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Amerie Engaged+More Pics From Fabolous' Son's 2nd Birthday Party

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Fellas grab your tissues.  Because Amerie is now officially taken.  Her rep sent out a tweet saying "Amerie just got engaged she is not getting married she just got engaged thats it.” Her fiance is her boyfriend/manager Lenny Nicholson.  And by the looks of this pic, the ring is eye catching.  Congrats to the YBF chick! Pics from Fabolous' son's 2nd birthday party with Swizzy, Mashonda, and others when you read the rest...

Fabolous Tweeted some pics of his son Johan's Yo Gabba Gabba themed b-day party last week.  But we've got other pics (above).  Johan's mother Emily B. was there of course.  And Swizz Beats, Mashonda, their son, Veronica Lightey, and Valeisha Butterfield were all here to celebrate. The real Yo Gabba Gabba DJ Lance was there to perform even though Fab had dressed up like him.  And the party was at Bowlmar Lanes in Lower Manhattan.  Cuteness.
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nunya79's picture

I said I knew her, as in we

I said I knew her, as in we attended GEORGETOWN together! SHE DIDN'T HAVE A NOSE JOB. Maybe makeup has thinned it, but it doesn't look any different to me and I've seen it up close. BTW, she did have a lump in the middle of her forehead that's obviously been removed...but that's it. Her NOSE is the SAME.
nunya79's picture

U r a damn FOOL and clearly

U r a damn FOOL and clearly BLIND if u think that gal has not had any plastic surgery...look at her album cover from first album and all the rest... FYI, noses do NOT shrink on their own... h t t p://plasticsergeant.com/celebrity/amerie-nose-job That's what I thought!!
@ nunya79's picture

Anybody else think Amerie and

Anybody else think Amerie and Kourtney Kardashian were separated at birth......they look so much alike to me. Just a thought!
Medic!'s picture

@ Anonymous: Amerie hasn't

@ Anonymous: Amerie hasn't had any plastic surgery. I knew her before (she was "famous") and she looks EXACTLY the same.
nunya79's picture

Amerie is definitely a FAIL.

Amerie is definitely a FAIL. In every way.
Gem's picture

And so will Amerie and

And so will Amerie and Lenny...exact situation!!
@ NJ1SHOEGAL's picture

posted by Team MashondaMon,

posted by Team MashondaMon, March 1, 2010 8:54 AM How cute. Glad to see Swizz and Mashonda being cordial for there kids. Hoodrats take notice. @Team Mashonda- LMAO!! I think it's good too, but GOD still don't like ugly. Swizz and A. Keys will reap what they have sewn. I am "Team Mashonda' too, because he was wrong for doing it the way he did and A. Keys was even worse. Miss I am woman, bullish!!
NJ1SHOEGAL's picture

...u r so right. She could

...u r so right. She could have a career if she had talent or if she sold sex. The choice is hers...Amerie puts out straight garbage...
Val, shuga...'s picture

People need to quit hating on

People need to quit hating on Amerie, she could have a career but all people focus on is Beyonce and Rihanna..She is engaged so congrats to her..I still like her music, so hate on hater....
val's picture

um, y is ur website always

um, y is ur website always down!! WTF!! At any rate, y'all can say what u want about her manager/'future' husband...he did what he could with what he and she are working with, which is NOTHING!! That girl needs to sell sex or something, because da broad can't sing worth a wooden nickel, which is worth a lot more than her singing abilities. If u think she can sing, then you might as well say Rihanna, Cassie, Ashanti, and the rest of them cute (and nothing more) chicks can...they can sing, yea they can sing, they just sound BAD!!!
Bossip, um's picture

I don't think Amerie was

I don't think Amerie was trained in "music theory" or whatever that poster said. You all know what the statement means that she won't be getting married soon but will eventually. It was just worded weird. The thing I find funny is that he is her manager. Meaning she bought her own ring. He gets paid through her. LMAO. Has she never heard of "don't mix business with pleasure"? That shit never works out. Of course Fab baby mama is light and their son. Can't have a child that looks like you if your a black man. I don't wanna hear that he's dominican that nigga is black.
Michele's picture

I think they may have tweeted

I think they may have tweeted that about only being engaged because there have been rumors about her being married already for years. It sounded more like a response to allegations that she is already married or planning on walking down the aisle sooner than planned. I didn't take it as if she would be the new Lala Jr. Congrats to her either way!
Mo's picture

Mashonda looks great, and if

Mashonda looks great, and if she makes comments on her "situation" it is because people are asking. Having such a small child and being so mature is not easy! TRUST ME!!
white chocolate's picture

@ LSK Nice ring (lol) but

@ LSK Nice ring (lol) but yeah she better meet with Melba Moore. I'm not sure if Anita Baker's ex husband was her manager at one point. Melba Moore's ex husband/manager did her cold dirty and the divorce was very messy. Half the 90s fighting in court. I remember it well.
L.A. Lady's picture

if their engagement is

if their engagement is anything like her talent, it’s doomed for failure…
More like -'s picture

If their engagement is

If their engagement is anything like her career management, it's doomed fir failure... Mashonda gets points for keeping it cordial, a true lady
A Hot Mess's picture

Congrats on the engagement,

Congrats on the engagement, but aren't these two already married. It's been hush for years, why come out with it now? Hmmmm, sounds like a publicity stunt that ain't gonna work. No one is interested in her different (and I'm being polite) sound. If she is determined to be in the music industry, stay behind the scenes and not pick up a mic. Write those junior high lyrics for someone like Teyana's irrelevant azz.
...'s picture

Just don't sing! Pretty

Just don't sing! Pretty please?!?
Cute girl.'s picture

I think people are just tired

I think people are just tired of being force-fed 'psuedo' celebrities! And as far as her selling sex, um, she might need to, because she can't sell music. She might just need to chill out and disappear for awhile, maybe folks will forget how bad her music really is. And u r so right about Chris Brown...um, when did he become the authority on swag?!? NOT!!
@ Haters_Never_Learn's picture

@Sparkle Lies In The US all

@Sparkle Lies In The US all you have to do is shake your ass to nice beat and you become an overnight success. And what gimmick is she doing???? Please tell us that. You need to put that gimmick towards all these other artist selling abuse, alter egos and shit.
Haters_Never_Learn's picture

In the States, we LIKE

In the States, we LIKE artists who can sing. Now what the INDUSTRY CHOOSES to FEED you fools, is a different thing all together - DUH!! People, let's be serious, this child can NOT sing. Beauty (thanks to plastic surgery in her case) does not mean talent!!! Blame it on her management, whatever you like...but it all boils down to her lack of skills!! This broad is 30+ making straight bullshyt!! FAIL!!! And she went to Georgetown - NEWSFLASH - book sense does NOT equal common sense...common sense would tell her to give up this music gimmick - IT AIN"T WORKING!!!
@ sparkle's picture

@Mila Who uses Chris Brown as

@Mila Who uses Chris Brown as an reference???? When did he come who has swag and who doesn't. That lame duck needs to go somewhere and contune to worry about himself.
Haters_Never_Learn's picture

Is it me or does it seem like

Is it me or does it seem like alot of singers always at one point date or become engagged to their managers.SMH Anyway cute pics of the kids
Lee's picture

Wow it's so funny how people

Wow it's so funny how people wanna say Amerie can't sing and try to bash the girl every chance they get. Ybf posted the good news that she is getting engaged and ya'll take it as an good opportunity to throw shade. Really your life must suck back if all you have to is be so negative. If you don't like her music, or her then why comment on a story about her. Lame asses. Sorry she does not sell sex to get your attention. Anywho Congrats to Amerie. I always knew she was going to be with Lenny forever, Keep going your thing.
Haters_Never_Learn's picture

not getting married yet....

not getting married yet.... maybe... kinda weird but congrats and yea shes gorgeous but I doubt men are losing sleep over her... like chris brown said... something aint right with her swag
Mila (mariah beyonce justinT and michael fan)'s picture

Announcing an engagement,

Announcing an engagement, with the caveat you are not getting married + the engagement is to your own manager = publicity stunt. Too bad because I think she's got a lot of talent.
imdone's picture

I like some of Amerie's

I like some of Amerie's songs. She's no that bad. I like her sound. "Why don't we fall in love" and "One thing" are my favs from her. If this music or modeling thing doesn't work out, she can always fall back on her English/Fine Arts degree from Georgetown. She's good. Congrats to her though, her man is kind of cute(from what I can see outside of his shades).
tagirl27's picture

Congratz amerie evn tho I

Congratz amerie evn tho I think she is boring till tears and that's the reason for her slow career..But love me some fabolous his son is a cutie pie evn tho he looks nuthin like him, is he albino?
bri's picture

Congrats to Amerie, although

Congrats to Amerie, although something about this sounds like a publicity stunt, especially since her publicist tweeted this pics along with the statement. I think her career went downhill when she left Rich Harrison and linked up with her "manager." Her best work was with Rich.
AmerieFan's picture

Since when do we in the

Since when do we in the States like talent especially in urban music? We love wackness check the charts. Amerie has just had a poorly managed career and her music often sounds dated.
sparkle's picture

LOL!! That girl can't sing

LOL!! That girl can't sing her way out of a paper bag!! U have got to be kidding!! That's hilarious!!!
@ nerdyGLAMOUR's picture

Congrats to Amerie.

Congrats to Amerie.
Miss GQ's picture

? How can Amerie not sing?

? How can Amerie not sing? I've haven't heard her sound bad.
nerdyGLAMOUR's picture

Here in the States, we like

Here in the States, we like singers who can actually sing. Yes Amerie has degree in Fine Arts, and yes she arranges/produces/writes her own music, but it just doesn't translate well. Her work is garbage, plain and simple! She needs to take some singing lessons, it can only help!
@ Talulahbell's picture

I think it super dope that

I think it super dope that Mashonda and swizz went to the party together and I love Fab as Yo gabba gabba, so freakin cute! His son is Gorgeous!
Venus's picture

*****I commend Mashonda for

*****I commend Mashonda for being a class act, I also commend swizz because even though what he did was 100% wrong, he still shows mad love to his wife and son. This proves that even when these two get divorced they will still have peace for their son. Hopefully one day alicia will be able to see that she shouldnt have involved herself in someones family matters. I also hope that for the childs sake mashonda alicia and swizz can do nice thingS together for the baby. kids really do like to see the people they love doing things together. God Bless Them ALL!
rachel's picture

Well congrats to Amerie. I

Well congrats to Amerie. I thought that she was big in the states as they always make that out everytime she is interviewed here in the uk!! Guess we we're fooled.lol Can someone please update on why Amerie is not so big in the US.
Talulahbell's picture

I commend Mashonda for being

I commend Mashonda for being a classic woman! I commend swizz for knowing that his son comes 1st! Other women must come second to the children. Kids always come 1st. All kids deserve the chance to see their parents being friends. Alicia has to deal with that. Hopefully one day mashonda alicia and swizz can do something nice for their son. Thise is what real human nature is about. Real women have no issues accepting the child and their mother. Much respect to swizz and mashonda for setting an example!!!!
4sherry^'s picture

Being civil for the kiddo is

Being civil for the kiddo is one thing. Showing up as a family to a friends birthday party is another. Alicia is an idiot for being in a relationship w/a married man in the first place. No sympathy from me. I thought Amerie and Lenny were already married? Marrying your manager isn't a good idea, but congrats.
sparkle's picture

Amerie's man is a deadbeat

Amerie's man is a deadbeat dad!! i know his baby mama and he does not pay her one red cent in childsupport!!! Amerie you need to not support this kind of bs from your man. any man that does not take care of his kids sure as hell aint gonna do right by you!! he cant even manage your so called career which is in the gutter along with his daddy duties!!!
robbie's picture

Cute pics. I had NO idea

Cute pics. I had NO idea that AMERIE had a NOSE job Someone said it yesterday and i googled it. i guess im YEARS too late. lol. it looks better though.

A publicist sending out a

A publicist sending out a tweet about her client's personal life and not even conveying the message properly?! What part of the game is that? I would think your "manager" would have a problem with that. *kanye shrug*
Mr. International's picture

@ RealOnandOffline It's

@ RealOnandOffline It's weird to me, from both ends. It's has to be a little awkward. Your business is out there in the streets everyone knows your business. Mashonda was still talking about how she is strong and is doing better and still is married not to long ago. They show up together at a bday party. Yes for there son but who does that? I know they have mutual friends but for me, you’re trying to get over the fact that we are no longer together and yes it is very good that they do these things like that for the kid but there is a but -whenever you are with wifey, Alisha has to wonder just what they are doing behind closed doors when he is spending time with wifey and son. Swizz still has ties to Mashonda and will always have a link with her because of there child together.
Honey's picture

As for the publicist comment,

As for the publicist comment, something tells me there was a rumor being started saying she was getting married this weekend. Thus the publicist simply explained what REALLY happened saying they got engaged but did not get married. And Fab's son's party looks so cute. I love seeing father's that are involved and a part of their children's lives. And what better way than to dress up as DJ Lance. Too adorable.
LeRoCha3's picture

I hope like hell this broad

I hope like hell this broad ain't coming out with another album!! Painful to listen to, and funny to watch perform. It's 2010, she needs to reevaluate the singing thing...hell, that 'One Thing' hit was painful also....FAIL!!!
@ LSU GYRL's picture

OMG LSK, I was thinking the

OMG LSK, I was thinking the same thing. I was reading that thinking "so she bought her own bauble". LOL Anyway, does engaged not mean getting married anymore? Fab's son is a cutie and the party was cute. Fab is a rapper who dressed up like Yo Gabba Gabba for his son's party. That is love people! Love!
dabaddestCHIC's picture

Maybe this will work out for

Maybe this will work out for her, because she sure can't sing or dance! WHOMP!!
Congrats!'s picture

She needs to marry this man,

She needs to marry this man, because he has done a fine job with her career, given that she has minimal talent to work with!! Now maybe she will be a housewife and take us out of our misery of seeing her try to sing and perform!! LOL!!
Good for Amerie!!'s picture

...he would be honest with

...he would be honest with her and tell her she has no talent. I'm jus sayin. Baby girl is WHACK!!! But I can honestly say that nose job was money well spent!!
If he LOVES her...'s picture

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