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OH SNAP! Siovaughn Wade Is SUING Gabby Union For F'in Up Her Marriage!

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Hot damn!  Just when we thought the Wade divorce was cooling off a bit, Siohvaughn went and turned it all the way up.  Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade filed a shocking (well, not to us) lawsuit today in Chicago.  And it's against her ex's mistress Gabrielle Union!


Gabby and Dwyane tried to keep their relationship under wrap for a while, but have recently gotten real comfortable as Dwyane's divorce became final.  But now that the custody battle has heated up, Sioh's pulling out ALL the stops.  The deets when you read on...

According to the Chicago Tribune, Sioh is putting Gabby on blast saying she seduced Dwyane and acted as his mistress in front of their two sons:


The estranged wife of Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade filed a lawsuit today on behalf of their two sons against a Chicago attorney who she says failed to act in the best interest in their children during the couple's divorce.

Another lawsuit Siohvaughn Wade filed today on behalf of her 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons seeks damages against film actress Gabrielle Union on the grounds that she broke up the marriage.

In the first lawsuit, Siohvaughn Wade says lawyer Lester Barclay of the Dixon & Smith firm was appointed to advocate for the children during the  divorce. Barclay ignored reports of abuse or neglect on the part of Dwyane Wade, the 2006 NBA Finals MVP and five-time All-Star, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit against Union -- who has starred in the films "Bring It On," "Deliver Us from Eva," and "Bad Boys II"  -- says Union "apparently decided to take her role" of seductress "beyond the films and into the home of a married man ...  in the presence of his two minor children."

The complaints were filed after Dwyane Wade recently asked a Miami court to grant him sole custody of the boys, adding to an already venomous and drawn-out divorce proceeding between Wade and his estranged wife.


Well, cases have already been won big time by wives who have sued the mistresses.  So...this ish just got real.

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I see a lot of angry women

I see a lot of angry women who need to focus on their own relationship...stay of the gossip blogs and pleas your man....A lot of you have no clue to the details and are going off emotions..focus on your MAN or Husband and stop quoting the bible and name calling....Public figures are always going to be in photos and rumors will run, but you common azz chicas need to wake up and smell the coffee...so much hate and no information..I feel y'all should jump on it and stop using your bad relationship as an excuse to bash someone you don't no a damn thing about...feel me!!
Anonymous's picture

I am so disappointed! Bottom

I am so disappointed! Bottom line, even if there is a connection stay away until there is a divorce. Getting involved even when there is a separation takes away from a chance, no matter how little, or how much either party says it will never happen, from getting back together. We are forgetting there are children involved, and yes we women have to take responsibility. We know better because we share the same emotions and feelings. To make it worse, it sounds like he is trying to also take away the children. This is why this woman has gone as far as she has, probably by the advise of her attorney. Even if he has decided to move on, those kids are hers and his. As a man he should do everything within his power to make the transition smooth, and not put fuel into the fire. I don't know these people but i do know I was a fan of Miss Union and now I have to admit I see her a little differently, and to the Mr Wade, this is ugly and a real mess, what does that say about you. After all you are the man!
Wow's picture

This is what's wrong with

This is what's wrong with America now. If anything don't go their way they sue. She needs to first accept her part in the break-up of their marriage then move the fuck on. Blaming the other woman is proof that she is still in denial. And I'm sure Gabby wasn't the first chick to hop in Wade's bed. Her denial is running strong. And not to mention she's not even thinking about her children right now. By starting a war with the mistress that could possibly become Step-Mom, she is adding even more bad blood into the water. Does she really think it will easy for them now to try to have a somewhat happy post-marriage for the kids? If only everyone was like Demi and Bruce. Long story short - Gabby do not OWE Sio anything. She did not take those vows in honor of her, Dwayne did. Stick to fighting the real enemy at least.
Anonymous's picture


50Cynt's picture

It seems everyone wants the

It seems everyone wants the victim to walk away, well "hell" no. This is a woman who helped Dwade all his life. When his mom was on drugs her family took care of him. He called her mother, "mom" because his mother wasn't there. She's been there as a friend, lover, wife etc.. etc... and DWade is just going to walk out and disrespect her. Hell no, she's bitter and has every right to be. To Gabby, Ms. Keys and all of yall who mess with married men go out and get a single man. Have some morals and values. That's the problem with this world today... Karma is a b-tch Gabby, DWade you won't live happily everafter, and when it doesn't work, don't go crying back to your wife.
Anonymous's picture

The way I see it, you can't

The way I see it, you can't blam Gabby for what happened to that marriage. If you are on one accord with your husband/wife, no one came come between that. It is apparent that they had problems prior to him seeking outside relations with another person. I will say that I believe if you are married, you shouldn't be with other people until you both come to the conclusion that the marriage is over and separate. However, blaming the mistress for breaking up a marriage isn't realistic. The only people that can break up a marriage are the two people that took the vows to be together. If they stick to those vows, no man/woman can come between them. Apparently, this was not the case with this marriage.
Anonymous's picture

Um how she gonna sue them for

Um how she gonna sue them for that ish first of all two of those movies are like pg 13 and r rated so y the fuck r u lettin yo kids watch this uhhhhhhhh gonna blame it on the mistress blame it on yuh ugly ass self for not being seductive lol
Kiah's picture

if d wade and gabby are happy

if d wade and gabby are happy than it is time for the ex-wife to get a divorce and move on like shaunie did. D Wade is has all ways been unfaithful and Gabby only wants to date men with money so it is a win/ win situation for the both. Please call shaunie for some advice... she already has her a new boo and tv show.. life goes on
Anonymous's picture

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kuikxi's picture

She should be sued. Twice on

She should be sued. Twice on Sunday. Once for being a skeaze and twice for letting Dwayne wear those socks with those flip flops. In all seriousness, there is a bigger picture here. You have a ball player who is constantly on the road with games and his actress mistress who is also on the road stalking paparazzi; trying to file for custody of two young children. When will they have time to care for them? What type of lifestyle will they have? Is it now wrong to fight for your children? If Gabby wants to be a third party in a legal marriage, then she has the obligation to pay like a third party in the divorce. That is all.
Jaiden's Mom's picture

Obviously Sio needs more

Obviously Sio needs more psychiatric consulting rather than legal … what a headcase.
*Ty Fierce*'s picture

damn shame.... these men are

damn shame.... these men are trading in their 80% for 20%! The grass is not always greener!
Anonymous's picture

who said it was ever green to

who said it was ever green to begin with...LOL...People change as do the times...How do u know that Sio isn't the 20%???
cHELLYg's picture

can't wait to see if

can't wait to see if siouvaughn wade will be on the next season of basketball wives...ooooooo, juicy!!!!
doo-doo breath's picture

Gabby and Homewrecker Keys

Gabby and Homewrecker Keys are big girls. They knew what they were getting into when they chose men who were semi-attached. If a woman truly values herself should would have standards when it came to these types of situations. On another gossip note..what's up with that "out of nowhere" baby that Swiss beats made in Russia? Will that make or break Alicia's great love for Swiss....? ...to be continued...
Mirabella's picture

Also, we have NO CLUE of what

Also, we have NO CLUE of what has gone on in Dwayne Wade's marriage so I think that it's unfair to portray Gabrielle Union as a homewrecker. They could have been separated before they began dating, the point is WE DON'T KNOW. People are so judgemental about others but how many of YOU have been the mistress but when you got married, now you're holier than thou???
Anonymous's picture

I so agree with da previous

I so agree with da previous comment..People r so quick to judge the other woman, but no onle knows what was going in behind closed doors.
Anonymous's picture

seperated is still married.

seperated is still married. You must be one of "them", cause that's not hard for anyone with a wee bit of common sense to understand.
Anonymous's picture

You're right we have no clue

You're right we have no clue to the truth. But when women like Gabby put themselves in this position what kind of response do they expect? A red carpet welcome? A round of applause? A doggy biscuit? I don't believe that a woman can take what's not available to her but Dewayne took this case there when it tried to get SOLE custody so he can back out of paying child support. WTF is that? Not only was his ex-wife there for his broke ass when no one knew who he was but now he trying to take HER KIDS cause he got a fly bitch actress on his arm? He is surely smelling himself. Dwayne gets a nigga please pass for that.
Mirabella's picture

To me its plain and simple.

To me its plain and simple. Keep your legs closed to married men and you won't get slandered. If you chose do so deal with the consequences of your actions. Gabby fucked a high-profile married man and althought I don't believe she wrecked an already wrecked marriage a woman and kids was a part of the "I snagged a baller" package. Why is it so hard to understand that a woman scorned is just waiting for an opportunity to serve revenge and justice ice cold?
Mirabella's picture

you said it right she is

you said it right she is being vengeful in any way she can and who could blame her 9 out of 10 times the women wants to stay with the man. I know been there done that.
vita's picture

F.Y.I. You're not able to

F.Y.I. You're not able to "wreck" a HAPPY home......
Anonymous's picture

Only jumpoffs think like that

Only jumpoffs think like that honey
SHOWTIME's picture


L.A. Lady, Michael's Lovely One's picture

Are you guys serious? You

Are you guys serious? You know nothing about what happened. Stop calling gabrielle a hoe and blaming dwyane wade. We don't know the story or what really happened. You guys are the same ones praising shaunie when she's hugged up with her new boo. Isn't she still married? You guys weren't saying nothing bout her or the guy she was with. Give me break!
thatiam's picture

Am I the only one who thinks

Am I the only one who thinks its rather embarassing to give another woman that much credit or power to dictate what happens between my man and I? I mean, really, there is something to be said for not being able to make a man do anything he doesn't want to do. I can understand Mrs. Wade feeling wronged by both Dwayne and Gabby, but I wouldn't give Gabby the pleasure of consuming my thoughts and actions with a lawsuit- not even on principle. No matter how well it's stated, what does the argument come down to? "Please judge, help me please! I couldn't keep my man for this ho making life without me look better and better. And now she's got him! She needs to pay me." Nope, just can't see myself rolling that one out. And where's the harm to the kids? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't their growing up with two loving, whole parents who are apart be better than having married parents who aren't even into each other and are wishing they were somewhere else? I think her energy would be better spent getting to that sane, whole place for the kids than telling herself they are suffering because their dad is happier with a woman who isn't her. But that's just my opinion!
MsDonnaGirl's picture

Sounds to me that she doesn't

Sounds to me that she doesn't want to take any responsibility in causing the break-up herself. Dwayne has already gone on record to say that the marriage was OVER before he started kickin it with Gabby. She's just grabbing at straws. God will oversee this pile of crap and she will lose if she's on some spiteful stuff. She's seems jealous that he's happy and she's lonely and bitter.
513hotgirl's picture

they ALL say that boo boo.

they ALL say that boo boo. Women lie, men lie, but the fact that he was still legally married DOESN'T LIE! What "man" is going to say, yes, I cheated, fell in love, and left my wife for my jump-off whore?
Anonymous's picture

I don't know how much this

I don't know how much this will hold up in a court of law but I think that wives should do this more often. Maybe then the man and his mistress will think twice. I mean these people are just not even caring anymore about their dirt.
Tiara's picture

There's isn't anything like a

There's isn't anything like a "women scorn", I know Siovaughn is in pain, it's never easy to end a marriage even if it's a mutual understanding between the two parties and it's even more difficult when things get ugly. If she has hard core evidence that Gabby broke up the marriage then sue her ass, but if this is just retailation because he was ready to move on, let it go, because they both will get what's coming to them.. if Siovaughn believes that there is a God in heaven, then she knows "vengenance is mine says the Lord", there isn't anything that she can do better than God can. If Gabby cheated with Dwayne while he was married, she will lose him the same way!! Wives are getting tired of these women who have no respect for another women when their are husband involved, when it comes down to it, it's not about the money it's the principle of it. I feel sorry for the children who are the innocent ones in this adult mess and drama!! I wish I was able to sue the women who my husband cheated with and she had the nerve to get pregnant by him and then flaunt her self around the church that we all were a member of and we served on the same ministry, I would have taken her to the bank once again it's the principle of it all. Don't get me wrong these men are at blame as well, they allow the disrespect and they bring this drama into their homes, and sooner or later what's done in the dark comes to light, it doesn't stay hidden, but you see the flip side is if these women who cheat with someone's husband don't realize the confirmation they are giving that man and in some way telling them what they are doing is okay, and then when she gets caught she wants to pretend to be the victim. These wives just aren't going to take it anymore and what ever means necessary are fighting back!!
Caramel's picture


VMAC's picture

Vmac, I'm sure he doesn't

Vmac, I'm sure he doesn't find Sioh unattractive if he married her and had two kids with her. He is a typical man and an NBA dog, worried about what others think and checking out the "greener grass" I'm sure you are in no position to judge but just make sure you hit spell check before you ever submit another comment on here again.
Big Jenn's picture

LOL! Spell check indeed!

LOL! Spell check indeed! That was one long run-on sentence.....misspelled words, etc.
Natural's picture

LMAO!!! You wrong... but

LMAO!!! You wrong... but funny!
Anonymous's picture

I used to like Gabby until I

I used to like Gabby until I saw her dating a married man. (I hope Wade put a ring on it cause she's gonna lose the Black female support) I feel the ex-wife has a right, even if it's BS, hell if she gets away with it maybe these hoes would think twice, then again what the hell am I talking about. He just couldn't wait until the ink dry before the next trick is in his bed. These hoes are brutal nowadays. Maybe the ex-wife could find a sex tape this would only get juicer
Anonymous's picture

LMHYAO!!!! I swear I read

LMHYAO!!!! I swear I read this and threw my hands up and fell out when i read this! Thats what the hell she gets, home wreckin whore!
Another Nobody's picture

Honestly, now you are just

Honestly, now you are just taken your bitterness to an extreme level. All you are doing is embarrassing yourself even more. Obviously you put all your dreams, inspiration, life, hopes and self worth on this one man. You don’t even know who you are, because obviously, there is no you without this man. Move on, rebuilt your life and concentrate on being a good person and a good mother for your children.
Jolie's picture

I believe that is easier said

I believe that is easier said than done when it comes to certain women. D Wades ex was there for him before the fame. She did put her all into him.
Okay's picture

I think the wife is deferring

I think the wife is deferring the blame.....The person who hurt she and her children is Dwayne. I don't codone what mistress' do, but the mistress has no obligation to her and those kids, it's her husband. When Eve and Adam ate the apple, God didn't sue the snake, he punished the doers. We can't go around suing everyone who hurt our feelings. She needs to be a woman about this and move on and grow up! Gabby will get hers and so will DWade but it is not her place to serve them the revenge.
Anonymous's picture

The wife is not deferring the

The wife is not deferring the blame. Dwayne cheated on his wife with Gabby, who knowingly began a relationship with married man with two children at home...since those two are in an adulterous relationship, they should share the blame. Also, God most definitely punished the snake. Satan used the form of a snake for the purpose of deception...some snakes used to have hind legs. So God cursed the snake to craw on its belly and eat dust, meant to degrade the snake...it would be lower than any other beast.
rated_X_33's picture

amen and SAY IT AGAIN!

amen and SAY IT AGAIN!
Anonymouse's picture

im glad that someone said

im glad that someone said what you have... i really dont understand when women try to go after the girl their ex cheated with... in reality, the person who has the obligation/responsibility to you is your significant other so going around throwing blame here and there isnt going to solve anything.. if she wants to show dwayne that shes hurt maybe she should confront him!!!! geeezeeee!!!!
Ren's picture

I'ma need you to read your

I'ma need you to read your bible again! God punishes the snake too!
Anonymous's picture

You betta say that!!! high

You betta say that!!! high five to u. (o;
DivaD's picture

every lady that marries a

every lady that marries a baller or a star should know what u are in for. u know all types of girls are going in for the kill. so buckle up for the ride. move on and live your life. and get that money........
Anonymous's picture

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