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Naomi Campbell Wants To Delay Blood Diamond Trial + Wale Is In Trouble With B-More Officials

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Naomi Campbell has to testify in the trial of Liberian President Charles Taylor over a blood diamond that Taylor allegedly gave her.  More details on Naomi's involvement, plus why Wale is in hot water with Baltimore officials when you read on...

Naomi has requested a later date for her testimony according to a spokesman for the Special Court of Sierra Leone. 

She was due to appear in court on July 29th and the new date is not expected to be much later, the spokesman said.

Naomi's involvement stems from a trip to South Africa in 1997, when Taylor gifted her a large rough cut diamond after a dinner hosted by Nelson Mandela.

Taylor is accused of taking diamonds to South Africa to buy weapons, which he denies, however, the prosecution says Naomi could provide evidence to rebut Taylor's claims. 


This could get messy. I guess diamonds aren't are girl's best friend if they are gonna have you up in court all day.  But I bet she will look stunning on the stand!


Naomi isn't the only one mixed up in some mess.  After a concert this past weekend in Baltimore, Wale is in troube with some of their officials.

He was the headline artist at Artscape, a free city event, when he allegedly used "objectionable" language.

One of the promoters said they were "deeply distrubed" by Wale's language and apologized to any one who may have been offended.

I just wonder if they actually listened to his music before they booked him.  That probably could have saved a lot of trouble.


Here's a short clip of him at Artscape:


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Loool name a rap song without

Loool name a rap song without swearing lol, the organisers must have been white.
laylah's picture

Naomi is gorgeous! Bad hair

Naomi is gorgeous! Bad hair can't keep a good woman down :)
Anonymous's picture

hmmmm if you are having a rap

hmmmm if you are having a rap concert expect swearing...so dont pull WALE out like that cuz the all do it. BS abeg free my Naija brother jare...RUBBISH
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awegzsvc's picture

Who cares if he cursed.

Who cares if he cursed. Police curse all the time at people.
Anonymous's picture

Looking fierce there Ms

Looking fierce there Ms Campbell. Keep that wig it suits you girl
Anonymous's picture

Charles Taylor is one of the

Charles Taylor is one of the most despicable men to ever walk the earth. Literally the devil incarnate, he is right up there with Hitler, specializing in human sacrifice, the engineering of child soldiers, limb severing and cannibalism for kicks. He couldn't look me in my face, let alone drop something in my hand. This matter is being taken WAY too lightly. It goes far beyond the inane lyrics of a Marilyn Monroe song.
Extravaganza Eleganza!'s picture

You book a rapper for an

You book a rapper for an event then offended by the language? As Ocho would say...Chile please!
Dee's picture

we don't quote "ocho" here at

we don't quote "ocho" here at YBF. SMH.
Anonymous's picture

the man probably did trade

the man probably did trade diamonds for weapons...hope she doesn't snitch! but if her butt is on the line, i'm sure she will. i wouldn't serve jail time for anyone!!
Anonymous's picture

You hope she doesn't snitch!?

You hope she doesn't snitch!? FOOL! This is an action that many have resulted in death and destruction. They're not called Blood Diamonds because it's catchy. If this happened, he should certainly be PUNISHED for his role in the destruction of our people and continent and she help that happen. Idiot!
MiMi's picture

Enuff said!! * high five *

Enuff said!! * high five *
Anonymous's picture

i dont c wat wale did wrong

i dont c wat wale did wrong
Anonymous's picture

Mad I miss Wale at Artscape

Mad I miss Wale at Artscape but I'm not sweating like a slave for nobody until we're forced back into it...*slams laptop closed* www.theblackcouple.com
Anonymous's picture

We will NOT be forced back

We will NOT be forced back into Slavery!!!
Anonymous's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing...did they listen to any of his songs before they booked him??? They should've booked Justin Beiber or Lupe Fiaso(& I think he curses a lil) if they didn't want any cursing...
Anonymous's picture

Wow!! That sounds really

Wow!! That sounds really scary Naomi!!
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