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Queen Latifah & Her "Trainer" Buy A Hollywood Hideaway!

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Well isn't this special?   Queen Latifah and her trainer/alleged girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins have purchased a Hollywood hideaway together.  According to the property records, Dana Owens--Queen's government name for the slow folks--and Jeanette's names are both listed as purchasers.


They bought the 2,096 sqft 3BR/3 bath Hollywood Hills home this past December for $1.34 mill.  Looks like these two are getting more serious than not.  Pics of their place when you read on...


According to the Real Estate Stalker, Queen also owns 3 luxury homes in New Jersey (2 of which she listed her parents' names on) and a home in Maryland.  And she already owns a home in Beverly Hills that she purchased for $5.4 mill in July 2005.  Whew.  Chick loves making those property investments.  Fabulous!

Here's some deets about Queen and Jeanette's newest buy:

Listing information shows that walled, gated and perfectly private "mini-compound" includes a 2,096 square foot house with wide plank chocolate brown hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 poopers. The interior spaces include a living room with a glass tile fireplace surround, a large dining room that opens to the side yard through French doors and a huge family room/kitchen with hexagonal Mexican tile floors and wall of multi-paned windows that open the room to a terrace with sunken hot tub that stretches along the back of the house and a bamboo surrounded lower terrace.





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But, I have ALWAYS had

But, I have ALWAYS had feelings towards women, since I can remember. I didn't have cable television, went to church every Sunday,
cheap air jordan shoes's picture

i can remember a young man

i can remember a young man saying being born that way as a gay man he was made in the image of God or he was born with a defect and i said yes you were born with a defect something you don't like and would like for it to be change we all were born with some kind of defect its up to us to want to change it with the help of God but we must be sincere of being change temptation will come but we must maintain steadfast in God for his help its a lot more to it for one to understand what iam saying i will explain it but for now iam signing of i will be praying for this mess up world and the people in it i should say
diane's picture

my God is loving and

my God is loving and forgiving, I am straight and Christian and want to remind the other Christians that the bible quotes "JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED" so please STOP the HATE and "your" lables that are only meant to suit you and let people love and be loved, I have friends both straight and gay and they all have the same thing in common they are loving people with hearts that would help even the bashers on this board if they could, no "person" has any God given rights to dictate what God wants people to be. Yes every sin is the same and your sin is Judging others. Shame on you and try seeing people as people and not lables. Regardless if Queen Latifah is gay or straight she is a wonderful actress and musician may she always be happy!
Anonymous's picture

When the Queen is ready to

When the Queen is ready to tell her business she will. She has not tried to fake out anyone by openly dating a man or a woman.......girl livin' her private life ........guess where IN PRIVATE! Go figure. All you Bible thumpers out there..............be careful when throwing stones and reading the bible verbatim. Because all you shell fish eaters are also going to Hell. Also, your husband can have as many wives as he can afford. STOP trying to put people in boxes and insert your life into OTHERS. The Bible was inspired by God and Jesus; however it was written by Man and certainly EDITED by whatever ruler was in power. That is why you have the Old Testament, The KING James version, the Qur'an, the Taw rah, theZzabur, and the Suhuf.. Biblical TEXTS about the same GOD assembled for different societies. Heck they have just found the book of Judas and Ruth in the last 10 years. It will be really funny if they find a biblical book in years to come that states Jesus and God does not have a problem with Homosexuality......what will some of you do then..............?
Page's picture

Your ignorance of scripture

Your ignorance of scripture and Biblical history is surpassed only by your vitriole for those who choose to believe in the one and only true God. May God bless you and help you to walk in truth.
Anonymous's picture

dang i was hoping she hook up

dang i was hoping she hook up with Common
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

why not just come out and say

why not just come out and say it, that you are gAY KING LATIFIAH
Anonymous's picture

So when is the Queen Latifah

So when is the Queen Latifah going to come out straight and tell the world that she is a lesbian?
Anonymous's picture

Beautiful house and a

Beautiful house and a beautiful couple. Congratulations, she has earned it all.
KiahFierce's picture

Hmmmm, so how many of you are

Hmmmm, so how many of you are currently having pre-marital sex? thats a sin to you know, and all sins are equal. that is all.
Anonymous's picture

Well I'm married, and I'm

Well I'm married, and I'm pretty sure others are too. And those that are speaking the word might not be having pre-marital sex. Please Christians should know what sins are. We dont need someone pointing out different sins to contradict another sin. A sin is a sin.
CMG's picture

Religious hypocrites can suck

Religious hypocrites can suck it! Congrats Queen and Jeannette. Crib is mad fab!

In the year 2010 if a group

In the year 2010 if a group of men from a small region of the world, who were all powerful, and monolithic ethnically, were to write a book about how we should all live our lives, we would be outraged. Why is it that people don't see that the Bible is a product of what I have just described? The Bible lists so many abominations that are worthy of death that most of us do everyday. Birth control, eating shrimp, wearing mix fabrics, not sleeping with your deceased husband's brother in order to produce a heir, entering a temple when you are on your period, having sex when you are on your period. etc. etc. I could go on forever. This is the same bible that endorses concubines and incest and punishing children for the sins of their parents. Yes, the Bible has great precepts that we should all endorse and believe in, but it is also kind of ridic.
rochjeff's picture

The Bible is ancient, read

The Bible is ancient, read the Bible to get an understanding, follow the Commandments to live.
CMG's picture

All of you religous nutheads

All of you religous nutheads can shut the hell up. You have no clue what it means to be gay. I'm a lesbian who has dated dozens upon dozens of men and I am not attracted to them, do not have an emotional connection with them, and I don't get physically aroused by them. But, I have ALWAYS had feelings towards women, since I can remember. I didn't have cable television, went to church every Sunday, grew up in a town where I NEVER saw any gay people, had a healthy two parent household etc. So take your foolish assessment of what it means to be Gay out of here. Being gay is not the as loving animals- to the dumbf*ck who said that ish. Two consenting adults (who are not related) have the right to do whatever the eff they want to do with their bodies and with whomever they chose.
rochjeff's picture

I hear what you are saying,

I hear what you are saying, but next time say it was love and omit the hate. It will come across better.
Anonymous's picture

"Dozens upon dozens"? No

"Dozens upon dozens"? No wonder you're now gay. After letting all those men run up and through you I'm certain it tired you and your vage out.
Milton's picture

Congrats to Queen & Jeanette

Congrats to Queen & Jeanette I've been a fan since day 1 purchased her first cassette tape proud to see her career flourish the way it has. If you have followed her career Queen has very impressive accomplisments to her credit and, she is a smart business woman and the offers and opportunites keep coming. Now, here's the thing for all you who have posted here and anywhere else concerning the Gay/Lesbian lifestyle as a 47yo AA Lesbian I speak from my own personal experience the only thing that matters to a gay person at the end of the day is having someone who understands and,accepts us for who we are just the way we are. This is why we have a select circle of fam,friends,pets and things that we choose to live/love if you are not in this circle then you, your words, thoughts and feelings do not matter because you are nobody to me/us. Living and Loving who's right for me. P.S. if you have ever had premartial sex stop judging folks.
Realness4ever's picture

Some of yall sound so silly.

Some of yall sound so silly. "Congrats Ladies, and "Queen this, Queen that"...........All I have to say is the house looks nice and keep it rolling.
CMG's picture

reppin jersey! give it to em

reppin jersey! give it to em Queen-you got it-give it to em Queen-Latifa!!!!!!! seen 'Just Wright' (with Latifah and Common) tonight and the movie is toooooo cute! can't wait to buy the dvd! go check it out if you haven't already. i overheard some comparing it to Brown Sugar. Good job ladies and congrats on your new home!
jacs's picture

People keep talking about

People keep talking about 2010 and get over it.....I'd hate to see what 2020 will accept. Because you know in this day and age people will screw anything, marry anything, and eat anything. Thank God for the Laws of the Land. But besides that Nice House Latifah!
AppreciateHim's picture

it amazes me how people think

it amazes me how people think they have the right to say your going to hell for being gay when they are sinning just the same. how about you worry about your life and relationships and leave people alone. are they hurting you? people are whatever they are whether or not you like it. gay/lesbian doesnt rub off on people btw many gay parents have straight children and vice versa. you would think by 2010 people would get the hell over it.....i'd say there are far more important things happening in the world that could benefit from your nosiness like child hunger, aids, violence etc. Anywho DO you Queen and be happy thats what matters in the end not crazy opinions from judgemental fools.
Anonymous's picture

Well its funny how you know

Well its funny how you know how everyone on this site is living and doing in the world. Also its kinda hard for somebody to be nosy when celebrities put their ownselves on front street. And yes to some people it is hurting them. Its hurting society as a whole, like you mentioned "aids, violence, child hunger, etc.....Everyone has an opinion on certain subject and are free to speak their mind, just like you have idiotically done. Its not being crazy its just life. So I ask you how would you go about handling the AIDS crisis. Because according to you if you go around and preach abstinence or protected sex then "we might be judging" so why not just let them do what they do. right? And violence, why go around and teach people the what violence does to our community, oh dont dare do that then we'd be judging the thugs, right? Think before you post....this has nothing to do with your "Queen" its the lifestyle....
Geez's picture

Life is so lonely. I’m a

Life is so lonely. I’m a doctor, 31, black and still single. It’s hard to get a girlfriend in my town, most of them like my money more than like me. I just want to find my true love. so i uploaded my hot photos on ==== S e e k I n t e r r a c i a l . c o /m ==== under the name of hot561. .. if you girls see this comment, i hope you will check my photos out there. maybe you are the one who i’m looking for!!!
Anonymous's picture

I couldnt tell if this was a

I couldnt tell if this was a gossip blog or a discussion on the bible (confused) Well I wish Queen Latifah nothing but happiness and think her and her trainer are cute together
miss infamous's picture

Well gossip would be going

Well gossip would be going around telling stories about people and their business, but since her business is already out there its more like a discussion site.
Geez's picture

Nice house, God has blessed

Nice house, God has blessed you Latifah, now its your turn to thank him the right way.
BeSuccessful's picture

She doesn't need to thank

She doesn't need to thank god. It wasn't god who worked overhours to break into the music and movie industry. It was HER doing. She needs to thank herself and enjoy the fruits of her labor.
Anonymous's picture

somthing about reading ur

somthing about reading ur comment just makes me feel sorry 4 u!!.... anyways moving on!
kiki's picture

Well then I guess she needs

Well then I guess she needs to thank herself for making herself and putting her on this Earth and giving herself the talent she has to do what she does. Who goes around thanking themselves????? Get real! Just reading your post makes me even more thankful I have wisdom, because I would hate to be lost like you!
Geez's picture

@Geez,Well Said

@Geez,Well Said
Definietly da *diva's picture

WOW... I just wanted to see

WOW... I just wanted to see the house. I am a Christian, and the bible clearly states that we should not judge, unless we will be judged. When she stands before God she will have to answer to HIM, not us.
Shamrock's picture

@ Shamrock...Wow, you took

@ Shamrock...Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. As I was reading all the comments I was thinking exactly the same thing. I am a christian and straight and one of the most important things I have learned is not to judge/hate others and to treat others the way you would have them treat you. I have always thought hating someone because they are gay is the same as hating them/being mean to them because they are mentally retarded or because their skin is the wrong color. All these things are things that we are born with and we can not change any of them no matter how hard we try. Remember that god does not make mistakes and just be sure to live your life in the way you should go and leave god to be the judge.
Anonymous's picture

Do you ever think some people

Do you ever think some people dont want to change, they have a choice. I used to do some illegal things myself, when I was involved in it...I didnt want to change, I wasnt ready to give my fun up. Little did I know around the corner was more opportunities, more fun and a wholesome better life. Much better life than I was living. Some people are stuck in their ways, thats what is boils down too. Something serious is going to have to happen in order for them to change, talking, posting, etc will do no good. But God is happy for that person that at least spoke about his word and didnt act like those on this site...and just pretend like they dont see.
Delight23's picture

Speaking on a certain topic

Speaking on a certain topic that a one knows is not right is not judging. No one is judging her just speaking on her sexual preference. Just like when a person goes to church and they hear the word or read the Bible its telling you how to live your life day to day. I dont consider it judging. When I listen to speakers whether job related, school related, church related, I listen and take something from it. Some things hit home that they speak about, things that I feel like I need to change, I dont take it as judging unless I feel like it might be a burden in my life. People only use the word "judge" when they dont want to change and they feel justifyed by saying "you're judging me". Instead they actually might care about you and your life and want to spread some "knowledge and wisdom". My grandmother used to tell me things all the time about the way I raised my children. How I carried myself sometimes, how I reacted in certain situations. I didnt take it as judging, becuase I knew she was right on somethings. Instead I changed the bad in me. Thats the problem people dont want to change what they "want" right now and makes them satisfied or happy right now. Some of the issues of today...failed marriages, homosexuality, out of control kids, AIDS, kids of wedlock, murders, rapings, etc. would be minimized if people just stop acting like they cant speak up. I hope if you ever see someone in your life getting abused or mistreated you speak up and not feel like you are judging them. Some people need help and are too afraid to ask.
Delight23's picture

COngratulations Queen! Fly

COngratulations Queen! Fly right past the bitter religious people, who feel the need to judge her on a damn gossip site... Stay in your church, bigots.
Anonymous's picture

If this is her "woman" why

If this is her "woman" why didnt she go to the BET Honor Awards with Queen Latifah?! The only person there with the Queen was her mama. Next question: I wonder did Common taste c00chie on the Queen's tongue/lips when he kissed her in the movie
Im So Throwed!!'s picture

People are so messy! The

People are so messy! The difference between you guys and queen is that her life is public for others to give comments and judge, etc. If you don't like her or her choices then don't be a fan or support her! Oh I forgot you all are perfect and everyone has agreed with all your life choices!
Anonymous's picture

What I mean by my kids I am a

What I mean by my kids I am a counselor. To add people are needing love and have been burn and hurt and that is sometime why people decide to go with the same sex as they feel they understand and feel them more. I think we have alot of family and friends that may be homosexual and we tend to get sensitive when it comes to this topic....
Anonymous's picture

You guys have gotten evil on

You guys have gotten evil on this subject. I thought it was just showing their house not if they were together or not. If so... Good for them. Now if you are a CHristian and believe in the whole Bible or not a Christian its nothing to argue about just read 1 Corinthians 6:9. the Bible speaks for its self you can debate all you want but if you are a follower of Christ you can't call him a liar. We all have to meet our maker one day and its really up to him to judge not us. I do have alot of kids going in that direction not because they are born that way or talked negative in the womb but because they have seen all these shows that say its okay to kiss on girls and vice versa and they think its the new trend....... TV is a brainwashing mechanism if you allow it to be. Is everything right just because people say so.
Anonymous's picture

What what, git it git it!

What what, git it git it!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

If God will not accept his

If God will not accept his people for something they can't change then honestly i dont think I believe in God. Being gay is the same as being straight. How did u become straight? Your born that way, its your chemical make up, you were made to be attracted to the opposite sex by nature. This is the same way gays are attracted to the same the sex. With all the shit gays have to deal with, im sure if they could change their sexual pref they would....but its just impossible...and God knows that.
hotboy's picture

Well I have guess if someone

Well I have guess if someone felt like they were attracted to animals we should just "accept" it and let them do their thing. huh? A line has to be drawn, frankly I dont care what people do because it would never rub off on me. I'm not that naive. And as far as people changing, people can change with the help of God, its whether or not you "want" to change....and most people dont.
AppreciateHim's picture

I'm a Christian but imma take

I'm a Christian but imma take God out of this for a sec cuz I love when ppl make this statement that homosexuals were "born that way"......THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT A PERSON IS BORN WITH A GENETIC TRAIT THAT PREDISPOSES THEM TO BE EITHER GAY OR STRAIGHT. I don't know why people say this. Sexual preference is a CHOICE. Plain and simple. You're BORN with genes for your skin color...you're BORN with genes for your eye color...you're BORN with genes for your hair color/texture. But NOBODY is born with a trait that codes for heterosexuality/homosexuality. Pleases look it up......it hasn't been discovered. There is no research on it because it doesn't exist. But I will say this: Parents and the people closest to a pregnant woman can affect a baby's character/identity even in the womb. And this has nothing to do with God, this is also scientific. Pregnant women are warned not to smoke/drink why? B/c it affects the baby. Some people play music on a pregnant woman's stomach, why? B/c the baby can hear it. Why do you think it is the norm in our society for people to "talk" to babies while they're still in the womb? And so with all of that, I DO believe that if a person is a homosexual he/she is that because of what was spoken to them when they were in the womb. This might sound as crazy as being able to see the wind but there IS scientific proof, there IS research that shows that what parents speak to babies in the womb affects that baby when it gets older. The case for most homosexuals is that they have parents who want the opposite sex. Like a mother & father who find out they have a girl and say "I wish we had a boy". And when parents are unhappy/undecided with the babies identity, that baby grows up confused, unsure of who they are. And this is the cause not only for sexual identity but other psychological problems ppl have. But at the end of the day, even after being confused all your life, a person CHOOSES his/her identity....they CHOOSE to be gay.
AGAPE Love.....'s picture

you sound like a idiot there

you sound like a idiot there is no such theory on what you just said ha ha it's so ridiculous
diane's picture

@Agape Love....LOL, WOW...I

@Agape Love....LOL, WOW...I am so very sorry to tell you that you are mistaken on most of your comment. Well let me first get out of the way that I am straight and did not decide one day that i would be heterosexual. I have just always been extremely attracted to the opposite sex and never even thought of the same sex in any sexual way. Hmmm, probably because I was born straight. It is not normal to be attracted to the same sex or even struggle with it unless you are gay or gay and fighting it. Now, i will say, there have, in fact; been finding's that people are born with more horomones one way or the other that cause them to be more attracted to same sex people. Sometimes, people are born with both female and male body parts and organs. These people/organisms are called hermaphrodites. The person may appear to be a woman but have more male hormones or vice versa. Or the person may look like a woman, have enough female hormones to be attracted to men, but have male body parts downstairs. Does that make them gay? Did they choose this as well? @ Agape love...by saying that people choose to be gay you are judging. Being christian you should know that only god can say what is going on inside someone's head/body even if they say the opposite. Oh yes, i am also a christian.
Anonymous's picture

Agape Love - Actually, you

Agape Love - Actually, you would not believe the newest research that claims to "identify" whether or not a child will become a homosexual. I would like to share this information and your thoughts about it but not through this forum. Please advise on how to email you. Thanks.
LivingForHim's picture

I'm late to the conversation,

I'm late to the conversation, but if God sees fit to let people be born blind, without limbs, with mental disabilities, with various diseases and disabilities, with various shades of skin and eye color, and all the natural variations amongst humans, I think it's more than possible that He sees fit to let people be born attracted to the other sex. If Queen La is happy and not hurting anyone, I'm happy for her.
Akimbo's picture

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