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Eternal fiance no more.  Lala Vazquez officially became Mrs. Carmelo Anthony just moments ago in a ceremony at Cipriani 42nd St. in NYC.  The couple traveled back to their home state to put on a fantabulous wedding with their family and celebrity friends.


Bride LaLa looked stunning in her Vera Wang gown and red rose bouquet.  And Mr. Melo's wore a navy tuxedo by Waraire Boswell.  The first flicks of the newlyweds and their celeb friends at the wedding when you read on...

It only took 5 years.  But one big ass ring, half a decade, and 1 baby later, Lala's nabbed herself a hubby:

The gorgeous couple smiled for the cameras--including their own reality show cameras--minutes after their wedding ceremony tonight in Manhattan.  Loving the soft romantic look for Lala.


Pics of Melo's and their friends' arrivals:

Nice.  Yeah we see you in the background Ludacris....

LeBron James finally landed in NYC and entered the ceremony with his long time girlfriend Savannah.  And according to paparazzi on the scene, he was welcomed with a sea of "Boo"'s.  I guess the sting of Bron Bron's "big decision" still hasn't worn off for the hopeful NY Knick fans.  Savannah's looking pretty though.

La's BFF Kim Kardashian entered wearing a blush Herve Leger dress, Loren jewels, and nude studded Louboutins.

And she even tweeted some pics of her girl getting ready:

Their other bestie Serena Williams looked beautiful as well.  Is that a second dress in the background?  Hmmm...

Gorge.  Kim just tweeted:

Wow what a ceremony!!! Congrats Mr. And Mrs. Carmelo Anthony!!!!



Well congrats to the newlyweds!

Photos via SPLASH/Twitter

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LaLa hay lady what,s

LaLa hay lady what,s happening?I Lady T,nachi knows that I can really make the show EXPAnd.U GOT it going on for sure .Yet i want bring some sex appeal into the action.plus i have a jersey i know jr. will LOVE.HE has to grow up to it ,BUT IT T0P NOTCH.Whenever we talk i,ll let u n mello know exactly whom I am. yaw still may not know of me,Yet She is I in I am Her. The Lady with the Pretty Hair.I,m 100 percent african american Indian.Ready to bring scary action to your Fabulous as I AM LIFE.Let,s meet now .I,ve got ACTION for the show.
Sharon Alexander's picture

The newly weds looks very

The newly weds looks very happy together.LaLa haters are going to hate.You can't stop them,So why try??Means you doin somethin right.You know you got a good man thats all that matters. And your husband knows he's blessed to have you for a wife.Both of you look very happy together,there are still people in the world that like to see two people that love each other take that next step. Honey, may God bless the both of you!!!!!Tell em girl, Izz married now ! GOOD DAY!!!!!!!
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beauty 's picture

good luck cuz you and your

good luck cuz you and your bride got it cracking,much happiness from your guys in cabrini green,chicago IL.
BIGGS1719's picture

Congrads to the beautiful

Congrads to the beautiful couple LALA & CAMELO!!!!!! I wish u the best and many more years to come. This is just the begining and May God bless your union!!!!
Diva's picture

carmelo dont look happy.. and

carmelo dont look happy.. and kim face so tight damn botox lala girl you a hot mess you look very cheap sorry
Anonymous's picture

Cheap? You're kidding. Wow, a

Cheap? You're kidding. Wow, a little jealous are we??? Its too bad you can't just be happy for another human being instead of insercurities and jealousy issues making you say she looks cheap and he don't look happy. Your man must not be happy. You must be a fat ass ugly hairy black chick with a man that cheats. Word of advice, loose your baby fat already from you five kids and wax your lip. Get a weave and some botox and while your at it, shut the hell up. Jealousy gets you nowhere.
amybaby's picture

Well yeah...she's obviously

Well yeah...she's obviously hating...but YOU ARE A RACIST...making the assumption the's a "black chick" is just as bad as her saying LA LA looks cheap! GROW UP LOSER!
Angie's picture

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Melo

Congrats to Mr & Mrs Melo Anthony!!!! Some are saying he doesn't look happy, but he is and so is she. I'm happy they finally took the next step in their love for one another. This is beautiful!
Anonymous's picture

Im sorry but with all the

Im sorry but with all the money Serena has, why does her weave ALWAYS look like a weave?!!! She needs to do better. And Kim is looking plastic.
Taisha's picture

Serena's weave or wig

Serena's weave or wig actually looks good this time! She really looks great & looks like she's lost weight!! Her body is sick! I WISH my ass looked like that!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to Lala and Carmelo,

Congrats to Lala and Carmelo, they look fabulous together. The 2 have been going for some time now and it makes sense that they'd get married, they know each other and they knew when was the right time to do so, so am pretty sure their marriage will last. Congrats to their family and their son has the same name as my nephew lol
naimas's picture

Am I the only one who thinks

Am I the only one who thinks Carmelo is just pretending to be happy. Lala's facial expression looks more like "I'm in the money" more than "I'm with the man of my dreams," but she is the only gold digger out of her group that got the man to say "I do" so gold diggers everywhere just got a new role model....when you see lebron and savannah...that's what a real couple looks like...she doesn't always have to be up on her man...can't say the same for lala....
Anonymous's picture

Wow, how are lebron and

Wow, how are lebron and savannah more of a "real" couple than carmelo and lala? Last time I checked they've been together for years, have TWO kids, and aren't even engaged yet. So how can you criticize a couple that finally got married? And come on now, how is Lala a golddigger? Sure, she isn't making money like him, but she would live fine without his money. Lala looks beautiful and genuinely happy, and so does Carmelo. They've been going strong for a minute, and though I used to claim the engagement was way too long, I think them taking their time was a good thing. Look at Christina and the Dream. Black love is beautiful! I wish them the best.
Anonymous's picture

Kim K looks terrible here !

Kim K looks terrible here ! Lay off the botox Kim!
white chocolate's picture

Kim K is looking more like

Kim K is looking more like Ili Kim these days!!!!!!! slow the trips to the doctor down Kim...not cute....if LaLa with really her bff she would have looked a little more classy .....Ciara also looked like she was going to a club instead of a wedding!!!!! the attention always needs to be on these 2 it seems...even on Lala's big day!!!!!!!!
A 2 tha LO's picture

Mel & Lala look happy!

Mel & Lala look happy! Congrats!!! I like how Kim recycle her shoes and feels that she doesn't have to buy a new pair of shoes for every event. I guess Savannah doesn't like camera, she didn't smile once. She still looks pretty though.
Ton_Teezy's picture

Kim looks nice granted--but

Kim looks nice granted--but she doesn't look etter than Lala and that's an effed up thing to say! Obviously Carmelo loves her because he didn't *have* to marry her just because they had a baby. So kudos to them for doing their thing in their own time--and Kim's looking like the washed-up skank she is, making her rounds at ballers' weddings and sleeping with different dudes. Funny-if she was a black chick with that reputation ballers would avoid her like the plague. And Kim-try something else--there are other clothing options that Herve Leger dresses!
Vee's picture

Kim does look better IMO.

Kim does look better IMO. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is a blog after all. Neither of them look ecstatic. Forced smiles. Business arrangement...etc...etc.....I'll give Lala her wedding so she can STFU! He's still going to do what all of them do. Watch...
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srtsfgnxfn's picture

Kim's father was a

Kim's father was a high-profile lawyer. Mr. Kardashian was one of OJ's attorneys. So she is accustomed to the elite way of living. She looks even more beautiful than Lala. I hope the marriage lasts and that there was a pre-nup. Sometimes when you put the cart before the horse it doesn't work. You couldn't pay enough to marry a baller. Not worth the heartache. Wait until they are broke down and retired, then marry their asses. Not a hater...just saying.
Andi B.'s picture

Why is Ciara at the wedding

Why is Ciara at the wedding with a dress up her a** and the platforms. It should have been one or the other mama not both or did you want some of the attention on LaLa's wedding day?
Anonymous's picture

I dont understand big

I dont understand big weddings after you have a child together. =/ maybe Im just traditional but I want to be a wife then mother not a "baby mama" then wife *kanye shrug*
Purextcie's picture

Who are we to judge? Just

Who are we to judge? Just because you have a child together doesn't mean that it was planned and it doesn't mean that you have to rush to get married. Their intention was to get married and they did so on their own time. They could afford to have a big wedding and that's their business. Congrats to them!
Anonymous's picture

dang Kim K looks more and

dang Kim K looks more and more like her mom Kris... yikes. Im not feeling the boob spillage but she looks cute Is that a blonde streak in Lebron's girls hair? Congrats to the couple!!
JMO's picture

I wanted to comment on lala

I wanted to comment on lala but Kim is throwing me off! She loves that herve dress and some lous....I mean she looks like her wax figure!
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Anonymous's picture

wheres cici?? anyways lala

wheres cici?? anyways lala was a beautiful bride congrats to them... kim love her she a bad bitch
Mila's picture

So what Kim wore the shoes

So what Kim wore the shoes before, since when. The shoes are fly so why would she not wear them more just once? Stop being petty. LaLa dress is beautiful.
Miss Thanng's picture

Does it matter how long they

Does it matter how long they have been engaged? Natasha, you engaged? Do you even have a man? If so, how long are you planning to be engaged? Let's get in your business for a minute since you seemingly like to dig into everyone else's business. Just report that story and keep your snide remarks to the backside. ***Drops the mic and whispers of jealous a** women***
VTChick's picture

stop being such an asshole

stop being such an asshole VTChick - this isnt Time Mag - this is accurate YBF enetertainment info - we like it here cause we like Natashas comments for fun as well, and she tells the truth. And, Natasha does love to dig in everyones business, thats her job, remember there is this little blog site you like to read called YBF....duhhh go some damn where
KiahFierce's picture

Beautiful. Savannah is so

Beautiful. Savannah is so sweet and classy.
zappy's picture

Kim K needs to ease up on the

Kim K needs to ease up on the plastic surgery and Botox. She is starting to look more and more like a cross between Janice Dickinson and Joan Rivers!
Quiche-A's picture

Savannah's expression looks

Savannah's expression looks like she is sick of folks booing her man. She looks like she will kick off her designer shoes and bust a cap if she has to.... LOL... Ride or die chick.... I would have a 'salty' look on my face if my man was being boo'ed too.
Run_Tell_Dat's picture

Is it me or is Kim looking

Is it me or is Kim looking like Kris!!!!
Tan Renee''s picture

Savannah was flawless she is

Savannah was flawless she is a lovely real young lady, I pray Lebron does right by her and the kids.
renee's picture

Congrats LaLa and Carmelo!!!

Congrats LaLa and Carmelo!!! Serena gets an A+!! Kim is not afraid to wear the same thing twice...she just wore the shoes on the Yahct with her boy toy and that's her trademark Herve Dress... So happy for the Lovely Couple!!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

i thought her dress would

i thought her dress would have been more extravagent after all the time she waited to get married.lol I dont like her dress but the girl looks happy, so im happy for her! -wtf is kim wearing to a wedding, you dont wear a dress like that to a wedding!!she wears way too much makeup, lay off the botox girl.please. i loved serenas dress!
lalovelyj's picture

They both look happy and

They both look happy and amazing..mostly everybody looks nice. I'm sure Savannah wasn't in the best mood because of the bad attention her man has been getting as of late and if the post is correct getting booed right when they get out of their car wouldn't have been a pleasant experience either c'mon people cut her some slack. Kim and Ciara look like they were going to the club or just that they knew there were going to be several ballers in the building I'm just saying. Serena and Kelly looked absolutely gorgeous loved both of their looks head to toe. Nice wedding I would have loved to a fly on the wall.
claudette's picture

i am so happy for her, she

i am so happy for her, she pulled it off so tremendous.
Anonymous's picture

"She nabbed herself a hubby"

"She nabbed herself a hubby" - maybe, jus maybe, he feels lucky to have her! - They look great!
Anonymous - Ceej - "Naw, Anonymous"'s picture

I agree 100%!

I agree 100%!
LOVE-HAPPY's picture

Congrats everyone looks nice.

Congrats everyone looks nice. @bosslady Lebron & Savannah are already married, they had a secret wedding before the playoffs were over.
Island Gyal's picture

no they did not dont start no

no they did not dont start no lies and my girl is beautiful but she needs a better hair stylist cuz those tracks (blonde) are wrong and the dress is ugly and her boobs are missin in it... stupid a$$ lbj knew where they were going and could have hooked her up better especially with all those high profile bitches being there becuz true enough kk face is a wax scuplture but her body is bangin in that dress AND SAVANNAH DO GOT A COLD BODY!!!
DILLIN's picture

Lebron and Savannah are not

Lebron and Savannah are not married. What are you talking about?!?!?
IfThisIsIt's picture

If that's the case - I'm

If that's the case - I'm really happy for her. She is a REAL wife not just a basketball wife. She has been with him forever and would have STILL been with him if he was working a 9 to 5. Good luck to them because I bet there are already thirsty Miami groupies plotting on Lebron as we speak. Savannah better let all of them know before they even start!
Stacey's picture

wow! I'm really happy for

wow! I'm really happy for LaLa, she looks beautiful and Carmelo looks very handsome. Oh and Serena looks fab! www.citizette.com
lizzy's picture

is it just me or does

is it just me or does savannah look unhappy. She looks as if she were wishing it were her getting married, maybe she's ready for Lebron to make that type of commitment. I'm just saying she looks depressed.
bosslady's picture

Congrats to the happy couple.

Congrats to the happy couple. For all you shopaholics visit www.saxxix.com
Saxxi X's picture

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