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Ne-Yo Is 'No Homo' + Victoria Rowell Calls Out 'The Young And The Restless'


Two YBF celebs are fed up.  Ne-Yo is tired of people blogging that he is gay and Victoria Rowell is tired of The Young and The Restless's lily white staff and cast.

See what Ne-yo has to say and read Victoria's rants after the jump.




Ne-Yo is sexy and talented. No Homo.  And he wants you to know...he is No Homo. So stop blogging it.  Tweeting it.  Repeating it. 

In an interview with FoxAllAccess, Ne-Yo addressed the one rumor that just won't go away. 

He said that bloggers tend to assume that anyone who sings R&B music as opposed to rapping and promoting violence is gay.  He goes on to say he understands that , "If you are an artist and you become successful...you're going to have to deal with negativity."  On a more positive note, he says he is excited about the birth of his child.

Check out the interview here.


Apparently Victoria Rowell woke up this morning and realized she spent 17 years working with a mostly white cast and staff.

And she is NOT pleased.

In her Twitter she is ranting and raving about how The Young and The Restless is the #1 soap opeara on television yet they don't have any Black directors, writers, stylists or hair and makeup artsts. 

Damn.  If you weren't part of the Neil Winters clan you just weren't on the set.

Through her rant we get all the dirt about how some of the Black staffers were mistreated and sabotaged.

She accuses Y&R of living behind a bubble.  Perhaps. But I wonder if she raised these issues when she worked there.  Cause tweeting her disgruntlement from the safety of her Atlanta home sounds like a bubble to me too.  But whatever.

Check out the tweets...




u people need to stop bashing

u people need to stop bashing victoria, because i have followed her since i was 6 and she is who she is and to me me thats wwhat being real is all about and she also kleft the show to go overseas so before you go judging her get your facts right. Furthermore she has every right to demand more black people on the show i mean really if you were her what would you do....victoria girl i got your back and pleeease get yourself back to Y&R its not the same without you and Liliy needs you now......
Anonymous's picture

Please sign this petition

Please sign this petition supporting Victoria Rowell's return to y&r :http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?VRowell
mommi's picture

Victoria Rowell is so bitter

Victoria Rowell is so bitter and needs to stop speaking for all black folk. Honey, the only thing worse than over-acting soap diva is an unemployed soap diva. You ain't working towards diversity in daytime...you are just getting yourself black-balled.
KW's picture

being gay is not a negative

being gay is not a negative thing man get a grip its just gossip baby
Anonymous's picture

neyo is gay i dont care if

neyo is gay i dont care if his has a child or not, im friends with his male dancers im not calling out names Stephen, n i have met him loads of times. da way he looks into my eyes. gal his gay not even bi
tom jones's picture

Victoria Rowell is speaking

Victoria Rowell is speaking out about the lack of diversity in daytime and continue after she left the show. She is always fighting for equality and we shouldn't ignore it.
Anonymous's picture

Victoria Rowell had been

Victoria Rowell had been speaking out about the lack of diversity on Y&R since she was on the show. She was constantly pushing for more African Americans on and behind the screens. They would give her a few bones to shut her up for a while, like the black hairstylist. Eventually, she got tired of it and left. Since leaving, she has continued to talk about it. This is not her first, and will definitely not be her last time going off about Y&R on twitter. The people over at Y&R are ignorant, and no one really says anything about it, except Victoria. Kristoff has made a few comments, and I think Bryton said something once. The head writer recently told Tonya Lee Williams, she wants to get that black storyline up and pumping again. Who says that?
alstors's picture

Y&R just hit an all new "low"

Y&R just hit an all new "low" they now have hired an overweight, black woman to play the love interest of "Malcolm." As if black women are all big and floppy! They would never portray "Becky" this way, I would love to hear what Victoria thinks about this.
webreader's picture

I actually don't have a

I actually don't have a problem with an overweight sista playing Malcolm's love interest. Mind you, I haven't watched it in God knows how long, so I don't know what she looks like. But, I just thought about how Tracey Abbott was always overweight, and she was always a main contender for Brad's heart. My problem is them hiring Darius McCrary to play Malcolm. I think Darius is an excellent actor, but he should have never been giving that role, considering that he looks nothing like the original character or anyone else in the family. Are we really supposed to believe he's Lily's father? Like Victoria said, are Neil and Malcolm the only black men in Genoa City? They couldn't create another character for Darius?
alstors's picture

Neyo Please! What kills me

Neyo Please! What kills me is that gay people think if they dont say their gay then u will never know, wrong! Like I finally told my sister, I know ur gay & really dnt care...She says how u know, i never told u...All i could do was just stare at her. Because ur gay u think u at normal, but a normal person can see it cause their not gay.....
Sallyone's picture

Get with it, Natasha. Report

Get with it, Natasha. Report the whole story. That is one of the reasons she is no longer on the soap. Victoria Rowell has had some hard times, a white mother who abandoned her as a young child because of mental issues, living as a foster child until she was grown, and basically fighting every step of the way to have a decent career in the 80's and 90's where she was able to depict decent 'women of color" in her roles. People on this blog are so quick to condemn what they don't understand. You should read her autobiography. Life is not always what it looks like on the outside.
Anonymous's picture

The best espisodes of Y&R

The best espisodes of Y&R were those where Victoria danced. She is a beautiful ballerina ( no fu@king hip hop!) fine art baby!!!
webreader's picture

neyo please...that is NOT the

neyo please...that is NOT the reason why people give u a side eye lol
holla06's picture

before ne-yo was "ne-yo" he

before ne-yo was "ne-yo" he had an appearance on amateur nite at the apollo and dude was rockin a short wavy honey blonde do al la jada pinkett in the 90s- if that aint homo dont kno what is
isea's picture

LMAO!!! His stage name then

LMAO!!! His stage name then was "Go Go"!!
513hotgirl's picture

No one ever said Usher was

No one ever said Usher was Gay But Neyo does give that type of preference out along with Trey Songz. With Trey there is proof and they're both are too freaky so I understand why they are BI!!
D. GaBBana's picture

People say Usher is gay all

People say Usher is gay all the time. And what proof is there that Trey Songz is gay?
Ladybug's picture

I never thought that Ne-yo

I never thought that Ne-yo was gay: he's just into a really neat, so-fresh-so-clean vibe with his suits and swag. Some people assume a man who's super-neat and doesn't cuss or wear his clothes baggy is gay-which is a shame. I also know a couple of model chicks that he had long-term sexual arrangements with-so I think he's straight & I'd be sick of the rumors too if I were him. Victoria Rowell didn't mind Y & R's lily-whiteness when she was on the show-so why bitch and moan now? Is anybody surprised to hear that they don't have any black writers/directors, etc-I don't think so.
Godiva's picture

I am sorry but if usher,

I am sorry but if usher, ne-yo or trey songz are gay it means that every black guy in america are gay plain and simple! I mean there is absolutely nothing about them that is gay. They take care of their looks like any reasonable guy should, they treat women like they deserve to be treated, so what usher divorced his baby mama like millions other guys in america, trey songz bangs a new girl every day, to the the worst he is nympho but gay hell no. Ne-yo, just by listening to his music, you can clearly see he loves women unlike seme lame ass rappers who make babies all over the place. Actually, I'll be more surprised if Lill Wayne wasn't gay!
Rita's picture

Okay so anybody who says that

Okay so anybody who says that Victoria didnt raise these issues while she was on the show obviously isnt a fan of "Y&R". She was the reason they had a whole family of "brown faces" when no one else was. She also made sure to have black writer writing for these charachters. Ms. Rowell was very vocal about the lack of color on canvas which is why she is being basically black balled. As for her lily white daughte she was adopted years ago. she just says that she is all hers. Any fan of "Dru" would know this.
Miss'sT's picture

"Crazy man"..Men on Women's

"Crazy man"..Men on Women's Fashions: What He Thinks Looks Hot and Not?
alen's picture

I waited on her @ my job a

I waited on her @ my job a few months ago and she was nice but she was like a ditzy blonde anyway. Her friends were white and house-wifey acting and she fit right in. It kinda sucked because she has such an interesting life story but she disappointed me...I expected a little more soul sista...she was like whiter than white chix.
Kerry's picture


Tammy G's picture



Victoria is saying that y&r

Victoria is saying that y&r is lily white but isn't Victoria mixed she say's she's half white have you seen her daughter she doesn't look like she has an ounce of black in her. So victoria what point are you trying to make. I s it because your contract with Y&R was up and you got pissed. Let it go you've been gone from the show for awhile.
Anonymous's picture

it's odd that she decided to

it's odd that she decided to bring up these issues now, but her being mixed and her daughter looking white have nothing to do with the issues she brings up in her rant.
marciemarcie's picture

Ms Victoria Rowell, I don't

Ms Victoria Rowell, I don't think that it's a good idea to burn bridges with Y&R. I know good and damn well those books of yours can't be selling that well. I would hate for you to have to eat those words. Why are you suddenly going there anyway? Please take your meds and get a qualified therapist to help you. You left the show ages ago why are just now deciding to blast the staff. Whew!
Anonymous's picture

Note to Ne-Yo: It's not the

Note to Ne-Yo: It's not the fact that you're not a rapper that makes people think you're gay. It's the pics with what appears to be a liberal amount of lipgloss, the "pouty mouth" and your mannerisms that make people think that. And the fact that you're having a baby with some random chick does not dispel that belief; it just makes people imagine you cringing and saying, "This is SOOOO gross!" while aforementioned random chick was riding you. Victoria probably has a lot of time to say stuff since she hasn't worked very much since "Y & R". She was an idiot to leave the top-rated soap without some kind of concrete plan (read: steady job). Things didn't go too well for Shemar Moore right after he left either, but he's now on a well-respected drama ("Criminal Minds") on the same network. So she may not have wanted to bite the hand that used to feed her, because considering how little work she's done lately, it appears to be snack time again....
n_satiable's picture


Anonymous's picture

Ne-Yo needs to focus on his

Ne-Yo needs to focus on his album, his fiance and his baby. He says he's in a good place in his life and that's were he should stay. His fan base is solid and we will always support his music. Ignore the naysayers.
Anonymous's picture

I think that Victoria Rowell

I think that Victoria Rowell needs to let it go. The Young and The Restless is on some ancient stuff when it comes to the black characters on the show. I can go on and on about Devon always being in Lily's business at one time wanting to hook up with her. I can go on and on about Neil being the Yes man on the show, the man who never ruffles any feathers, the man who totally got disrespected in his so called love storyline with Ashley...that's right Ashley for those you that stopped watching years ago, yes Ashley and Neil, and let's not forget Neil the man without Victoria Rowell has the most boring scenes ever! I caught the show the other day when they showed Malcolms new love interest and I remembered why I stopped watching this foolishness. No disrespect towards her I hope she does well, but the writing for people of color is horrible just ask Miguel. Victoria Rowell you are Dru, but now it's time to create a new character for another show.
iolastar's picture

The problem with Twitter,

The problem with Twitter, facebook and all that instant messaging is that a lot of people go and rant after hitting the pipe/bottle. Sounds like that to me. DIdn't she work there for almost 20 years? How come she didn't say something during that time? Crazy. Take your meds.
zappy's picture

Ne-Yo might act and look

Ne-Yo might act and look "sweet" but I personally don't think he is gay, never did. Probably grew up with too much women around him. That's the only explanation I can come up with.
zappy's picture

Well, I was surprised with

Well, I was surprised with Y&R this week when I saw that Malcom's finacee' is a Sista and she's BROWN, not Light Skinned. The best part is she's PLUS SIZED and seems to be a character that will be around for a while! YaaaaaaaY!
Allure1113's picture

You know what the only people

You know what the only people that was bothered about people saying that they were gay was Ricky Martin and Lance Bass and look what happened. Just leave it alone, you're also making the gay fans uncomfortable also neyo

You need to tell that story

You need to tell that story to Ricky Martin,NeYo cause he seems hella confused since you guys met in a New York hotel for Puerto Rican day

Why do ppl attack Natasha?!

Why do ppl attack Natasha?! That I just don't get...if she post summin thats not quite true..cool, her bad, but there is no reason to tear into her, call her names and attack her physical appearance. Its a blog site not CNN News! And she can comment all she wants..ITS HER SITE!!! You CHOOSE to come on and read it!!!
Leave Natasha Alone!'s picture

It's a little sad that Ne-yo

It's a little sad that Ne-yo has to defend himself, whether he's gay or not is irrelevant, it doesn't stop him doing his job. What is more disturbing is the mentality of people who insist on branding him as gay when they are ignorant to the truth. Are people really so uncomfortable with the success of others that the will literally find any way possible to tear them down? Maybe they should deliver themselves of their 'crabs in a bucket' mentality.
Anonymous's picture

one more thing Tasha, how are

one more thing Tasha, how are you supporting a televison show that has a black female character named Mamie. girl stop.
Carolina's picture

cosign, maybe because tasha

cosign, maybe because tasha herself looks like someone's big fat black "mamie"
doc's picture

I was convinced that neyo was

I was convinced that neyo was homo after i saw a picture on the net of him dry humping a tranny on the dance floor... #thatisall
Karla 's picture

LMAO! Wooooo! Too funny!

LMAO! Wooooo! Too funny!
Anonymous's picture

Please don't be naive.

Please don't be naive. Hollyweird/music industry is more gay/bi/tri than you'll ever know. Celebrities are very good at keeping secrets and having "fixers", but every once in a while someone tells the wrong person, the wrong person attends an "industry party" or someone from their past spills the beans. It is possible for rumors to come out of thin air, but usually they don't. Remember Kat Williams talking about "Professor Oglevee" in a room kissing a man at an industry party? He was not supposed to tell. Pimp C and Tupac also talked about downlow celebrities/rappers....RIP. Its all about smoke and mirrors in Hollyweird. Please don't take things at face value.
Anonymous's picture

I never got that vibe that he

I never got that vibe that he was homosexual. Most men have feminine qualities.
MyPerspective's picture

My advice, don't say another

My advice, don't say another word on the subject matter. People are going to believe, what they want to believe. It's not fair but that's the way it is. If he keeps talking it will just fan the flames.
Anonymous's picture

You are right sometimes it's

You are right sometimes it's best to leave certain issues alone. I know it must hurt when people say things that aren't true.
MyPerspective's picture

The timing of Victoria's

The timing of Victoria's Rowell's comments seem odd, she left the show a year or two ago. Twitter just gives everyone a immediate mouthpiece to the world. The days of the magazine interview exclusive are over, but I think her comments would be more effective in a formal interview, rather than tweets. But times are changing!
BlackVesper's picture

sooooo...he's not gay?!

sooooo...he's not gay?!
myMAMAsaid's picture

I guess the checks stopped

I guess the checks stopped commin in Victoria? You coulda kept that to yourself since it does no one any good since you don't work there anymore
Over it's picture

Ne-yo the reason the say that

Ne-yo the reason the say that is because of the way you carry yourself, it's just a mess...Usher, Tyrese, whoever else could be gay but the point is they present a very masculine fantasy so they are not questioned...if you want to stop being questioned, quit pursing them shiny ass lips and scrunching your face up like you just had it in some man's smelly butt.
Over it's picture

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