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SPORTS FAB: Michael Jordan & Charles Barkley BASH Lebron + Bron Bron's FAB New Miami Home

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 Since LeBron James's decision to join the Miami Heat many players- both past and present- have been weighing in with their opinion. Hear what Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley had to say about Bron Bron's decision plus pics of LeBron's new Miami home when you read on....


Many would say that Michael Jordan is one of the best, if not THE best basketball player to ever play the sport. But if he were playing today, Jordan has made it clear he would not play the game the way many of today's superstars do.  Take for example - Bron Bron's Decision 2010. 


Jordan recently commented on Bron Bron's decision to join superstars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami:  

 "There's no way, with hindsight, I would've ever called up Larry, called up Magic and said, 'Hey, look, let's get together and play on one team"

In his own interview to the Arizon Republic, Charles Barkley said:

"Mike and I are in 100% agreement on this." If you're the two-time defending NBA MVP, you don't leave anywhere. They come to you. That's ridiculous. I like LeBron. He's a great player. But I don't think in the history of sports you can find a two-time defending MVP leaving to go play with other people."



In a later interview, Barkley continued by saying, 

"(Lebron) will never be Jordan. This clearly takes him out of the conversation. He can win as much as he wants to. There would have been something honorable about staying in Cleveland and trying to win it as 'The Man.' LeBron, if he would've won in Cleveland, and if he could've got a championship there, it would have been over the top for his legacy, just one in Cleveland. No matter how many he wins in Miami, it clearly is Dwyane Wade's team."




What do you think about their comments?

Since LeBron has joined the Miami Heat, he must find a Miami home.

But will it live up to his mansion in Akron, Ohio that had an ATM, a bowling alley, a barber shop, casino, and even a Starbucks? *who knew that was even possible?!*

The superstar is currently looking into buying the most expensive house in Coral Gables, Florida with a price tag of $49.8 mill. The mansion was once owned by former coach and current Heat General Manager Pat Riley. Once LeBron announced he was coming to Miami, the house was reportedly taken off the market.



The 20,800 square foot home has a full gym, eight bedrooms, a full basketball court, and a 12 camera security system. Here's some pics of the mega mansion....

Pretty fab right?



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I'm not surprised by the I'm

I'm not surprised by the I'm not surprised by the comments, Jordan been hatin on Lebron every since he came in the league. They need to sit their old washed-up asses down and enjoy the game! www.yuregininsesi.com
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siumer's picture

Lebron this and that, he

Lebron this and that, he good, so now he is not better than Wade all of sudden he not the "best" as everyone was saying, because his decision is to win and try to win again, and again FULL DISCLOSURE LAKERS WILL WIN AGAIN AND MAYBE AGAIN, KOBE GOT LIKE 4 MORE YEAQRS OF HIGH QUALITY AND THAN HE JUST CHILLS AND LET THE BIG BOYS TAKE OVER but yeah why the hate for Lebron all of a something, not good america www.sundayhhtimes.blogspot.com
The Editor's picture

The difference between kobe

The difference between kobe bryant and lebron Kobe wanted to leave at one time lebron actually left
Kim Mathenge's picture

The people who are saying i

The people who are saying i hate lebron are soft. I'm critizing him for the way he does things
Kim Mathenge's picture

I'm not bashing i'm saying my

I'm not bashing i'm saying my opinion I don't hate lebron the way he made his decision wasn't any good. not calling Dan Gilbert Not calling the other 5 teams. The decision to go to miami.was not my issue. I'm a laker fan I don't care. He had the right to go to miami. But he shouldn't pretend he loves cle. That free agent summit. nor should we pretend that D'wyane wade loves chicago.
Kim Mathenge's picture

Lebron james is obviously a

Lebron james is obviously a great player But kobe is the best player in the nba today. lebron james wins regular season mvp's kobe wins championchips. kobe has a couple of terrible games.But he can actually get it done when it counts. guys like barkley and reggie miller are telling me who the best player is. Other then Barkley said everything right.
Kim Mathenge's picture

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alen's picture

It's easy to criticize the

It's easy to criticize the decisions of others. Lebron is a great player who wants to win. So why all the haters?? Are you hating on him because he wants to win or because he left Cleveland to do it? This is why term contracts exist. Players fulfill their obligations and then make a BUSINESS decision about their future. To Jordan's point, the face of sports as a whole have changed. It is not just about the passion for the game anymore. I'm not saying that's the way it should be. I'm just saying that's the way it is. Lebron is not after a legacy, he is after a ring. If that is his priority and he saw this as the best way to accomplish that, then it's his privilege to do so. Time will tell if it was the right decision. I think the way he went about it was wrong (I think even he would admit that), but I don't remember this level of criticism when Garnet made the move to the Celtics. Garnet wanted to win a ring and that was his best shot at one. No one can argue with how competitive he is...
Anonymous's picture

I definately agree with you

I definately agree with you on this one. Michael and Charles...you are not LeBron and that's why LeBron made his decision. It is all about getting a ring these days and being marketable in NBA. If Bron Bron stays in Cleveland he may never win a ring. One man can't do it all with little effort from his team. They need to step it up. That is not fair to him. He saw an opportunity and took it. We all have done the same in some way or another. Let's stop criticizing folks...that's the problem with people today..so judgemental and worrying about other people's business. You do what you have to do Bron!
Anonymous's picture

Ummm ... Is Charles Barkley

Ummm ... Is Charles Barkley Just Saying That Because Of All Those Damn Commercials He's In With DeWayne Wade ?
Anonymous's picture

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley have earned the right to voice their opinions regarding this topic. I'm sure they were ASKED what they felt about it. Anyway, any real sports fan will see why this move on LB's part was not a good one. He may win tons of championships but his legacy and his public image will take a hit.
Natural's picture

"With our current ongoing

"With our current ongoing obsession with ex-Cav Lebron and an avid flow of newly released commentary from everyone - from Bryant Gumble to MJ and Charles Barkley - condemning his decision to accept a Miami Heat contract, I find myself wondering again about men's obsessions with all things round. They hoot, holler, scream, curse, hi five, fist pump, chest bump and slap each other's behinds. Many say that men love sports and are seduced by the elements of fast-paced action, competition, beer and hot women. But I would argue too they just like round objects period. Anything spherical seems to send our dudes into sheer frenzy. Men and pool... men and their rims... men and food upon a dinner plate... men and boobs....... " Read the rest of he piece"MEN and their BALLS" at: http://www.kyinthecity.com/730431083/men--their-b-a-l-l-s/
Anonymous's picture

real talk for the ones who

real talk for the ones who don't even care for the game why comment because u sound real foolish . labron suck's lakers all day bitch's
Anonymous's picture

I get where Jordan was going,

I get where Jordan was going, but he is forgetting that without Scottie he wouldn't even have a ring. Yes MJ was the star of the team, but without Scottie being by his side for both three-peat wins he wouldn't even have the rings he have. I feel he is the greatest, but I also feel he definitely at times take what the help he had from Scottie for granted.
Anonymous's picture


Mi Mi's picture

Mimi I totally agree with

Mimi I totally agree with you. It just sounds like sour grapes by old school players. Jordan and Barkley would prefer the old just keep on keeping on while young King James wants to get it done right now. He stayed with that team and played honorably.....so he sould be allowed to make a business decision that is best for him and his family....
atlantistheband.com's picture

First off, basketball is more

First off, basketball is more than just a game and any true fan of the sport will tell you that. Second, since it is just a game to you why do you feel the need to even comment at all? That little statement is offensive to those who love the game, like myself. So please do us real fans a favor and keep your comments to yourself. Thanks boo!!
IfThisIsIt's picture

If u r the best u dont need

If u r the best u dont need another star player 2 help u win a ring.....u need a gud team. Lebron iz D-wade fuck boy there's no way n hell i would hva left my city were i was the KING!!!!! fck $ it's about being the best,makin history having a legacy n ur hometown.
Laedythya's picture

I am so sick of everyone

I am so sick of everyone bashing Lebron. He made a business choice which he had every right to do, give it a rest already with bashing the guy. I really hope he wins a championship with the Heat now!
Beth Mahoney's picture

Ok I've tried to keep quiet

Ok I've tried to keep quiet on this whole LeBron thing but I can't anymore so here goes...LeBron is impatient. He knew he wasn't going to win a ring in Cleveland with the people around him so that's why he left and went to join D-Wade's team. I mean come on it took Michael 7 years to get a ring because he couldn't do it by himself, once he got the right group around him that's when he started winning. Let's put it like this if you're winning people are going to want to join you. Nobody wanted to join LeBron in Cleveland. Yes Kobe had Shaq and then Gasol and yes he wanted to leave, but he didn't he stayed and has won 2 back to back championships. LeBron shouldn't have left he should've stayed now what happens when the Heat don't win the title this year? It'll all be LeBron's fault and not to mention Pat Riley's fault and all those other dumb ass players who went and jumped on the bandwagon. Let's face it LeBron is all talk and no action win a ring and then I might have some respect for you. BUM!!
Anonymous's picture

I like!!

I like!!
IfThisIsIt's picture

Let's keep it real... Lebron

Let's keep it real... Lebron left the Cavs because of the situation with his mom and Delonte (I think that's how you spell it) West. The whole team knew old dude was knocking his mom down and nobody mentioned it; I understand the principle that Lebron is standing on in that he wants a ring. Maybe people should just move on, I follow ball and the man is doing what he feels he needs to. Money wasn't an issue he wants the ring. Clearly he's not a leader - he came fresh out of high school (as some have done previously) but its clear he wants to win a ring. He doesn't want the pressure of carrying a whole team on his back he did that for 7 years in Cleveland and he's done with it. Now we as fans of the sport should let it go and just wait for next season because quite frankly I'm tired of hearing fans bashing Lebron (I wasn't a fan like that to begin with) and he getting richer and living his life! Another point is why are people attacking other people's posts; that's their opinion just like you got an opinion they got one too. Who made you the blogger sports patrol. Fall back and be easy!!! That is all as I jump off my soap box.
Ms Nisha's picture

Lebron's mom is a grown woman

Lebron's mom is a grown woman and if she wants to get her freak on, hey! If LBJ was so upset with the situation then why did he take his mom with him to Mia!
outtaafrica's picture

Yes, Michael Jordan is the

Yes, Michael Jordan is the Greatest and was at the top of his game when he made one of the most stupid and shocking decision in sports history to go play baseball. But he wanted to fulfill his passion for baseball and did it with all the critics chopping him down, saying he would lose his feel for basketball or would be good but not as great. Jordan should be more understanding and let the man live his life the way he lived his. It's not the same thing but it was huge decision that impact the game and his life in a major way. There are also alot of great players who was suppose to be like Mike but didn't have the talent around them. Being a Great player dosent eqal a ring. Kobe needed Shaq then Gasol and the rest. Do you remember what the lakers were like after Shaq and before Gasol got there and a healthy bynum..Kobe wanted to leave. Life is like that though. We love to critize others but when we living our lives we want people to be understaning and give us a break.
basketball girl's picture

dude I know Kobe teamed up

dude I know Kobe teamed up with Shaq and Gasol later on but that isn't as bad as LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Shaq/Kobe needed a sidekick, not 2 superstar teammates. LeBron, Wade and Bosh are in the top 5-7 players in the NBA, and LeBron was a coward to join them. He will never be great until he wins a championship as the leader of a team.
nizzio's picture

Jus to let u know...Jordan

Jus to let u know...Jordan quit Basketball because his father was killed and b4 he returned he tried baseball which was his passion but wasnt the reason why he quit basketball.
oVa's picture

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Anonymous's picture

I'm sorry Mr Airness and

I'm sorry Mr Airness and Barkley, but NOBODY asked for your approbation nor your permission! If Lebron wanted to be Jordan, he would have chosen Chicago. Can people just respect the decision a grown ass man has made? Black people , always get into other people's business! Shame on us! I'm not even into B-ball that much but let Lebron breathe.
misha's picture

So you shouldn't have an

So you shouldn't have an opinion. You need to know the whole situation in its entirety to understand their comments
IfThisIsIt's picture

exactly....You're not even

exactly....You're not even into B-ball...so you have no reason to speak nor do you understand why ppl feel the way they do.
Anonymous's picture

Exactly, just STFU. Jordan

Exactly, just STFU. Jordan has every right to speak, who the hell do you think you are? Lebron's head is way too big and he needs to be taken down a peg or two. Barkley was right, If you are doing well where you are, then there's no reason to leave.
MzKitty09's picture

LOL. exactly. If you don't

LOL. exactly. If you don't know ball why comment?
YadaYadaYada's picture

Lebron is at the peak of his

Lebron is at the peak of his career, his age is prime, and the money is good no matter where he is. PPl make their prioritys NOT what we assume. What Michael and Charles are saying is passe', and leads to suggest what is wrong with the NBA they are all so solo in thought, It takes a team. No one person is the show, Not even Kobe. And the leadership role costs and the team player doesn't always want to be the go to guy. Florida with friends good weather MONEY and stacking the cards in their favor is called having FUN and living in the moment Please don't hate. Appreciate this man as a human defining his destiny, that house ain't bad neither!
Anonymous's picture


THANK YOU, THANK YOU....perfect! This post should be highlighted and broadcast for all to see. The NBA fell off in ratings compared to other sports for that very reason of..."one person show". Can we same "team sport", again!!!! I think it was an awesome move for the young man. It's his life, not yours, yours or yours! Regardless of how he came to the decision, it speaks volumes. Florida was already the go to state for so many reason, now they have another. Cheers!!!
"G"'s picture

What are you talking

What are you talking about? The reason why he didn't win with Cavs is because it was a one man team. Jordan had help, Kobe had help, Larry Bird had help, Magic had help. Every great player had help. So what are you talking about? If every great player of their time left their team to play with an all star cast your opinion would be totally different. And when did NBA fall off? Please don't type out your ass sweetie.
YadaYadaYada's picture

damn that house is

damn that house is insane!!!!hope he doestn go broke after he retires,and owes taxes ....
zoe's picture

No one would've cared if

No one would've cared if LeBron had gone to NYC because he would automatically be the man there. No one would've cared if LeBron went to New Jersey/Brooklyn, because he would automatically be the man there. Everyone has a problem because the 2 time NBA MVP decided he's a coward and CAN'T BE THE MAN ALONE so he had to go to D-Wade's team just so he wouldn't have to be the leader. LeBron doesn't have leadership intangibles. He's a follower, he's not an alpha male like a D-Wade or a Kobe or a Jordan. Instead of using his competitiveness to beat the best in the NBA, he decided to join then so the owes wouldn't have to fall on him. I lost mad respect for LeBron but it is what it is.
Dez's picture

I agree. He is not a leader

I agree. He is not a leader and that is why he made the decision that he made. Well Put.
MzKitty09's picture

Man, I am hating on his

Man, I am hating on his woman! She got it good!~
Dera's picture

It clearly is D. Wade's team,

It clearly is D. Wade's team, Bron Bron is in the background now, nice house though for a follower. Lakers is gonna tear they asses up come next year!
Anonymous's picture

Seth Meyers said it best,

Seth Meyers said it best, "Literally, every team that won the Championship did it without LeBron James.." Listen to that.
Cha's picture

I'm not surprised by the

I'm not surprised by the comments, Jordan been hatin on Lebron every since he came in the league. They need to sit their old washed-up asses down and enjoy the game!
Overit's picture

lmao.! agreed.! hahaha

lmao.! agreed.! hahaha
crisdean's picture

I-DO-NOT-CARE, that is all!

I-DO-NOT-CARE, that is all!
Michelle's picture

I came to the conclusion that

I came to the conclusion that most of the people commenting know nothing about ball. Why would Jordan be jealous of Lebron? Jordan is the Greatest. Wasn't it Lebron James that wanted to retire the number 23 in honour of Jordan and you know what Jordan said? He basically said that there has been a lot of great players in the league and if his number was to get retired then a lot of other numbers would have to also. So please Jordan does give props where props needs to be given. You can win a championship and it doesn't mean you're a great player. It's how you won the championship. The hype around Lebron was he was going to bring Cavs to the promise land which he failed to do. This isn't only his fault because he did bring them to the playoffs. Like I been saying, one man can't win a championship but a lot of people acted like it could happen, every great player had help, and Lebron would be no exception. What Lebron needed to do was try to get Bosh on Cavs cause Bosh is a good supporting player. They needed to make moves and get players for him. They needed to build the team around Lebron. If he would have won a Championship with the team that drafted him and he did so much for, it would be GREAT for his career and his legacy. Unless you actually watch basketball why comment? Do you people actually watch the regular season, not just jump on a bandwagon when the playoffs comes around?
YadaYadaYada's picture

Your right there is NO reason

Your right there is NO reason for Jordan to be jealous of Lebron,but that doesn't mean he isn't or has never been...and for the record lebron DID try VERY hard to get bosh to come and play with the cavs,but bosh did not want to...he went to miami(obviously) then boozer was taken by Chicago...there goes the people that could have made lebron stay. And i completely agree with you when you say they should have built a team around him. The cavs did not do ANYTHING to ensure that lebron would stay..they were so fixed on the idea that he never would leave..so i believe the cavs are NOT the victum...majority of the teams in the league would have made MAJOR moves if their superstar was possibly leaving...i mean look at pat riley. When Dwayne threaten to leave he went out and got lebron and bosh only thing the cavs did was get a new coach..WOW...that was real major.! Now everybody want to be sad for the cavs and bash lebron...man please!!
crisdean's picture

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