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Diddy Cries Racism + MJ Album Dropping In November

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P. Diddy Passes the Torch!

Find out who has Diddy screaming racism, plus the deets on the upcoming MJ album...

Mr. "I always manage to stay relevant" is back in the news. In a recent VIBE interview, Diddy is sounding off about he felt some of the questions that were asked during his ABC News interview with Nightline host Martin Bashir were racist.   Bashir is best known for the controversial interview he did with Michael Jackson focusing on his child molestation accusations.

During the interview, Bashir asked Diddy if he knew who killed Tupac, and if he was setting a bad example by fathering "multiple children by multiple mothers." However one question in particular made Diddy upset. When asked if it was appropriate for him to buy his 16-year-old son, Justin, a Maybach, Diddy felt that question was racist. He tells VIBE mag:

There were times in the interview when I had to give him an ultimatum. The questions weren’t being handled the right way. In hindsight, when I saw him I shouldn’t had done the interview because I know the style of interview that he does . . . The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question. You don’t ask White people what they buy their kids. And they buy ‘em Porsches and convertible Bentleys and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you. And I’m not saying that consciously he’s a racist. But he probably don’t even realize that he would not ask Steve Jobs that. He would be like Steve Jobs has that money and that’s the gift his kid is supposed to get.



You guessed it. Yes, an all new Michael Jackson album will be released this November. According to his former manager, MJ had more than 100 unreleased songs that were stored in a vault. The album is part of a seven year contract the Jackson estate has with Sony Music.

The 10 track album will be the first of a ten project deal thats also includes reissuses of his older albums, a new greatest hits set, a DVD collection, and even a karaoke and dance video game titled Michael Jackson: The Video Game.   Many of the songs were recorded in the 80s, but before his death, MJ was able to collaborate with Will.I.AM, Akon, and Ne-Yo.


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Music is related to magic.

Music is related to magic. Magic is forbidden. Music and Magic both are mind controlling agents for Satan/Shaytan, the cursed. Music is forbidden. Leave it. It's a distraction from the remembrance of your Creator. Just about every song is in some form of disobedience of your Creator. Music promotes illicit sex, drugs, drinking, smoking, and sin in general. Even gospel music is no good. Stop allowing folks to teach your children magic. Magic is the handiwork of the Devil. Leave magic alone. Would you allow someone to openly teach your child voodoo if this wasn't a belief system of yours? Stop music! Stop Magic!
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Diddy is a pathetic crying

Diddy is a pathetic crying little bitch. The questions were absolutely legit and appropriate for him to answer and there was no racism involved in any way. I am so sick of him and his stupid ass shows. What a tool.
nas's picture

Diddy is right on this

Diddy is right on this one. Rock stars are know for their excesses and one wouldn’t have to search very hard to find one who has fathered a number of kids by a number of different women or one who has brought something ridiculously outlandish for their kid. I really doubt Bashir would have questioned them about this. And what is this question about “ setting a bad example”? since when have musicians been pillars of the community? Would Bashir expect Oozy Osborn to set a good example? What about Madonna? Think about the most famous musicians are their behaviours really example setting? Just because Diddy is black, this doesn’t’ mean that he is suppose to set an example for all black kids or white ones for that matter. Famous musician tend to become famous more for what they do out of the studio than what they do in it. I totally see where Diddy coming from.
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Oh please. He is the same

Oh please. He is the same person who said that only light-skinned, white or latina should be in his ciroc commercial. NO Darkskinned girls need apply. Now he's b*tchin'. Gimme a break
Anonymous's picture

Yeah... but Diddy is right.

Yeah... but Diddy is right.
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MEME's picture

i totally AGREE!

i totally AGREE!
Anonymous's picture

I agree!

I agree!
Anonymous's picture

Another thing, each one of us

Another thing, each one of us can make a difference.I visit alot of online sites.And regard YBF as a more positive outlet compared to the other sites.We as human beings have reach all new lows of negativety, I have never seen in all my 40 yrs on this planet.I know people are suffering from all types of problems, but some of the comments are downright despicable .And this is not directed at anyone here. I'm just appalled at people's behavior towards other people. Especially people you do not know personally.Like these celebrities, I see why they have so much security.I don't hate Diddy.I wish him and his kids the best. My opinion about Diddys is just that, I don't see how some people are so vulgar and mad at celebrities.It speaks volume on your state of mind.

Preach! Like, do you know

Preach! Like, do you know them you say such mean things?
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COSIGN - "I rarely agree with

COSIGN - "I rarely agree with Diddy but I rarely agree with Diddy but in this case, the car question was out of line for exactly the reason Diddy said it was. No one asked Aaron Spelling, Mr. Hilton or Ozzy Osbourne, who's kids are spoiled as hell, about the gifts, cars, homes and stuff they gave their children Tori, Paris and Kelly and Jack. But the multiple children by multiple mothers question? Sorry Diddy, that's valid. " Another thing.... he should do a segment on the supposedly rich buying their kids whatever the want and not focusing on Diddy's behavior alone. I believe Diddy's arrogant behavior really is the reason he was question, and Diddy's no dummy.Not a fan at all.But he's right don't throw a queston about spoiling kids to a black man when black men are labeled as not taking care of their kids.He should have address this in a suitable setting, with other "rich" men, from all backgrounds.Alot of rock stars have kids from multiple women.If you look at it Diddy's way, it does seems racist, but AMERICA is racist.Since Obama has become president, the ugly side of America has reared it's head.And this will continue as long as we continue to separate ourselves, (e.g.) polls that focus on black and white issues and instead of the " human condition" , let us focus on ways to improve the lives of all human beings.Until then, racism,sexism,ageism, and homophobic behavior will continue.Now,I'm a realist!, we won't be able to eradicate the ills of society completely but I rather see more of the good in life than the bad.

they about to pimp MJ like

they about to pimp MJ like they did Biggie and Pac....lord rest his soul
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Racist? Seriously? He asked

Racist? Seriously? He asked him a question about buying a kid who didn't even have a driver's license, a $300,000 car. It's really telling though, how he got upset about this question and not the question about his kids. I didn't hear him say, "Martin Bashir doesn't ask white celebrities why they have so many kids by different women." Hmm, let's see why??? And for people stating he's setting a "good example" because he "takes care" of his kids, you all are wrong. This man throws money at them; not time, dedication, and respect. It takes more than money to raise a child. Ask any child who received (financial) child support on a regular, but not discipline, regular attendance at games, back to school nights, holidays, birthdays, etc... It is next to impossible to give TWO children within the same home the attention they truly deserve, but certainly impossible to give 5 or 6 spread across the US in different homes the attention they deserve. Making your child support payments on time does not make you a "responsible" father. It makes you a responsible child support payer and that's about it. And didn't Misa have to take him to court to make him pay his support (the amount he should have been paying) for this same kid?
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Anonymous's picture

Oh Diddy hush! I watched that

Oh Diddy hush! I watched that interview and it was NOT RACIST. He asked him questions and Diddy just can't handle the truth or someone questioning is actions. SMH @ pulling the racist card.
Anonymous's picture

That question was NOT racist,

That question was NOT racist, and the people following behind Diddy's dumb ass are dumb, too. No, Bashir is NOT asking white people (who are much richer than Diddy!) what they buy their kids because they don't go around bragging about it like on "My Super Sweet 16". HE is the one who made a big deal about it. It doesn't seem like an appropriate car to buy a kid who either doesn't have a license or has had it for less than a year. I'm not saying that because of how much it costs, but because teenagers have the "invincibility mentality" where they push the limits and think that nothing can happen to them -- if he gets out on the road with that alone, what do you expect him to do? Diddy should act his age and shut the fuck up when it comes to idiotic comments like this.
n_satiable's picture

your right its not racist but

your right its not racist but with that car he doesnt need a license. I would rather have some drive my child around then like on the same show (the girl from Memphis whos parents bought her a stretched hummer when she had NO license and had Young Joc in the car). Im just saying just cut that man some slack. If i had it my child would difinitely have it!
Anonymous's picture

Slight correction: Other

Slight correction: Other posters have said that white people (and other races) brag on "My Super Sweet 16" about what they buy their kids, and those posters are right. But how many of those people are anyone that you've ever heard of (meaning, they're celebrities)?
n_satiable's picture

Diddy needs to sit the hell

Diddy needs to sit the hell down with that racism ish! That question was not racist at all. Maybe if he wasn't so flamboyant and didn't brag about what he has all the time, the question wouldn't have been mentioned. It was also an error on his part to even sit down with Bashit (yes, i meant to type that) for an interview...have we learned nothing from the LWMJ fiasco? Anyone? Guess not. Anywho...I hope the MJ album is really in the works...I can't wait to hear some of the old, and new stuff that's been locked away. Long live the King!
tati's picture

I guess that question struck

I guess that question struck a chord... although maybe none of this business, I don't see how that particular question can be construed as racist. I would think he would be more up and arms about being asked about all his illegitimates...
Keli's picture

In no way was the question of

In no way was the question of him buying his 16 year old an expensive car racist. Diddy knew beforehand the type how Bashir is. He gets a 'hoe sit down' for using racist so loosely. What he should have been upset about was Bashir calling him a hoe in sublte words. He figured because he wasn't accused of molesting children like MJ, that the interview was going to be a piece of cake...wrong! Regardless of how much money he has he sets a bad example of 'how to disrespect the mother of his kids' (including Quincy) and how he treats woman like they are only good for sex. He is a joke for a black man.
tellthetruth's picture

I wouldnt say a joke for a

I wouldnt say a joke for a black man. Diddy takes care of all his children including one thats not his. you have men out here that have one child and they dnt want to do ish for their child.
Anonymous's picture

I rarely agree with Diddy but

I rarely agree with Diddy but in this case, the car question was out of line for exactly the reason Diddy said it was. No one asked Aaron Spelling, Mr. Hilton or Ozzy Osbourne, who's kids are spoiled as hell, about the gifts, cars, homes and stuff they gave their children Tori, Paris and Kelly and Jack. But the multiple children by multiple mothers question? Sorry Diddy, that's valid.
Twilightey's picture

Like I said before it was a

Like I said before it was a white girl on there who got a streched Hummer who had No license NO SAID A WORD. So that question is just stupid. I see how Diddy could fell that way b/c people dont question white celebs on what the buy. In the case of those kids I am going to need him to settle down but I dont think theres nobody in this world that can put up with him for the rest of their life!
Carment truth's picture

Thanks thats wat i was

Thanks thats wat i was thinking. Its his money he can do or buy watever he want.
Anonymous's picture

I am not a Diddy fan and

I am not a Diddy fan and there are many aspects to his life that I am not sure about and do not like but I absolutely agree. The car question WAS out of line. And the mulitple children by mulitple mothers question was not valid at all! He asked that question simply because he knows that it is one of the stigmas of the black male stereotype. If anything I feel like. Diddy set a good example by doing what he had to do to make sure that ALL of his kids are taken care of. For that, I respect him
Anonymous's picture

Diddy can buy whatever the

Diddy can buy whatever the hell he pleases for his children. I know most people here will say "oh he's spoiling them" but of course he wants to give his kids what he didn't have growing up. I'm sure if 5mil dropped in some of your laps today you will be spoiling the heck out of your children. Let the man breathe. Martin Bashir is an idiot and I can't stand his guts. The way he lied about MJ really ruined his reputation as journalist or whatever the f*** he is!!!
Miss Jackie's picture

On another site Natasha -

On another site Natasha - from an insider - it's said that TMZ is reporting misinformation on the Jackson project as well as Will I Am who was recently asked in an interview about this - he stated that "it wouldn't be right to release anything posthumously without Jackson's approval - which in I understood b/c of his reputation. Anyway, like I said before - BLACK STARS should not let Martin Bashir interview them - I strongly believe that man is prejudice. I will never forget what he did to Michael Jackson NEVER.
Hibiscus Rose's picture

Sean setting an example for

Sean setting an example for the black community? how many examples do the black man need to know and understand how to raise a family how to not get locked up, how to spend their money on worthy shit rather than 50 room houses how to treat a woman how to honor the black woman? If they have to rely on a public figure like Sean Combs than thats a sad case on its own. And seriously its his Damn money. he worked hard for it. He is one of the hardest working man in the business. and its legit. if its one thing that black men should understand from this public figure is how to prosper. and thats it!
Anonymous's picture

I assumed Bashir was

I assumed Bashir was referring to Diddy's example to his own children on family values, how to treat women and relationships. You know like to his 16-year old son who will be dating soon if not already or better yet his twin daughters who are growing up and should know that they have the right to expect a man to be committed and faithful to them. Both Diddy and his 'baby mothers' especially Kim Porter are setting bad examples in all those areas. People are always going to find examples for what they want to do and which way they want to go, good or bad. So if people choose to look up to and emulate the Diddy's and Lil Wayne's of the world rather than the Barack Obama's and Will Smith's that's on them.
Twilightey's picture


Ok---Good Point.....considering.
 Star's picture

This is the thing I don't get

This is the thing I don't get A LOT of Indian people have multiple wives. SO MAYBE Bashir needs to ask people of his own culture such questions. As long as Diddy is making smart investments for his kids' futures AND taking care of ALL of them (including the one that is not even his biologically) it is no reason for anyone to ask why he buys them the gifts he does. Looking at both boys' sweet 16 I would have to say that they were kinda humble when compared to some of the other brats on that show. I don't think the gifts matter as long as you are not raising spoiled HELLIONS. Its Diddy. What did ya'll expect for his over-extravagant, a lil flamboyant a$$ to get his first born son...a Saturn?!
NotSoAnonymous86's picture

Why must you be so ignorant?

Why must you be so ignorant? Are you so much better than any other bigot huh? Indians have multiple wives? That's how you stand up to alleged racism? lol sorry and no offence but you're not very bright. Nor are you any better than any other bigot. You can't prove your point by doing exactly what it is your speaking against. Change yourself, you change the world. peace.
Anonymous's picture

I never said ANY of the

I never said ANY of the questions Bashir asked were racist! What I meant was why is he asking questions of this man when it is nothing new to him. Is there any part in my post where I agreed that Bashir was racist....no?...I know. Thanks.
NotSoAnonymous86's picture

But Steve Jobs doesn't need

But Steve Jobs doesn't need to floss. He probably bought his kids something sensible, like a Prius. If you buy your kid a Maybach at 16, (and I'm assuming the kid has excellent grades) then what do they really have to strive for, or be motivated by in building a life for themselves?
Dancer's picture


^$$&**@(*% INDIANS's picture

"You can't prove your point

"You can't prove your point by doing exactly what it is your speaking against." sums it up
Anonymous's picture

In hindsight I have to agree

In hindsight I have to agree with him, it was kinda subliminally racist. White celebritys have been buying there children expensive stuff for years, WE SEE IT ALL THE TIME ON MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN DUH!!! But when he do it...its a problem that warrants a Bashir question. Its like since when is it bad to show the black community that if you had diddy money you could purchase your child that kind of car as well. Anyway, those other question was just a mess, diddy knew what it was when he went into it though.
crissy's picture


Anonymous's picture


I'M READY FOR SOMEONE TO ASSASSINATE DIDDY'S CAREER. Dude represents black men terribly. I'm ready for him to get OUT of the lime light #seriously.
LaVerdad's picture

I Agree, but the Problem is

I Agree, but the Problem is that he seems to be the one with the Biggest Mouth and Always Ready to make a fool of himself and other brothers. White people and the media like this. That's why they will Continue to give him a platform to Embrass self and others!
YEP  's picture

Martin Bashir is a bitch, we

Martin Bashir is a bitch, we all know that since he straight LIED to the world about MJ. So we know how sneaky he is. As for Diddy, like someone said.. it's his money and he can spend it how he wants.. that's one thing I hate.. people always trying to tell others how to spend THEIR money.. let him be. Now I don't see how the question was racist, but whatever. Diddy likes to to talk for the hell of it, even if he makes ZERO sense.
Miss GQ's picture


Please, ITS HIS MONEY, DIDDY can buy his kids WHATEVER the wants. Rather for SHOW or REAL.............. Futhermore, look at yourselves and THINK that over half of black or WHITE men IN THE UNITED STATES have CHildren from other women. BUT, How MANY SAY THAT they are raising there children both inside and out their current relationship. HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares about his kids.DIDDY takes DAMN GOOd care of AL B SURE son dead beat ass. Do U see him complaining or bashing the man. AL B SURE didnt throw him a SWEET SIXTEEN, DIDDY did. DUDE is nowhere in sight. No but you would say anything about that. No wonder BLACKS have the highest rate of fathers not in their kids lives, you focus on dumb shit, like Bashir. Bashir ask several questions he wouldnt have asked whites. UGH!!!!!!!!!!
effortlesslysexy's picture

Excuse me DUMMY. Quincy is

Excuse me DUMMY. Quincy is not Diddy's son he has a Father. And there is no excuse for a man to be having multiple children with diffrent women and not be married to any. That is not the example you set. Diddy is a poor excuse of a man period. And you don't teach children values by having them on shows like Sweet 16. Most Celebs would not have their children on such a show it's Tacky but Diddy wanted to show off as usual.
Furious STYLES's picture

You are one of the IDIOTS I

You are one of the IDIOTS I was speaking to. LIKE I said DUMMY #2, Diddy is his "FATHER", IDIOT, any man that take care of a child like his own IS HIS FATHER. Where was his real FATHER, on SWEET SIXTEEN? Did Al B SUre even come out of hiding to say DDIDDY dont do that because thats my son. No, Diddy nor Al B Sure have a problem with taking care a CHILD regardless of whose sperm created it. Get it RIGHT!!!! You call him a poor excuse because he has child by 2 different women TWO and he takes care of ALL plus one thats not even biologically his. You are a poor excuse. MArriage right now is taken as a joke that people like you help laugh at. But you promote Khloe Kardashinen fake ass marriage. Go to Hell..... Al B Sure, His Kids, and BAby MAMAsssssssss dont have a problem him only you and Bashir.
effortlesslysexy's picture

Diddy is a HOMO and AL is a

Diddy is a HOMO and AL is a HOMO from way back. I'm SURE Diddy was or is Fucking AL and this is an agreement between these TWO Closet cases. Diddy will Probably Bone Justin in the future!
Anonymous 's picture

Martin Bashir is an Indian

Martin Bashir is an Indian from India and they have a problem dealing with Blacks especially Blacks with money. They are ignorant people from Very Poor conditions and they are Jealous of Blacks and will try to find a way to Disrespect a Black if they think that they can get away with it. I Do Not Like Them!........Diddy should have put him on Blast right then and there!
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