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Beyonce & Jay-Z Answer The Call+Rihanna Goes Topless For Vogue Italia

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Beyonce attended her hubby Jay-Z's press conference today for the "Answer The Call" charity concert at Madison Square Garden.  They still looked pretty happy go lucky despite his whole album leaking today.  She looked cute in her Phillip Lim ruffled skirt. But damn those stockings:

Jay and Warner Music Group EVP Kevin Liles discussed how Jay's the September 11th concert will benefit the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund. In other news, Rihanna's looking fierce in the upcoming issue of Vogue Italia:

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More pics of The Carters when you read the rest...

They kicked it with Gov. Paterson and execs.

Photogs: Mazur/RihannaDaily.com
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Both of these Glamytes get a

Both of these Glamytes get a Strikly Glam nod!!!
Gigi Strickland (The GlamSpot)'s picture

@ Delis I agree; the first

@ Delis I agree; the first thing that came to mind when I saw these pics was Grace Jones.
MissLadyD's picture

This spread is very Grace

This spread is very Grace Jones.. Very Manish.. Fierce non the less.. More Modeling Less singing.. Bey looks lovely.. Love seeing them together
Kris in Dallas's picture

Rihanna looks great in these

Rihanna looks great in these photos, I cant remember the last time i saw mag photos that excite me like this bc regular celebs are snagging Models spotlight, but Rihanna really did an amazing job...
jazmin's picture

She's Channeling Grace Jones

She's Channeling Grace Jones with theses pics, everyone seems to be biting Grace's Jones 80's swag.
LadyA's picture

Rihanna looks like Grace

Rihanna looks like Grace Jones. Beyonce' looks clean and pretty.
Miss GQ (I love you Michael)'s picture

Beyonce's stockings don't

Beyonce's stockings don't look so bad this time around. Thumbs up on the outfit, Bey. Rihanna, girl wish my twins were that perky. I'd wear pasties all day long. Looking good as ususal.
jennielove's picture

Vogue, strike a pose!

Vogue, strike a pose! Model-esque, Rihanna looks fierce! Me likey... I like when celebs take edgy fashionable pics like those Rih pics, instead of sitting and looking pretty (boring).
jjj's picture

@ Jala K Holla sorry !! I

@ Jala K Holla sorry !! I just got done using that stank word.....hmmmm we do need a good replacement!
Poke Her Face's picture

Well if everything else

Well if everything else doesn't work out with lady Ri, she can just hop on the catwalk & rock/walk it outttt!!
Barack is the man!'s picture

Rihanna ain't gettin' skinny,

Rihanna ain't gettin' skinny, its called...p.h.o.t.o.s.h.o.p. Duh.
Danielle~ what the fruitsnacks?!™'s picture


SAID SHE's picture

WOOWW Love Rihanna!

WOOWW Love Rihanna!
happyday's picture

rihaaannnaaa loookkss

me's picture

Wooooooow @ Bey and Jay...she

Wooooooow @ Bey and Jay...she is glowing in these pics....FOR ONCE I am feeling the curls in her weave..and absolutely LOVING her outfit! Although its killing me we have no pics of her shoe game ! WTF! Jay and Bey look like a fantastic married couple finally. She is killin it! Rhi Does look fierce as hell in these photos....Vogue put in work! Now if anyone can tell me what all these pictures of her in crazy make up and non wearable outfits do for us?? Notta thing..hmmm but wow she looks great...they shouldnt have photoshopped her to make her look so skinny..b/c bitch is far from bein big, but damn.
Poke Her Face's picture

Beyonce looks nice. RIHANNA

SAID SHE's picture

I like the inside pics,

I like the inside pics, better then her Cover..She looks like herself, and cute
Tealeaf's picture

Bey looks

Bey looks good....usual! Rhi...I hear Kanye's "Paranoid" playing in my head... Whole album leaked? Damn that sucks
Chica's picture

don't get it don't like

don't get it don't like it...YUCK! a hot d*mn mess! I'll gladly stand only sayin these Rihanna pics are WACK. And I'm SO tired of the word "fierce". 1. Let's use another one of the million descriptive words in the english language and 2.Okay let me put a lot of wacky/hard core/punk/leather/lace/spikes sh*t together and it'll be "FIERCE"...no its UGLY!
Jala K Holla's picture

lol ::adds Jay to download

lol ::adds Jay to download list:: Anywho, Yes Rihanna! Shyt on any new Cassie updates yet again :dies:
Joja86's picture

Rih reminds me of grace jones

Rih reminds me of grace jones in the first pic; she is fierce though! the carter's look good while doing something good...i like bey's ensemble, even the stockings.
NitaBonita's picture

Rhianna looks great. Bey

Rhianna looks great. Bey looks pretty. Why Italian Vogue? Just like that all black Vogue was Italian. I couldn't read it. You end up with a thick ass magazine filled w/ topics you cannot even understand. SMH
Whoa!'s picture

Really interesting pics. Can

Really interesting pics. Can def see the Grace Jones influence in the styling. She's about the only other person who could've pulled off something so strong and still be wearing the look, not have the look wear her. Rihanna did good.
Delis's picture

Rhi - looks wonderful. Why

Rhi - looks wonderful. Why shouldn't she go topless? The world has already seen her breasts anyways, might as well get paid for it. Bare breasts, I don't have a problem with at all. Especially since this is tasteful and artistic...not like she's doing a SMOOTH spread with her tail in the air. Bey & Jay - love these two
Soul Touch's picture

B's stockings don't look bad

B's stockings don't look bad this time around. Ri's pics are fierce but I really wish she wouldnt have went topless!

Not feeling the rihanna

Not feeling the rihanna pics....they made her look more like a man than anything else Love me some bey but the stockings GOTTA GO!

cute look B! I actually like

cute look B! I actually like the sheer stockings. I rocked that look while cocktailing at casino.
TRina's picture

rihanna pics are dope as hell

rihanna pics are dope as hell
feelfree's picture

im picking up an italian

im picking up an italian vogue, even though i cant read italian. too fierce! Bey looks beautiful. jay looks...nvm
Poked In the Morning's picture

Riri does look hella fierce.

Riri does look hella fierce. She could pass for a professional. i guess she got her practice in on the street of NYC!
GG's picture

she luks GOOD!!!!!

she luks GOOD!!!!!
rihannabigfan's picture

she even shittin on the

she even shittin on the freakin professionals of the industry fierce bish!!!!!!!!!!! hottttt rih hotttt
hellyeahdammitt's picture

Rhi Rhi looks fierce as

Rhi Rhi looks fierce as ussual...
missdesigner's picture

whatever: Grace Jones rip

whatever: Grace Jones rip off..Breast implants for sure…you can tell by the breast mounds..yawn…she’s so fake…talentless ho.. Bitter much!? It's not that serious Dear. How is this a "Grace Jones rip off?" I applaud Italian Vogue for paying homage to Grace Jones, for recognizing what she brought to the world of fashion, and I think Rhianna pulled off the Creative Director's vision for this "fierce" shoot, got a problem with it take it to Italian Vogue! As for the "breast implant" comment, chile please, even if she did buy some new boobies, SO WHAT!!!! I can' tell if she did or not and I don't care, you can create wonders with Adobe Photoshop, hell send me a pic of your muffin top, pear shapped ass and I'll have you looking....well...some what pass-able, Me and Adobe Photoshop will have your ass off your back in no time. Mya: Beyonce is just too damn Beautiful!!!Rihanna is nothing but a lil slut the New Lil Kim Why is Rhianna a "lil slut?" You comment it itself screams, I am ignorant, I am a follower, I follow all other's baseless opinions because I am a weak minded individual. BombShell: RIHANNA IS A SLUT!!!!! THE NEW LIL KIM LIKE SOMEONE ELSE SAID. BEYONCE MAKES ALOT OF MONEY AND YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN HER WITH THINGS ON HER NIPPLES. SO LIL KIM SHE IS A SLUT BUT WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE NO TALENT THIS IS WHAT YOU GOTTA DO PLEASE DEFINE THE WORD SLUT, PLEASE!!!! And for the record just because someone, (an adult) chooses to pose for a High Fashion Magazine, topless with pasties covering their nipples, does not make them a slut, Hell if real model where posing like this while wearing pasties no one would be calling her a slut, so why call Rhianna a such a nasty and foul name? I sometimes forget the majority of people who comment on here are youngins, who haven't developed their own Identity, and who haven't been on this planet long enough to "get it" , who lack even the simplest comprehension of respect, tact, intelligence, and learning how to disagree without disrespectfully doing so. This Grace Jones inspired spread in Italian Vogue with Rhianna is absolutely fabulous!!!!!! I am so glad it is an entire spread and not just a couple of pics, It's high fashion, people, for those of you who "don't get it" fashion is about taking chances, being different, for some being a nonconformist meaning not cookie cutter, fashion excites, inspires, it's art, it's the designers vision, it's fun, it's maddening, it's futuristic, it's dark, it's abstract, it's whimsical, it's playful, but it is also the opposite of all these things, so if you don't get it, there is plenty of "It" out there for you to "get". BC
BlaqCurrant's picture

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