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GREAT DEBATE: Angela Simmons On College VS. Making Millions

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Angela Simmons was in college just a couple years ago after graduating with top honors from high school.  She was getting straight A's her first year of college, but her clothing and shoe line Pastry she has with her sister Vanessa was taking off at the same time.  So her dad Rev. Run is talking about how he encouraged her to go for the dough, and maybe finish college later.  And now she's raking in millions: "I don't discourage nobody in my house," Rev. Run said. "This is an entertainment house. My daughter Angela was in college, she was like, 'Daddy, I don't know what to do, I'm getting straight A's in college, but Pastries is taking off.' I'm like, 'Peace college, go take your butt down to the sneaker office and go get that paper...that's your college... We'll get back to [school], Pastries is doing millions.'" It's always a debate for 20 somethings on whether they should choose school and spend money on it or the school of life and make their money. Your thoughts?
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@ pretty paige...I agree with

@ pretty paige...I agree with you! A lot of these wealthy heirs and heiresses do earn college degrees, even though they're in line to inherit tons of money or could just work in the family business or wherever--their parents appreciate the importance of education and the connections that the kids pick up while in school. I saw this issue debated on another site, and many people brought up Bill Gates as one who dropped out of college and is super wealthy now. True, but one of the primary missions of the Gates Foundation is EDUCATION, providing millions of dollars for college scholarships on the undergraduate and graduate level.
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Who decides whether or not

Who decides whether or not having a college degree MAKES you successful?? Let's keep in mind people- Rev Run and his clan do not represent the "average american family" For all of us average, cubical sitting, theybf readin mofo's; a college degree may be necessary if the plan is to go work someone else. Think about it.. We go to college, get in debt only to get a "career" in making someone else rich? Now how smart is that? Entreprenuership is where it's at! If she can make millions without a degree or the debt that comes along with it- I'd say she has essentially killed two birds with one stone. BTW- I have a undergraduate degree in Marketing and I often times ask myself- What the hell did I REALLY learn in college that was worth 30k worth of student loans?? NOT A DAMN THANG THAT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER LEARNED BY EXPERIENCE AND READING A BOOK IN THE LIBRARY!
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Mizze I so agree with you.

Mizze I so agree with you. Basically what college has taught me and is still teaching me is to learn how to learn and keep learning if that makes sense. College doesn't guarantee you anything but a bill, not a job or a career. It just opens you up to things and experiences that you may or may not have had the opportunity to do without it. I agree with her parents, it will always be there to go back to. A degree is a beautiful thing but for some who haven't had the opportunity to apply it in everyday life its an expensive piece of paper.
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Why not go to school and

Why not go to school and work? If she is so rich then she shouldnt be worried about being press to work to pay bills. There is no gurantee how long Pastry will be successful. Furthermore, Run is a hypocrite. I remember the episode the show when he was mad that Angela was falling back on her school work when she is focusing more on her work at Word Up! mag when they had that photoshoot that caused her to miss class. He wasn't happy about that. Now he is singing a different tune.
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I think she made the right

I think she made the right choice. not all parents are as liberal as Run, but honestly, you go to college so that you have the opportunity for a better job...she made her job. she's getting paid, and she can go back and get the degree when she's ready. education is still important but she's getting on the job training...thats the best kind.
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I vote for school! Fashion

I vote for school! Fashion is fickle, and can change @ any minute...things go in and out of style...with an education, you have something to fall back on in case theose "Pastries" dry out. Just sayin'...
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I agree with what most of you

I agree with what most of you are saying. The reality is she comes from money is making some of her own. She can always go back to school later. We all need something to fall back on she's young and that was the right decision for her at that time. Make that money girl but don't let that money make you!!
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@ Jazmine!-LOL Exactly! This

@ Jazmine!-LOL Exactly! This is a perfect example of how what may be a GREAT decision for one person could be the WORST decision for the next. – So stay in your lane kids! And for those who think “Angela is not a TRUE entrepreneur because of who her dad is” I think that is BULLSH%#!! Just as many of us we were raised to believe the myth that “A College Education =SUCCESS”; She is one of the few FORTUNATE people who has a father and uncle that hustled hard for YEARS and taught her how to truly be economically successful while majority of us were still playing on the monkey bars singing “My Adidas”! Yes she has used the success of her lineage to her advantage, but truth be told- Wouldn’t You?? She’d be a damn fool not to! Don’t knock the hustle till you get cha own! You time-clocking’, bitter ass, vacation and raise deprived bastards! (Whispering) “Now, I got to get back to work...Bossman Cometh!”- LMAO
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People will look down on you

People will look down on you and you will end up miserable because you can't make ends meet while everyone around you is moving up.You should try distance education if you don't want to go to college, or like Salo mentioned, there are other ways of rising up within the workplace without a degree.
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