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Jay-Z & Alicia Keys LIVE From The World Series-"Empire State Of Mind"

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In case you missed it tonight (like I did even though I was sitting RIGHT in front the tv, smdh), here's Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' live "Empire State of Mind" performance. They performed at Yankee Stadium before the game got officially underway. Wow @ Alicia's bright purple-pink (I'm told it looked hot pink on tv) jacket and matching thigh high boots. Hot performance though....

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I thought it was hot! That

I thought it was hot! That must be hard to preform to a crowd so far away..like think about it. No close energy to vibe off of, you really dont know if they feelin it unless they scream. But ppl wanna listen so they dont scream. Anyway. It was a hot look for them both. Cute fit Alicia! And ppl move on! Swizz was separated from his wife. All the good Alicia does for sooo many groups & ppl, not to mention chick is madd talented!...come on!! Lets give it a rest.
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this performance was HOT!!

this performance was HOT!! Loved it!! Loved Alicia's outfit as well!! this is MAJOR!!! World Series.. OMG!!
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That was pure HOTNESS!!! I

That was pure HOTNESS!!! I have always liked Jay-Z's SWAGGA. He was and always will hold it down for NYC!! AK was hot, as well!! Good solid performance! I loved the way Derek J was nodding his head and the Philly players were jammin too...I saw that... :-) AK's outfit was cool. No problem, but damn the heel on those boots was awfully HIGH!! But, I guess it's cool. It wasn't like she was gonna be doing alot of dancing obviously. NOW... CONCERN: I do not think that it's cool for Jay to be putting his arm around AK and being all affectionate with her like "that" considering she is NOT his wife NOR his girl. I mean...it not like I know either one of them personally and it should not matter..BUT. BEY is my Girl. And, I am a married woman. And, I did not like it and Jay is NOT my husband, but I felt like, Damn. Why is Jay all up on AK like that? Unless they like Buds in all. But still...I was not FEELING that at all!! YBF ones.. What Y'all think about that? Do you think it was all innocent like a good pal you hang around and like high fiving each other like yeah, we did that SH_t!! or what? Peace... Skye5000
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