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Mashonda & Swizzy Get Signature From The Judge...& Mashonda's Writing A Tell All?

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We've learned the judge in Mashonda and Swizzy's divorce has finally signed the papers.  So the divorce is really final at this point, as of last Friday.  Both Mashonda and Swizz Beatz signed their papers months ago, but it took a minute for the final papers to get signed by the judge. 


And now that it's really all over, we hear Mashonda's writing a book about "her life" with NY Times best selling author Aliya S. King.  I can only image what will all be in that....

The above pic is an outtake from her new photoshoot with photographer Robert Ector.


We also hear that Mashonda has turned down a few reality shows. The most recent one was with VH1 where R&B chick Oliva and stylist Misa Hylton would have been her cast members. By the way, Mashonda is indeed back on Twitter (@desertrozez)--with a private locked account this time.

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Anonymous's picture

what's the point of having a

what's the point of having a twitter account if you're going to have it locked & private?? The point is to have followers?!? Help me if I'm wrong!
Mocha Mommy's picture

I will be buying the book, i

I will be buying the book, i bet it is therapy for her and I am happy for her. She has moved on and now she is releasing. Go Mashonda!!!
Sorry but I had to do it's picture

Damn, there are alot of

Damn, there are alot of ignorant young folks on here. At the end of the day, your just not supposed to sleep with married men if you consider yourself a freaking lady.. And real men dont walk on on their family or produce children all over the world. Everything else you people are saying is so irrelavant. This woman can write a bokk if she wants to, alicia keys wrote a whole damn album about falling in love with someones husband, about not caring what anyone says, about sleeping with broken hearts and, putting it in a love song and UNTHINKABLE. yeah AK u did the unthinkable because I damn sure never thought Ms Womans worth would be engaged to a married man. Mashonda write your book if it makes you happy cause swizz and akey obviously do what they need to regardless of yours and your sons feelings to make them happy..All the best to everyone
tammy's picture

I completely cosign!

I completely cosign!
Justeace's picture


Hazelnut's picture

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Anonymous's picture

You have to have a career to

You have to have a career to write a memoir. All you have to write about is the affair and failed career. We know all we have to know about both. Cause already put yo bizness out there remember. on to the next one....haha
Anonymous's picture

kinda agree. It's great she

kinda agree. It's great she turned down the reality tv, because it would have all been on the strength of her recent divorce to a rapper/producer, instead of her own career (i.e. Basketballwives). But I remember there being stories that she was sending people gifts in the media (Wendy Williams said she got a Hermes scarf) to have her on so she could bash Swiz and Alisha a couple years back when they first started the divorce proceedings. So, good for her if she's really moving on, because I always feel like what happens in an intimate relationship should always have some privacy and respect even after it's over. Esp. when the kids are involved.
M. Dot's picture

Not really, all you need are

Not really, all you need are memories to write a memoir.
anonymous's picture


vita's picture

Whats really going on in the

Whats really going on in the minds of you females? Are yall really thinking Alicia is right and swizz is cool for this. How did Mashonda become the bad guy. She can write as many books as she wants, its her life and yall must be interested in it if your clicking on her post. The woman overcame some shit that Im sure yall weak ass heffas wouldnt ever be able to even think of dealing with. Dont worry, God is paying attention to all your hateful responses. he will show you exactly what she felt. 1000000% he will.
bliss's picture

Some of you are FOOLS...How

Some of you are FOOLS...How can Alicia be a homewrecker when there wasn't a home to wreck? Swizz and bitter woman, mean Mashonda, were separated. Maybe she was hoping to reunite with him but it didn't happen but I'm sure she was doing her thing as well and it will come out. She needs to really move on now.
Anonymous-Girl's picture

Alicia is clearly a

Alicia is clearly a homewrecker. She is fuckin a married man and is possibly pregnant by him. what part of that doesnt sound like a wreck to u. IDIOT. He just got divorced last week.. DUHHH
bliss's picture

Your a jackass! Sit down and

Your a jackass! Sit down and hush up your wide mouth if you dont know what really happened. That was her husband! Hope your ass is married so it can happen to you.
bliss's picture

Ok, so if Im not mistaken

Ok, so if Im not mistaken Swizz is 31 with 3 kids 3 baby moms, a ex wife, a mistress/soon to be wife/fiance. Id say thats showtime..
danielle's picture

swizz is going to have to

swizz is going to have to marry akeys asap . she cant afford to be a homewrecker and the mother of a 'bastard child" not a good look for the superwoman. God bless the baby. Its not the childs fault.
dollie's picture

We will buy one copy. Print

We will buy one copy. Print the excerts only about Alicia and Swizz and discard the rest. We as black people should buy books about Ms. Lena Horne and Ruby Dee. Stop reading things that don`t make you think or enrich your live.
Anonymous's picture

LOL, Im sure the parts about

LOL, Im sure the parts about alicia and swizz will be very detailed.. Them two had a 3 year long affair.. they just now going public. 3years of hiding and lying must be very intense and alot to write about.. sounds like a good read to me.
dollie's picture

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cuttiebabe123's picture

Mashonda give it up Swizzy

Mashonda give it up Swizzy did you wrong and im sorry to hear dat but let it go who gives a fuck bout a tell all move on take care of yo kids and keep it moving find you a new man you are very beautiful cuz im tired of hearing about the whole thing
ms opinionated 's picture

How tired are you if you have

How tired are you if you have energy to type all that? STFU
cmon's picture

funny and true

funny and true
vita's picture

Mashonda is sexy as all hell

Mashonda is sexy as all hell F all the other shit.
ryan's picture

Alicia really looks pregnant!

Alicia really looks pregnant! What is wrong with her. She got all that money and couldnt find a single man..?
starroom's picture

Akeys is in a picture on the

Akeys is in a picture on the right looking preggers from a man that just freakin got divorced. Ahhh, I think there is a damn story and movie here. I will buy it and watch it.. This shit is entertaining !!
starroom's picture

Yo she can write whatever she

Yo she can write whatever she wants, I bet u nosey chicks will read it. The only few people thats against it, is the ones thats afraid of it. MIND YOUR BUSINESS, dont buy it then
hope's picture

She really should move on &

She really should move on & stop looking desperate.
Ron's picture

I understand this woman is

I understand this woman is still hurting since what she's going through isn't easy however to write a tell-all book about it? Sorry but I don't think that's the best solution whether she wishes to use it as some form of therapy or just plain profit. Mashonda seriously needs to just worry about her child & pursuing other more appropriate business ventures IMHO. Besides,she's very beautiful, still young so she should just take this time to go out & enjoy her life as a newly single woman w/o all that baggage. It's not easy,(trust me I know,I'm a woman that too has been hurt in the past) but it can be done.
Angel's picture

Angel, intelligent advice but

Angel, intelligent advice but this woman Mashonda is still in mental shock that she has the lil swizz, but big swizz was over her lacking in many areas. What will continue to kill her and keep you being emotional is her obsession with Alicia Keys. Yes, I know it was a hard pill for her to swallow, because Alicia Keys is gorgeous and talented SuperStar...Ultra Baby!!! MashondaLoyal left a bad taste in the public mouth with her bitterness ON TWITTER. HE CHOSE TO LEAVE YOU!!! NOW LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE. NO MORE TALKING ABOUT THIS MATTER....ENOUGH ALREADY....
Anonymous's picture

Mashonda's really pretty but

Mashonda's really pretty but damn,this whole tell-all books/reality shows are hella played!!!! Come up with something more original please & quit trying to profit by letting the world know all your marital biz/issues,sheesh! Wish her well though.
Angel's picture

So Alicia is pregnant and

So Alicia is pregnant and engaged to a dude who is just now getting divorced?? what a chicken head..
suzieq's picture

I will buy it and read it..

I will buy it and read it.. All of yall know u would too or else your lame asses wouldnt had even made a comment. Such fakes on these blogs.
suzieq's picture

good for her for turning down

good for her for turning down reality shows. people that come up the reality shows idea to her, have no class. but i guess thats what they eat for....
heeey's picture

She is a womans scorned.

She is a womans scorned. She's not ready to move on. She wants to get back at them. She has every right to, but it is what it is. A woman scorned. I mean, people are not going to buy that book. Her stories about Alicia and Swizz are just going to be posted on the internet to read for free. That's the only reason she'd write a book.
Anonymous's picture

I hope she gets over this

I hope she gets over this whole ordeal. It's a painful thing to see your babydaddy just walk out on your marriage like that, but... IF she is going to release a book, she'll lose some respect from me. You can't tweet and write twitletters about how you are moving on with your life, and then turn around to make money off of this whole drama. Please, Mashonda, if you are truly about moving on, don't do that.
Anonymous's picture

Nothing to tell, seems like

Nothing to tell, seems like we've heard it all... not to mention, now that it's OFFICIALLY over, I'm over it too... let the A. Keys chapter of this drama begin! Should be good...
missunderstood's picture

Some of you young adults are

Some of you young adults are so rude/heartless/insensitive..& any other adjective that describes your incapability to empathize with a woman who has to watch the man she loves/bore a child with move along with his life as if she never existed. My only explaination is..maybe you've never been hurt before. It's an extremely painful place to be in & it takes everyone a different amount of time to mourn. Remember that she's human, aside from the celebrity factor. Your harsh words could be the very reason she cries tonight..do you want to cause someone pain?!..that's not of God ppl, God is LOVE..she's ur sister in Christ, comfort her, build her up..don't tear her down..that's all..
Anonymous's picture

You can't help a person who

You can't help a person who is not willing to help themselves. She needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and move on. How is writing a book helping her? She is contantly pulling scabs off of old sores. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. She needs to invest time into herself and her son. The best revenge against Swizzie is moving on and finding happiness. God will deal with Swizzie and AK.
Tiger's picture

Well said and very eloquent.

Well said and very eloquent. Unfortunately, too many of our fellow "sistahs" are all for tearing each other down instead of building one another up. I hate when people say/post "move on" or "get over it". We are all individuals with souls and we each heal differently. I do not get from this that Mashonda is vengeful. It is HER story and will certainly help or be an inspiration to others...I wish her the best!
Hazelnut's picture

bitch please

bitch please
Anonymous's picture

Maybe this book is to help

Maybe this book is to help with her healing rather than her make money.
Lacey's picture


Anonymous's picture

*YAWNS* Mashonda please sit

*YAWNS* Mashonda please sit down. I am tired of your wails of woe* its has been almost 3 years .. my gosh move on. Youre beautiful !
Anonymous's picture

Wow y'all some haters. If you

Wow y'all some haters. If you don't wanna read her book that's fine. Get out of her post too while you at it! hahaha I will buy her book. *shrugs*
Anonymous's picture

Gotta get the money some kind

Gotta get the money some kind of way I guess. Bless her heart, just move on honey;(
Trina's picture

Theme Songs for

Theme Songs for Mashonda: "Holding Back the Years" - Simply Red "Holding On To Love" - Blu Cantrell "Never Forget You" - Mariah Carey
Theme Songs's picture

You forgot one "Hit 'em Up"

You forgot one "Hit 'em Up" by Blu Cantrell
Queen Safira's picture


ADVICE TO ALL OF THE SAD< LONELY and MAD women: WHEN the man CHEATS--cry, scream, and then move on with your life and get over it..Writing a TELL-ALL book is soooooooo childish and desperate!!!!
makeup's picture

Lizzi I love your website!!

Lizzi I love your website!! Nice
Truo&#039;fles Cosmetics's picture

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