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The Dream Defends His "One In A Million" Remake

The Dream is making his rounds defending the atrociousness that was his Aaliyah "One In A Million" remake.  He called in to friend of YBF Angie Ange's show on D.C.'s WKYS 93.9 the other night.  And The Love King said he loves people talking ish, he didn't butcher the record, and at least he was "thinking" about Aaliyah.


We've got the audio when you read on...


The Dream, whose new album cover is above, explains that this was only for a mixtape and he was a big fan of Aaliyah's.  Ummm on a side note, did anybody else feel like snapping their fingers and rolling their necks after hearing him speak?  Three snaps for Terius and his rebuttal...



SMH at all of the hatred

SMH at all of the hatred towards another fan who became big enough to honor, in his own way, one of his favorite singers. So what. There is nothing wrong with him singing the song. It's a tribute to her. As a true, die-hard Aaliyah fan, it's about dayum Time someone did a tribute to her by saluting her with one of her own songs. One in a Million is one of my many Aaliyah favorites. Rest in peaceful bliss, Aaliyah.
Anonymous's picture

Dream....U shuda made a

Dream....U shuda made a different song and made money from it...IT SUCKED!!! When u re-do a song it's supposed to be better...WOMP on you for that God awful remake! How is making a horrible cover of a song, a tribute??? We remember the talent that she was! We do not need u making our memories go bad...That's all ur remake did for me...It was a measure of bad taste...So sorry that u feel otherwise...
cHELLYg's picture

"Thinking about" her, that

"Thinking about" her, that was very disrespectful of him to say that twords her... Aaliyah is thought about every day by the people that love her, and the grieve for her,who celebrates her birthday, and mourns on her passing day, and every time I that I've had a birthday after her passing, I tell her Happy Birthday(because we share our birthday:), and her picture is the only picture of a person that I've had hanging in my room...
Anonymous's picture

i mean i love the dream and

i mean i love the dream and everything but damn he sounded kinda awful he had like a sleepy tone to it maybe if he wasn't using auto tune nd singin' odee slow he wulda been bueno but other than that i still love his songs
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I haven't heard the song yet,

I haven't heard the song yet, so I won't pass (too much) judgement. BUT…if it is anything like his other music, I'm sure it is wiggity wiggity wiggity WACK!! That is all...
HoneyB's picture

The Dream is a Nightmare and

The Dream is a Nightmare and needs to wake the hell up if he thinks that sorry attempt at a remake was anything more than garbage. you can't compare Aaliyah's talent to anyone elses. besides the fact that Babygirl had a very distinct voice, she also had a very distinct sound that died along with her. she was a natural soprano but sang in various vocal ranges. her album "Aaliyah" was noted as "one of the strongest urban soul records of its time". i love Ciara and Rihanna but Aaliyah beats them in the dance department and singing department hands down. her sound was defined as "street but sweet", which i must say Ciara has tried and failed to do with her "Crunk'n'B". she was classy and sexy without being completely naked, something many female artists today seem to get seriously confused. she was admired by the one and only Janet Jackson who stated "I've loved her from the beginning because she always comes out and does something different, musically." Janet also stated she would have enjoyed collaborating with Aaliyah. besides the fact that she was noted as being humble, genuine, and sweet. when she died, DMX wrote a poem for her and cried, many artists were on tour and stopped mid-song to let the audience she had passed. what more proof is there? If she had lived to be in the Matrix that would have done wonders for her already skyrocketing career, it would have been more movies and i could have only imagined what her fourth song and music video would have been for her album "Aaliyah". for those of you commenting that you don't see what the big deal is, the big deal is people need to acknowledge and give just due for the artists that made actual contributions to the music industry, whether that person is dead or alive. the attitude of "out with the old and in with the new just because it's new" needs to stop. i don't care if the song IS on just a mixtape, don't do something craptactular and try to sell it as spectacular. as someone else had mentioned there would be no Rihanna or Ciara if Aaliyah were still alive. some producers do not need to come out as artists, "The Dream" is an example of that. and as a Michael Jackson fan, a huge Michael Jackson fan, you best believe my reaction will be the same if not worse (as the two are my favorite artists), as i truly believe any Michael Jackson cover would be craptastic simply for the fact that it's not Michael Jackson singing it. sorry for the long post but bs like this really pisses me off.
secret ninja's picture

I totally agree with you and

I totally agree with you and I could not have said it any better!! The Dream is trash with catchy material or even better a pig wearing lipstick pretending to be a beauty queen. He needs to stay away from ALL classics because he really does not have the pipes to pull it off. He's a true studio artist and needs to learn to stay in his lane!! Who the hell makes a song called falseto and sings it in soprano? Where they do that at?
Wisdombody7's picture

lol.. hilarious

lol.. hilarious
Anonymous's picture

dam coon can't sing and want

dam coon can't sing and want to mess with aaliyah's. dude go sit your raggedy ass in the corner and take care of your family cuz you ain't shit to begin with.
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I need to get your wife

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Executees's picture

At least he was thinking

At least he was thinking about Aaliyah, WTF does his personal thoughts about Aaliyah prove. The "AT Least" part is killing me, what does that mean dude. He was thinking about her so much that he wanted to profit off of her hit song and collect his itunes check if people thought it was worth buying, wow Dream, how thoughtful of you to try and make money off the deceased. It's time for this dude to go, I bet he's the reason why Ciara still F#$King up, and where the heck is Electrik Red and his wife.
lily12's picture

Happy Meal eatin' azz. Who

Happy Meal eatin' azz. Who would hate on the Hamburglar! Some songs you leave alone until the right artist comes along with a remake that makes you appreciate the original even more. Stop it, you're crazy to think it's hate. You suck!
tellthetruth's picture

Hahahahaha...He does look

Hahahahaha...He does look like the Hamburglar!!!
cHELLYg's picture

Umm he did butcher the

Umm he did butcher the song...don't act like he was doing a favor cause we will never forget Aaliyah. He has so pull, why not have another talented young lady remake the song, geesh!
tellthetruth's picture

Ok First off who does "The

Ok First off who does "The Dream" think he is? How long have you been out sweetie? You JUST got the position as President of Def Jam I believe and I honestly believe that was a last option decision but hey I digress. Dream's work is what I considered bubblegum music....yea its poppin for a quick second but only because of the repetitious, nursery rhyme lyrics he uses to lure the youth!!LOL After you've heard four lines repeated over and over you have no choice but know the damn song!Secondly it wasn't even her birthday or the anniversary of her death and you "decided to remember her"? Please! You though you were poppin and you wanted to try and move #s off of the remake but obviously it tanked. Dream you are a mediocre artist nothing more and probably something less.You lucked up in this business but your time has expired. I just wish you would stay out of the real talented artists' lane and hurry up and retire after this godforsaken album for your "trilogy" before people really bake you.Please and thank you.
KimariBlack's picture

I don't see the big deal.

I don't see the big deal. Either you like it or you dont...keep it moving. I dont see all this "oh how could he, it was disrespectful...etc". Get a life people. Get amp'd over something else.
Anonymous's picture

while i appreciate him

while i appreciate him thinking about babygirl he is so wack and i love this song so when i heard it i cringed from beginning to end lol rest in peace aaliyah
algie's picture

The love we have on these

The love we have on these blogs for one another is apparent....
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Anonymous's picture

As far as the Dream's remake

As far as the Dream's remake goes, it wasn't the best, but he tried. I appreciate him doing a tribute but he should have known that he was opening himself up to a lot of criticism so I don't understand why he seems upset. And for those people saying Aaliyah would have been washed up, GIRL BYE! She had a very promising future and accomplished many things in her 22 years that bishes like Ciara and Rihanna dream of. She had three successful albums, endorsement deals, modeling career, and she was a budding actress with 2 movies under her belt and one in production. I don't think she would be another Ciara, she'd have a career more in Janet's lane. Successful pop/r&b act, dancer, and actress. Aaliyah was pure r&b but she definitely had crossover appeal, she was on the verge on becoming a pop superstar but unfortunately her life was cut short.
tati's picture

A modest r&b career was what

A modest r&b career was what Aaliyah had, not one with longevity. She had been on the R&B scene since 1994 and her career was nowhere near international pop status when she died(RIP). Like I said she was modest at best selling platinum records which was the norm back the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Try that today! As much as I loved Aaliyah she would be exactly where the rest of the good r&b singer are, washed up! Let’s face it as generations grow older the newer generation taste change and you get new artist such as Chris Brown, Rihanna, Ciara, Lady Gaga, Keisha, etc, and the younger generation considers them the hottest new thing, just as we did with Monica, Brandy and Aaliyah. So get over yourself with saying Aaliyah would be the hottest act if she was alive! The Dream sounded almost the same as she did, so if you think he sounds like trash then you are calling her the same.
DC_1's picture

Tat sit down. Aaliyah was

Tat sit down. Aaliyah was just getting her career started when she died. She was getting more popular with each project she put out, dont discredit her. Who are you to say how her career would have been? when Rihanna first came out, i thought she was gonna be a one hit wonder. But years later, she's one of the biggest black entertainers.
Anonymous's picture

atrociousness is def the

atrociousness is def the right word to describe the dream. he needs to go sit the hell down
Anonymous's picture

I must comment on this

I must comment on this because this is just hilarious to me! First of all, what makes the Dream think he can just do Aaliyah's song over and get a round of applause for it? He's only been out a few years, and there's nothing "magical" about him as an artist. Nothing stands out about him. Do you honestly think his music will be played in heavy rotation 30 years from now? If you are gonna remake somebody's song, do it right! You know it's funny when those artists back in the day remade people's songs, it was memorable. There's nothing memorable about The Dream resinging that song, as it sounds like a HOT throwed together mess. These "artists" in the music industry today are a joke...just about all of them. If they're not doing a sex tape or taking nude pics of themselves and posting it online, they are doing lame mixtapes, rapping and singing about their money and just sex sex sex sex....that's all they have going for them...their IMAGE! I think this is absolutely THE WORST remake I've ever heard in my life. Some things you just don't touch, especially if you haven't been out but a few years. Not only that, but Aaliyah hasn't even been dead 10 years, and that song is not even 15 or 20 years old yet, so I personally think it's not old enough to be "remade." Leave the singing to the real R&B singers! This is coming from a real big Aaliyah fan a person who knows what REAL music and singing is...
AnonymousBabyGirl's picture

You people talking about if

You people talking about if Aaliyah was alive she would be another Ciara, Brandy, etc......................YALL CRAZY OUT YALL DAMN MIND!!! Aaliyah had talent. Trust me, if she ever stopped making music, she would be a HUGE MOVIE STAR!!! She had a promising career!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I can't wait till some coon

I can't wait till some coon ass rapper to do a Michael Jackson song remake and then we'll see what u so-called die-hard fans say about that. The DREAM messed the song up. hell he could have did Nivea's old songs
Anonymous's picture

well, no one has made a

well, no one has made a remake per se, but have you heard of the song "Michael Jack that Hoe"? its on youtube somewhere... Coonery at its finest....
tati's picture

These haters are maddddd!!!!

These haters are maddddd!!!! Aaliyah was shittin on bitches while she was alive and if she were here, she'd still be doing it. You retarded ass bitches are mad that damn near 10 years after her death, her music is relevant shits on ya favorite artists. I can't believe you dumb hoes are comparing her to c-error and rihtard. Those hoes will NEVER perform at the Oscars....neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Those hoes probably won't ever get an invite, let alone touch the stage. At the end of the day AALIYAH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>YOUR LIFE!

Let's be honest, Aaliyah

Let's be honest, Aaliyah could not sing is her life depended on it therefore, the dream didn't really murder anything. Everyone puts Aaliyah on this pedestal as if she was the hottest r&b act ever, truth be told, people where not even checking for her last album Aaliyah until after she died. Don't get me wrong I did like Aaliyah but she did not sell out stadiums and shut down shit! She was good but never was she great. Move around!
Thatchick's picture

truth be told, aaliyah was

truth be told, aaliyah was and still is the hottest r&b act to come out in the last 15+ years. her music was avant-garde r&b, but still had that old school sound with a dash of hip-hop and her jazzy vocals. her sound is so often bitten, but ALWAYS comes up short. why do you think her name is constantly brought up, even almost 10 years after her death?! if she truly didn't have an impact on music, her name would've faded by now. this young lady was truly ahead of her time, musically and intellectually. aaliyah was truly a rare breed and i'm glad i've been blessed to grow up with it. you just don't hear music like the music she put out anymore! damn shame for these kids.
shanelle's picture

Bitch YOU LIE! No one was

Bitch YOU LIE! No one was checkin for Aaliyah's last album? Stop the lies bitch, EVERYBODY was bumpin Rock the Boat and couldn't wait for the video. Stop ittttttttttttttt, stop the lies!

Okay, stop the lies for

Okay, stop the lies for real!!!
Anonymous's picture

respect to dream for keeping

respect to dream for keeping her memory alive, but i don't ever want him to touch another aaliyah track again. and to you fools saying aaliyah couldn't sing seriously need to get your ears checked. listen to "at your best," "rock the boat," and "the one i gave my heart to" and tell me she couldn't blow. don't confuse her sweet falsetto for being weak, because if that's the case, then robin thicke and ronald isley can't sing either. aaliyah def could belt with the best of them. trust.
crucial's picture

DREAM...I said it before and

DREAM...I said it before and I'll say it again...FUCK YOU. Aint nobody doing Michael Jackson remakes and putting them out. Aaliyah's brother should knock your teeth out...hell Dame Dash should knock your teeth out. If you spent half as much time doing face presses you might actually be less painful to look at with your balls squeezed high pitched ears bleeding voice. I know Christina takin backshots all day just so she doesnt have to see your cum face. I'm not hatin Im just sayin what's on my mind.
Electric Sunshine's picture

That's some crazy shit you

That's some crazy shit you talkin! Damn Bitch its a song. I love aaliyah like everyone else and trulu miss her, BUT, it's only a some we as people are different. respect the difference in his mourning her. and what the hell does his wifr taking back shots have to do with you. Mad nobody blowing yours out huh...get a life!
Courtney's picture

Who are you calling a bitch?

Who are you calling a bitch? Was I talking to you? Do you know me? Well to answer your retarded question, since you lack reading, comprehension, and grammar skills. Read my post again. Clearly I'm upset that an ugly and talentless loser DERAILED a beautiful song by my favourite singer who happens to be deceased. Secondly, IMO I believe Christina is with him for his money and DEFINITELY NOT for his looks (even though I do like her as an artist) but let's face it. She got with him because her career was hanging by a thread. Hence my backshots comment--it was supposed to be humorous. And sweetie...1. I have no reason to be jealous of anyone. I have what they call a healthy self-esteem 2. Yes, I have a sexy man blowing my back out as backshots is one of my favourite positions and 3. I'm entitled to my own fucking opinion if you would like to disagree with me please do so in a manner that's relatively intelligent because you made an ass of yourself.
Electric Sunshine's picture

Sorry, failing to see what

Sorry, failing to see what the issue is. Everyone knows the song to be Aaliyah's and to be one of her best. He is not releasing it, he's not even claiming it to be a remake. It's not a big deal, i wish people would get over it...it's just someone singing her song.
LDN80's's picture

At least someone was thinking

At least someone was thinking about her....REALLY!??!?!?! Babygirl was definitely a favorite of mine and still think his remake/mixtape of the song shouldn't have been done period. In regards to comparison to Rihanna...don't think that's neccessary; if Aaliyah were alive, she'd probably would still be one of the baddest chicks in the game and there would still be room for current bad chicks that we have now and any future artist.... RIP Aaliyah.
Alena's picture

if Aaliyah was still around

if Aaliyah was still around there would be very little or NO rhianna
KK's picture

Bitch please if Aaliyah was

Bitch please if Aaliyah was still alive she wuld be the same place where Mya, Monica, Brandy, Ciara and every one RNB chick is.......right underneath Beyonce and Rihanna. Dont come on here acting like Aaliyah had a voice or something...she was strickly image and sings no better than Ciara or Rihanna and I cud guarantee u she wad have no career jus Mya and Brandy who was hot during her time.
Meme's picture

Ignorance at it's fucking

Ignorance at it's fucking best. Your dumb ass cant HONESTLY listen to at your best, the one i gave my heart to, journey to the past, or giving up and say aaliyah sings no better than Ciara and rihanna. I wish people would actually take the time to get their facts straight rather than going on blog sites spewing lies about dead people. pathetic.
Anonymous's picture

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better myself. If Aaliyah was still alive she would be washed up! She had no voice but she could dance, that will only hold you over but for so long, just ask Ciara
Thatchick's picture

She did 2 movies and was

She did 2 movies and was accepted to play Nona Gaye's part in the "Matrix". Plus, she danced and sung LIVE, unlike some other female artists. If you didn't like her as an artist, fine, but she made a name for herself in the r&b/hip hop world and was about to do the same in pop culture. She deserves that much respect.
SnappyOne's picture

stfu! aaliyah was not

stfu! aaliyah was not strictly image. she had more talent in her pinky finger than half these broads have in their whole body. she had one of the most beautiful voices i've EVER heard, and that's real talk. in terms of fame, she would be right up there with beyonce. in terms of music, she would've been way ahead of the game as she ALWAYS was. fall back with that silliness.
crucial's picture

go right ahead and start

go right ahead and start listin Aaliyah many talent? Please, Aaliyah was no more talented than Cassie or Amerie. She def wasnt more talented than Ciara or RIhanna...so I dont get ur point. I cant think of anything that Aaliyah has done that is even worth mentioning. Her songs were all below advanage vocals...she was marketed based on image just like any other female artist today.
Meme's picture

he sweeter than easter candy

he sweeter than easter candy
KK's picture

aahhh!!! that is the perfect

aahhh!!! that is the perfect description - i'm not worthy!!!!! rotflmao
mmhmm's picture

Ppl these comments are

Ppl these comments are ridiculous he remade a song get over urselfs for yuy or whatever u call urself don't ever compare aaliyah to rihanna if she was still here she would be one of baddest chick in the game.
darksexii's picture

I understand that he did this

I understand that he did this song to remenber her, but he could have drawn a picture, wrote a poem, even wrote a song about her, but why the hell did his no singing ass do this dame remake.
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