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YBF's FAB 5 Best Dressed Oscar Looks!

YBF has chosen our Fab 5 of Oscar night out of the celebs usually featured on YBF. We've got the fashion deets under the cut... We chose folks who didn't stick to a completely safe look and still pulled it off nicely:

This one's either love it or hate it.  And WE love it.  This purple and black Givenchy Spring 2010 Couture masterpiece was rocked effortlessly by Zoe Saldana.  She rocked the matching purple suede Givenchy shoes the same way this look was rocked on the runway.  Layers upon layers of frills, a slit, a metallic strapless bodice that looked like an orangescicle--it was all a fashion risk and we can appreciate that.  Our vote is that she pulled it off and it looks gorgeous on her.

Nicole Richie rocked a fitted floor length extended train metallic black, blue, and silver gown by Reem Acra.  Never seen Nicole in a look like this so we like the risk.  The taut hair bun and dramatic eye makeup scream Audrey Hepburn.  We actually love the wide sleeves and boatneck cut as it offers a vintage feel.  The mirror black and silver clutch and open back set off this look nicely.

One of our fave looks of the night was Jennifer Lopez.  This Armani Prive' gown reminded us of Lady GaGa's Armani solar systemesque Armani gown from the Grammys.  But THIS is a version we can easily love.  The gathered train was decked out in Swarovski crystals and the bust was detailed with a fold that went directly into the train.  Gorgeous.  And the color is iridescent pink--which always pops on Jenny's skin.  Def a bit risky with the wow factor train and embellishments.  And she pulled it off.

Queen Latifah stepped out on the carpet in this lavender and crystal one shoulder Badgley Mischka gown with a train.  No 3 piece suit for Queen, she was all about showing off her womanly curves last night.  And she did so nicely.  The minimal Chopard jewels and accented shoulder and waist are the perfect topping for her shape and skin.  Loves how Ms. Latifah glams it up so easily despite her day to day tomboy look.

And we had to throw Jenny in here twice.  Her Vanity Fair afterparty black Gucci dress is fab and caught our attention instantly.  Basic black goes glam with the dramatic shoulder to waist frills on just one side.  With added cut outs on the other side for more drama.  And, of course, she's got the body for it.  Loves it. Honorable Mention: Oprah in Carolina Herrera. Our complete red carpet coverage from last night is HERE. Non-YBF folks we loved: Sandra Bullock in Marchesa/Elizabeth Banks in Atelier Versace/Meryl Streep in Chris March/Vera Farmiga In Marchesa/Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta/Diane Kruger in Chanel Couture



I agree Queen Latifah looked

I agree Queen Latifah looked lovely, but some of your choices should not make the top 5 - but its all subjective I guess. I loved Oprah's Navy blue ensemble, Susan Bridges' black spanish dress, Mariska Hagitay, Rosaria Dawson and Jennifer Hudson she looked even better than her own Oscar debut. I think the best colour that evening was navy blue.On the flipside I thought Zoe Saldana's dress was awful - in general her choices for the red carpet are not wise ones.
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yyy's picture

nicole richie has a very

nicole richie has a very unique look. she's beautiful and love her dress.
tcc's picture

zoe looks hideous in that

zoe looks hideous in that dress.Even my 87 year old grandmother shook her head and said she looked silly. Zoe usually dresses well,but she messed up on this one! As much as I don't care for JLo,I gotta give her credit when it comes to the clothes she chooses for the red carpet...97% of the time she hits it right out of the ball park!
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Sandra Bullock and my husband

Sandra Bullock and my husband Lenny Kravitz. I love Lenny. XOXO
Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil!'s picture

I think Zoe lives far from

I think Zoe lives far from the kitchen..horrible dress
nat's picture

Uh i dnt think I like Queen's

Uh i dnt think I like Queen's dress and WHY is it wrinkled???? No DEAL! Love JLo's though...
Mrs. Sea's picture


Im speachless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All 5 rocked it
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thchosn's picture

What I want to know is how

What I want to know is how can you all continue to deny Zoe's latina heritage after seeing the bottom of that dress? Come on now! lol
tiredofyouspooks's picture

Ok. Jlo is not ybf. We need

Ok. Jlo is not ybf. We need to stop tryin to claim everything ethnic. She is Latin n claims that shit hard! Nikki we can take only bcuz she claims it. But Zoe is the only dress that deserves to be on this list. She us a really beautiful woman& makes damn near anything she wears look good!!!! I love her. Girl crush...no homo.
Dee's picture

y was j.lo metioned 2 times?

y was j.lo metioned 2 times? and Gabby looked great too! Also nicole too!
chicken bubble!'s picture

Zoe needs a sandwich

Zoe needs a sandwich
Gem's picture

JLo looked the best in the

JLo looked the best in the blk gown. But YBF what about Jennifer Hudson???? She looked danm good in her stunning royal blue gown. She looked amazing! Put her up! & Queen Latifah dress looks like a cheap prom dress from Marshall's. & Zoe dress was ugly too!
True Diva's picture

I need Queen Latifah's dress

I need Queen Latifah's dress for my wedding. I think will be gorgeous in white/off-white.
crimson_doll's picture

Sorry but I'am not feeling

Sorry but I'am not feeling Zoe's dress the bottom kind of ruined it for me I love J-lo black dress but not the hair. But the white dress looks cute but promish to me Nicole is fab and shut it down, that was one of the biggest risk of the night and Queen looks gorgeous
binky's picture

All I could think of when I

All I could think of when I saw Nicole Richie was how completely ass out she used to be running around with Paris Hilton. Change is good!
imdone's picture

i thought nicole looked

i thought nicole looked freakin' beautiful, and most of all......healthy! go missy!
coco lover babe's picture

This is the YBF but only ONE

This is the YBF but only ONE person on your list (Queen Latifah) identifies themselves as a Black woman. Boooo @ your list! Anyways, I like J.Lo's Vanity Fair dress better than her Oscar dress.
hahahhahahhaa's picture

I have to agree with some of

I have to agree with some of the others, this list really sucked!! I'm all for fashion risk but..... Zoe does look like a pinata Nicole's dress was nice but not top 5 fab JLos 1st dress does look like bubble wrap Queen is beautiful but lavender satin is always a bad choice JLo's last dress was just ok, wasn't anything fab about it don't get me wrong I luv all these girls but the Fab 5, cum on....
bored in the city's picture

Sorry I don't see it for

Sorry I don't see it for Zoe's dress...it's interesting though. And I think we should have left Jennifer Lopez in there once.. the black dress wasn't special
Joja86's picture

I Looove nicoles dress

I Looove nicoles dress
Andrea's picture

i really disliked j lo's

i really disliked j lo's first dress..and her hair. she looked a hot mess..the dress looked like bubble wrap and her hair was terrible.
cutie's picture

Tyra once interviwed Nicole

Tyra once interviwed Nicole Richie and she asked her what she considered herself and she replied that she was black and anything else is an insult to her - so i hope that clears it for folks. She was also there because her fiance was the DJ My picks Nicole Richie Jeniffer Hudson Keisha Whittaker Demi Moore Helen Mirren Queen Latifah No maam to Zoe's dress.
the anti idiot's picture

Great choices Natasha, I

Great choices Natasha, I completely agree. Even Roger Ebert tweeted last night that this was the best he had ever seen Queen Latifa look when she went up to present. The fashion last night was MUCH better than the Golden Globes thank goodness.
Ari's picture

J.Lo & Queen La did look

J.Lo & Queen La did look GREAT! I do NOT like Zoe's dress & she is TOO thin! And YUCK at Nicloe Ritchie. Y is she there?
thicklikecornbread's picture

Really YBF? These were all

Really YBF? These were all fails, maybe except for JLo's black dress. Queen's dress looks like a regular dress from Macys, Zoe's dress is dreadful, Nicole's dress is swallowing her and too old for her....
Christy Burns's picture

Do not like Zoe's dress at

Do not like Zoe's dress at all but those shoes almost gave me a heart attack! Not feeling any of the YBF choices this time.
Mila's picture

no, she didn't choose the

no, she didn't choose the only black or'ethnic' people and put them on the list, come on think about the amount of black people who were there - jada pinkett, venus and serena, mo'nique, gabby sibide, oprah,zoe kravitz,stacey dash, and so many countless others...
chantelle's picture

I don't like this list! J hud

I don't like this list! J hud was Beautiful !! She out did Queen.
msbliss's picture



@dabaddestCHIC... nicole is

@dabaddestCHIC... nicole is actually of black heritage both her biological parents are mixed with black.... MILEY CYRUS looked great
Mila (mariah beyonce justinT and michael fan)'s picture


GREAT SELECTION, YBF! I could not agree more. I was in love with Zoe, Nicole Richie, and both of JLo's looks! Loves it!
Amethyst's picture

WHY no mention of Keisha

WHY no mention of Keisha Whitaker? Her dress was breathtaking?
Anonymous's picture

Glad to see the YBF mixed

Glad to see the YBF mixed chicks representing us in all of our YBF glory. We belong too and don't you forget it.
Proud of Nicole's picture

Jlo killed it with both

Jlo killed it with both dresses! Classic for years to come! She unstoppable!
Checkn4me's picture

Are you people serious???

Are you people serious??? J-Lo's dress at the Oscars was a HOT MESS! It looked like she wore bubble wrap! That way she could keep that half dead looking husband of hers, entertained while she was sitting next to him. There were several reports of a strange popping noise all through the ceremony. That was the deadman popping her dress! YBF, y'all are straight trippin on this one.
R.U. Kid-in-me's picture

Black people never cease to

Black people never cease to amaze me. Nicole Ritchie has identified herself as a black woman on more than one occasion. Yet, some folk are never satisfied. It seems like multiracial folks can't win. If they describe themselves as not black then they are wrong--"just a light skinned black person who don't know they're black." If they do, they are "not black but white, puerto rican, etc." or a black man only wants them bec/ they are the "closest thing to white." Let it go. It's played out. "Black" in America spans the color spectrum and your subjectivity or own insecurity about where you fall in the spectrum don't need to be projected on to others. It's 2010, we got better issues to deal with. All the ladies look lovely. Feeling Zoe's dress until...
Come Off It's picture

Zoe will make everyone's

Zoe will make everyone's worst dress for the next month. Y'all tripping. That dress is a H.A.M! Nicole Richie's was dull but not ugly like Zoe. I would not put in on the best dress.

First off, Nicole Richie is

First off, Nicole Richie is MULTIRACIAL! She has African American in her background. Let it go!
LaLa's picture

Jlo won it for me with both

Jlo won it for me with both dresses!
Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper's picture

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yyy's picture

I'm sorry but Zoe Saldana

I'm sorry but Zoe Saldana always over does it for me and it's sad because she is a beautiful woman and doesn't have to do so much.
Anti-Intellect's picture

Jlo and Nicole Ritchie looked

Jlo and Nicole Ritchie looked fabulous!!! The Queen looks good as well.
Leo's picture

dabaddestCHIC: nicole richie

dabaddestCHIC: nicole richie is bi-racial
cms's picture

Queen Latifah look was ok I

Queen Latifah look was ok I feel like this dress is always worn it pain. My pick was between Zoe Saldana and Jennifer I really can't decide. I would die for both love them!!!!!!
AHRA's picture

Nicole Richie was there

Nicole Richie was there because she is a YBF chick! She is just a lighter variety of one. She looked wonderful. Queen looked nice and Zoe looked ancient as usual.
Mixed Chick's picture

Oh and the worst dress should

Oh and the worst dress should go to Zoe. Her makeup and hair is nice, so it didn't make the dress look as bad but it's still not a pretty dress.
Focused1's picture

JLO looks like she's wearing

JLO looks like she's wearing bubble wrap
Go Mo'Nique's picture

I really like J. Lo, but

I really like J. Lo, but people are really over rating J.Lo's pink dress. It's ugly and it looks like some cheap plastic or bubble wrap. Now the black dress she wore at the after party is cute, but still nothing to rave about. J. Lo usually wows me with her fashion choices, but not this time. The best dressed in my opinion was Anika, Queen Latifah, and Necole Ritchie.
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