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Movie Fab+The Obamas Kick It Courtside

The Obamas were spotted courtside of First Lady Michelle's brother's basketball game at George Washington Univ. in D.C. this weekend:

He's the head coach of the Oregon State team and the fam came out to support.  Oregon State won.  Sweet. Denzel Washington has a new movie coming out called The Book of Eli:

These are the promo pics for it.

And Will and Jada's son Jaden Smith is starring in the upcoming remake of The Karate Kid.  Here's one of the first pics from the movie.  Cute. More courtside pics of the Obamas when you read the rest...

Fun times.



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dayum Denzel. I love that

dayum Denzel. I love that man, the scruffier the better. That walk OH that walk.
OK OK OK I'm a grandma, there I said it's picture

Love The OBAMA'S! Absolutely

Love The OBAMA'S! Absolutely LOVE! Denzel one of my favorite actors seen all his movies can't wait to see this movie. Jaden and Jackie Chan cute:-). Jaden looks just like his daddy.
creolemiami's picture

I love the Obamas!!! Look how

I love the Obamas!!! Look how she's playing like she's going to bite Sasha's arm in the 8th pic down. I like how they are down to earth, not so serious all the time. Taking time out for family. Letting the world know that the disfunctional, stereotypical black families you see on TV are not the norm. I'm so tired of certain people acting surprised when they see a working black family. My sons teacher acts all surprised when my husband comes to parent teacher meetings, field trips, or goes to eat lunch with him. My husband has always been a wonderful, loving, hardworking young man, but President Obama has inspired him to do more, not just for his family but his community as well. First Lady is my inspiration as well. She seems to have a great relationship with her children, her husband, and balance her own career at the same time. I want the same!! I'm currently pursuing my Law Degree.
Mizzez J's picture

I love the President and his

I love the President and his family support shows the type of expression I value. Jaden with Jackie Chan is a big big big deal and I am so happy that the Will and Jada are not afraid to pave the way for their child! Way to go It takes money to make money and if it doesn't make dollars it doesn't make sense. good looking out
Vicciann's picture

The Obama's and Denzie! gotta

The Obama's and Denzie! gotta love it
Tiff Tiff's picture

Damn Denzel u still got it!

Damn Denzel u still got it!
Sunny's picture

boy does that secret service

boy does that secret service stick out like a sore thumb i <3 the obamas
Kay's picture

Jaden & Jacky Chan? - I'm

Jaden & Jacky Chan? - I'm in!! I adore the presidential couple... She's such a lucky lady to have him by her side / he's such a lucky man to have her by his side. + Their kids are wonderful. I must be the only one who doesn't find D. Washington attractive. At all. I even dislike his voice and the way he speaks... Oh well.
B.'s picture

I know Mrs. Robinson is

I know Mrs. Robinson is proud. She is sitting next to her daughter, the First Lady of the United States, while watching her son a college basketball coach do his thing. Now, thats the way to treat your mom.
Very Simple's picture

Denzel is that hotness.

Denzel is that hotness. *sigh* Doesn't even matter how old he gets ... *swooonnnnn*
Ang's picture

1st Family!!! LOVE LOVE

1st Family!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE What great role models!
Sia's picture

Caption the 7th

Caption the 7th picture: Person says; "I said, CAN I SIT ON YOUR LAP"?! LMAO!! I love that man. Anyone notice how quick Obamas hair turned grey? This is the quickest I have ever seen anyones hair turn grey in such a short amount of time. They say the office of the Presidency ages people faster then your average person. I pray for this President. God Bless him and his family. And while I am at it, the soldiers as well..they have sacrificed more then anyone should ever have to over this past decade, and will continue to. It sort of irritates me when I hear some people question Obamas patriotism, him and his family have sacrificed so much to be in this position. SMDH
Black folks love to kiss's picture

Love it all! The Obamas are

Love it all! The Obamas are inspiring! Karate Kid photo...too cute!
JamaicanQueen's picture

You know u have a cool

You know u have a cool president if u see him in another place besides a world leaders' function or a high society dinner............lol. When i first heard him speak, i immediately liked him.
TriniFab's picture

Denzel looks freaking hot in

Denzel looks freaking hot in those shots.. I totally love his scruffy look!
Bahama Mama's picture

love love love the Obamas.

love love love the Obamas. They are amazing I want to be Michelle Obama when I grow up! (i'm 25 ;))
A Random Comment's picture

Obamas bodyguard/head secret

Obamas bodyguard/head secret service agent (bald guy between 1st granny and FLOTUS) always looks serious. I suppose that's a good quality to have when you're protecting the president.
Gail's picture

This just warms my heart!! I

This just warms my heart!! I love it!
vanity1's picture

Michelle Obama is an

Michelle Obama is an exemplary role model. I wish people would stop looking at music artists as role models.
just a thought's picture

Jaden & Willow are TOO

Jaden & Willow are TOO CUTE!!!
thicklikeconrbread's picture

Aww that was nice of them!

Aww that was nice of them! Mrs. O and her brother look just alike... Can't wait to see Denzel's new movie. Don't know what it's about but I don't care lol I used to LOVE Karate Kid. I don't know about them doin a remake though.
beautifuldaidreamer's picture

I love our President. I for

I love our President. I for one, am definitely checking out the new Denzel Movie. I saw the previews already and its smoking hot.
Jackie O's picture

That's what I call family

That's what I call family support!!! If the POTUS can take time away from his busy schedule to watch his brother-in-law coach a game, then nobody should have an excuse for missing their childs, niece, cousins, God-child's, etc.. holiday concert at the church.. :)
khandi25's picture

LOL at the Obamas faces in

LOL at the Obamas faces in the second pic. I can't believe the Hughes bros got another movie. I was just watching menace ii society the other day.
chilchic's picture

denzel in any movie is good

denzel in any movie is good
nelle32's picture

~~I love the Obama

~~I love the Obama family!!! ~~Cant wait for either of those movies!
StarBaby's picture

Gotta love the first

Gotta love the first family!!!!
Blessed!'s picture

love the 1st fam :)

love the 1st fam :)
wow's picture

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