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FASHIONGASM: Celebs Hit The Costume Institue Gala!

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Celebs turned out for one of New York's most anticipated fashion nights of the year tonight: The Costume Institute Gala at The Met.  This year's theme is "American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity".  The Gap is one of the sponsoring fashion exhibits, and many top designers created pieces specifically for the brand.


It is tradition that the fashion designers host and dress their celebrity/model muse for the night.  And both M.I.A. and Zoe Kravitz were guests of Alexander Wang.

This event is always the time for folks to break out their fashion risks they're scared to take any other time:

Both ladies rocked interesting Alexander Wang for Gap designs.  Very interesting looks.


Zoe Saldana looked gorgeous.  I'm not loving the crochet aspect of her Calvin Klein dress, but she pulls it off perfectly with the stunning hair and makeup.


Jennifer Lopez rocked a gown that looked similar to her Armani Oscar gown.  She still looking amazing as usual in this Zuhair Murad strapless and tulle and embellished gown.  This color and look just work for her.  One of my faves of the night.


Usher was the guest of HBIC of Jimmy Choo Tamera Mellon tonight.  Her dress will indeed be a talking point.


WORK Ms. Jackson.  Janet hit tonight's red carpet in all black and an eye catching one sleeved dress.  And she's flaunting her curvy yet more svelte bod.  Hot.

Mrs.Blige rocked a rosette detailed peach gown and looked very nice.

The ever regal Iman looked stunning as usual.

Actor Anthony Mackie hit the event for the first time.

Gayle King popped up in a fuschiaish strapless gown that I'm not sure if I'm feelin'.

Chanel Iman looked modelicious in a gold metallic Michael Kors pants suit.

That damn Naomi never misses the mark.  She vamped it up in this Dolce and Gabbana gown.  With the perfect accessory--her hot man Vladimir.

Dammit Tangy Turban Talley--you got Whoopi!

The two rocked Ralph Rucci.  Sigh....


Diddy hit the carpet in Dries Van Noten.  Very dapper.

Y'all know Cassie wasn't far.  Very interesting look.  Her skin is perfection as well.


"Gossip Girl" Jessica Szohr rocked this pretty Atelier Versace gown.  Great colors, but a bra wouldn't hurt.

Joy Bryant looked pretty in a white whimsical Marchesa gown.  I'm not feeling the sleeves at all. But Joy is a fab chick nonetheless.


Oprah was escorted by her designer Oscar de la Renta:

Looking fabulous O.

Thandie Newton looked gorge as usual in this purple interesting fabric of a gown.

Kerry Washington rocked Thakoon For Gap.  Not my fave dress for Kerry when she usually shuts it down.  Especially not that slit on what is supposed to be an almost couture-ish gown.  But her makeup is on point.

Eva Longoria rocked her usual mermaid train gown by Marchesa.  And was decked out in Harry Winston jewels.

Eva Mendes always takes fashion risks.  This one would have read better with a better and lighter shoe than a black pump.  But her Dolce and Gabbana gown is def an attention grabber.


And finally, I absolutely adore Rosario Dawson's Giambattista Valli lavendar extra frilly gown.  But the fit is just not complimentary for her body type.  On a CGU chick, this would have easily been my fave.

Who are your faves?

Photogs: Mazur/Bedder

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Oh the beautiful people do

Oh the beautiful people do inspire! I adore the wide rimmed pants with the simple tank top! Andrea - Portsmouth Botox
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pat's picture

Iman and Zoe Saldana worked

Iman and Zoe Saldana worked it out. But Ms. Saldana and Eva Longoria need an ashy-too-light foundation intervention.
MP's picture

I forgot, Oprah looked great

I forgot, Oprah looked great as well.
MP's picture

Didnt like mary's hair cut

Didnt like mary's hair cut and thandie and rosario's dresses where Uglyyyyyy...sorry, I loved Kerry's, janets and everyone else's fits them nicely i think!!!
babyluv...Uwanteswho!!!!'s picture

LOVED Kerry's dress. Reminded

LOVED Kerry's dress. Reminded me of an indian sari. Very very nice :)
Anonymous's picture

They looked amazing!

They looked amazing!
Tia's picture

where is the pic of gwen

where is the pic of gwen stafani?! i know shes not a person of color...but she had all these woman beat! hands down! wit a dress from her OWN collection! wonder why jlo aint wearing sweet face? lol
never mind,,,,,'s picture

i loved all the dresses

i loved all the dresses excluding Thandie's (she's still beautiful though), Gayle's, and Eva's. Eva's dress would have been much better in a lighter color and with not as much poof or whatever that was at the bottom. i even liked Whoopi's outfit.
secret ninja's picture

I'm actually gonna go with

I'm actually gonna go with M.I.A. because she looks softer and prettier than usual. Also, her dress looks more like a costume than the other designs. Most of the other dresses could be worn to any red carpet event. The costume gala should be about more daring, over the top fashion. Sidenote: Is Jessica Szhor mixed or something? I was like who is that, then I saw that it was that Gossip Girl chick. She looks black to me in that first pic. IDK, maybe it's bronzer. And since I'm on the subject of Jessica Szhor, so what she didn't wear a bra. Women need to stop upholding these unrealistic beauty standards. Our breasts don't have to be sitting right below our necks. Our bodies are beautiful as they naturally are. Okay, I'm done.
Max's picture

OMG Mary always looks like a

OMG Mary always looks like a hood rat. Kerry W. DID "shut it down"
cindy's picture

my favs..cassie and janet..

my favs..cassie and janet.. btw mary can u please give moe his hair back omg smt
V's picture

Jusr wanted to ask....Why

Jusr wanted to ask....Why does it look like Kerry Washington has on a pair of flesh tone wax lips....Is that part of the costume theme.......
Anonymous's picture

Zoe K. and Zoe S. look pretty

Zoe K. and Zoe S. look pretty I like how they can pull off the minimal look. Naomi, Iman, Cassie, and Kerry are my favs all beautiful faces nice bods and dresses love their looks. Naomi's man looked the best out of the guys however Diddy and Usher clean up nice as well. Anthony Mackie just looks goofy to me like he talks loud or something. Gayle and Mary J your hair is atrocious you should have never walked out the house let alone gone to a fab event looking like that get it together. Loves Janet too.
Claudette's picture


DOO BETTER 's picture

Everyone looks nice,

Everyone looks nice, especially Zoe & Cassie. Eva looks like a ghost.
Ton_Teezy's picture

we're gonna look up and Janet

we're gonna look up and Janet boobs will be rockin double D's... but I'll still look at em and dream of being in "Control!"
Big T's picture

Everyone looks nice.... I so

Everyone looks nice.... I so hope this means M.I.A. is about to come back out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lc's picture

Jessica Szhor is a very

Jessica Szhor is a very beautiful girl and i don't usually pay Zoe much attention but she looks amazing here
Aaliyah 's picture

Gayle, Mary & Rosaria all

Gayle, Mary & Rosaria all look like they're going to couture church, not a good look. Oprah looks like a blue version of the Lion King musical, fail per usual.
Anonymous's picture

Zoe looks great in

Zoe looks great in Calvin...she does minimal extremely well..Kerry Washington looks great. Love this thakoon dress. smh at whoever said this was an almost couture-ish gown..That makes no sense at all. Thakoon never does couture, only ready to wear...very few designers do couture.
Chance's picture

Wow stunning!! I think Zoe

Wow stunning!! I think Zoe looks so pretty here, best yet!...Love Chanels outfit, but she needs to smile...Jen Lopez was looking nice, and that Zoe is a beauty, i mean she is wearing natural looking makeup and her hair is pulled back and yet she stays flawless!
peezy's picture

Chanel Iman and Eva Mendes

Chanel Iman and Eva Mendes are my faves. :)
Lacey's picture

Usher and Diddy look so damn

Usher and Diddy look so damn good as usual! They clean up nice. A lot of the ladies look fab but something just seems so BASIC and ORDINARY about the Met Gala this year.....based on some of these photos. When did GAP start seelling formal wear????? lol
NO HATE!!!'s picture

That's because this ISN'T the

That's because this ISN'T the Met Gala, it's the Costume Institute Gala. Big difference, there is more than one gala, duh. Please read before posting next time. #BYEHATER #THATISALL
Anonymous's picture

Wow, someone needs to read

Wow, someone needs to read for themselves. This IS the MET COSTUME INSTITUTE GALA. You are ignorant, and have the nerve to be "correcting" someone else? smh.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Curvy Girls Unite!!!

Curvy Girls Unite!!!
Anonymous's picture

curvy girls united

curvy girls united
b's picture

Cassie looks amazing Zoe

Cassie looks amazing Zoe looks flawless janets boobs look great J Lo looks beautiful Rosario's my girl so Ill say she looks great! Jessica Szhor is gorgeousss and those pics are not really showing that. Naomie is killinggggggggggggg that dress she looks gorgeous and her body is banging. Kerry has looked better, Thandie Newton looks great. Diddy looks dapper... and yea neone else is not worthy of a comment i guess
Mila's picture

Talley looks like he's a

Talley looks like he's a choir member, or going to direct a choir. I really wished he'd wear something else other than those ghastly robes.
Anonymous's picture

WOW! Cassie is just stunning!

WOW! Cassie is just stunning! Love the whole look, makeup and all. Iman, Gayle, Oprah, Zoe K, MIA, Naiomi and no carbs eating Vladimir, Chanel Iman, Rosario though the dress is ill-fitting on her, all my faves.
Anonymous's picture

M.I.A.!!!! omg can't wait for

M.I.A.!!!! omg can't wait for her new album!
crushcrushcrush's picture

So many beautiful people in

So many beautiful people in this post...too many faves. I absolutely LOVE Cassie's look, hands down the best look IMO. That is one bad bitch right there. Naomi is freakin HOT, love that dress...her and makeup on point. MIA and Zoe K look fab, love these looks also. Zoe S looks really nice, simple yet elegant. Iman is absolutely gorgeous and I love her dress, hair, & makeup. It's unbelievable that this woman is in her 50's, she's a true beauty. I actually HATE Mary's hair, time for a new do boo...dress is OK. Janet is sexy, hot dress. Keri's dress is HOT, hair & makeup on point...she has something weird going on with her lips. No ma'am to Eva L, Eva M, Rosario, Thandie, and Whoopi. Tamera's dress is fucking HOT, I love it. Anthony Mackie looks really good. Oprah looks like Oprah, her looks are always the same...nothing new or exciting.
rated_X_33's picture

Fashion overload!! OMG!! I

Fashion overload!! OMG!! I can't choose! Kerry! Tamera! Jessica! Cassie! Chanel Iman! Fabulous. http://www.citizette.com
lizzy's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Let it be a lesson to you

Let it be a lesson to you young ladies, if you want tons of tattoes, beware that your arms will look like a linebackers in a dress! Love MJ but those tattoes have to go!
Lovely's picture

Everyone looks great! But my

Everyone looks great! But my favorit is Zoe...I LOVE that dress. Um...the 'white lady' with Usher is the founder of Jimmy Choo.
Soul Touch's picture

I can't get over how young

I can't get over how young Iman looks. Chick never ages, and she was my fave. Oprah's Oscar Dela Renta dress came in second.
M & M's picture

I loved Zoe's look, she wins

I loved Zoe's look, she wins just because she's my style muse, Jlo, Rosario, Naomi and Cassie and Nicole Richie also round out some of my favs, her Marc Jacob dress just looks so comfortable and comfort is very important to me!
Empress's picture

I heart fashion!.....

I heart fashion!.....
Barack is the man!'s picture

My Fav.. Cassie.. it IS a

My Fav.. Cassie.. it IS a costume ball afterall... Honorable mentions... Naomi, Iman, Janet and *sigh* I have to, JLo's irrelevant ass. Least Fav, Usher's date... Hot dress but on a dumpy body with totally out of place shoes. Get her a stylist for major events ursh, geeze. You know we're just itching to tear her ass up. Dishonorable mentions, Gale, Jessica, Kerry and Mary J Blige's hair.
Another Nobody's picture

Thandie Newton: Best of the

Thandie Newton: Best of the night. Iman Joy Bryant Zoe Saldana Eva Mendez Zoe Kravitz Janet Jackson Kerry Washington Jennifer Lopez
Pretty Paige's picture

Janet Jackson=what more can i

Janet Jackson=what more can i say Zoe K.= diggin you this time, cuz at one point i was like, wtf. good look that night Na Na Campbell=looked really good. she doesn't really go wrong everyone else I'll pass on
Help Me, Rhonda's picture

On the looks: What does CGU

On the looks: What does CGU mean? I thought all of the females looked gorgeous, even Zoe Saldana who always looks like there's a picture hanging up on a wall somewhere just sucking up her youth Oscar Wilde Dorian Gray style. What does CGU mean? Anyway, my picks: J'lo Janet Cassie Naomi None of the men looked too special to me. Shrug. Also, to the ignorant... the white lady with Usher is TAMARA MELLON... the founder of Jimmy Choos. You guys don't see the trend? All of the celebs walk the carpet with designers.. smh. And to the person who named all of those 'YBF Chicks'... Rihanna and Alicia Keys are both on tour..
truth serum's picture

Who is that white woman with

Who is that white woman with Usher? She looks older than Grace now, he just keeps going down down down. Her dress is fiyah but her body not. Those shoes were a bad choice with it. He looks uncomfortable with the white bread. Oprah looks good and her dress is ornate, Cassie looks over done, and tacky. She is usually pretty. MIA sloppy looking, Zoe Saldana is just too skinny, she's an ok looking woman but far too slim. Andre Leon Talley is a fat guy, I didn't know that. Whoopi and him are dressed alike. I love the joke in that. Jenifer Lopez is pretty and she always looks good, her hubby is strange looking and small. Mary J Bilige is getting old unfortunately, she's looking weathered. Iman is stunning, very nice exp for her age range. Lennys daughter is growing up nicely. She look simply done and wonderful. Ok I have gotta work now.
Angelique's picture

Tash you should find and post

Tash you should find and post pics of Chanel Iman from last night, chick was BEAT and worked her ensemble!!! I saw some pictures of Viola Davis too and she looked amazing. Just wanna give props to all the YBF that were there.
Anonymous's picture

Ok many will not agree but I

Ok many will not agree but I absolutely love this Cassie chick!!!!! She has NO talent whatsoever but beautiful face & decent body. Love her tanned complexion in the pic. Love her look and YES she is the only one to really pull off the shaved head side. Works better for her with the lighter color. Now on the other she is a bonafide idoit for being one of Diddy countless jump offs while still signed to Bad Boy (her first mistake signing to the legendary label that's famous for not paying its artist). But then again in her case, his money is worth her self value being that she's his J.Lo runner up. Hopefully she has a back up plan and stacking whatever funds (lol) she gets from Diddy.
Ms Blogalot's picture


Anonymous's picture

This is YBF so go over to

This is YBF so go over to those other sites to see her and no she was not the best of the night. The Met ball is to be over the top with gowns and design.

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