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More Celeb Arrivals For Carmelo & Lala's NYC Wedding

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It was wedding bliss for Mr. and Mrs. Anthony last night.  Their star studded wedding guest list made their arrivals at Cipriani 42nd St.  And everybody looked fab as they celebrated Carmelo Anthony & Lala Vazquez's nuptials.


Pics of the bride and groom, LeBron, Ciara, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, Trina, Spike Lee, and more when you read on....

Lala chatted up the media as she made her way inside the venue.  Her wedding dress and its escort trailed right behind her.

Well look at that cutie patootie.  Melo and Lala's son Kiyan rocked his tux last night.  We're guessing he was the cute ring bearer.  Or extra junior groomsman...

La's BFF Ciara wore this pink printed dress and Versace heels to the wedding.

LeBron and Savannah arrived hand in hand.  Hornets baller Chris Paul was in tow too.  Why so glum Savannah?

Beyonce's cousin and La's good friend Angie Beyince rocked this hot blue fitted dress.  Very flattering on her.  And so is that hairstyle.  Cute look.

The other bestie of La's crew Kelly Rowland arrived in this long sleeved deep purple dress and leopard pumps.

Trina rocked all black everything in this ruffled bust dress.  Her skin looks amazing.

Luda and his girlfriend made their way into the venue.  Cute couple.

Serena's been looking really fab lately.

Spike Lee was there in all white and summery tangerine alongside his wife Tonya.

Terrence J was on the guest list as well.

And so was Rocsi.  Oh, is that your date girl?  It's Jay Williams--former NBA baller turned ESPN analyst.

And the flower girls made their arrival too.

Congats again to the newlyweds!  Check out the first flicks of the newlyweds from last night here.



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I think everyone looked

I think everyone looked great,but life isn't exciting without haters.LOL! Oh and to Savannah these Bitches mad cause they ain't you. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!
keisha's picture

Its the 21st century....I

Its the 21st century....I think Ciara look very nice so until u haters get ya money up like civi ...stop hating because she look good and showing off them legs umm umm good....
Ronnie 's picture

that wont last..and she

that wont last..and she doesnt look beautiful sorry Terence j look like a fucking moron ciara please girl get a new stylist ..that is how u show up to a wedding? & trina girl you a mess ..i guess you took that break up hard lala girl your a mess
Anonymous's picture

your a real hater its sad so

your a real hater its sad so sad get a life boo or is hatin ur life
lil minaj's picture

Love the yellow shoes with

Love the yellow shoes with the yello dress. Shoes off the hook

Savannah is looking crazy

Savannah is looking crazy because she's wondering if she's going to forever be LeBron's baby mama. They are way past due to jump the broom.
Nikki's picture

Has anyone noticed that in

Has anyone noticed that in the picture with the two ladies and La la's child, both ladies are wearing the same shoe!?! Or was that a photo angle thingy???
Anjon's picture

Congrats on their Marriage!

Congrats on their Marriage! But WTF was Ciara wearing. Did she NOT KNOW SHE WAS GOING TO A WEDDING?? Not a SPRING FLING? lol and LaLa [WHITE BLAZER] AND [SHOES] IN THE FIRST PIC WHERE HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jessie's picture

Ciara is dressed like she's

Ciara is dressed like she's going to a club. Is she for real - compared to everyone, she looks like trash, even if the dress is cute. There's a time and place for everything and the time and place for that dress is at night in a club. I mean look at Kelly, Trina, Rosci, Serena etc etc etc - pure class. SMDH
DC Chica's picture

I am happy for them! Marriage

I am happy for them! Marriage is a beautiful thing! However, no one was dress appropriate for the wedding. The only one supposed to wear white is the bride. Rule #1.
MrS. C's picture

some people just don't know

some people just don't know what is appropriate for a wedding *cough* ciara *cough* Kim K *cough* and you have the money *Smh* come on girls if I had your money....hmm
Anonymous's picture

HELL Ciara looks amazing.

HELL Ciara looks amazing. head to toe versace. completely age, season and wedding appropriate. LITERALLY the perfect choice <3
yesyes's picture

How old are you? An 11 year

How old are you? An 11 year old girl or a young minded boy that don't mind his girl looking inappropriate. She was out of line wearing that dress any woman or man that know better would agree. Versace make all kinds of classy numbers. See this is why she continues to make crazy moves and look crazy while doing it. Stop looking at her body and realize it is a time and place for everything. As a matter of fact most of the female celebrity guest have nice bodies and they knew better to dress accordingly. Serena minus the bandage, Kelly, Trina, Angie and most of all best dress Rosci and Kim K although she could have sized her dress better. I can truly say Kim may not have the best rep in hollywood. But she dress her ass off and realizes when to look class. Grow the hell up!
Anonymous's picture

And looked very classy!

And looked very classy!
Anonymous's picture

That girl in the yellow dress

That girl in the yellow dress behind Terrence J was lovely.
Anonymous's picture

Did Ciara know she was going

Did Ciara know she was going to a WEDDING?
Anonymous's picture

I thought the exact same

I thought the exact same thing
uhm's picture

Okay I'm mad at some

Okay I'm mad at some things...LOL Most of them dressed like they were going to a dinner party, others like they were headed to a club and the weaves and wigs were off. Carmelo wore a prom suit to his wedding.......lord chile LOL I'm even mad the flower girls didn't have their hair pinned up. Lala's hair should have been pinned up but the VW dress was beautiful. Trina's dress...cute. Congratulations Lala and Melo Yellow!!! If it doesn't last.....she's getting half LOL
L.A. Lady, Valentine&#039;s Day &#039;78's picture

lol thats true maybe thats

lol thats true maybe thats wat lala wants neva no
Eazy's picture

gorgeous everyone...hate

gorgeous everyone...hate looking at Kim K now tho..she looks like her moms cut, tucked, and plumped sister
Kim's picture

gorgeous everyone...hate

gorgeous everyone...hate looking at Kim K now tho..she looks like her moms cut, tucked, and plumped sister
Kim's picture

Everyone looked nice, esp.

Everyone looked nice, esp. LALA pre-wedding outfit loved the blazer and the studded loafers. I def. need those loafers in my life but i'm afraid those may be Louboutin=out of price range....Wish them the best endeavors
Anonymous's picture

Ciara! Ciara! what are you

Ciara! Ciara! what are you thinking this days. Let me begin by saying I am a Ciara fan but the direction she's moving these days. Where did your home training go, because I know her parents taught her what should be worn to a formal event and what not to wear. Being in the spot light have nothing to do with it, the same rule still apply. It's a formal wedding not the club. It is a shame that people forget that she is just a 24 year old girl. Being only a year older than her disturbs me to see her lose herself in the industry. I believe when we the fans see girls like Rihanna and Ciara we forget that she is only 22 and Ciara only 24 but because we see the provocativeness that they display by keeping their legs open it is easily to forget. And while I am speaking, I hope she Stop! giggle everytime an interviewer ask her about 50 cent it is not cute to have an older guy run up in you and not acknowledge the relationship it is not cute and surely not smart and never will be. Every one knows they are sleeping together or use too we heard her clear as day on the song "You got me!" Fancy cars and fancy clothes, loving you in the dark. I hate she exposed herself like that. Just because Beyonce allowed Jay-z to use her up at 19 and after nearly 10 years he finally agreed to marry her shouldn't set the bar for the rest of the R&B girls, career wise yes because she is a force to be reckon with on stage but her personal life no, I hope Ciara do not follow that pattern. I give B and J relationship maybe 2 more years if that long. Even she knows that, you can see it in her face she knows he is not to be trusted. I have to commend her for not being stupid enough to let him baby her up right now I think she's the smartest R&B chick for that one, saying your not going to pump me up and stop my track record. Not to say 50 cent is a bad catch for another girl his age, I just think Ciara is not mature enough for that kind of man. Clearly since she is agreeing with covering up the relationship. Actually none of those young girls are mature enough for those men they tend to hook up with. It amazes me to see them in the spotlight and still act like girls on the block. Still wanting to choose the ballers knowing they are not mature enough for those guys and that's why they treat them all the way they do like regular chicks. I believe they forget they are superstars but still deserve faithful relationships. There are plenty of successful guys outside of the hollywood. Ciara from one successful girl to another be a little more selective with everything music, boyfriends and clothing. Sorry for the length but it needed to be said.
Anonymous's picture

Everyone looks nice. How

Everyone looks nice. How does Ciara walk in those platforms????? Nonetheless, she's doing it...
Ton_Teezy's picture

Rosci looks great and Kelly

Rosci looks great and Kelly is getting prettier by the day, go girl!
Anonymous's picture

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hawergeg's picture

Terrance J needs to get his

Terrance J needs to get his suit tailored & pressed next time.
T LEE's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing....
Caesar's picture

I guess Ciara REFUSES to give

I guess Ciara REFUSES to give up on getting that sex kitten title I guess she made the athletes and paps her priority and said damn LaLa, its Ciara day. If I was Ciara and was sooooo desperate to be a sex symbol or If I was Kimmy K and wanted to continue to be desired by rich black men I honestly would be stupid and selfish too and say "forget LaLa she got her's let me dress sexy and get mine..it's too many somebody athletes here for me to be worried about a LaLa". Kim K is probably the glue that got Ciara invited anyway. Ciara is not on a mission to earn respect, she's on a mission to knock the sexy halo off Beyonce, Rihianna and even Amber Rose's head, and she want stop until she wins
lilly12's picture


YAY! IT HAPPENED! Ciara..why? Beyonce got a cousin named Beyince... ? Ok.
TakeThyRod's picture

Beyince which is pronounced

Beyince which is pronounced "beyonce" was Tina Knowles maiden name, she wanted to keep the name in the family since she didn't have any brothers so she named her daughter Beyonce but instead of the "i" she added an "o"!
Allie's picture

congrats to them

congrats to them
webstar's picture

Ciara, PLEASE! I have one

Ciara, PLEASE! I have one question. How on earth did you sit down in that "too short" dress without showing your a$$? That dress was straight hoochie, groupie, hoodrat for that occasion. The dress is actually cute and it would be appropriate if you were hosting at a night club or something but wearing it to a wedding was a tasteless choice. I know that you've had more home training than that. In the words of my mama......"I wouldn't tell you anything that's wrong."
Run_Tell_Dat's picture

Lebron was boo'd by the crowd

Lebron was boo'd by the crowd when they showed up, that's why Savannah has that gloomy look on her face.
Anonymous's picture

or cuz she's not the one

or cuz she's not the one getting married. LOL But you're probably right. The NY crowd were being dicks
Anonymous's picture

LMAO! I was thinking that:

LMAO! I was thinking that: must suck to go to a wedding when you've been with your man for 10 years and he hasn't even proposed. I'd be salty too! But I'm guessing she's pissed because of the boos--can't believe NYers booed him, like there was ever really a chance he was going to play for the Knicks with all of their issues. Get serious, NYC.
Lauren's picture

Congrats to them. They've

Congrats to them. They've been going strong forever and definitely have proved the haters wrong once again! First they wouldn't last, then she was a golddigger, then he would never marry her, and now look. They're happily married! PS their son is ADORABLE :)
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Lala looks ridiculous in the

Lala looks ridiculous in the first pic. Okay, the CL loafers are a unique collabo and cost well over a grand but NO. Otherwise, I love her wedding dress. No bridesmaids? Groomsmen? Rocsi? Terrence? Really though? Her bff Solange wasn't there. I was looking to this wedding to confirm whether they were really done, and I guess they are. In comes, Kimmy out went Solo. Kelly looks great. So does "Fab". My favorite guest outfits so far. CP3, for the guys! Savannah's been pissed off since they went to Miami. Life ain't gon' be any easier in Miami than it was in Cleav, you can BET that! Lol
Nini's picture

some of you are acting like a

some of you are acting like a wedding is a freakin' funeral. I mean was Ciara supposed to wear an ankle length dress to it? i have seen brides who wear dresses shorter than Ciara's was. She has some bomb azz legs and therefore she shows them. Not an ounce of cellulite to be found. Hell I would wear a short dress every chance that I got if I had legs like that. She wasn't in the bridal party so who the heck cares what she had on. She is a "bestie" of LaLa so I am sure they had discussed what would be worn. It is quite obvious that people will look for any and everything to pick on Ciara for. I am not sure why though. She keeps to herself and still that is a problem.
why judge's picture

damn ciara and serena (as

damn ciara and serena (as usual) look like MEN. I like Trina, Savannah, and Lala's shoes. Kiyan is so cute.
Miss GQ's picture

Everyone was beautiful (men

Everyone was beautiful (men and women) except for one...and that is Ciara, yes. I thought her dress was just wrong for the event, but oh well. Savannah looks very sad. :(
Lacey's picture

Serena looked okay until I

Serena looked okay until I saw that band aid on her leg lmfao.....womp!

omg i want kelly rowlands

omg i want kelly rowlands bag!!! does anybody know who its by?
Anonymous's picture

Don't you guys remember that

Don't you guys remember that movie Soul Food in the wedding scene there was girl with the short/tight dress grinding on some man during the reception??? doesn't Ciara remind you of that chick?
Tina B.'s picture

I am convinced that Serena

I am convinced that Serena and her sister Venus are never gonna get the wig/weave game quite right. All that money and access to the world's greatest hair stylists and they ALWAYS look like they have a weave in that's been sweated out!
Quiche-A's picture

Savannah=Best dressed next to

Savannah=Best dressed next to Kiyan (Lol) They both look so adorable. And why are there people in here searcing for Beyonce?! Seriously? Why would she be there? She is not friends with La La. I've never even seen them in a pic together, so her being at her wedding would be random at it's finest. Also what does her not being at La La's wedding have to do with her having friends? Reaching much? Smh. Further more she and Jay are in Alabama for Kevin Liles' wedding with more important people who aren't starving for attention.
Anonymous's picture

You can tell that Ciara and

You can tell that Ciara and Kim don't get invited to many events outside a club opening or someone's birthday party. Seriously what where they thinking? nice body or not a tight dress is not the way to go at a wedding. I'm just saying! Anyways Congrats to the Newlyweds, wishing you lots of love and happiness
Tina B.'s picture


NATCHAH's picture

WTF Ciara, put on some

WTF Ciara, put on some clothes. Its a wedding not a video shoot. She is getting to be to old for this now.
Anonymous's picture

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