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Lawsuits: Mary J. & Snoop Dogg Sued Over Copyright Infringement


 In what seems to be a new trend these days, Mary J. Blige and Snoop Dogg are both being sued for copyright infringement.


Read on for more deets....


MJB's lawsuit comes from her hit "Take Me as I am". Songwriters Jay Ballard and Kim Jones filed a lawsuit against Mary J. Blige and production crew The Clutch in California. The Clutch has produced hits for several major artists and Keri Hilson is a member of the team. 


Ballard and Jones claim MJB stole their song, also called "Take Me As I Am", which they recorded in 1995.  The two are seeking money for all the singles and albums sold in all formats, royalties, AND a percentage of the income received from using the song in ad's.


Snoop Dogg is also being sued for his hit song, "Drop It Like It's Hot". Former Miles Davis guitarist, Michael Henderson, is suing the rapper for allegedly illegally sampling one of his songs. According to Henderson, Snoop's song features part's of Henderson's "Riding" track. 


Henderson also claims Snoop unlawfully incorporated his music on another song called "Hands On The Wheel". 

Henderson is also suing for unfair competition and unjust enrichment. No word on how much he's seeking but after reading all these claims, it's probably BIG bucks. 

Why does it take these people YEARS to "realize" that someone copied their song and file suit?

Maybe it took them awhile to get the money to afford a lawyer that would actually argue these cases in court....

Anyhow, good luck.









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Y is Snoop and MJB joining

Y is Snoop and MJB joining Beyonce stealing Camp!!! Let Beyonce be in a stealing lane by herself
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Had this been Beyonce this

Had this been Beyonce this would be over 200 comments!
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I think these people wait

I think these people wait until royalties are built up so that they can sue.... It's pretty clever... That's what I'll do I would wait to see how much revenue can come up then baaammm lawsuit lol... they shouldn't steal or try to use it and put their names on it!!!
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EXACTLY. If they filed suit

EXACTLY. If they filed suit before or right after the record came out, the "offender" could do some shady accounting and claim that they're not making money off of it.
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i kinda feel like it's hard

i kinda feel like it's hard not to commit copyright infringement. We hear stuff in our heads and think its new. I don't think much is new these days, it's all starting to sound a like. (i.e. Ga Ga's Alejandro just reminds me of three Madonna songs)
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who cares if it takes them

who cares if it takes them years...if what these artists did were unjust then to hell with them i want my money. lol
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"Why does it take these

"Why does it take these people YEARS to "realize" that someone copied their song and file suit?" ... does it matter how long it takes stealing is stealin ... and these dumb ass artist b so quick to slap they name to hot tracks to get more royalties and dont have a clue that these producers have gone on the internet and sampled every song under the sun and if the ppl to them arent famous most producers dont care to sample the track the legal way ...
mz 2200 gurl's picture

Shouldnt this guy be suing

Shouldnt this guy be suing the Neptunes for producing the track if hes talking about illegal samples??? : /
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Is anyone else having trouble

Is anyone else having trouble seeing pics? No pics show up except for on the main page
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Thanks for the scoop

Thanks for the scoop
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It's the times we living in

It's the times we living in man! Ciara stole my song idea when she wrote C.R.U.S.H....I had that in my head since I was in the 5th grade! You don't see my suing her! LOL =)
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ooooooooo womp womp!

ooooooooo womp womp!
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nonsense...just nonsense...good morning all =)
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