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We received so many requests from you YBF fashionistas inquiring about fellow YBF chick Kerry Washington's recent stunning red carpet look.  So we rounded up each and every piece of what she's rocking and gave her our Fab Stamp Of Approval.


Read on for the fashion deets...


Kerry killed the red carpet at her premiere of Sony Pictures Classics' Mother And Child in Hollywood a few weeks ago.

She looked fab in a J. Mendel Spring 2010 Citron Abstract Print Georgette draped dress with bell sleeves ($2,250).  Perfect length and fit to show off her gams.  And she accented the yellow, purple, white, and gold watercolor scheme with gold Sergio Rossi slingback platform pumps ($695).

No look is complete without a little candy.  So Kerry rocked a colorful Amrapali cocktail ring with C. Greene hoops.  And a matching gold Sergio Rossi clutch finished off the look.



The Randomness:

1. YBF stars are inducted into the Apollo Theater's Walk Of Fame. Story

2.  Juanita Bynum has signed Mathew Knowles as her manager and head honcho over her new gospel album. Story

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Go Kerry!

Go Kerry!
L.A. Lady, Michael's Lovely One's picture

matthew knowles and Jaunita

matthew knowles and Jaunita devil takes care of its own don't know how you gonna preach but you are looking to the secular devil employee to save Christians. Love God. Love life. But not religion. Created by man. And man is in love with the devil_money$$$$ especially churches!!! Christians i know go to Church then live a life worst than mine. You can still believe without following false prophets!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Kerry always looks fabulous

Kerry always looks fabulous when on the red-carpet. She wears clothes that work with her body type instead of what is trendy at the moment. I love the J. Mendel dress and sling back shoes and her make-up. Go Kerry.
Pretty Paige's picture

kerri always looks nice- she

kerri always looks nice- she stays out of the ghetto mental that most celebs follow so it's a no brainer!!
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cuttiebabe123's picture

Um...Tash...who was checking

Um...Tash...who was checking for this look? She looks regular. Nice, yes, but I can't see anyone going crazy for this look. This is actually a very boring look, and she also comes off as a boring person.
Honesty's picture

I would like to know who

I would like to know who exactly was emailing YBF "jockin" Kerry's look? It's basic, not fly, and pretty much whack. Sorry I'm just saying...Kerry is a great actress but bangin---this outfit is not. She's very classy, but never really stands out to me. *yawn*
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Kerry always looks fabulous!

Kerry always looks fabulous! She is so elegent & she always looks polished!!! I wish that other celebrities would take notes, sometimes simple is better!
Ms. Meme's picture

Kerry looks great!

Kerry looks great!
Tagirl27's picture

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IkalyI's picture

Fat, thick in the right

Fat, thick in the right place= equal to obese ugly whales. She looks fine.
Creole's picture

LOLLL creole. but did someone

LOLLL creole. but did someone honestly say she looks "sickly"?? wow i def dont see it. Kerry you look great, keep working, i've loved you in all of the movies i have seen you in. Very eloquent speaker and a great actress. p.s. i cosign creole
LOVELY's picture

she looks fab, loved her in

she looks fab, loved her in Ray and Last King of Scotland
T-Bear's picture

She was amazing in Last King

She was amazing in Last King of Scotland. Brilliant actress.
Terri's picture

Well, she used to battle

Well, she used to battle anorexia, so hopefully she is healthy. How old is she? She looks much older than I thought she was, I had her around 32-33. She also works consistently, she doesn't get major roles, but she always has something going on.
Anonymous's picture

I've seen her look better.

I've seen her look better. She looks very thin and a bit sickly.
nerdyGLAMOUR's picture

Kerry looks well put together

Kerry looks well put together as usualy. Loving the accessories. I just want her to start eating. She's losing too much wieght and developing the bobble-head syndrome. Its taking away from her beauty.
Terri's picture

umm not trying to be funny,

umm not trying to be funny, but can most people here afford these looks? Kerri more than likely gets stuff free or has a hook up with the designers. Don't go broke trying to pretend to be stylish, you have no paparazzi in your life. Just sayin.
Anonymous's picture

she looks regular

she looks regular
Miss GQ's picture

I knew matthew knowles "s

I knew matthew knowles "s news will take over the post.*side -eye* kERRY LOOKS FAB BUT THE HAIR IS JUST TOO PLAIN FIR SUCH A SIMPLE DRESS.
Mamma Mia's picture



Kerry is loosing too much

Kerry is loosing too much weight
Anonymous2's picture

Juanita Bynum working with

Juanita Bynum working with Matthew Knowles now? Hopefully evangelizing is her main mission... Kerry looks pretty, I hope she's healthy. and happy.
La Femme Nikita's picture

If she's enlisted Mathew then

If she's enlisted Mathew then trust her main goal is to saturate the market and make that money. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a booty popping "praise" song called 'God in the club' Ft Ludacris on her next cd. The gospel is the last thing on her mind. The bible wasn't lying when it says the church is going to become intermingled with the world in the last days. Smh
Terri's picture

Her name is not she, but Dr.

Her name is not she, but Dr. Juanita Bynum II. Yes...the goal is for Dr. Juanita Bynum II to saturate the market...for the kingdom of God! Curious, who did you sign a record deal with lately? Things that make you say, "Hmmmmm."
Devon's picture

No comment @ Juanita Bynum

No comment @ Juanita Bynum signing Mathew Knowles as her manager. WOWZERZ!!! Nonetheless, Kerry looks, great i must say!!!
Going to See Gaga on 9/7 @ Verizon Center's picture

Nice....I wonder what she is

Nice....I wonder what she is up to these days
Anonymous's picture

Juanita Bynum and Matthew

Juanita Bynum and Matthew Knowles?? Whoa
THATIAM's picture

Nice Spring look

Nice Spring look
DawnfromDC's picture


Chinonge's picture

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