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Gucci Mane & Keyshia Dior Heat Things Up

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Looks like things are indeed heating up between Gucci Mane and popular video vixen Keyshia Dior, who is his lead girl from his "911 Emergency" video


The twosome was spotted Friday in Miami's infamous King Of Diamonds gentlemen's club "making it rain." And people in both Gucci and Keyshia's camps are telling people they are indeed a couple. I see Gucci got right on trend with what's hot in the streets these days.  Dude didn't miss a beat after getting out of jail.   Pics of Keyshia and Trey Songz's former chick Ophilia when you read on...


Keyshia and Trey Songz's rumored on and off "girlfriend" Ophilia aka "Just Right" from "For The Love of Ray-J 2" were hanging out and "modeling" this past holiday weekend for the "prestigious" Show Magazine in LA.  Here's their behind the scenes shots and slightly NSFW eye candy for ya'll who like it:

Gucci's "911 Emergency" vid debuts on "106 & Park" today.

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Why does she and Gucci Mane's

Why does she and Gucci Mane's lip color match?
REBEL X's picture

not tryin to hate! but

not tryin to hate! but Keyshia D has a funny shape...and she is alright, not really breath taking! IDK..maybe its jus me..
Knetha's picture

I love Keyshia. In a world of

I love Keyshia. In a world of people being famous for the sake of being famous, she's managed to use her style to attract and keep everyone's attention. To the naysayers, you had to click on the story to comment so her strategy must have worked. I'm not crazy about Gucci's music, but if they are an item, more power to 'em. I think her beauty compliments him well.
BtSquared2's picture

Hey Keyshia...

Hey Keyshia...
ThatChick's picture

im not feeling the white

im not feeling the white lipstick but im glad her teeth are just as white =) good look girl, she's cute too; ::vomiting:: from looking at gucci!
TiFFeRS's picture

Lol! The Keyshia girl is

Lol! The Keyshia girl is pretty, but who CARES if she is with gucci bc it's not gonna last.
TruStar's picture

I am not feeling the white

I am not feeling the white lipstick at all.
Anonymous's picture

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WHO are these people

WHO are these people again? LMAO NEXT!


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