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Stacey Dash's Domestic Abuse Drama!

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Stacey Dash has a restraining order against her most recent ex-husband Emmanuel Xuereb. In an order signed January 29th (the same day she filed for divorce), she claims Emmanuel beat her, hit her in the face, pinned her down to their bed, threatened her constantly, etc.

Here's the docs and low down from TMZ: TMZ obtained the restraining order -- originally signed by a judge January 29 and still in effect -- in which Dash claimed her husband, Emmanuel Xuereb, hit her in the face, head and body during their two-plus years of marriage ... but she was afraid to report it to police. Dash, 44, also claims a drunken Xuereb once violently pinned her down to a bed and threatened her, saying it would be the worst night of her life. Xuereb must stay 100 yards away from Stacey, her two children (neither of whom are his) and the family home. They're due back in court in June. Damn. That's really crazy. Hopefully she moves on with the right man next time. She's most recently been seeing Jamie Foxx.

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ummmph another lying woman

ummmph another lying woman
gcompany82's picture

I like how yall are blaming

I like how yall are blaming Stacey but are quick to blame a black brother right or wrong. As far as Chris/Rih incident I wish people would let them move on. They got into a fight and he was wrong but she wasnt abused. Rih wants to move on but these dumb as sites keep bringing Chris name into it. Even when she's saying Matt is my boyfriend they still find a way to add his name in. They think they are downing him but they are doing the same to her. That "Chris Brown'd" joke is old and lame. Why cant it be " Sean Penn'd " It just seem so odd to me like even after way over a year when both want to move on they cant because someone finds a way to bring it back up. Steelers football playing Ben Rothlisberger accused for the second time and we barely hear about it. Sean Penn is allowed to move on and he didnt even apoligize or anything. But yall are still saying a 20 year old isnt remorseful. Like what? If anything I applaud him for wanting to better himself. Most young kids at his age wouldve accepted the plea and that's it. I will continue to support BOTH Chris Brown and Rihanna. They are young adults who need the support not these old busted wrinkled up men. IM OUT!!!!
Sarah's picture

If this is true, why didn't

If this is true, why didn't she have some of her hood friends/family give him a good ghetto ass beat down? You know everybody knows someone like that
deb's picture

'xy and z" and n_satiable- I

'xy and z" and n_satiable- I guess it all comes down to the fact that just because someone is an attention seeking actress, doesn't mean I automatically discount a claim of abuse. It just happens too often. But, if the judge has granted a temporary restraining order, when they return to court I'm sure the details will prove whether or not she made it up. After all, her husband is a wealthy man who can afford a team of lawyers smart enough to poke holes in a lie. If he never touched her, then that's the end of that. Like I said though, i can see it happening. As someone else up top said, a lot of us are quick to 'you go girl, get your White man, cuz these dudes aint about nothin'. But men of all races will disappoint if you don't pick right.
stop's picture

I bet this wont be all over

I bet this wont be all over the f!cking new broadcasted but they can blast 2 young people 19 and 20. Tmz can kiss my ass and my fluids. Their are still articles on the Stacey situation with the title "Did Stacey Dash get Chris Brown'ed" Like wtf kind of shix is that. Continue to kick the young man while he's down. With all the bullshix Chris had to deal with at that age we are all lucky he ddnt commit suicide. Im glad Chris is in a better place with himself. As far as Rihanna we are lucky she has a great support team behind her because after refusing to get help because of her culture im glad she didnt go down as well. They were bascically kids,young adults, old teenagers. Sean Penn can have his little tv show and become the highest paid actor after his multiple offense, Jay z can assult someone at the age of 30 recieve community service and probation and have the nerve to say Chris was a dead man walking BISH PLEASE. Brian Mc Knight, Terrance Howard ALL ABUSED THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS. Yet their lives can move on. While Chris is still getting crucified. Rihanna wants to move on as well but people keep bringing up her incident as well. We had kick down the youth but pick up the old.
Kayla's picture

@XYZ you are always on

@XYZ you are always on point. Another thing this post only has 23 comments about a serious situation but another post has over 100 just off clothes. SIGH Ill wait.
MissMimi's picture

I agree with

I agree with YouBitchesAreHypocrites! Honestly, if it was a black ex-husband y'all would have been tearin him up and down if he was black.....anyways NO MAN deserves to put his hand on you and what do we expect, all these men living in the same capitalist world, being brainwashed by the same things....the cycle is bound to perpetuate and move throughout races, especially if a white man is with a black woman....that ain't his empress or blk queen, it is only something different than his average and perfect white woman. OPEN UR EYES! Looks like these famous men ain't shit...
everyone is entitled to their own opinion's picture

U r hilarious! And I don't

U r hilarious! And I don't believe this chick either. She is so desperate for attention. HOE SIT DOWN and SHUT DA PH.UCK UP!!
@ X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

@Akimbo -- ...K,

@Akimbo -- ...K, spill-the-wine/tea/grape soda/kool-aid, and light my Newport: Tell us...TELL US...TELL US!!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

I don't know about this one.

I don't know about this one. I hate to blame/doubt a victim...I just don't know if Dash is really a victim. I know for a fact that she is a pretty vile person, so I don't know what to think.
Akimbo's picture

@youbitchesarehypocrites Agr

@youbitchesarehypocrites Agree it does irk my nerves when SOME black women put white men on a pedastal and make out as if black men are the scum of the earth...but in reality MEN ARE MEN whether they are brown, white, yellow, green, black their are good guys and bad guys in all races. My best friend's sister always dogs black men and guess what her so called 'precious' white boyfriend was a sleazy peodphile, boy the look on her face was priceless!!! But domestic violence is a serious issue and women need more help because they are trapped ther are some seriously deluded guys up in this world that would take their partners life's if she even dared to step up to him!!
DutchGooner's picture

I thought the “white knight”

I thought the “white knight” treated his black queen better according to sistas and always respected her and never “cheat” like the brothas. I thought only niccas wasn’t shit. Some black women are so insecure,brainwashed and feel validated if ANY white guy complimented her.
Youbitchesarehypocrites's picture

Doesnt she have a son? She

Doesnt she have a son? She needs to get it together! theinfamouslife.com
infamous's picture

@n_satiable -- Cue the "Green

@n_satiable -- Cue the "Green Acres" theme music: (In the Key of "G")Greeeen Acres is the place for me, faaaarm livin' is life I seek, land ...stretched-out far-and-wide; forget Manhattan-gimmie THAT Country-side.... ...Fresh Air.. ...Time Square... ...You are my Wife! Good bye: City Life! Green Acres WE ARE THEEEERE!! There-in ends our nostalgia tour; replete with 80's rap music and 1960's Pop-culture TV-icon figures: "Back to the here-and-now..." X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

@ stop: I'm aware that

@ stop: I'm aware that abusive relationships DO exist, and for both men and women who are on the abusive end, my deepest sympathy goes out to them. HOWEVER, I know that I'm not the only one who has noticed a pattern with Stacey's behavior over the past several months. Because she didn't have any projects going on (and her name wasn't in the news), TMZ had no reason to look for any dirt on her...but lo and behold, she lies (and gets put on blast) about having a reality show, reveals that she slept with ALL THREE of her husbands on the first date, and is "dating" Jamie Foxx, so now she's back in the tabloids. I can't say for sure that her husband DIDN'T hit her...but I think that the timing is definitely suspect. She shoots a pilot, about a month later appears on Wendy, it outed as a liar, then these documents suddenly appear that make her more sympathetic. And if you think that she (or someone in her camp) didn't point TMZ in the "right" direction to "find" those papers, I have some farmland in the Sahara I'd like to sell you!
n_satiable's picture

@Stop - Why then, didn't TMZ

@Stop - Why then, didn't TMZ publish 'em BACK in January, when they were first filed? ...'Seems: all-too-convenient; all-too-prepackaged! ...And what caught-MY-eye, is/was the-VERY-mention-of TMZ; after that "Feb 8th/09 Chrianna fiasco" where/when a "Warrant" was made to look like a "Statement", by TMZ, they're, in MY book, NOT-the-most "credible source": "Checkbook Journalism", I think it's called! ..It's a "last-ditch/all-out-effort" by a 44 y/o actress ...she WON'T let,THE TRUTH, get in the way of a great come-back story! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Just goes to show that all

Just goes to show that all that glitters is not always gold. To n_satiable that said: "Fri, April 9, 2010 9:38 AM I don’t believe it. So he abused her over a two year period, but she was too afraid (according to another source) to report it to police? But now that she’s on this shameless streak of media whoredom, suddenly she wants to say something? Bitch, please." ************************************** Lots of women are in abusive relationships for much longer than 2 years. Also, the divorce/restraining order happened in January, months before her interview with Wendy. What interrupts your theory is that she NEVER once mentioned her ex husbands alleged abuse in ANY of those interviews. So how is that her making up a story and using it for publicity? TMZ found these documents because they are court documents, not because she talked about it interviews. IM all for being fair in believing men and women, but Stacey fits the classic profile of a needy woman who jumps head first into these relationships because she's trying too hard to fulfill something that she's missing. When you do that over and over again, you tend to settle for behavior a normal woman wouldn't. (like a man choking you).
stop's picture

(X,Y,"and Z" digs-through his

(X,Y,"and Z" digs-through his big brother's CD collection, grabs the "Public Enemy"; dusts it off; fires it up) "....Don't, don't, don't, don't believe the hype, don't believe the hype, don't believe the hype, don't believe the hype..hype..hype..hype..(fade echo)...
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Yea okay.. Stacey just wants

Yea okay.. Stacey just wants some attention. I believe. She's very thirsty. She probably did this so VH1 can give her the show.
Miss GQ's picture

Hmm...if true then that's

Hmm...if true then that's terrible. But this is the same Stacey that lied about her reality show...something about her screams "GIVE ME PRESS"...*kanye shrug*
Lola Monroe's picture

I would kick his ass and

I would kick his ass and report him to the police...The more afraid you are of them the more they'll try to beat your ass!! I never realized that her self esteem was so low though! Never wanting to be alone is a sign of trouble...
YardyConscious's picture

I don't believe it. So he

I don't believe it. So he abused her over a two year period, but she was too afraid (according to another source) to report it to police? But now that she's on this shameless streak of media whoredom, suddenly she wants to say something? Bitch, please. Domestic violence is a terrible thing, but I think that Stacey is desperately grasping at straws to put herself in the spotlight. Also, if she didn't report it to police, where is the evidence? It's basically a case of he-said, she-said, and since she's the woman people are going to automatically believe the best of her and the worst of him.
n_satiable's picture

This explains her THREE

This explains her THREE DIVORCES!!! Hope she gets her life on track!
Almost Famous's picture

Damn she is way too beautiful

Damn she is way too beautiful to be going through some mess like this. C'mon Stacey!
Sure, whatever you say...'s picture

Guarantee you it won't be all

Guarantee you it won't be all over the news. I wish her the best. She should just take a break and have time by herself. Hell, make another Clueless movie.
Tonya's picture

Apparently she knows how to

Apparently she knows how to pick em!!! This was marriage number 3... Dont go the Elizabeth Taylor route and get married seven times. SMaybe she is one of those women who never can be alone.. Glad she is out of that situation. Focus on yourself and your kids Stacey.. And leave all those white men alone!!!!
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djp's picture

Stacy's life sure is filled

Stacy's life sure is filled with DRAMA!
Yardy's picture

What, whitemen aren't Gods? I

What, whitemen aren't Gods? I am shocked!!!
manster's picture

No woman deserves to be hit

No woman deserves to be hit like that, if a man is that mad/hurt/whatever just leave. That being said it's been known for years that these are the types of relationships Dash seeks out. I remember rumors long ago of her volatile relationships with football players and others and it was known then that she looks for and incites this behavior. Don't get mad at me for telling the truth I'm not minimizing real abuse but everyone here probably knows some woman who always likes drama and is a magnet for abusive, controlling relationships.
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