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Stacey Dash Talks Reality Show & Dating Jamie Foxx On "Wendy Williams"

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Jamie Foxx is on Stacey Dash's lips. The fab 40+ year old actress is hitting your tv screens again for a new reality show.  Stacey sat down with Wendy Williams to discuss why we should care about her reality show, the real deal with her and Jamie's "relationship" and she claims they like each other and are really good friends, and the scoop on her last 3 failed marriages. Snippets from her interview airing today when you read the rest.... Stacey announcing her new VH1 reality TV show: WW: We’re all going to be able to follow [Stacey] through her journey as a single woman with her own place, children and dating… SD: Yeah I’m doing a reality show for VH1 that Sally Ann Salsano, who does ‘Jersey Shore,’ is producing. … I’m really excited. WW: And so the cameras are going to be following you, navigating your way through your beautiful life. SD: Yes and how I’m working this [single life] out because I am scared. I’m going to be honest, I’ve never been on my own and that’s scary but I’m excited. Stacey about her Oscar date with Jamie Foxx: WW: Let’s talk about this Jamie Foxx date. First of all, Stacey, are you guys a couple? SD: We’re friends, we like each other and you know…we’re friends… … WW: So now Jamie picked you up in a car service? SD: Yes, he sent a car for me and then I picked him up, but he wasn’t ready. WW: Oh ok! So then you had to go upstairs…inside? SD: Yes and his family was there, it was all very, very wholesome. It was like a real first…da[te]. WW: A real first date? SD: Did I say that??? [laughs] WW: Yes, you did!!! Stacey Dash on her new approach to dating: WW: You’ve been engaged six times and married three? You think that one of your problems is having sex too early, first date status. SD: You know what happened is I slept with all of my husbands on the first date, they said, ‘Marry me’ and I said, ‘Yes!’ So there you go. WW: So have you had sex with Jamie Foxx? SD: No. WW: Why? That was the first date. SD: No, no I’m not doing that anymore. WW: Ohhhh, ok. SD: At this particular moment in time, the kitty is being officially held hostage. WW: Let me ask you this, do you want a second date with Jamie Foxx? SD: Yes! Stacey Dash on Brittany Murphy’s death: WW: So you were in ‘Clueless,’ you were there with the now deceased Brittany Murphy. Did you go to the funeral, was there a special ‘Clueless’ memorial? SD: No I did not go to the funeral, there was meant to be a memorial but something happened and it fell apart, but I met with Amy Heckerling and we talked about [Brittany]. It’s tragic; it’s a shame because she was just a ray of light.
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I actually saw the show and

I actually saw the show and was suprised how honest she was with ther men "ISSUES" and how she needed a man to define how she feels about herself and to tell her she is beautiful. Seems to admit "Daddy" issues too. If only Halle could be so honest.
Suprised she was so honest's picture

Aint nothing new Jennifer

Aint nothing new Jennifer lopez 3 times Halle married 2 times (May be a third soon) Janet Jackson 2 times many celebrities do that anyway aint nothing new. I love stacey Dash she has 2 beautiful kids to show for her marriages. She was maried for long periods of time. ish happen especially in the life style they live in. Most these celebrities arent religious only remember God in a crisis so whats o keep them from getting divorced or cheating or whatever most of the problems they face when its all legal and common???? Human conscience only streches so far. its fear in the most high that usually keeps a marriage strong!! what other reasons are there than to follow the common trend and get your cake and eat it too. Hopefully hubby 4 is good for her. sure aint no Jamie thats for sure... whats u go white u know you been licked right!!! lol
Timeless's picture

People are really judgmental

People are really judgmental about the choices others make. She may do some things that you dont agree with but its her life and not yours. At least shes learned from her mistakes and doesnt want to do the same things again.
IMJ's picture

Navigating the single life

Navigating the single life and trying to date Jamie Foxx? Really? WHO'S WATCHING YOUR KIDS?
Akimbo's picture


yoooooooooooooooo...........ROFL @ Mr. International. Road Kill???? Hahahahahaha......
AND THE SURVEY SAYS....'s picture

I think Stacey Dash is

I think Stacey Dash is gorgeous, and I wouldn't mind staring at her on a television. I agree with her trying to stay relevant, but aren't most celebs? She's trying to get in where she fits in can't knock that! If their wasn't such a demand to see how celebs live these shows wouldn't exsist. As far as her and Jamie Foxx go I'm curious to see where it goes. He's handsome and successful and she's his age and def bad...I like it! (Oh and if she chooses to F on the first night that's her damn business. Some of ya'll mad u waited weeks, months even and never got a man to wife u)
@MeshaLashae's picture

Damn I am so glad that every

Damn I am so glad that every person has a perfect well to do plan and path for there lives, geesh!!! Who n dah hell said that Jaime doesn’t respect her? Ms. Dash was able to be free and make her mistakes not once, twice, actually three times and now she is just living life and enjoying being single, hell if any of you was asked to be documented and be on a reality show you would jump on it, hell I would with this Jacked up economy we live in, and it could be about the craziest ish and everyone would still watch it because it takes you out your crazy life you are living right now. It’s funny, the things which belong to others please us more and that which is ours is more pleasing to others.
Honey's picture


LMAO @Mr. International..."That kitty cat is road kill by now" .. Road Kill though!
YardyConscious's picture

ROTFLMAO @ "That kitty cat is

ROTFLMAO @ "That kitty cat is road kill by now"!!! I don't understand why she would want to go out with Jamie again when he didn't even respect her enough to be ready on time to pick her up! sending a car for her like some hooker should be unacceptable...she obviously still has a lot to learn about self respect!.
kj's picture

I love stacey Dash!!! I

I love stacey Dash!!! I think it is really cute her and Jamie is talk... (maybe) Her show? :/ yea, her show.. good luck with that Ms. DAsh I'll be watchin'!!!
Ebony's picture

Another reality show?? So I

Another reality show?? So I guess it's safe to say that when a washed up celeb wants to get back in the limelight they gotta get a reality show, preferably with VH1, to get their shine on?? Whatev. I like Stacey Dash, but I'm sick to death of celeb "reality" shows. Nobody cares about your reality. That's why you're an actress. Get an acting gig...
beautifuldaidreamer's picture

Well there goes my Stacey

Well there goes my Stacey Dash fantasy... If a women say she gave it up on the first date to 3 it was probably more like 13. That kitty cat is road kill by now
Mr. International's picture

Why are women more willing to

Why are women more willing to share themselves with someone they barely know, but as soon as they start to get to know/like a person, they wanna withhold the panties? Stupid.
Nikki's picture

If you read carefully you can

If you read carefully you can see how Stacey is in need of some serious help. What lady divorces 3 times? Stacey has some serious issues and the fact that she is so desperate to be seen is SAD. Stay away from the cameras girl and raise your kids outside of Hollywood. I hate celebs that her.
makeup's picture

That show is going to be a

That show is going to be a interesting mess!
dimples's picture

Engaged 6 times and married

Engaged 6 times and married and divorced 3 times???? **scratching my head** it's good Ms. Dash is rethinking giving up the goodies on the first date.
blackboitexas's picture

definitely a publicity stunt,

definitely a publicity stunt, i won't be watching either. like when was the last time she was even relevant before she went on that "date" with jamie????
Keish's picture

Her and Jaime sound like a

Her and Jaime sound like a good match. I'll watch the show when it airs.
Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper's picture

Damn Christoper Williams!

Damn Christoper Williams! What rock I been hiding under...that damn YBF...better than any other media coverage. Googling now.....LOL
Krys's picture

SD: At this particular moment

SD: At this particular moment in time, the kitty is being officially held hostage. LMAO!
Lint_Licker's picture

No thanks. I agree with the

No thanks. I agree with the publicity stunt... Next!
Erica (original)'s picture

I'll be watching just to see

I'll be watching just to see what her kids look like, and if she's ever going to mention her first child's father, Christopher Williams. Where did he disappear to?
Max's picture

I've always liked Stacey and

I've always liked Stacey and interested in seeing her show...
KeetaRay's picture

Any woman that has been

Any woman that has been married three times suffers from kind of problem. She may not want to admit, but something is wrong with her and the men that she marrie. Goodluck with her show.
4 inch heels's picture

sounds like a publicity stunt

sounds like a publicity stunt
Anonymous's picture

Gonna watch @ midnite...

Gonna watch @ midnite...
Barack is the man!'s picture

Maybe now she will stick to

Maybe now she will stick to her on race Mexicans and blacks
sweet chocalate's picture

ummmmmmmm....ENGAGED 6

CelebChixNbuttPadsUggh!'s picture

Dash has all the looks in the

Dash has all the looks in the world but still has first date sex and three husbands later still doesn't have a man......and has never taken care of herself..... just goes to show looks aint everything Her and Jamie smells like PR stunt at its finest
Cocochanel31's picture

still sexy....

still sexy....
ftfmarket's picture

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