't give a damn! And I like it! She gon' be Whoopi...F the haters! And Sherri needs a breast reduction STAT. She looks like the incredible hulk up top. Her titays are way too big for her bottom half. I know her damn back hurt.
Quiche-A's picture

Alicia's dress was gorgeous

Alicia's dress was gorgeous however i don't think it the was appropriate for the occasion. Way too much cleavage for a presidential dinner. There's a time and place for everything. I think it's disrespectful to Michele and the event.
tj's picture

may 19: Alicia should have

may 19: Alicia should have covered up a tad… y is alicia beatz half-naked?
dark kent's picture

Alicia should have covered up

Alicia should have covered up a tad...
may 19's picture

Damn Shame: OOHHH!!! I

Miss Sinsai's picture


CurlyGyrl's picture

hlschick: anyone besides me

hlschick: anyone besides me think that Michelle might be rocking some pieces these days? All that working out and needing to look right for public appearances has to be taking a toll on her hair. I actually hope she is weaving it up before her hair starts to fall out!And thanks Tasha, for including the pic of Melody and George Lucas. You should note that that’s his GIRLFRIEND. Yes ladies, white men are interested in black women despite the media’s REFUSAL to show as much. When Seal goes somewhere with Heidi Klum, it’s all over People/Us/etc, but when white men have black women on their arms (Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, Halle and her man) they dont show pics of the couple, just one or the other. Back to studying! Lol. That is so true. I didn't know that there were so many wealthy white men with black women until I saw it an interracial website. I also find it strange that they don't show these couples on TV. All we ever see are black men with white women. Anyway, the whole event looked fab. I wish I could have gone.
Damn Shame's picture

ReddK: The First Lady’s

ReddK: The First Lady’s hair is natural and she presses it. Black women can have gorgeous natural hair without the need or use of weave. Take care of your hair and it will take care of you. Let me clarify what I said. Given Michelle Obama's schedule, I would think that her hair is suffering from the 3x/week workouts and being pressed all the time. We can't put all that heat on our hair and not have it fall out - shoot, nobody can put all that stress on their hair and not have it fall out. White celebs wear tracks too. I'm saying I hope she does put in a weave to save her real hair from the stress of what looks like constant styling. I mean she has to get her hair done multiple times a week because she works out but still has to make public appearances. I understand the reluctance to encourage an Obama weave b/c we all want to fight the stereotype that Black women have to buy hair to have nice hair. But I don't want her hair to be a martyr for the cause!
hlschick's picture

Alicia looks sexay!! super

Alicia looks sexay!! super cute dress, and shoes.. Tyra..SMH! Kerry..NEXT! First Lady, looks FAB!
Miss GQ's picture

The First Lady's hair is

The First Lady's hair is natural and she presses it. Black women can have gorgeous natural hair without the need or use of weave. Take care of your hair and it will take care of you.
ReddK's picture

Everyone looks nice for the

Everyone looks nice for the most part.... Eva and A Keys are overdressed like they are at the awards but look great overall. Tyra looks pretty in the face but she have two diff blacks on1 Whats up with that! She could have came much better.
WhoeverUWantMe2B's picture

Someone finally dressed

Someone finally dressed Alicia properly!!
atlqt's picture

Y Ms. O really starting to

Y Ms. O really starting to look Preggers.. Can it be?? Or she just eating well.. None the less she's FABBBBB!!!!
CHILLL's picture

Leslie A.: Tasha…do your

Leslie A.: Tasha…do your homework. This event was not hosted by the Obamas. They were invited guests like everyone else. This event is sponsored by the White House Correspondents’ Association, which is the organization of journalists that cover the White House for their respective publications. Thanks. The end. Tell it.
neighborhood_celebrity0109's picture

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