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Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, & John Legend Hit The World Cup Stage

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Alicia Keys, John Legend, and Black Eyed Peas hit the world's stage last night for the World Cup Opening Ceremony in South Africa. Alicia put on a 10-minute concert with songs "Fallin'", "Empire State of Mind II", "No One", "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart", and others.


We've got her performances and others' when you read on....


BEP did a set of songs including "I Got A Feeling".



And John Legend did "Wake Up" and "Green Light".


1.  Nelson Mandela had to miss the Opening Ceremony due to his great-granddaughter being involved in a fatal car crash.

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I saw this from another

I saw this from another site: [Alicia is lesb, trust people! As in "lesbian." She IS good friends with Swizz, she does like/admire him (& his creativity as a rapper/producer),& yes, she IS having his baby. BUT they aren't truly a couple in the sense that most folks believe, like the 904 anon  said. She has been in a long-term relationship with a woman for almost a decade. She has been wanting to have a baby for a while, as she's been indicating in the press. Therefore, she needs a man to bear that child with, for obvious literal reasons & for public PR reasons. She has to hide her true sexuality to avoid tarnishing her public image as instructed by her management. Oh, & for those oh-whatever-you're-just-wanting this-to-happen-in your-own-fantasy-world folks, use a lil' common sense & intuition. The celebs you worship aren't living in a vaccum, their actions are known to people outside of the "crew". Photogs & press have been paid off for YEARS on FAILING to report the real deal behind closed doors. Plus, there's contractual agreements that keep the most socially "difficult" unpleasantries under wraps from potential whistleblowing. Swizz has been friends with AK for a minute now. Her people know his people & the powers that be decided to take advantage of that fact & start a rumor mill around them dating secretly, the dating causing the breaking up of his previous marriage, then graduate to the expectation of pregnancy & of course, now, marriage proposal. Krucial as a male cover & baby provider was a possibility, but ultimately did not work out due to his own relationships. You will see: the "marriage" will happen then fail soon after, not because of Swizz's infidelity issues (as real as they are) but because that was the 'plan' all along...AK can have her traditional child the nuclear way (read: accepted) & then slip back under the radar carrying on as she did before.] hmmmmmmm....this person's on to somethin, what if the industry execs are behind this and we're just feeding into it? Man I actually liked them as a couple too. SMH
Anonymous's picture

Some media reported she has

Some media reported she has an account on a site to find love. It seems it's called [_www.cougarmony.com_] it is said it brings mature women and young men together. After checking it, I saw a lot of charming girls and rich men there.
cuttiebabe123's picture

Why couldn't the Mandela

Why couldn't the Mandela story get it's own post?! Instead of that lil section at the bottom where you always put less important news.
Anonymous's picture

I can't wait to see what the

I can't wait to see what the baby is gonna look like.
Hmmmm....'s picture

Alicia shut the place down!!!

Alicia shut the place down!!! She was tres magnifique! I like that she paid hommage to Brenda Fassie. While you continue to hate, she continues to prosper. She is indeed filled with love and light. Condolences to the Mandelas.
hoodrats are not cute's picture

OMG....I don't understand

OMG....I don't understand some people on here. How can you wish someone who is with-child ill? Homewrecker or not, having a child is considered a blessing. Some people can't even have children, so to just out right hate is just sad and spiteful. No one knows all the facts so all we can do is speculate and/or congratulate. Do I think she "stole" Swizz from his wife? No. No person can make another human do anything they don't want to; and that's the honest truth. If it wasn't Alicia, it would've been someone else. If he was ready to leave, he was ready to leave. And secondly, how can one person "wreck" something that is supposed to be not easily broken?
Let's Be Real's picture

Amen to that...I'm glad you

Amen to that...I'm glad you put it out there!
Out of the Lime Light's picture

i went to south africa this

i went to south africa this past march and it is a beautiful place!!! go south africa!!
MissNovermber's picture

what ever b*tch ass alicia,

what ever b*tch ass alicia, glad the black community promotes broken homes. no wonder over 50% of our community is single black moms. F*ck that homewrecking bish. I hope it comes back to her five fold. she deserves to be left high and dry. stupid bisch.
Anonymous's picture

Just because a man and a

Just because a man and a woman is not together is does not mean they can't raise their child/children together. My brother does his best at taking care of his child but because he has moved on with his life with another woman, she female he has a daughter with refuse to let him see her. He had to do what he didn't want to do and that was take her to court. The problem with most women is that they hold grudges against men because they didn't work out and then punish him by holdin the kid against him. That is not fair you have to forget about your pain and place your child first. I'm 33 years old and my parents weren't together and they both raised me. My mother hated my father to death but she never showed me I didn't find that out until I was in my late 20's. She did what she had to for the benefit of her child. We don't know the true story behind Swiss, Shonda and Keys so you people and yes I said you people need to stop placing judgement. If there is any wrong in this situation there is one GOD that can judge it and you are not him. Congrats to Alicia and Swiss...while you all are hating, broke and living paycheck to paycheck she's still manifesting!
Out of the Lime Light's picture

I hate you use such harsh

I hate you use such harsh words to describe her, because she is a sister n I luv her. After sayin that, I have 2 say you r right. No one is looking at the fact that all Swizz baby momas are single women trying to raise his kids, which makes them statistics. This is embarrassing 4 our community, but I guess since he and Alicia are celebrities, their fans are standing by them. But I guarantee you, God will not stand by them, and this union will not stand the test of times. He needs to man up, and learn how to committ and honor his relationships instead of jumpn n out when he feels he wants to move on to the next one, sounds like an immature boy, trying to b a man to me. Some sources r sayn he has at least 4 kids by different women, it will all come out, Alicia is probably his 5 or 6 baby momma.
Anonymous's picture

yeah lycicious keys does look

yeah lycicious keys does look great! happy, healthy and thriving!! being preggers must be real good for her!
dnymph's picture

South Africa is

South Africa is rockin!!!!!!!!!! They are representing a positive light on the world. Enjoy! Life!
Please's picture

so what!! if Alica wants a

so what!! if Alica wants a baby then be helpful, I like this site but I'm going to have to stop posting u folks are a trip with your nasty comments and judgemental attitudes. WOW!!! things happen where you might get the manor not, but you'll always have the baby. Alicia at least will be in a good position to care for their child regardless. let bring on positive feedback you guys sound so immature and hateful and you know who u are.
CYNTHIA 's picture

I was watching this yesterday

I was watching this yesterday but missed Akeys, but anyways am pumped for this world cup, she looks good and glowing, good-luck on the baby.
Queenbee..'s picture

It was a concert not a soap

It was a concert not a soap opera. All the artist were great. It is currently on VEVO watch it. Be apart of the global community and contribute in a positive way to society. Peace!
God Bless!'s picture

why is everyone blamming

why is everyone blamming alicia keys when its just as swizz beatz fault as well...smh...anway i hope everything works for the sake of the unborn child. lord help them..
Anonymous's picture

because she crossed the line

because she crossed the line and stepped in the middle of a covenant between a man and his wife. Whoever knowingly steps in between this should be ashamed of themselves, I don't care how many problems the couple has in their marriage. You're dead wrong. Get a man to marry you and then speak/act about marital problems. Don't be on the outside creeping in.
WildBillieGoatMe's picture

Wow people are VERY

Wow people are VERY judgemental on here!! Damn! The bottom line is none of us is GOD! Let her have her baby and pray she has a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy happy baby! The baby has no part in this except to be born and be loved by everyone in it's life!! Why don't all the judgemental folks focus on the beautiful life that is coming into this world rather mashonda, you or I like it or not! That baby is a blessing regardless! This is what's really important at this juncture! Peace and God Bless everyone, including Alicia an Swizz!
carmelhoney's picture

Look ladies. If your worried

Look ladies. If your worried about some broad stealing your man maybe you should worry about yourself. If you know your a good woman with a good man there's no need to be so concerned about homewreckers. Nor should you be worried about what Alicia is doing. She's a celebrity and as much as we like to think we know so much about celebrities we really don't. They are people just like us and there's a story behind every action.
Anonymous's picture

So we should just excuse

So we should just excuse stuff becaue they are a celebrity? I don't buy it. I don't care about Alicia or anybody trying to steal my man but I don't have to like her and what she does. If you live your life in the public eye, you can expect observation, criticism, etc. It is what it is. If she doesnt care about my opinion of her why should you?
Monty1514's picture

Wonder what's going to happen

Wonder what's going to happen in a few years when he cheats on Alicia and gets somebody else pregnant. I bet she's going to have some really great, heartbroken songs then. Maybe I'll buy that cd cause this one was crap! The Black Eyed Peas, tried not to like them, but can't fight it.
Monty1514's picture

If he cheats on her then he

If he cheats on her then he does! So what! People who get married and I guess in your book do things in the right way and in the right oder STILL get cheated on! So she'll do what they do, take care, love and nurture their chid/children because life can't stop and a baby cant stop being loved because the father leaves or cheats on the mother! Life goes the fuck on! Live!!
carmelhoney's picture

Why is everyone callin her a

Why is everyone callin her a homewrecker!?!?! This has been going on for years..
Anonymous's picture

The homewrecker is wearing

The homewrecker is wearing pregnancy well. I don't care what anybody says about 'not judging her', speaking out against what's wrong is not judging. Wrong is wrong whether it's me, you, or Alicia Keys. We're living in the last days when mess like this is acceptable and congratulated.
Sherm's picture

Girl take ur bitterness

Girl take ur bitterness elsewhere. That tune is old we all know what happened. CONGRATS Akeys !!! Keep the good music coming..!!!
Anonymous's picture

What do I have to be bitter

What do I have to be bitter about? I can say whatever I want to say and will continue to. If you don't like it, mind your business and don't respond.
Sherm's picture

Relax! Pray! Release!

Relax! Pray! Release!
God Bless!'s picture

you can tell who the babies

you can tell who the babies mamas are in this thread just by the replies. do better and you will get better. a man leaving his wife for a pregnant mistress is not something to be congratulated, no matter how fragile the family structure has become in this country/community.
WildBillieGoatMe's picture

I guess Black Eyed Peas won't

I guess Black Eyed Peas won't be going away for a while. Damn.
whatev's picture

love alicia shes rocking it

love alicia shes rocking it even with her preggo belly! I'm doing my hair like hers in the No One video as we speak... and i heart fergie shes my fave white girl... well one of
Mila's picture

You should add Shakira's

You should add Shakira's performance...hers was the best IMO (the last part)
RealOnandOffLine's picture

Africans have great spirit

Africans have great spirit and great hearts. We should all love each other and pray for great things for all nations. The music was true in variety and unity. I would buy the DVD.
Free At Last's picture

Africa really brought

Africa really brought together a great group of artist. All artist where just great......... All nations together using music to united.
Free At Last's picture

This is the kind of concert I

This is the kind of concert I enjoy. Real musician that are from a wide range of music. All very talented and their for the love of it........all
Christian's picture

The concert was amazing with

The concert was amazing with love for every performer. I enjoyed the music that was diverse. They are all amazing artist that all talented. Enjoy! the music.
Amazing's picture

I loved all the music from

I loved all the music from the World Cup concert in South Africa. All crowd was enthusiastic and such great spirit. It was truly a great show.
Beautiful's picture

Ms. Keys is an amazing

Ms. Keys is an amazing performer. I love her voice which is powerful.
Love's picture

This is random...

This is random...
aaliyah's picture

You know what, Alicia Keys is

You know what, Alicia Keys is only here to give us good music to listen to, her personal life is not our business!!!! We can all sit here and say what she should or shouldn't be doing and maybe its true she is setting bad example to young women who look up to her, but to be fair these young women should have sense of their own and shouldn't really watch music artists because they're just as F'd up as the rest of the humankind!!! I don't care what she is doing, she can't enhance or infulence my life in anyway or any other smart person, only the dummy's will look at her and think what she is doing is fine!
omygosh's picture

Mashonda.......let it go

Mashonda.......let it go baby!!!! its done!!!
Anonymous's picture

Iam so concerned about Alicia

Iam so concerned about Alicia being left alone pregnant n raising this baby by herself. Swizz is a very sloppy n live 4 da moment person. I feel this is a way 4 him to get a house-hold famous name and mayb millions worth of endorsements by using Alicia, to try to get to the status of Diddy n others. If he loves her like he says, why would he let this relationship play out n the media this way knowing he was married n that was a threat to her image n career. Thats not love 4 her, thats love 4 himself, and his love 4 money and greed. He cared nothing for her image. I hate she feel n love with a man like that, because it wont last, and I know she will be devastated. But I really feel she will have a long term relationship with Drake, dont know y, usually Iam right when I get a gut feeling. Female artist that have babies n try 2 make a come-back have a hard enough time. Swizz just made Alicia's come-back even harder by allowing dirt to be thrown on her name. People will always remember she got pregnant from a married man, believe that will not die out anytime soon, them faking like they r getting married will not make things better, might as well drop all the pretending.By now I know she realizes she has made a mistake, but of course she wont show you that, she going to pretend everything is lovely. I hope Alicia hang on n not let this storm take the best of her, because I feel a tornado forming and its about to touch down, yall please pray 4 her strength. She is about 2 go thru some tuff times, being tied to a man like Swizz, I speak from experience not foolishness.
Anonymous's picture

Whatever with your "too long

Whatever with your "too long lecture" Sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot of things for LOVE and she did that and she lucky to find a man who adores her. how many off you jumpoffs have ever heard a guy refer to you as "soul mate" Do unto others before they do unto you. Doing good sometimes lands you nowhere but in tears and shame .. look at mashonda
Anonymous's picture

WTF, do you mean lucky to

WTF, do you mean lucky to find a man that adores her. This is Alicia Keys all men adored her. She had a man n her life for years that adored her Kerry Brothers. Dont let the fakery fool you, but thats what she did when she fell 4 Swizz. U have the evidence she got pregnant from a married man, someone of her status should b more responsible, due to the fact, you are paying your bills because of fans who buy into your image. Live N Learn, you cant bless the situation she is in. It's going to end, rather you like it or not. Plus a man that adores you wont make a fool of you, n get you pregnant while he is still married, knowing it could damage your image. Use your wisdom n knowledge ladies, not your emotions n hormones, when dealing with a wanna b playa. Wake Da Hell UP!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Be strong! Pray! Love GOD!

Be strong! Pray! Love GOD! It will pass........Have Faith..........
God Bless!'s picture

lol where did the drake

lol where did the drake connection come from? *confused face*
myMAMAsaid's picture

Swizz is FAR from broke & he

Swizz is FAR from broke & he is a good man! Speak from what you know cause you boviously don't know JACK about the Dean family!! LMAO @ Diddy status!! A Keys will be just fine & she is a grown ass woman so mind you mfing business & let them do them!
Anonymous's picture

Bitter Ladies!!! Leave Ms.

Bitter Ladies!!! Leave Ms. Keys along. U dont really know the story. I def don't but the judging WOW!
stop looking at me's picture

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