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GREAT DEBATE: Angela Simmons On College VS. Making Millions

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Angela Simmons was in college just a couple years ago after graduating with top honors from high school.  She was getting straight A's her first year of college, but her clothing and shoe line Pastry she has with her sister Vanessa was taking off at the same time.  So her dad Rev. Run is talking about how he encouraged her to go for the dough, and maybe finish college later.  And now she's raking in millions: "I don't discourage nobody in my house," Rev. Run said. "This is an entertainment house. My daughter Angela was in college, she was like, 'Daddy, I don't know what to do, I'm getting straight A's in college, but Pastries is taking off.' I'm like, 'Peace college, go take your butt down to the sneaker office and go get that paper...that's your college... We'll get back to [school], Pastries is doing millions.'" It's always a debate for 20 somethings on whether they should choose school and spend money on it or the school of life and make their money. Your thoughts?
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andreanicole i agree, well

andreanicole i agree, well said.
DOO BETTER's picture

Everyone goes to college for

Everyone goes to college for different reasons. u don't need to go to school to become an entrepreneur. I'm in college because its somthing I want to do. If i were in angela's shoes....I would still go to college becuz its something i want to do. If I were going to make that next step, and i had an opp like hers...I wouldn't say peace too
serene's picture

I'm probably in the minority

I'm probably in the minority on this one but I think school should have come first. College is about more than the classroom education or learning a trade to make money. She actually had the luxury of not having to worry about money because of who she is. College was too damn fun for me. I can't imagine it's the same experience going back later and being older than everyone else.
Pffft's picture

My only problem w/ this is is

My only problem w/ this is is Rev Run's seemingly illiterate sounding self. *sighs* At least if you're going to advocate for your child NOT getting a college degree at least sound INTELLIGENT. But, I guess at the end of the day that doesn't matter because he's rich. Nobody else cringed while reading it? Meh. Good for Angela (& the rest of the Simmons' children). I have 2 degrees and a gang of student loans. I'm trying to find my big break . . . or a winning megamillions ticket. ;)
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nepotism at its best.

nepotism at its best.
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I would tell my daughter to

I would tell my daughter to go for the money and then pursue her education. Although she comes from wealth, and I am quite sure her father helped her start her line, their is no better achievement than having your own. Her Pastry line in not guaranteed forever, however college will always be around. People go to college to pursue a career in hopes of making millions. Right now she has her career. What I would tell her is that I would want her to finish her college education so that when Pastry slows down, she will have more knowledge on running a business and not just the design aspect. It is like athletes and college. If one is in college and is guaranteed to make it pro, I would say go for it and then finish your education. No need to take a risk like injury while trying to complete your degree and not making pro. With Pastry, no need in risking the business folding because you have to study for exams.
Anita's picture

How can you discourage people

How can you discourage people from fostering a value like education? Yes, if you have speacial talents; it's great to embrace them- but that's like a one in a million chance. Not to mention, most of us aren't rev runs' daughter and don have the luxury of living in dad's mansion and live the fab life style which they do. Give me a break, that's the reason our children are starting to feel like college is no longer a necessity but an option. Like my mother always said to us "Who ever ain't going to college in here can get the f*ck out". Stupid ideals.
beeee's picture

um, based on Rev Run's

um, based on Rev Run's statement, it looks like he is the one who needs to go to college
jasmine's picture

As a recent graduate. I can

As a recent graduate. I can definitely say there is more to college than just learning how to make money. You meet people that you probably wouldn't get an opportunity to elsewhere, pretty much you become more educated about life. With that said I do not see why this girl can't do both. Their whole objective for moving to LA was to run pastries. I have watched their show and they are either at lunch, in their apartment, or at the club they are rarely doing any business. You can clearly tell they are the face of the brand but there are other brains behind the company. I like the person that brought up Donald Trumps kids great example. And lol at the person that brought up Bill Gates, first off you do know Bill Gates got a perfect score on the SAT and went to Harvard right? He was pretty advanced than the average college kid. Also how many college drop outs do you know that went on to become billionaires? Yep it is a rarity. And guess where Bill Gates met his business partner oh yes college! Besides aren't these girls representing girl scouts or boys and girls club something like that. Most of the kids in that club don't come from a family like the Simmons, so they can't wake up one day and say they want a clothing line. They should be preaching education and be showing that with example.
Shanelle's picture

I am baffled by these

I am baffled by these comments. Trust. College is a BUSINESS. If one has the drive, passion to make it on their own- they don't need to go to college in a specific timeframe. She is an intellegent girl! She is an entreprenuer. HER EXPERIENCE IS PRICELESS.
Jay's picture

Iets just say if I was given

Iets just say if I was given the opportunity to do what I loved and making millions , just now that I would leave school in a heart beat without thinking about it...
aa's picture

Why not do both she's going

Why not do both she's going to need somehting to fall back on just in case her shoe line bails more knowledge more money. why not a degree in business management at least she could even further her business. Bad advice from the father point of view.
pebbles1969's picture

Everyine doesnt have parents

Everyine doesnt have parents like Rev Run because for her its way easier to get into the business than others. So of course shes gonna leavecollege and make millions! College is for those people who aren't wealthy and need a backup plan because they dont have Daddy's wallet to fall back on. Everyone should go to school and that's the truth.
jzzo's picture

I say she should make that

I say she should make that money while she can. Pastry may not always bring in the money it is bringing in now. She's young and can always go back to school in a few years.
Happy Lady's picture

we go to school in hopes of

we go to school in hopes of making big money. she is making big money therefore college would be more of an "learning" experience 4 her.
HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!'s picture


ANGELA WAS ALREADY RICH,so it was ok for her to try anything she wants,but what about us??? how can we rebound if our company fails and we dont have money or education??? LETS NOT FORGET THE FAMILY SHE CAME FROM
french gyal's picture

There are women going to

There are women going to college and raising babies and taking care of families at the same time. Can't she do both?
Diva's picture

When opportunity knocks, we

When opportunity knocks, we need to go running after it. Like me, most people aspire to make a lot of money or at least earn enough money to allow them to live comfortably and still have some spare cash left over to save and invest. Now, the traditional route to a quality job is college, but for a few lucky folks who have a gift (Kobe Bryant) or come from money (Angela Simmons), college is not a requirement for you to achieve this goal. I'm all for putting off college if you can find a way to make a lot of money without it. Since nothing in life is guaranteed, if this is the path you take, you better save and invest your cash so that you have enough savings to last you a few years should you lose your job and source of income. College can wait and both Kobe and Angela (see examples above) would still be employable given the life and business skills they picked up working. For instance, Kobe will be able to demonstrate leadership skills, teamwork, and communication skills being the leader of the Lakers team. These are all transferable skills that employers desire in employees. Life is what you make of it, so go get yours when opportunity knocks!
Neela J's picture

school will always be

school will always be there.. if her business is doing millons right now then why not stop school for now and see where this can take u... her credits that she already did will still be there if she decides 2 go bck.. so i think she made the right choice!
mu's picture

Honestly the Entrepreneurial

Honestly the Entrepreneurial experience will teach you more than sitting in any college classroom. We are just so programmed into believing college MUST come after HS. (Nothing but great marketing by the colleges) Sure she is not getting the entire experience of starting her business from nothing (because of her fame) but usually people that start this way have a ton a business wisdom. im not hating on colleges (I have my degree) im just presenting that we don't always have to follow the status quo. main reason i will not get a masters (im sorry, there should be no need for that)
Anonymous's picture

Better yet, don’t look at

Better yet, don’t look at celebrities for most of them don’t know how to manage their money or build wealth. How many posts do we read about broke entertainers? If you look at the very wealth (from Bill Gates to Mayor Mike Bloomberg) these people send their children to college even though they don’t have to. Billionaires think it is important for their children understand how the economic and political systems of the world works while black people are still debating whether knowledge is important.
pretty paige's picture

I think skipping college is

I think skipping college is not for everyone. She is the daughter of Rev Run/niece of Russell Simmons. There was already a successful family business in place for her to build her company on. For most people, it is still advisable to go to school and get that degree to avoid flipping burgers. I worry that young girls will use her as an example when in reality she is not a true entrepreneur. She didn't really start from ground zero. She also had free marketing in the form of their TV show on MTV. Don't be fooled people!
lol's picture

@ andreanicole...i didnt even

@ andreanicole...i didnt even have to read any further on the comments. You took the words right outta my mouth.
swaggamcjagga's picture

feel if your in college and

feel if your in college and you have a good career like good one you can drop out!its not a big deal cuz u go to college 4 a career click like if you agree
Mr.Lewinski's picture

I say forget college if you

I say forget college if you don’t need it, although, that’s kind of harsh to say because college will give you great business etiquette tools and separate you from those you aren’t as articulate; however, Angela is definitely richly blessed to come from an ambitious family who can support her regardless of which direction she would have chosen! For the majority of us with the average income; college will leave you broke even with a good paying job, loans are a lifetime bill! I know because Im living it right now! I think it's important to be surrounded around positive people who are intelligent, as well as listening to your inner self, having some get up and go about yourself, and much prayer will help you really achieve what you want to accomplish! I say go Angela, make that money girl!
lovebeingfab's picture

I would have told the Angela

I would have told the Angela to go to USC or UCLA at night instead of hanging out in the clubs. There’s a reason why Donald Trump sent his children to college before they started working for him. Donald Trump is passing a legacy of wealth and knowledge on to his children and grandchildren so they can build on what he created that what Rev Run should had told Angela. It’s not about her but her legacy.
pretty paige's picture

when you think about it

when you think about it people go to college 2 make good money$ & get decent paying jobs. If you can accomplish that LEGALLY with out college then DO U! I went 2 school for 4 1/2 years and I’m making the Low 40s a year. I have 2 jobs mind U... Its decent money because I’m single with no kids but in the entertainment industry you don’t really need a college degree to be successful. Hell look at all these RICH celebs who NEVER went to college and barely finished high school.
melo's girl's picture

This country is so hell-bent

This country is so hell-bent on teaching our kids that there is ONE way to achieve success. That is simply not true. You can take risks and have them pay off. In her case, not returning to school was a risk, but it was minimal. She is running a business and making millions. If she truly wanted to, she could use that money to hire someone to privately tutor her and get college credit for her work, thereby completing her degree at her own pace. Ask any college educated person, and you'll find that it's not the end all be all to success. You have to have the drive to make it happen. I say...go for what you know. College will be there.
Mo's picture

@pretty paige "You go to

@pretty paige "You go to college creating long-tern wealth not just short-term success." ^^^^ AND THERE IT IS...well said!!!
Shawn's picture

Average people dont come from

Average people dont come from celebrity households or have access to launching a clothing line as quickly and easily as they did. The average person usually has to educate themselves before they can rake in the money.
Dessy's picture

Knowledge is power. But

Knowledge is power. But she's already making $ doing what she loves and she's successful at it. This is what you go to college to obtain so in her case, I can understand why she decided otherwise.
TyFierce's picture

I would have told the girls

I would have told the girls to go to USC or UCLA at night instead of hanging out in the clubs. There’s a reason why Donald Trump sent his children to college. Donald Trump wouldn’t let his children work for his company unless they were educated in business, law, and finance. Donald is passing a legacy of wealth on to his children and grandchildren can build on what he created. You go to college creating long-tern wealth not just short-term success.
pretty paige's picture

Fashion is only Fickle when

Fashion is only Fickle when you are not making Millions. In Angela's case, Get that Money Honey! I can totally relate.
Anonymous's picture

Fashion is only Fickle when

Fashion is only Fickle when you are not making Millions. In Angela's case, Get that Money Honey! I can totally relate.
Aziza's picture

Sidenote: College was NOT

Sidenote: College was NOT invented for people to assume that earning a degree means getting a job. So if you go to college & that's your only expectation then of COURSE you will be let down. I interned for 3 yrs for the agency I work for today. I graduated undergrad Dec 07...was hired full time Jan 08. From my FIRST semester on campus...I was applying for internships that promised jobs upon graduation. Better wise up! These companies aren't looking for people anymore...people are looking for them (It's a recession people!) College is for people who want to increase their knowledge in an area of their discretion. If that's not why you're there...or you're one on those people who are majoring in a field just because you believe its going to bring in some big dough...you might want to go back to the drawing board yourself. FYI!
Shawn's picture

I believe education is

I believe education is important and not just in order to get a job and make money, but to have knowledge. I think she should have stayed in school for the betterment of herself as an individual. She's a celebrity, she could have launched the line whenever.
cauchica12's picture

@Imnotthatstoopid- I

@Imnotthatstoopid- I couldn't agree with you more. Those years of being young and in college were some of the best, and not to be confused with any other experience one could have. There is so much more to learn in college than what's in the pages of a book, and so much more to be gained from the experience and maturation process you share with your colleagues than you can put a dollar amount on. @joja86- Case and point, honey. Run should be advocating one of his kids getting a degree so they can proofread his statements on education for him...
MsDonnaGirl's picture

COLLEGE! Not many people in

COLLEGE! Not many people in the industry can say they have a degree, she could've been one of them. Education is so important. Pastry is whack anyways. Who the hell wears that crap?! Not me. I'm graduating from college in 2 months. Education is the key, ppl.
thisizkim's picture

Stop buying them shoes don't

Stop buying them shoes don't look good at all sorry.........
Fine's picture

College is for the most part

College is for the most part a SCAM, unless you go for a specialized degree! She should run her business now. College will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be there ready to take her money.
Me's picture

I vote for the money....why

I vote for the money....why go through all the stress of college and learning...when you can earn millions by doing what you love to do....only a fool would choose going to school over having millions.
cosmanot's picture

@Shawn Exactly!

@Shawn Exactly!
Erica (original)'s picture

BOOOOOO! Excuses Excuses!!! I

BOOOOOO! Excuses Excuses!!! I work 45 hrs/week + I take 6 hrs of Graduate Course work per semester....my classes are online. I think you can do both. It's called Time Management. I travel alot for my job...so that's not an excuse either. She will learn that after you start working, it's very hard to stop. It's extremely hard to go back to school as well, especially once you stop. Pastries won't be there for ever. But your degree will. Reminds me of economics on "Opportunity Cost". It's a win win for her now (Going to college or keeping up her own business) But had she went to college & got an MBA, she would have the KNOWLEDGE of the business (Accounting, Finance, Economics)...that way she would have street & book smarts. Who would be able to stop her then? Just my opinion. All in still...YOU GO GIRL!!!
Shawn's picture

what's better than on the job

what's better than on the job training...? Go girl! at this point, college is for the experience, or the brag, that is, to say, you attended...
somalia's picture

Be realistic ppl, the

Be realistic ppl, the opportunity was given to her because of her family name. The average black person will not have the same results. Basically, its a situation of- it's not what you know, but who you know. Education is still essential,no one can take it from you no matter how you slice it. She may not necessarily need college to make money, but being educated increases your intelligence, thus you will be better equipped to manage your money.
BK Girl's picture

Some of the most successful

Some of the most successful people (money wise ) do not have a college degree. That piece of paper isn't everything. Especially when you already come from money. She can finish school at anytime, and have a successful career.
Some's picture

The point of college is to

The point of college is to broaden your opportunities for a better paying job in a field you are interested in, however if you are already becoming successful and making millions on your own, Rev. is right, school can wait. It will always be there. I'm sort of learning this myself as a soon to be college grad, but college and the school of life are two different things. College will not teach you ambition, business acumen, how to deal with people in a business or professional setting or certain entrepreneurial skills. I say go for it Angela. She can always go back to school when she wants. College teaches you a lot about the world from an academic standpoint, but not very much about how to make it in the real world. Also, with so many people with advanced college degrees being forced to move back in with their parents or getting laid off in this economy, being creative and enterprising is more important than ever.
B's picture

School isn't for everyone..if

School isn't for everyone..if you have found a way to make $$$ without going the college then by all means do you...im stuck here in grad school and still wont make a whole bunch of money once I graduate lol
Adrienne's picture

I say make the money while

I say make the money while you can. It's hard out here even with a B.S. and a M.S.. If I had the opportunity to make millions with a great business I would definitely go for it.
That Girl P's picture

Even thought I think it would

Even thought I think it would have been more responsible to qualify that statement by stressing that this is a rare situation, I think he made the right. I have a four year degree from a great school and I am struggling and paying back loans. The point of school is to show that you can stay committed to something so that you can get a job to pay the bills. In her rare instance( celebrity with family money to fall back on), school can wait.The entertainment industry might not. Now should just a random kid leave college with no connections and try to design shoes? HELL NO!Make that money, Angela ( and save some too)!
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