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MUSIC FAB: Kelly Rowland Talks About Her New Music Style + Jordin Sparks Gears Up For Broadway

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Kelly Rowland sat down for an interview with Paper Mag and dished on her new style of music and what she thinks of fame.  Get her interview plus info on Jordin Sparks' Broadway debut when you read on.

Kelly recently sat down with Paper Mag and we have some of the interview here for you.

A lot of artists are moving towards a futuristic, dance-heavy sound. Why were you influenced to go this direction?

I spent about a year of my life in Europe really listening to a whole bunch of European DJs and hearing dance music a lot on the radio and really loving it. But I didn't really think that I would do a dance record until l went out in the South of France and David Guetta was spinning at a club. Listening to him was just crazy. I heard the track When Love Takes Over and I asked if I could take it to London to write lyrics to it. And so we wrote When Love Takes Over and it was my first introduction to dance music. Then I went to Europe to promote the record with David and it was a whole other monster. It's really a culture and I love it.


You've been famous for the majority of your life. What's the best and worst part of fame for you?

 The best part is the creative part -- being able to make the music. The worst part? Probably the bullshit that comes with the territory. There are some fake people. What else? I'd say people wanting to know all of your business. But you understand it -- that's like the interesting part of it. I remember wanting to know every specific of Whitney and Mariah's life. I wanted to be there when they woke up in the morning. When the first time someone asked for my autograph I was like, 'What? I have crazy-looking hair right now. You really want my autograph?' You can't get caught up in fame. Fame comes and fame goes. People change. They change and you know, you can be up one day and down the next. I think about fame as just being a part of it. I think about my home as where I can just be me, my family as where I can just be me, my friends are where I can just be me.




The whole dance thing does seem to be the hot new celeb trend.  Hopefully Kelly pulls it off well with this new album.

YBF chick Jordin Sparks is gearing up for her Broadway debut as Nina Rosario in the musical In The Heights.  Nina is a 19-year-old who has to return home to her neighborhood Washington Heights, in New York City, after losing her college scholarship.

Jordin is looking forward to taking on this new challenge she tells Access Hollywood.

I’m really excited.  It’s going to be intense because I have rehearsals every single day. I think I have to watch the show every night and get used to it… It’s definitely going to be intense and I want to make sure I take care of my voice because I’ve never done as many shows as Broadway’s gonna have all in one time.

This is also Jordin's first time living on her own.

It’ll actually be my first time living on my own.  Now it’s going to be… not only am I living in my apartment, but I’ll be living in New York City. So I’m really excited.


She said she's dreamed of this day and now it's finally come.  I'm happy for her.  I love to see YBF chicks doing big things.

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fallidiobby's picture

The same thing that happened

The same thing that happened with Destiny's Child is happening to other girl groups and just groups in general. It's happening right now. And what's happening to those groups,happened to The Supremes and The Temptations. The Supremes sealed the fate for alot of futre girl groups. Because history repeats itself. Beyonce is the Diana Ross of Destiny's Child,Kelly Rowland is the Mary Wilson of Destiny's Child and Michelle Williams is the Florence Ballard of Destiny's Child. Just like Justin Timberlake went solo and became more sucessful than his fellow-N*Sync members, Beyonce went solo and became more successful than her fellow-Destiny's Child members.Diana Ross did better than her fellow-Supremes members.Omarion did better than his fellow-B2K members. It goes on and on until somebody (out of the people they call the backup singers) is brave enough to break the cicle that has been made in the history of music groups.Same thing is probably gonna happen with "The Cheetah Girls" and Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams. But I definately think Kelly Rowland has the potential to break the cicle.
Anonymous's picture

Even though Latoya is not as

Even though Latoya is not as big as Beyonce, I see her as breaking the circle.
Anonymous's picture

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Pervaiz Iqbal's picture

"Crazy man"..Men on Women's

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alen's picture

I luvs Kelly! I met her last

I luvs Kelly! I met her last week here in Nashville. She is such a sweetheart. She recorded a personal video message to my friends daughter who cut her leg and wasn't able to make the meet and greet (wonder if Beyonce would have done that? *side eye*) and she said she liked my shoes!!!!! That's da biz!!! lol
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce would've went to the

Beyonce would've went to the hospital or home to see her - kick rocks.
Anon's picture

yeah...sure she would have.

yeah...sure she would have. just like when she reached out to J.Hud after her tragedy...that is all.....
Anonymous's picture

Jordin Sparks >>> Kelly! And

Jordin Sparks >>> Kelly! And wish Kelly stans would stop lying to them selve saying she's HUGE overs eas. LIES! EVERYONE that's bigger than Kelly in the U.S of A is bigger than her over seas. The only difference is that she actually has a chance to have a hit and a spot on the charts, but she's still falling behind the Gaga's, the Beyonce's, and Rihanna's over seas.
Anonymous's picture

I so agree with the comment,

I so agree with the comment, there are far too many no talent, none singing ladies at the top plus most of them could not sing there way out of a paper bag live! I think Kelly can sing and I know Jordin Sparks can sing live! I had the pleasure of seeing her perform in San Francisco at her "Battlefield" tour and her vocals are so true sounding live....I just love this young lady and hope she will perform just as well as her vocals on Broadway.
Anonymous's picture

These negative comments about

These negative comments about Kelly disgust me... You will support a talentless supermodel like Rihanna who is solely reliant on her image and the direction her team wants her to go, yet Kelly is "boring" "unintriguing" and you "can't get with her music". Please! SMH at how naiive and blinded some of you are.
Araya's picture

Kelly and Jordan both look

Kelly and Jordan both look Beautiful and many blessings on their careers.
cynthia's picture

good luck with Broadway and

good luck with Broadway and living on your own Jordin!
Pfffftt's picture

Kelly Rowland is "real

Kelly Rowland is "real ...?!?" ... Are y'all "for real?" I've tried listing-to and supporting Kelly Rowland, I've "made it a point" to watch-and-listen to her LIVE-performances; to-that-end, I recently saw her on The Graham Norton Show. I watched her being interviewed and her performance that, there-shortly followed. ... Try, as-I-did; Kelly Rowland is waaaayyy "over-the-top" when trying to come-off-as ... "cute"! I guess, in-THAT-regard, she gets an "A", for HER efforts. Kelly Rowland's performance was flat, uninspired, easily-forgettable and hardly-noticeable! Kelly's interview, with Mr. Norton: monotonically-mundane; contrived and clumsy; and lazy and laborious! For MY hard-to-come-by discretionary-funds(?); being "cute" isn't enough ..! Sorry Kelly, Keri Hilson is "cuter" and faaar-more talented! X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT !
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Can you please "X Y and Z and

Can you please "X Y and Z and out" yourself from your house and get a life?!? Seriously, I see you on every damn blog making negative comments about Kelly! Did she reject your ass for a date or something?!? Or are you just another crazed hater/stan who can't take?!? And Keri Hilson? Out of all artists? Get a life homie...
VoxBox's picture

Hilarity!!!! Get em

Hilarity!!!! Get em VoxBox...lol
Anonymous's picture

LMAO @ "Can you please "X Y

LMAO @ "Can you please "X Y and Z and out" yourself from your house and get a life?!?" that was too funny...
YadaYadaYada's picture

Yup, I saw that GN Show. I

Yup, I saw that GN Show. I hate to admit it, but you're right! Kerri Hilson is OK, but I'm more "Team-Keisha Buchanan".
Anonymous's picture

I saw that too, well at

I saw that too, well at least, she looked cute; isn't THAT what counts? I mean, I it won't make me go-out and buy her CD. ...Wait-a-sec, I guess it doesn't count; my bad - carry-on!
VelmaK20209's picture

I love kelly's hair in this

I love kelly's hair in this pic! amazing!
kitee kat's picture

Congrats to Ms. Jordin. Be

Congrats to Ms. Jordin. Be careful up there in NYC.
WTH's picture

Move to the UK. She'd do

Move to the UK. She'd do better over there. In Beyonce's shadow over here. Very talented, very beautiful Kelly. Do you Girl.
WTH's picture

kelly is one fine piece of

kelly is one fine piece of chocolate sister maybe me, her and my girl can get to ROWLAND in the sheets lol www.theblackcouple.com
Anonymous's picture

i really like Kelly Rowland.

i really like Kelly Rowland. beautiful voice and genuine personality and always so humble and grateful to God. that dumb ass bitch Beyonce would NEVER give such a REAL interview.
indc's picture

Kelly is that you hun? Don't

Kelly is that you hun? Don't you have some promoting to do?
Anonymous's picture

whoa! crucial? to a

whoa! crucial? to a degree...agree w/ the bey comment. she's just different since she attached to jay-z
myMAMAsaid's picture

As she should...

As she should...
Anonymous's picture


ZZZZZZzzzzzz's picture

Been loving me some Kelly

Been loving me some Kelly Rowland since "Stole". She's got the voice and def the look, but the shadow of the one who shall remain nameless is cast pretty far... I opened a Rolling Stone yesterday and saw Jordin Sparks in a "got milk" add and wondered what she was up to. Seems like she's one of the overshadowed idols. How did her album do?
missunderstood's picture

I like Jordan Sparks a

I like Jordan Sparks a lot....she seems beautiful both inside and out :)
Anonymous's picture

Kelly is so unintriguing. I

Kelly is so unintriguing. I love dance music, but Kelly is so flat, I can't even go in like you should. Good for Jordin, I'm sure she'll be great come show time.
Miss GQ's picture

idk...i cant get with

idk...i cant get with kelly... & good luck to jordin. with a voice like herz...broadway is her thing!
myMAMAsaid's picture

Kelly is soooo dam boring..

Kelly is soooo dam boring.. Talks about the same dam thing.. I wouldn't even care to know about her personal b/c its most likely boring liek her... Ughhh go away
Anonymous's picture

I'm not gay or from Europe so

I'm not gay or from Europe so why would I care about Ms. Rowland's music? www.theblackcouple.com
Anonymous's picture

Loves Kelly and her new style

Loves Kelly and her new style in music will def. be buying her new album.
Anonymous's picture

Love Kelly's hair, but her

Love Kelly's hair, but her music like all the rest of em out today, is garbage. Not even worth wastin a CD on, neeeeeeeeeeeeeeext
Music IS Dead, Dead, Dead's picture

Jordin and Kelly at such

Jordin and Kelly at such pretty ladies!
Butterflygirl's picture

I like Kelly, she's real.

I like Kelly, she's real. Nothing is put on and she doesn't try to be miss perfect. I like that she's not robotic and when she smiles its from the heart and not for the cameras. She doesn't steal other people's work and try to pass it off as hers. Best of luck to you Kelly. I certainly will be buying your album
Anon's picture

You Kelly supporters are just

You Kelly supporters are just as bad as Bey stans. Why do you have to throw shade at Bey to big up Kelly? I thought there was enough room for everybody to do their thing, but that'd be too much like right, huh?
SouthernQueenD's picture

LOL, how do you know Kelly is

LOL, how do you know Kelly is real?
O Gee's picture

I actually LIKE this WIG on

I actually LIKE this WIG on Kelly---She looks pretty in these photos.
Star's picture

Good luck to both ladies. If

Good luck to both ladies. If the song sounds like you can listen to it in a club or while sitting in traffic, lol, then it should be a hit (in my opinion)
Anonymous's picture

Kelly is Huge overseas and

Kelly is Huge overseas and hopefully she can blow up over here and be a HUGE star!!!
Negative....'s picture


Anonymous's picture

first andbe buying kellys

first andbe buying kellys album
keandre 's picture

WOMP---NOT 1st

WOMP---NOT 1st
ME's picture

actually that comment was

actually that comment was first - look at the time just thought I'd throw that out there
Anonymous's picture

I am gonna buy the new album

I am gonna buy the new album too. I'm loving her new style and material!!!!
Negative....'s picture

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