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Rihanna, Keri Hilson, & Timbaland Hit The Pepsi Fan Stage

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The celebs were out last night in Miami for the SuperBowl Pepsi Fan concert. Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and Timbaland all rocked the stage in some eye catching looks:

And here's vid of Rih Rih's medley:

Rih's rocking a one leg pantsuit right off Victoria's Secret runway and shoes by Alexandre Vaultier. More pics when you read the rest....

Keri rocked a "Pepsi inspired" look.

Nick was one of the hosts.

Timbaland performed with his signee JoJo.

And Rihanna rocked it out in black and white:

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Cool performance outfits for Rih Rih and Ms. Keri. Now who's ready for the Saints to take this ish? Let's goooo..... The randomness: 1. Daniel Gibson cleared up what happened with Keyshia Cole last night and we have his statement here.
Photos: Splash/Mazur
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rihanna copied vicky secret's

rihanna copied vicky secret's and it looks like a slut elf costume with cheap church shoes.
kaye's picture

she clearly tries to up her

she clearly tries to up her stage show to be an entertainer like beyonce. ain't buying it. and it's annoying because she's wack. if she had a voice and wasn't stiff i could rock with her.
T's picture

Funny, I thought her

Funny, I thought her performance was very good. She showed a whole lot of stage presence and personality. She worked the entire stage and sounded great. I mentioned to someone that she was able to carry her performance without a gazillion choreographed dancers and props that another performer uses. You should be able to attend a performance by a singer and enjoy it without all that confusion. Like a Jill Scott concert..Jill, a stool and a mike. That is enough. Y'all get caught up with the glitz and fluff. Quality matters!
alch's picture

her performances are

her performances are sooooooooooo boring! I don't understand why she has no dancers just something is needed to spruce it up, she's a bore, can't dance, sing, i'm surprised jay being married to the queen of performing would not make sure this big head steps up her performance. perform damnit!!!!! there's more to being a performer than lack of clothes on stage.
Tati's picture

they didnt show keri on t.v

they didnt show keri on t.v
Anonymous's picture

i don't get keri...i think

i don't get keri...i think that her style is always slightly off and she really can't sing....please just stick to writing songs and not singing them!
sgs's picture

if you dont have a body like

if you dont have a body like rhianna,you cant wear an outfit like that.
Delivery Man's picture

rihanna rocked it for 30 mins

rihanna rocked it for 30 mins and keri hilson didn't get any tv time so that should tell you who the star of the night was.
megan's picture

Rihanna is getting So Full of

Rihanna is getting So Full of herself. She thinks she can wear anything and it will look good- NOT! Looking and acting Trashy these days--Rih
Star's picture

Love Kerri Hilson, girl is

Love Kerri Hilson, girl is just fab. I am kind getting tired of looking at Rihanna's outfits and videos, girl gone wild lately. she's gotten trashier and nastier for the past few months. I watched her videos yesterday on Fuse tv, i must say i liked her much better before. I dont think she needs to appear sluty and low class to promote herself. It's a disgrace
naima's picture

I love Rhi-Rhi outfit....I

I love Rhi-Rhi outfit....I thought it was fab. And even though Im a Rhiana fan i have to say ive been disappointed with her live performances in the past but big ups to her she killed this performance...she sounded great and worked it out!
afrogenetics's picture

@Fem--Yes Rhianna does look

@Fem--Yes Rhianna does look terrible. No Likey hair, outfit, Nothing!
Friday 2010's picture

Hate hate hate hate hate some

Hate hate hate hate hate some more please......
liyah's picture

rhianna lookz fierce!!! that

rhianna lookz fierce!!! that last big pic of her is hott....she looked lyk she sang her heart out...g0 rhi!
keki=Y.B.F.......thatz me!'s picture

Dang i missed it anyway but i

Dang i missed it anyway but i thot Rihanna was performing @ halftime 2maro but i guess rerun on Vh1 right now didn'tknow it was all of this....LOL @ the ghetto JT performances
Sick of it's picture

Somebody Please tell me how

Somebody Please tell me how Rihanna album is a flop??? Why does everyone keep saying that?? she had her best 1st selling week ever...?? & she went Platinum in 5 weeks...??? i don't get it and everybody knows how hard it is to sell albums nowadays but if you ask me i think Russian Roulette as the 1st single nah wrong choice should have been HArd & Russian Roulette
Sick of it's picture

Rihanna = Mess Keri Hilson =

Rihanna = Mess Keri Hilson = Double Mess Timberland = Fat Mess What do u get? A hot ass mess!!
Greg Thomas's picture

WOW, this pepsi fan stage is

WOW, this pepsi fan stage is WACK. Rihanna is very stylish BUT she is a TERRIBLE SINGER/PERFORMER. She really disrespects my ears with her fugged up vocals.
Big Mike's picture

Rihanna sounded pretty

Rihanna sounded pretty decent(for her) however I think her and Keri were inappropriate. It was a ton of children there and they looked like $2 hookers. And why did Rihanna need to have a fake gun on the table next to the chair while performing Russian Roulette? Look at JoJo and then look at them. Put some clothes on. Well Keri wasn't that bad but must Rihanna always dress like a skank?
Michele's picture

UGH!!! ok i hate when people

UGH!!! ok i hate when people come on and comment & say bad things (it's like what's the point?) but i can't stand Keri Hilson she unites all the haters she's like the leader for y'all! With her NO talent ass she CAN'T sing and she can't even dance & that is my pet peeve anyways people with "SINGing" contract who CAN'T sing and this chick can't even dance but i was going to just ignore & listen to the cool music bcuz i'm NOT going to lie i do like her lyrics & just listen to her songs that i like NEVER buy a CD or go to a concert but hey if it's on the radio or download the goodies but she is such a HATER i can't STAND people like that. and she's a PUNK, tries to act hard & say ambigous ish when NO ONE is confronting her ass but someone does she'll be your #1 fan UGGGH she reaLLy eerks me...sorry Keri fans i just couldn't take it anymore...y'all should try somebody with @ least a lil bit more talent Like JoJo(even tho she has UBER more talent than Keri) i don't think she can dance but she can act (Kanye Shrugg)
Sick of it's picture

Rhianna looked like Cruella

Rhianna looked like Cruella Deville. Where were the dalmation puppies?!
ThickLikeJiffyCornbread's picture

I never knew this, but RHIANA

I never knew this, but RHIANA CANT SING!! She sucked & was off key. Justin Bieber was off key too! I didnt enjoy the show.
BurgerKingB1tchesGet99CentsDoubleCheeseBurgerDudes's picture

LET'S GO SAINTS!!!! i was

LET'S GO SAINTS!!!! i was very bored with tim's and rihanna performances.
holla06's picture

@ Dessy, got watch the 'She

@ Dessy, got watch the 'She wolf' video then
michelle's picture


ITS A PERFORMANCE OUTFIT!!its supposed to attract attention and not be EVERYDAY WEAR..and i guess thats what its doing, getting attention..negative and positive.
YAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!'s picture

What's up with keri's

What's up with keri's glittered cosby sweater?
shellychelle's picture


TAMIKA1412's picture

Rihanna's performance of

Rihanna's performance of Disturbia...was disturbing! Love ya, Ri but please do better!
Amethyst's picture

Ri looks fabulous in anything

Ri looks fabulous in anything she wears...ANYTHING!!! LOVE RIRI!!
lovinriri's picture

I like Rihanna BUT she needs

I like Rihanna BUT she needs to take off these church shoes.This outfit looks horrendous and her patent leather white pumps took the cake. We all know that if any one of us normal people was seen wearing this ensemble there would be much laughing and finger pointing. Where was her stylist??? SMH
TT's picture

I used to love Rih Rih's

I used to love Rih Rih's outfits, but lately, I don't like anything she wears. Her hair looks awful and she always looks a mess. She needs to go back to looking like she used to. She's looking too mannish lately.
miss_independent's picture

I see a familiar Rihanna

I see a familiar Rihanna haters.....you know who u r,lol. Your fingers get itchy everytime u see any thread that has to do w/ Rihanna....hop off her bra strap already, chick is making millions off of hate alone,lol. p.s. hated her outfit!!!!
oooooookkkkkayyy's picture

I just have one question

I just have one question about Rihanna. When she has concert tours and stuff, what does she actually do to entertain the fans? I mean she can't possibly do dance numbers because she won't dance... So what does she do in the midst of singing??? Must be one boring show...
Somebody's picture

I digg Rihannas outfit minus

I digg Rihannas outfit minus the whiterings:-/. You know what cracks me up, pple talking about how her outfit isnt original. what a surprise!!!!lol. Natasha puts up "who ran it" photos all the time. clearly celebs often have the same outfit every once in a while.
mehTrinigyal's picture

posted by michelle Fri,

posted by michelle Fri, February 5, 2010 9:02 AM Rihanna’s perfomance outfit is NOT original. shakira first wore the exact outfit in her ‘She wolf’ video. so aint nothing cool about it. sorry. _________ How did Shakira wear something that didnt even come out yet when she made the video? That unitard Rihanna is wearing is from Victoria's Secret
Dessy's picture

And looky there...a new

And looky there...a new Beyonce post is made...with the zazzle joke. SMH.
Erica (original)'s picture

Four cds later, she still has

Four cds later, she still has no stage presence.
shellychelle's picture

Let Beyonce had on what Keri

Let Beyonce had on what Keri is wearing and the badazzle, stun gun jokes would have been all over this post. But when it's Keri, it's cool? Whatev.
Erica (original)'s picture

Keri that dress or whatever

Keri that dress or whatever is a tragedy. She looks like someone attacked her with a bedazzler or hot glue gun and dunked her ass in mashed up christmas bulb ornaments O.O. She's almost 30, come on son. Leave that to Lil Mama. When fugly clothes happen to pretty females.
truth serum's picture

You didnt see Keri because it

You didnt see Keri because it wasn't aired. She was just a guest of Tim's. Keri's outfit is nice? She isn't wearing a outfit, she is just wearing a shirt. If you look at other pictures, her bear ass is exposed. I swear, it's like folks are scared to say certain ish about certain celebs.
Erica (original)'s picture

Rhi's makeup looks great, but

Rhi's makeup looks great, but something about the outfit, with the hair reminds me of the Grinch from Dr. Seuss. Don't know why, but I'm having flashbacks from when I read the book to my niece and nephew.
GJ's picture

I'm not sure how I feel about

I'm not sure how I feel about that outfit Rhi has on...it kind of look like she need a black and white christmas hat on with it...anyway...GO COLTS!!!
t.lynn's picture

she sounded terrible again...

she sounded terrible again... chick cant sing

Glad to see jojo back she has

Glad to see jojo back she has a great voice Keri looks gorgeous and love her
Dutch's picture

I like Rihannas outfit and

I like Rihannas outfit and glad her and Keri had a chance to do their thing I am ready for Akeys performance at All Star weekend
my .02's picture


GTFOH with the DUMB's picture

oh hell no.... i blame KELIS

oh hell no.... i blame KELIS PINK PONY for this shit...the zebra type n that shiny LEGOS is this supposed to be in 3D ? i hate her version of MJ
SharonBestBehave's picture


GOD BLESS TIMBALANDS BARBER,HE DOES A HELL OF A JOB MANUVERING AROUND ALL THOSE ROLLS AND CREASES.(i think he should just pull all that damn meat up in a ponytail)lol
tra c's picture

LOVE RIh!!!! Hay JoJo!!!

LOVE RIh!!!! Hay JoJo!!!
God4Real's picture

One more time -- Rihanna is

One more time -- Rihanna is the worst entertainer in the game. derherzen.blogspot.com
Die Konigin Der Herzen's picture

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