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In The News - BP Criticized By NAACP

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BP has already received backlash because of the oil spill. Now civil rights groups are coming after the company as well.


Read on to find why...


BP is getting highly criticized by civil rights leaders about blacks being left out of the oil clean up process. The process is highly profitable and a recent NAACP investigation found that minority contractors aren't being given an opportunity.  


The Federal Procurement Data system report says that only $2.2 mill of the $53 mill awarded in contracts to clean up the spill have been given to businesses run by African-Americans. This is about 4.8% of the total. NAACP president Ben Jealous recently told BP CEO Tony Hayward, "contractors of color are not receiving equal consideration for opportunities to participate in mitigation efforts."  

All the while,the oil spill destroyed the businesses of many African-Americans living in the Gulf region. 


Do you think BP needs to give African-Americans more opportunities in the clean up effort?

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I agree with a lot of you

I agree with a lot of you posters who say that the NAACP are just a bunch of talking heads. They really don't do anything besides raise racial tensions and give out some scholarships. as for BP hiring minorities, if this is a race thing, it needs to change. However, I don't care what color/race/religion these workers are as long as they can do the job correctly. Many people don't realize that this isn't ONLY BP's fault. It is the FEDERAL GOV'T's job to REGULATE these companies and they don't because either A. They're corrupt and are getting paid off or B. They're lazy and can't be bothered. Obama is not nearly as bad as Bush, but he ain't great either. Since he has entered office he was done a little bit of good, but made one BIG bad: healthcare. I'm sure many of you are aware, but there are some who aren't that if you don't have healthcare by the due date for socialized healthcare, you will be either forced to buy your own insurance(about $1000 every 6 months) or pay a $700 fine at the end of the year. In my eyes, this isn't helping the working class, it's just putting another burden on our backs...
Anonymous's picture

For all you Obama fans out

For all you Obama fans out there, take heed in what I'm about to tell you about your president. You're right he has helped the poor, trying to sort out free medical etc etc. He will continue to help the poor and help all of the other countries around the world not just america (the continent) then because of him saving us all he will turn us into one nation and then tell us beacuse he has saved us we will have to bow down to him and not Jesus Christ as he is our new god. Wake up people Obama is the anti christ, he has sold his soul to the devil. You guys do know that Obama and Bush are related..........
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GTFOH with that shit, I odnt

GTFOH with that shit, I odnt know how you can be stupid all your life...
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous-11:26 am

@Anonymous-11:26 am CO-SIGN!!!
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HELL YEAH......Unfortunately

HELL YEAH......Unfortunately if we dont speak up or even fight they wouldnt lend a helping hand...go on then NAACP do the dang thing!!!!!!!!!
Najee's Girl's picture

I agree.....that's what

I agree.....that's what affirmative action is supposed to be about...They make a valid point....I'm glad to hear that affirmative action is still being enforced and monitored.
Anonymous's picture

This is prolly gonna sound

This is prolly gonna sound real ignorant, but WHAT does the NAACP really do these days besides put out statements and hold a few essay writing contests??? And I'm sorry, but Ben Jealous just does NOT do it for me. *signs up to join the new black panther party*
A Joke's picture

Will someone tell me what the

Will someone tell me what the NAACP has done in the last 2 years besides pointing out injustice..Something anyone can do now days???
Bronze duchess's picture

I am DISGUSTED to see the

I am DISGUSTED to see the Obama Sucks comment. This man has continued to try to make things better, not just for us but for all the poor and downtrodden. Health care, financial reform, etc. We are our own worst enemies. I hope all of you are happy when we have a new plantation owner, perhaps Sarah Palin would be more to your liking. YOU MAKE ME SICK! IGNORANT ASSES!!! SLAVE MENTALITY! I did not see posts about that fool Bush who brought this country down to it's knees in 8 years, but you are criticizing a man who is trying to do something POSITIVE and has made notable strides in LESS THAN TWO YEARS.
LBA's picture


LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! Its like Bush was working at a supermarket and threw all the food, spilled all the drinks, broke all the registers, and stole all the money. Then right after Bush leaves, Obama comes in to take his shift and he is left with all the mess to clean up. And right in the middle of the clean up process, the boss comes in and says, "Obama wtf did you do? Clean up this mess! What is taking you so long, you've been here for 20 minutes!" Thats exactly what you guys are doing to Obama. Blaming him for the mess that the person before him caused. OBAMA DID NOT SPILL THE OIL...BP DID. And about it taking 3 months to cap....this is the worst environmental disaster in HUMAN history...O iam sorry Obama couldn't swim down there with a wrench and fix it his damn self... BP didn't even know wtf to do. Experts didn't even know what to do. And you expect Obama...1 man....who has no knowledge of engineering to fix this shit overnight? C'mon man, Obama is not GOD...and he damn sure can't fix shit that took 8yrs to destroy in less than 2yrs.
Anonymous's picture

PREACH! I love a good dose of

PREACH! I love a good dose of TRUTH in the afternoon. -Educate the world ...
TakeThyRod's picture

Thank you! People are

Thank you! People are criticizing the president because he hasn't fixed 8 yrs worth of Bush's problems... GTFOH
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And BPs answer will be that

And BPs answer will be that they can't find qualified Black-owned businesses. And the NAACP will say "ok, well give us a check for $250,000 and we'll go away." End of discussion. The NAACP finds the least effective position to take up, puts it out in the media like they are doing something, and that's the end of it all. By law, BP can hire whoever they want to do the clean-ups. They can say in "good faith" that they want to give XX amount of their dollars to MINORITY-owned (can't say Black-owned) businesses for cleanup, but they don't have to because the laws of our land have struct down any and all race-based quota systems and the NAACP knows this. The term minority includes EVERYONE except white males, and if they meet their good faith efforts of hiring all minorities, the NAACP can't say a damn thing. But if they fail to meet their good faith efforts, there still isn't a damn thing that can be done about it. They might hire 1 or 2 black firms to ward off bad publicity, but at the end of the day, not much will change.
Get it Together Black People's picture

Unfortunate but true. It's

Unfortunate but true. It's not against the law. They can give their contracts to whomever they chose. If there was a law enacted tomorrow that said companies had to hire a certain percentage of minority contractors, their argument would be, "were being forced to hire unqualified contractors." Its a no-win situation. Maybe the only solution is to have more black-owned companies and organizations so minority contractors would stand an even chance of obtaining contracts, because no company is obligated to consider minorities for their contracts.
Anonymous's picture

I am so tired of black people

I am so tired of black people criticizing black people. That is why we are no further than we are today, Black people wake up and start supporting each other, that includes the lovely african american man we have as president.

Rolls eyes at the

Rolls eyes at the NAACP...this is illiterate at best
Anonymous's picture


PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW????? Because the down troden are not down troden enough!!!!!
Najee's Girl's picture

Shame on NAACP...BP is going

Shame on NAACP...BP is going to award contracts to the most qualified and competitive companies...the company is reeling from a disaster where their safety practices are being questioned...their priority during this cleanup process is safety...they have no time for politics or appeasing cultural groups...I'm disgusted by the NAACP and I'm black!
Anonymous's picture

the naacp has a

the naacp has a responsibility to raise awareness on every issue of inequality. its their purpose and mission regardless of how insignificant you might think it is. maybe you should school yourself on economic equality because you make stupid blog comments.
leesh's picture

I believe ALL people of color

I believe ALL people of color should be given the same opportunities as whites, not just African-Americans. I can't believe in this day and age people are still using the term African-American to refer to black people. There are WHITE African-Americans in this country. Countries DO NOT define your race.
Anony's picture

if it wasnt for naacp, and

if it wasnt for naacp, and Charles Houston yall asses will be still sitting in sep class from whites. Please do your research. Who will stand up for black issues if its not them... because we have no leaders in the black community anymore.
Anonymous's picture

if these companies...our

if these companies...our companies owned by people of color...we must ask WHY they arent and not simply they should get a bid bc they r people or color. where's the rearch here? i'd like ot here about some of those contractors they r referencing and see if the quality of their work compared to the work of those actually getting those jobs. keep fighting those who are being deprived. the Gult will regain stability again!
myMAMAsaid's picture

Yes they should.

Yes they should.
MyPerspective's picture

what does NAACP aka Negroes

what does NAACP aka Negroes Against Another Collapsed Pipes doing wit there noses in grown folks business lol
Anonymous's picture

Thats the way white people

Thats the way white people are!! and thats the way it's always gonna be.
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FEE FEE's picture


FEE FEE's picture


FEE FEE's picture

I hate to say this but I just

I hate to say this but I just left a black owned business after working there for 3 years and as a black woman, HBCU educated, I was disappointed to see how poorly things were run. Not to mention, the horror stories that I've heard about other black owned or operated businesses like BET which has a terrible reputation when it comes to company operations and policy and procedures. From what I've seen, alot of black owned and/or operated businesses just can't seem to compete with non black owned/operated companies. I'm not sure if that's the problem with the BP clean up contracting but before we get all up in arms as a people about it, we should do our research. Sometimes we can't just blame it on the "good old boys" club. Sometimes our businesses are simply not up to par. We're even guilty of doing it ourselves....when we want better customer service and quality, we don't go to the Outback in the 'hood, do we? I'm all for my people but I can't get on this bandwagon just yet. This is off topic but I wanted to mention it anyway...When are we going to get a behind the music special on Kelly Rowland? Does anyone know where she came from that doesn't involve the Knowles'? Just a thought.
Anonymous's picture

I also agree. I always try to

I also agree. I always try to support black owned businesses however half the time its not the same. That doesn't stop me from trying a new establishment though. If I'm impressed the first time, I will return, despite who owns the business. Good question about Kelly Rowland lol
JMO's picture

I sooooooooooo appreciate

I sooooooooooo appreciate your commentary, especially with you having been on the "inside". And I agree with you 100%. I want and always try to support black businesses whenever possible, but honestly, it usually doesn't turn out very well. Many may not agree, but hey, the truth is the truth.
Summerbaby8's picture

I see what you are saying.

I see what you are saying. But honestly, alot of businesses don't have good operations. It's just more apparent if it's minority owned b/c people automatically look for that. The surprise comes when we don't find an issue. Also, BET is no longer black owned so please don't attribute poor operations at that company to race. And if you do, assign the problem properly. Last note, it is true that when something is run by blacks that it's needs to be near perfect if not perfect. That is just the nature of the beast. That is our lot in life and the sooner we step up to that and accept it, the better. Some things will not change and that's one of them. So be it. Be Better.
dee's picture

Thanks, Dee. I know BET is no

Thanks, Dee. I know BET is no longer black owned but it is still black operated.
Anonymous's picture

I totally agree with the

I totally agree with the above statement. Sometimes as black people if we take the time to evaluate a situation first we are then able to find the solution. Racism is real and it still exist and there is no denying that, but sometimes it is what the person stated before......having a bad overall reputation when it comes to taking care of ones own necessities.
Anonymous's picture

The NAACP is awesome!! Got to

The NAACP is awesome!! Got to love them! They not only cater to African Americans, but people of color!
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mikeLO's picture

well of course it's only rigt

well of course it's only rigt that they do
Anonymous's picture

As a black person of course

As a black person of course that isnt fair. We need work to even if its due to this unfortunate event
crissy's picture

I live on the GulfCoast and

I live on the GulfCoast and my dad worked with the oil spill for about a week. He worked 12 hours a day for $10.00 and was only paide $390.00. They bused the African American to the beaches in buses. They are not told that it will cost them to ride the bus. They are treated like slaves on a plantation picking cotton. But the only difference is that they are compenstated for their work. Whitemen on hourse ride up and down the beaches barking out orders.
Anonymous's picture

How about you talk about the

How about you talk about the "President" whom you always fawn over....he's always on vacation while the country is going down the drain faster than it did with Bush.... OBAMA SUCKS!!!!
Lola Monroe's picture

really you must have fell and

really you must have fell and hit your head if you can't seem to remember all the crap Bush put the United States through. Not mentioning the war he started in the wrong damn part of the middle east, there is no excuse for that. I'm sorry but your statement was a stupid and ignorant one and had to be pointed out.
Anonymous's picture

I have to disagree with

I have to disagree with you... Obama doesnt "suck" to me...and don't get me wrong, I am not a die hard Obama supporter, but you can't say that if he didnt go on vacay that oil spill would still be happening and everything else. Vacay or not, things will happen, that is life. Bush handed Obama CRAP.. WE HAD MAJOR issues before Obama. Was that suppose to magically dissapear bc he got in office? No.
Keepingit100's picture

Former President George Bush,

Former President George Bush, took more than 130 days of vacation time during the first 18 months of his presidency. President Obama has only took about 40 days of vacation during his first 18 months of his presidency. Everyone wants President Obama to solve all of our MAN-MADE problems in a year. This has been the consensus ever since he first stepped on the White House stairs.
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FEE FEE's picture

I'm with the NAACP on this

I'm with the NAACP on this issue. It's not only the contracts with BP, this has always been a battle for African-American contractors. Most of the regions affected by the BP Oil Spill are populated by people of color. But when it comes to supporting minority owned businesses during a disaster, they give many of these profitable contracts to non-black contractors. Also, this issue was apparent during Hurricane Katrina, and still is today. Whether its clean-up or construction contracts, its always been an uphill battle for black contractors to receive equal consideration.
Anonymous's picture

I'm black -- and swear

I'm black -- and swear "black" ppl will find any damn thing to argue about! ... if there were only blacks out there workin.. they would swear that "they treating us like slaves" "oh they think this all black folks can do is clean up" Has anyone at the NAACP ever thought that maybe "black" companies just didnt jump on the oppertunity fast enough you know last to sign up, or prehaps they didnt meet some of the qualification, or heres a kicker ... black companies just didnt want to do it!!! I soooo love my ppl, but we can be our biggest adversity {{{steppn down off my soap box}}} (and no i didnt run a spell check)
kiwi2g4's picture

LOL...You damn sure didn't

LOL...You damn sure didn't run that spellcheck but the first step is acknowledging it....I must say I agree with you 100%.
Isis the Clicquotchic's picture

Wow! where are the heifers

Wow! where are the heifers that usually go at tash and talk rubbish about celebs? Ntasha is giving you an opportunity to share your opinion about an issue that is affecting our communities and ya'll have jack to say. I'm amazed!!! Uneducated idiots!!!
Pimpstress's picture

I agree! Maybe if tasha

I agree! Maybe if tasha posted pics of chris brown cleaning up the oil spill, this post would generate more comments; however, it is nice to see people care about issues outside of celebrities. Maybe tasha should post more topics like this to weed out the idiots lol
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