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*EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW & PICS* Letoya Luckett Talks Slim Thug, New Album, & Becoming The New Face Of Luster's

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Letoya Luckett is the new face of Luster’s Pink Brand Smooth Touch.  And Luster's and VIBE magazine hosted a launch party last night for the event.


We've got pics plus an exclusive interview with the groupmate turned fab solo artist when you read on....


The event was held at the Helen Mills Theatre in New York, NY and YBF correspondents Sharde and Angela. NYC folks were in attendance, and YBF Chick Letoya was revealed as the new face of with Luster’s. Luster’s ended the evening with giveaways of black hair care products, and had tons of swag bags for everyone.

Letoya chatted it up with YBF about her new album, reuniting with Destiny's Child, her ex Slim Thug's recent controversial comments, and her new job as the face of Luster's.


On how she feels being the new face of Luster's Luster’s Pink Brand Smooth Touch...

"I’m so excited! Its funny because I don’t have a professional background in hair but my grandfather was the first person to ever put a relaxer in my hair and he still to this day has his own shop in Houston Texas! And then of course with Destinys child, Tina would do our hair or we had to do each other’s hair and put perm and relaxers in each others hair, so of course this made sense, it jus made sense! Luster came to me and approached me about being a partner in the company and to join forces so I was like absolutely! And they are like a family in itself so its just great! Its crazy because I used to use PINK hair lotion when I was younger! So all of this just made sense!"


On how she got into acting and her dream role...

"I’ve had the acting bug for a while, acting has always been an interest of mine but of course my singing career came first so when I moved to LA and got an agent and I was sent on my first audition and landed my first gig then I thought “ya know? maybe Im supposed to do this?!” So I kept going to auditions and I landed the role in killers as the character Amanda. I would love to play Lena Horne! If they ever did a story on her I would love to play that role! Because I am a big fan of hers, so that would be great! "


On the new projects she's working on...

"I’m currently working on my new album and I’m taking a new direction with my music (as she looks down at her rings on her hands) so there are a lot of new things are coming up for LeToya so be on the look out!!"


On a possible Destiny's Child reunion...

"That’s been a rumor that’s been going around for a while. It’s funny how when you see two of us in the same place everybody goes “Reunion, reunion, reunion!” – But you know, we haven’t talked about it amongst ourselves. If there were to be one I would absolutely love to be apart of it.

Destiny Child’s was a big part of my life and I was thankful to have that experience. And if that ever happened then I would love to be apart of it. It sometimes bugs me because I was reading on something recently -- A friend of mine said something like, “Why people hate on the fact that y’all back friends?” I’m like, “People love drama, people love drama”, and they don’t understand how God works when he wants a relationship healed, when he wants people back together then let that be so. You know, nothing should get in the way of that.

The girls and I are good friends now, we hang out, hit the pool and anybody that got something bad to say about that, I’ma pray for you. When you have any situation where there’s heartbreak and love lost--- On my end there was never any love lost. But when things get kind of get crazy and conflicted or whatever and things come back together, that’s beautiful. People should applaud that and not be like 'I still want them to still be mad.' Like, why you mad son, what’s going on (laughs)?"


On her former boo Slim Thug's comments about black women...

"Black is beautiful baby. It is what it is. I’m so proud to be a black woman; I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I mean nothing. I’m blessed to be black. I’m thankful that l I have an amazing family, black women that raised me. Wonderful friends, I’m like an international girl all day long. But I love the black women in my life. My grandmother, my mom… Even on Slim like he has a great mother, he has a great grandmother...women that raised him. His sister... who if it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t even know who Slim Thug was.  Because of how they took care of him... I mean you know, whatever was said, was said. But on my end, Black is Beautiful! "


Here's some pics from the event:



YBF chick Keshia Knight Pulliam showed up.


Letoya looked FAB in a Nicole Miller dress paired with Louboutin heels.

What are you doing Keshia???


We wonder who's putting that smile on Keshia's face..

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I hate when black people

I hate when black people decide to go natural (like they want to return to their roots) and then PREACH to other black people who decide they want to get relaxer how we are "a slave to the white man". RESPECT peoples decision just as you want people to RESPECT your decision to "go natural". I LOVE GETTING MY HAIR RELAXED....No, I dont want no damn dreads or locs!!!
Tam's picture

You don't know much about

You don't know much about going natural do you? Dreadlocks is not the only thing you can do to your hair to be natural. Get your facts together. I'm all natural and my hair is healthy and straight as if I use a relaxer. Relaxers only destoyers your hair and if you like that sort of thing good for you. I, on the other hand, would like to be beautiful and healthy.
Anonymous's picture

I agree, I have a friend who

I agree, I have a friend who does that. As I recall about a year ago she was slapping a perm in her head every time I turned around. All of a sudden she has so much to say about someone who decides to perm their hair. Don't get brand new
Anonymous's picture

Are you not preaching right

Are you not preaching right now about how you love "relaxed"hair and you dont want no damn locs or dreads (FYI they are the same damn thing). No one is disrespecting you wanting to destroy the natural bonds of your hair. You got defensive b/c deep down inside you know you are tryiing to emulate something that is NOT you. Saying you love getting your hair "relaxed" is like saying you love bleaching your skin. Both are harmful to your health. SMDH @ the ignorance in our community.
NINA's picture

Sho you right sista, i luv my

Sho you right sista, i luv my natural hair it is beautiful relaxer don't do anything but put poison in ppl's skull and into their brains.. That's why there's alot of crazy ass black women running around here.. GO NATURAL..
Anonymous's picture

I'm happy for her but I will

I'm happy for her but I will not use the product personally because of the ingredients. Do research people, especially if you want healthy hair!! I'm one of the proud women walking around with my natural hair! I try not to preach to women about their hair because its such a touchy topic and I understand that "its not for everyone" (whatever) but I do feel like we are some what brainwashed about our appearance though especially the misconceptions about how "manageable our hair is or is not". It all boils down to patience and effort. Its funny and kind of sad at the same time, I get nasty looks and rude comments from my own people rather than people of different races. That's a fact. If you want to perm your hair then fine, you do that and I'll continue on my natural hair journey! All I ask if that you respect our decision to be natural the same way you want us to respect your decision to relax your hair.
Natural's picture

but I do feel like we are

but I do feel like we are some what brainwashed about our appearance though especially the misconceptions about how "manageable our hair is or is not". ((((((()))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))) I tend to agree. I perm my hair, but recently I've just started to wonder why the hell almost every Black woman I see on tv and in real life has to have this homage to another race's beauty, it's like we can't (or haven't been conditioned not to) accept ourselves in our natural beauty. Many of us have traditional African features of full lips, broader noses, very high cheekbones that are accentuated with our natural kinky hair. But sometimes when we use the weaves and straighten our own hair it just does nothing for our beauty except dim it.
Anonymous's picture

i agree some people do get

i agree some people do get preachy when they go natural. however im just starting not because i want to get back to my roots, i do wanna go to Africa one day but my hair aint got nothin to do with that!!! LOL. im doing it cause im tired of spending the $$$ and the relaxers arent doing my any good nowadays!!!
lea's picture

I am with you on this one. I

I am with you on this one. I also went natural cause I was tired of paying $50 for a relax for myself and my daughter. My 11 year old daughter also decided to go natural with me and we started Sept. 2009. It's been a journey but I'm loving the attention I'm getting from it. Now, occasionally I will go get some professional help and get it straighten for special occasions, but most of the time I rock my "I'm happy to be nappy" look!
Anonymous's picture

i also have decided to go

i also have decided to go natural and im seeing it more and more. recently i had a daughter and i want to teach her to lover her kinks. but if someone relaxes its ok for them too. some peoples hair takes well to perm and others have to constantly deal with breakage.
Anonymous's picture

I guess she means only the

I guess she means only the Black skin, Black culture and SOME physical Black features besides OUR hair are beautiful, because obviously she doesnt love Black hair in its natural state being the new face of that creamy crack. People always say natural hair is not for me and I have to LOL at that ridiculous statement. How is something that you are BORN with not for you? Can you say mindfucked?
NINA's picture

LOL Damn, I hate to admit it,

LOL Damn, I hate to admit it, but this is so true.
Anonymous's picture

Omg lol these Beyonce stans

Omg lol these Beyonce stans are RIDICULOUS!!! "Don't ever lie on the Queen you filthy peasant"?! WTF REALLY? This post isn't even about Beyonce at all and also Beyonce is my ABSOLUTE favorite female singer but she isn't a Queen nor is she immortmal. Lol she is a normal human being who knows none of us. Lol yall stans are too much. CHILL.
justine's picture

Not a fan on Luster's but

Not a fan on Luster's but Congrats to Letoya! Get that money girl!! Ok, for some unknown reason, I do not like Keisha Knight!!! I can't really put my finger on it and it's pissing me off. She's a beautiful woman but I sense an ego that's larger than herself. I could be wrong but I don't know. I hate her on House of Payne only because I know she can do a better job acting on the show. Or can she? Help me out ya'll. Am I the only one who feels this way?? I wanna like her.....really, I do!!!!
dee's picture

LeToya is the best from DC

LeToya is the best from DC hands down and the bitches talkin shit about the prettiest DC memeber ever. Please lames get a life because Toya run this basturds so go on hating. Now she raining on you hoes. So deal with the most talented and beautiful of them all. And for the one saying Letoya got weave in her hair, why don't you check beyawce nappy ass weave. She all ways has her shit jacked up. And hell no she ain't never ever been prettier than Letoya haters. Look who has the style and the Corporations calling bitches. And she ain't going to stop so deal with it.
Get'em's picture

LeToilet don't you have

LeToilet don't you have something better to do with your time? You looking rea cheesey right now coming on the internet to bash Beyonce. It's ok that she's prettier than you. that's no reason to get angry though.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce is over do. Let see a

Beyonce is over do. Let see a new face LaToya is perfect for this.
Kimmy T's picture

Supposedly Luster's Pink

Supposedly Luster's Pink lotion is horrible for the hair b/c it contains mineral oil and petrolatum which block out moisture and make hair appear moisturized. Just putting that out there :)... And I'm sure 90% (or more) of celebs who are endorsing a product don't actually use the product, it's all about money.
Jad's picture

Keisha Seems Envious and

Keisha Seems Envious and wants some of that Attention!
I said it!'s picture

Shutup! Dumb post.

Shutup! Dumb post.
Anonymous's picture


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babygirl's picture

We all know DC wouldna been

We all know DC wouldna been ish w/o Bey. That is why she is the ONLY one who has still remained as successful, if not more than the DC days. That is why people always ask about her. Nobody cares about the "nem" in Beyonce 'nem(& them) formerly known as Destiny's child. Notice people don't ask Beyonce about reunions they only ask the others because of course they have nothing else of any relevency to say. Bey would have been successful even had there been no DC. They should all bow down and kiss the Queen Bey's beautifully manicured toes because people would care evn less than they already do had it not been for her.
Junkyard Dog(WOOF)'s picture

Lmao! I kinda agree with you

Lmao! I kinda agree with you though.
Anonymous's picture

She looks....off, to say the

She looks....off, to say the least. I always KNEW Beyonce was the prettiest.
Anonymous's picture

Bey was the prettiest

Bey was the prettiest followed by Kelly..then Toya. NOW, Kelly and Bey are tied up cause Kelly stepped her game up!
HOTNESS's picture

For me it's Kelly, Toya the

For me it's Kelly, Toya the B. I think if B was the same complexion as these women there would be no competition. Sorry but take's B's complexion away and the long hair and all you'll have is average.
Help!'s picture

So because Beyonce is "light

So because Beyonce is "light skin" she's average? Smh Beyonce IS pretty and it has nothing to do with complestion, but while you wanna "subtract' stuff lets take ways all Kellys' sergery and her rugged wig and what do you have? A borderline ugly chik with low self esteem who gets her self worth from being Beyonce's cheer leader. And is Beyonce is considered "average" with out all tha stuff, then so is letoya because they are pretty much on the same level.
Anonymous's picture

I am sorry but this is such

I am sorry but this is such an ignorant comment. You actually think a person's complexion makes them 'above average' please. Regardless of the color, beauty is not measured by the color of skin sweetheart. All of the girls in DC are beautiful regardless of their complexions. Just look past the color and take an actual look these women to measure your beauty. It's sad that we are still in this 'light skinned dark skinned'. It's time to move one people or we stay victim to the 'slave mentality'.....wake up!
just sayin''s picture

Toya is gorgeous! Congrats!

Toya is gorgeous! Congrats!
itzkim's picture

I love Toya!

I love Toya!
itzkim's picture

LeToya was always to third

LeToya was always to third prettiest.
.'s picture


.'s picture

No boo, you were right the

No boo, you were right the first time. it's 3rd. Because Beyonce was always the prettiest and Letavia was next becaue of her boobs, then comes letoya, and last kellys because she was always the ugliest.
Anonymous's picture

she is gorgeous

she is gorgeous
CUTIE's picture

Lusters Pink Lotion is

Lusters Pink Lotion is evil... that is all.
Keli's picture

Aww, go Letoya! She was

Aww, go Letoya! She was always the prettiest child in Destiny's Child. She still is.
BeansnCawnbread's picture

I agree, I always thought

I agree, I always thought that LeToya was the prettiest
Anonymous's picture

I love LeToya! And I wish

I love LeToya! And I wish her the best =)
TruStar's picture

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havegot's picture

Ok so how is she the new face

Ok so how is she the new face of Lusters with all that weave in her head?? They are selling a bold face lie...this is too much! She should endorse a pack of weave at the Korean store!
Anonymous's picture

The bitch wearing weave

The bitch wearing weave ..how she get that?
Anonymous's picture

Listen, everything you see

Listen, everything you see advertised is enhanced, all beauty products do it. I have long full healthy hair when I was a model for Luster and they still added extensions. L'oreal, Maybelline etc all add more than what would be natural to sell products.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce drag queen wear

Beyonce drag queen wear weaves and that bish has no hair!!!
so's picture

LeToilet is that you? Kizzy?

LeToilet is that you? Kizzy? Lativia? Which 1 are you?
Anonymous's picture

I'm not gonna comment on the

I'm not gonna comment on the slim thugg issue, because I heard he was misquoted and I think the author even acknowledged she took some stuff out of context. However, I LOVE Letoya's answer regarding Destiny's Child. Even if she was lieing, I'd still applaud her bec. you can't get any better at answering a thorny question than that. Unfortunately, I think she's looked better. That necklace is really putting the outfit in a very dated "80s" place. Truly, bad.
Anonymous's picture

LeToya looks so pretty. I'm

LeToya looks so pretty. I'm really happy for her success. I can't wait for the new album. On another note, I wish interviewers would stop asking her about a Destiny Child. I know she gets sick of having to answer those annoying question.s She's almost on her 3rd album, so she's clearly focused on her own career and they still ask her that. It's such a slap in the face, because clearly she's trying progress not regress by going back to that group. They need to stop asking Kelly and Michelle those questions too.
Focused1's picture

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erthwh's picture

CONGRATS and great

CONGRATS and great interview!!! On a negative note..........SHE has on WAYYY 2 much foundation...smh
HOTNESS's picture

Loved the whole interview.

Loved the whole interview. Letoya not only looks great but speaks intelligently, the way she handled the Slim Thug question was excellent. Giving him no more spotlight for his stupidity than he deserves. And I'm with her, I LOVE being a Black woman and I too wouldn't trade it for anything either. Wish you much luck and success with your acting Letoya!
Twilightey's picture

*Lets down hair and slaps

*Lets down hair and slaps Latoya with my 4b twistout* Gurl who threw all that paint on ya face and told you it looked good?! Other than that, great interview. I miss using Pink Lotion but not the smell. That's the only Luster product I ever used (3-4 years ago). If they made a new formula without the nasty smell I might be tempted to use it again.
SaiSai's picture

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