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GREAT DEBATE: Angela Simmons On College VS. Making Millions

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Angela Simmons was in college just a couple years ago after graduating with top honors from high school.  She was getting straight A's her first year of college, but her clothing and shoe line Pastry she has with her sister Vanessa was taking off at the same time.  So her dad Rev. Run is talking about how he encouraged her to go for the dough, and maybe finish college later.  And now she's raking in millions: "I don't discourage nobody in my house," Rev. Run said. "This is an entertainment house. My daughter Angela was in college, she was like, 'Daddy, I don't know what to do, I'm getting straight A's in college, but Pastries is taking off.' I'm like, 'Peace college, go take your butt down to the sneaker office and go get that paper...that's your college... We'll get back to [school], Pastries is doing millions.'" It's always a debate for 20 somethings on whether they should choose school and spend money on it or the school of life and make their money. Your thoughts?
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Yeah she can finish school

Yeah she can finish school ltr, esp if she wasn't making d grades. Sounds like something a parent would tell a child whose not making it n college, not a all "A" student.
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She can always go back to

She can always go back to college....even if she doesn't its not the end of the world...she is making more money in one year then what most people that graduated from college will make in a life time..college is good for people who are trying to make something of there life and need the skills to do it...but if you can read ,write, do math and know how to run a million dollar business then what does she need college for???
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SHE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!.. for now. College is to "learn" and prepare you for positions less than what shes doing now! Theres no college education that can EVER top or even come close to the knowledge shes gaining from having her own company and being an executive. And a college degree doesnt gurantee anything... BUT.. I think she and her sister should look into some business courses or going back for Business. We all know how this story will probably end in a few years.. it would be nice if she had the know how and advance training to avoid that and sustain in the industry. Cause once it ends.. its a wrap!
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going to college/university

going to college/university doesnt just help you get a better job. It teaches you how to think objectively and allows you to be more knowledgeable in your field. She should be in school ESPECIALLY since she has her business, there are people who may take advantage of her because she dosent have the know how, and you can acquire those necessary skills by furthering your education. Otherwise you'll probably seem as dumb as rocks when it comes to certain business decisions and will have to rely heavily on what others tell you.
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A college degree does not

A college degree does not guarantee you a job, so I think she made the right choice. She can always decide to go later on. For many of us in the real world, you just need that degree to show that yes I know what I'm doing. No degree...no job. She has it made in the shade:)
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College can definitely wait.

College can definitely wait. Run is 100 percent correct, she can learn more on the job manufacturing and marketing sneakers and make a killing doing it. I got a couple degrees and they didn't bring success, it's more about networking and marketing your skills. For some of us, school allows us to network and market ourselves better. But if someone has Angie's resources and passion they don't need school. Experience rules in most industries.
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I think that the school of

I think that the school of life is more valuable than college. You go to college struggle to pay the tuition and expenses get out with only a piece of paper (if you paid the exit fees only) and struggle like hell to pay it all back. If you have the opportunity to make a living, a great living at that, then you should take it. Dont get me wrong Im all for college to bc everybody cant be like Vanessa and Angela. But think about this when you graduate college, even at the top of your class, the real world wants experience. Alot of companies do not take a chance on someone fresh out of college and only have book smarts. You need that real world experience as well, its extremely necessary.
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@816RealChic I am to threw

@816RealChic I am to threw with you!!!! Hahahaha! Speak that truth girl! I'm so co-signing everything you said right now!
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The point of college is not

The point of college is not always just money. If it were no one would be a teacher, an artist, or any other profession that is underpaid or where only a chosen few can make a decent living. I can see why she quit. She can sustain herself with this money and go back to college where she can soak in the atmosphere and gain more knowledge. This thought that you can only learn how to live life and do things inside four walls with a professor is extremly sad.
Tracey's picture

Where is it written that you

Where is it written that you can only go to college right after high school? She clearly has savvy to make money; if she goes to school later, she'll be in a better mindset since she'll be going just to learn.
SAS's picture

I think skipping college is

I think skipping college is not for everyone. She is the daughter of Rev Run/niece of Russell Simmons. There was already a successful family business in place for her to build her company on. For most people, it is still advisable to go to school and get that degree to avoid flipping burgers. I worry that young girls will use her as an example when in reality she is not a true entrepreneur. She didn’t really start from ground zero. She also had free marketing in the form of their TV show on MTV. Don’t be fooled people! ---------------------------------- PREACH!!!!!!!
itsRECESS!'s picture

95 percent of kids go to

95 percent of kids go to school so that they can get an education so that they can turn around and get a job. If you don't have to do it in that particular order then fine. There are hundreds of atheletes that follow that exact path.
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hell, if i'm raking in

hell, if i'm raking in millions i'd get out of school too! now in life for MOST of us...i'd stay in school, cant get a decent job nowadays anyway with out some college schooling or trade learning lol.
holla06's picture

The reality of the situation

The reality of the situation is she is rich.. and most of us are not... so we have to go to school! Education is still power!
Anonymous's picture

Let's be real. Angela

Let's be real. Angela Simmons is RICH! With or without Pastry or college, she would still be rich! Where do you think she got the capital to start her multi-million dollar business? Her rich Daddy and/or her even richer Uncle! Where do you think she got business advice from? Her RICH Daddy, even richer Uncle and their rich friends. How did she get her investors, the capital, the television show, the PR company, the advertising reps., and all the other people you need to run a business. PLEASE Y'all be REAL! Her reality is not yours! She can skip all the steps you go through in college, you can't! Rich people will not let you in their club without that slip of paper. And along the way you will meet people who will become your future investors, pr reps, advertising execs, etc. Don't let these exceptions deter you from what you need to do! Most of the time these people are lucky, rich or brillant! Please, take time and educate yourself, it is better to have the degree and not use it than it is to need the degree and not have it!
Seriously!'s picture

Take the $$. College is way

Take the $$. College is way overrated
Kiki's picture

@ Another Nobody, you are

@ Another Nobody, you are correct. Let's be honest here. I can honestly college is great, fantastic if you can do it. It is not for everyone. And clearly it's not for Angie, I mean she wants to do fashion so what is school going to teach her that she doesn't already know. Consider her business TRADE SCHOOL and she's learning on the job which I think is the most important thing. And this is coming from a College Grad lol Get that money Angela and if she feels like going back someday just for the fun of it then go for it. Rev Run was correct on this one :)
BadGirl23's picture

I bet that the people

I bet that the people managing her money, investing her money and "accounting" her money went to college. I just hope that she understands what they are doing with it so that she knows what questions to ask and how to know if they are doing right by her. I'm just sayin...
Pam's picture

A formal education is not for

A formal education is not for everyone. Never has been. For example my bf just graduated from a trade school after a year and a half (diesel mechanics) and he is getting offers near 80k...my lil cuz in highschool got her beauty license and now has her own shop..she is a Paul Mitchell rep and makes major bank. do what u do...and do it well. Mos tof the IT guys I know have never been to school and ar elike in their early twenties...the game is changing. Down with da drug dealers and rappers! the world is truly your oyster
JYGALO's picture

praise the Lord she is in a

praise the Lord she is in a position to gain financial investment without the personal investment of college. Angela's experience is huge as a CEO wish more could have this the greatest part is I think The Simmon family is appreciative and constantly give back!
Vicciann's picture

This is a very unique

This is a very unique situation to say the least. We are talking about millions of dollars. If this was some job making a standard salary, I would say she made the wrong choice. This girl has it going on!
Michael's picture

agreed with cha cha Im not

agreed with cha cha Im not in law school to make millions one day. This is the field that I am passionate about and I don't take my experience from classes, interacting with classmates or my internships for granted!
Bleh's picture

I say she make her money now

I say she make her money now and pay for her own schooling. thats probably what Rev is REALLY getting at. LOL
Bleh's picture

Loves Angela, but is she

Loves Angela, but is she wearing a chain of a gun? smh
DCwhatup?'s picture

There are people in college

There are people in college right now. Learning to get where she is at now. So, I would say go for the dough
:-)'s picture

In 2008, of the top five

In 2008, of the top five richest people in America, 4 out of the 5 either dropped out of college or didn't bother to finish. College doesn't make you wiser or smarter because I know plenty of educated fools. A degree in itself doesn't put food on the table, it's what you do with it that counts. If you can make money without the degree, then go for what you know.
Johnny Neptune's picture

@Educated chic- I couldn't

@Educated chic- I couldn't agree more.. bachelor degrees are as useless as a high school diplomas. And in about 10 years unless you have a "Specialized Degree" You'll officially be able to wipe your a$$ with that Masters! . No disrespect, but I guess its all about value. While education is important and Knowledge truly is power, we all know it is so much more than what you know-But WHO YOU KNOW. The girl has the world and aall it's resources at her fingertips- if you will. While I would never discourage a young person from going to college, I think real world experience, coupled with vision, discipline and determination can go a LONG way! Russell Simmons admitted in "Do You" that he never even wrote- let alone looked at any of his business plans for his empires- He hired people with Master's degree's to do that.. Now I don't know about ya'll but I would much rather be Russell than the Muthatrukka writing the business plan..Damn that!!
816RealChic's picture

She def made the right

She def made the right choice!!!!!!
Caroline Smith's picture

Sorry...Education is

Sorry...Education is important. If she is smart she would do both and attend school part-time. Do I like my Student loans..nope but I value my Education coupled with the knowledge I have learned in Corporate America.I didn't go to school to become a millionaire.I went to school to learn.If by learning, I become wealthy-that's fine.I wouldn't trade it for the world.
cha cha's picture

@educated chic.. exactly

@educated chic.. exactly online classes is an option but w.e thats their life not mine
brooklyn gyal's picture

* a smarter, well rounded

* a smarter, well rounded man*
brooklyn gyal's picture

uhmm well this is hard.. but

uhmm well this is hard.. but an education is very important becuz u dont know where life is gonna take you so u have to be prepared for the twist and turns that life throws u? im sorry but pasrties inst a solid line like nikes, or jordan etc. and at any given moment that shit cud go bankrupt cuz honestly idk anyone who where those things and to me the material is cheap and the styles are over the top and tacky.. so god forbid her lines throws out why wud u wanna go to college at the age of 30? her family was already rich so there was no need to give up an eductaion.. her dad is money hungry in my opinion .. and smart well rounded man in his position wud have told his daughter to achieve both.. hes not poor or a workin class man so in my opinion that response was a lil over the top.. and BESIDES.. ur bro has all the money in the world. WTF IS UR DEAL?
brooklyn gyal's picture

college is about spending

college is about spending money the whole process and making a lil bit when u get out....if u already have a job, already have good experience, know high names theres really no point in school because thats wat the employer is really looking for. if the clothing line fades the resume will speak for itself for the next career.
young boi's picture

She can go to college and

She can go to college and make millions @ the same time. She can take online classes. But whats the use when she is basically born into a family in the entertainment industry thats very established. Angela's a smart girl so she did what was best for her. On another tip being the person I am I am too good not to get a college degree with no less than a master's degree. I'm striving for a doctorate. Bachelor degrees are useless nowadays... they r just like a high school diploma.
Educated Chic's picture

lmao @ 816RealChic I agree

lmao @ 816RealChic I agree w/Run as well and I firmly agree that college isn't for everyone. I'll finish graduate school by next year, god willing with this full time job, and I'm not guaranteed to make millions... I say go for it! Her business may not be as successful in a few years but Im sure she has learned how to save and invest to prohibit her from failing. A rich person may develop fads but an intelligent, wealthy person starts a business and continues to be innovative... kudos to the simmons girls You have to weigh your options. What would you drop out of college for? Personally, this MBA is looking pretty nice to me because all these unfortunate people who were laid off are sitting in class with me! When this recession is over, a bachelor's degree will be equivalent to a high school diploma. You'll be competing with people with degrees AND experience.
...IMISSMYHBCU's picture

I'm in the education business

I'm in the education business and truly understand the value of a good education. But the value of a good educations is hard to evaluate. Most people tell their children to go to school and get a good education to have a good career. If a career even if it is short lived can make a person wealthy why not work on that and then come back to a formal education. Plus the learning she is involved in with the buisness world can prove to be of great value it self.
Jamaul's picture

I have to say I agree with

I have to say I agree with Run. There is no need to waste time and money if you truly don't want to be in college. She is already making money and in her career. If she wants to take some business or design classes, that is one thing. If you want to learn, you can learn for free at the local library. College is meant for you to earn a degree that you can use in your career, not to socialize, pledge, or go buck wild because you are out of your mama's house (even tho I did all 3! I have my degree, and I am using it too)!
No Name James's picture

^plus bill gates came from a

^plus bill gates came from a well-off family.
michelle's picture

she had a opportunity no harm

she had a opportunity no harm in taking it. who needs a business degree when you are already running a successful company. even if it goes bust its a dam good resume item
Flow's picture

The school of life! Take it

The school of life! Take it from someone who knows. I have 2 degrees, LAID OFF, with mucho student loan debt. And please believe they want their money! :)
LR,MBA's picture

She can educate herself by

She can educate herself by reading. College helps people who have no other way out of the system..i.e a rich dad who's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a rich ass Uncle named Russell Simmons and a Rich as Auntie named Kimora Lee Simmons... Most people don't have that. Why should she go to college? That'll be hella dumb. She's not like the rest of us. She has a ginormous leg up cause she was born into privilege.
Mirabella Says...'s picture

oops....I meant

oops....I meant *professions* @Pretty Paige I LOVE that quote... “You go to college creating long-tern wealth not just short-term success.” SO TRUE!!!! How many people we see that made or have the "image" of being a millionaire and being successful when they are FLAT BROKE, getting sued and faking like they are rich in this entertainment and fashion industry or in reality of how many business ventures or money making ideas fail or isn't productive anymore because the success and gimmick wore off! Just because you are making money doesn't mean you will keep it, easy comes easy goes, but again Angela is an exception with her family
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@ JayRight CO-DA**-SIGN!!!!

@ JayRight CO-DA**-SIGN!!!! Hahahaha! I'm smart as he!! but if college wasn't one of the ways I knew that could help me get to the next level and make more money...I wouldn't be attending. I don't go to school to be well learned. I go to school for the oppertunity to make more money.
Jazmine's picture

@816 RealChic You said it

@816 RealChic You said it perfect girl!!!! I'm glad to see someone else is as intelligent as I think I am. LOL I'm in school now, a year to go. When I finish I'll have a degree in B.I.S and go on to get my masters in Finance. When I finish I'll still be slaving for the man. Sure, I'll be getting paid good money but the people I work for will be getting paid the bigger bucks. Then, I'll be paying back student loans too so school is where it's at but it aint where it's at in the same sense. I don't advise people to drop out or not go all together but Angela's situation is very different. She should go with the loot. LOL
Jazmine's picture

@ CaraB,french gyal and BK

@ CaraB,french gyal and BK girl co-sign!!! Wow, at some of these comments. I hope most of y'all realize that children like Angela Simmons is an exception to the rule! EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT for people who don't come from wealthy families or found a niche that could make millions of dollars. Angela could have fail on her face with Pastry but she always had a backup with her family! Most people don't have that opportunity of going to mommy and daddy and living off their money until they get back on their feet. So education is important! Hell, you can't do anything without an education in this day and age because a high school degree can't get you far! Look at how many kids we have now growing up without a backup plan of "OH I' AM GOING TO BE A BALLER, RAPPER, ACTRESS, etc." when most of these professors is hard to break into so what is their back up plan? they don't have money like Rev Run. So I will always encourage education, weather one is rich or not! ~And this statement is from a broke college student majoring in Molecular Bio so...
binky's picture

You go to college to have a

You go to college to have a career and make money. If you already have a career and are making money, what the he!! do you need college for???? If she just wants to learn some shyt just to say she knows it then go to college. However, MY ultimate goal is the loot! If I start making it without college I'm chunking it the deuce too. I'm not condoning selling dope or a** b/c that's not typically the way you make big money and have it for generations. I'm saying if what your doing is a CAREER and you're doing well then college isn't really neccessary is it?
Jazmine's picture

posted by

posted by imnotthatstoopidMon, March 29, 2010 12:33 PM I don’t think I would’ve encouraged my daughter to quit school I mean-she’s already wealthy and attached to the Simmons name-which she could’ve drawn on later. You don’t get 2 chances @ being young and enjoying the college experience…which consists of more than just books and a degree. ************* I think she's enjoying being young. She's young and she's already successfully. I know college is more than just the books. The expereince is awesome. But we're assuming that that experience is for everyone, and that experience means something diff for everyone. Some of my friends didn't go to college, and they've had to expereince things in life that i haven't yet. Everyone's road to success is different.
serene's picture

@Laughing out loud I DID! I

@Laughing out loud I DID! I was like.. don't & nobody in the same sentence...yet you don't want your daughter to get an education??? I understand it's an "entertainment family" but what real morals are you teaching your children... Having money is greater than an education??? If you have a great business plan...the money will always be there. I'm sorry...I refuse to live my life around money. I do what makes me happy first, and worry about money later. I also saw someone post something about making low 40'sK out of college. Nothing wrong with that...You have to start somewhere. lol
Shawn's picture

I think skipping college is

I think skipping college is not for MOST people. She is the daughter of Rev Run/niece of Russell Simmons. There was already a successful family business in place for her to build her company on. Daddy and uncle probably provided seed funds for her company; if at all, it is a standalone company. It could be a division under the larger apparel company her uncle owns. For most people, it is still advisable to go to school and get that degree to avoid flipping burgers. I worry that young girls/boys will use her as an example when in reality she is not a true entrepreneur. She didn’t really start from ground zero. She didn't have to convince investors to put money in her company. She didn't have to convince retailers to buy her product. She also had free marketing in the form of their TV show on MTV. Don’t be fooled people!
lol's picture

posted by JayMon, March 29,

posted by JayMon, March 29, 2010 2:21 PM I am baffled by these comments. Trust. College is a BUSINESS. If one has the drive, passion to make it on their own- they don’t need to go to college in a specific timeframe. She is an intellegent girl! She is an entreprenuer. HER EXPERIENCE IS PRICELESS. ************* She's gonna learn things running her own biz that she won't ever learn sitting in a classroom.
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