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VIDEO FAB: Drake's Personal Side+CoCo & Ice-T Heart YBF

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Check out this new video of Drake speaking to Darius Brown of ABC News about his new deal with Universal, Rihanna, his divorced parents, and everything that came with that album deal. He's retaining complete ownership of his catalogs and other important things. Smart dude. And check out how YBF pops up in the interview....

You would think the way we talk about Ice-T and CoCo-T they would dodge our cameras. Instead we found out they're fans, and they showed nothing but love to YBF as we hit the red carpet of the Wendy Williams show launch the other night. Check it.
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zzzzzzzzzzzzz.who the hell

zzzzzzzzzzzzz.who the hell cares.................NEXT POST YBF.................
sammy's picture

Awwwwww.....me thinks he

Awwwwww.....me thinks he likey Rihanna!....lol. They'd make a nice couple if true. Wow.
WTF?'s picture

Loved the Ice-T plug! Drake

Loved the Ice-T plug! Drake is an intelligent young man...tres attractive :o)
Rifa's picture

OMG I love Drake. He is so

OMG I love Drake. He is so humble and down to earth. I love that about it. He's such a sweetheart. This interview made me love him even more. aww @ him blushing about the Rihanna question. so cute!
itzzzkimmm's picture

Drake needs to disappear for

Drake needs to disappear for a couple of months (sad to say since he hasnt even dropped a studio album yet). I hear a lot of people saying they are sick of him already. I think he is getting too much hype too soon and the backlash is starting to begin. The public loves to build you up but loves to tear you down even more.
Comprehension is Key's picture

I so love Drake. He's well

I so love Drake. He's well spoken, carries himself well and I'm feeling what I've heard from him so far
Monique So Stush's picture

For all their fashion

For all their fashion folleys, I love Ice T and Coco. They do what makes them happy and look like they have lots of fun.
Ms. Toni's picture

Drake's face resembles a

Drake's face resembles a dogface. That is all I have to say.
Foley.'s picture

Drakes music sucks!! He

Drakes music sucks!! He should have stayed on the show Degrassi, but he sounds like a smart business man. Snaps to Ice and Coco, the way YBF get on them. That tibit could have went a totally different way.
Stephanie J's picture

good morning everyone! i

good morning everyone! i don't have much to say right now!
hot_mama's picture

Iv'e been a fan of Aubrey

Iv'e been a fan of Aubrey Grahm since 2001. He's starting to irk the hell out of me.
MUAH's picture

I am already sick of

I am already sick of Drake.....
Yardy's picture

good look for them

good look for them
heha's picture

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