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Prince Gets Served + Tiki Barber Brings His Jumpoff Out To Play


Prince is being sued by yet another attorney and Tiki Barber took his jumpoff to an NYC party. More deets when you read on...


5WPR, a New York PR agency, held a summer party this weekend in NYC. Tiki Barber showed up with his jumpoff Traci Lynn Johnson. Tiki's cheatin' ass left his wife, who at the time was 8 months pregnant with twins, for this girl.


That just ain't right SMH.



Prince is being sued by his former attorney, Ed McPherson, for breach of contract.  McPherson claims The Artist owes him $50,000.  


The funny thing is, Prince hired McPherson in 2009 when he was being sued by both his former agent and his former attorney. McPherson won both cases for Prince.


Get your money right Your Purple Majesty.









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pervaiz iqbald's picture

Bitty Shit men like this do

Bitty Shit men like this do not want a tradictional wife or girlfriend. The better you suck him, dont trip knowing that he is with another woman, hell maybe bringing them home for a threesome, to keeping their mouth shut and stay in the vaskground. White women and some sista well give up their soul and worth for a Gucci bag, credit cards, flashing lights, and lunch at Mr Chows. Dang, now his flashing this white bitch in your face saying, "bitch this is what you need to be like. Not his pregnant wife of umpteen years.
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siejks's picture

There will always be

There will always be mistresses, whores, and homewreckers. We can all have opposing views until the end of time but there will always be someone who is willing to cheat with someone's spouse. Sooner or later payback will come.
Anonymous's picture

maybe she gives good head

maybe she gives good head
Opioniated's picture

Get out of my head! I was

Get out of my head! I was thinking the same thing. LOL
Anonymous's picture

See my sisters, Tiki is an

See my sisters, Tiki is an example of why it is ok to let some of them go to the other side! Ive said it before, we do not put up with the things that these women tolerate and black men like Tiki know it!!!! I say that God is showing us favor!! :-)
Sisterhood's picture

Oh please.... thats probably

Oh please.... thats probably why U r single - If Tiki hollered at you - you would holler right back!! Sounds like you have " let some of them go to the other side" and probably not voluntarily!
elena's picture

Uh, his wife didn't appear to

Uh, his wife didn't appear to be a sister. She looks like she is of Asian descent.
Anonymous's picture

Is Prince the only black men

Is Prince the only black men who can exclusively date non black women and still get a lot of love from black people?
Lisa's picture

Prince definitely dates

Prince definitely dates sisters too!!! Check out his date to the BET awards.
Sassy Lady's picture

Tiki Barber is TRASH!

Tiki Barber is TRASH!
Anonymous's picture

Tiki is a fool!!!!!!

Tiki is a fool!!!!!!
Trustme's picture

Whatever, I think you all are

Whatever, I think you all are acting a little overboard about Tiki and the new gf. When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony hooked up he left his wife and two small children and hit the red carpet with jlo immediately. No one cared. This is par for the course in these celeb relationships.
Anonymous's picture

Very disrespectful but his

Very disrespectful but his new girlfriend is very beautiful and she looks young, and men will always be very attractive to young beautiful women. This must be an awful sitiuation. Tiki's twin brother is also married to an asian woman and their wives know each other well.
Lisa's picture

This situation is completely

This situation is completely different than Swizz & Alicia. Nobody really knows when Alicia & Swizz started officially dating. He could've been already separated from Mashonda and in the process of getting a divorce but these scorned women only her the trifling parts because that's what they're used to. It's all speculation still. Tiki clearly was married and together with his wife when he cheated. There's actual proof of that. That's why he's scum and she's a skanky homewreckin hoe
Lovely's picture

Tiki's skank in a homewrecker

Tiki's skank in a homewrecker and so is alicia plain and simple news flash so is gabby union if the man/woman is married than the other is a homewrecker no matter what the age or race
Anonymous's picture

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daniyal's picture

To the person who wonders if

To the person who wonders if we would have cared so much had the jump off been black...the answer is yes. Look how Alicia Keys is being clowned.
Anonymous's picture

That is

That is great. http://wofgtg.blogspot.com/ http://wofgtg.blogspot.com/
daniyal's picture

This woman will never know

This woman will never know the hurt that she has caused Tiki's wife. To lose your husband while pregnant with his children must be terrible pain. I don't care what color this ho is, she has a big payday coming with something called Karma. This nicca is going to do the same with her, and get his pay up for his part in this mess also. I pray his wife and children can successfully move on.
Anonymous's picture

This man is a disgrace he's

This man is a disgrace he's black but he sure ain't fabulous of young so i don't know why he's here. I swear this man will regret what he did for the rest of his life when his daughters will grow his black behind will be begging them for forgiveness. If i was his ex i'll make sure he gets worse than just begging for forgiveness. Oh dear Prince i love u but pay off...
I LIKE IT HERE's picture

**or young

**or young
I LIKE IT HERE's picture


Anonymous's picture

Tiki's new girl will be

Tiki's new girl will be pregnant within a year and seal the deal. She new exactly what she was doing!
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Tiki is a dog. NEXT! Oh

Tiki is a dog. NEXT! Oh Prince....smh
Cha's picture

Tiki has no class!

Tiki has no class!
Anonymous's picture

Was micheal jackson trying to

Was micheal jackson trying to look like prince?!!!...can anybody else see this?
yeye's picture

Isn't it typical that the

Isn't it typical that the jump off is not someone thats really "all that"???
Anonymous's picture

Tiki is scum and it doesn't

Tiki is scum and it doesn't matter that his jump off is white. She seems so young and is probably w/ Tiki because he is TIKI BARBER! I don't think she'd date him otherwise. I beg someone to differ.
Anonymous's picture

I BEG TO DIFFER she would

I BEG TO DIFFER she would date him if he were: Lebron James Kobe Bryant Joakim Noah Dewayne Wade Tiger Woods OJ Simpson BJ Armstrong Bill Buckner... the list goes on. Now if he were just Leon Jones that stocks shelves at the corner store...notsomuch
ANON's picture

100% Cosign

100% Cosign
YBF Chic's picture

Why is Tiki and his jumpoff

Why is Tiki and his jumpoff pathetic/shameful/skanky, but Alicia and Swizz are beautiful together and in love? Morals are morals. You can't switch up depending on how much you like the persons involved!!!
Dee Boogie's picture

THANKYOU!!! i guess because

THANKYOU!!! i guess because she is white that is why everyone is so upset.. and Alicia Keys is great and wonderful ?? PS - she is half white .... lets see how long it take ol' Swizz Beaks to cheat on her !!! And what are these women thinking... DUH - IF HE CHEATS ON HIS WIFE WITH YOU HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU WITH THE NEXT ONE!!! Ladies we have to get it together for our daughters !!!
elena's picture

I Agree!!!

I Agree!!!
Anonymous's picture

the difference between Tiki

the difference between Tiki and Swizz is that tiki happen to leave his wife at a very delicate point in her life, 8 months pregnant! he didn't care about the effects that such stress could put on her and the life of his unborn babies. high stress and pregnancy is a very dangerous combination. pregnant women cannot take medication for things like depression. im sure Mashonda went through a lot of stress, but her stress compared to tiki wife stress was not that dangerous.
Nubian's picture

Also, with Swizzy & AK, not

Also, with Swizzy & AK, not that their any better... there was media speculation..."assuming" they we're cheating...it was never really blatant it was suspected, and later confirmed to be true while he was going through a divorce..which kinda shielded the triffling-ness of it all. Tiki on the other had doesn't give a fUK, he put his dirt on front street in our faces like... who gone check me boo!?! Just zero concern for his pregnant wife..not newly pregnant 8 months pregnat...that's what made his stoy even more scandalous. I think that's why he is a "bad guy" in the media eyes... cause there's no denying it!! and AK has the $$ and PR team to clean things up some what.
So What!'s picture

Thats Alicia Keys husband.

Thats Alicia Keys husband. Thats the difference.
ANON's picture

He became her husband.....as

He became her husband.....as of last Saturday....before then she was his mistress.....thats the ONLY difference!
Toshia's picture

her husband of a few days. 3

her husband of a few days. 3 months ago she was still a mistress, if tiki and that chic get married then it makes what he did okay? smh...
Anonymous's picture

Tiki's young girl is skank

Tiki's young girl is skank and disrespectful to the utmost. How you can cheat with a married man who's wife is pregnant? If Tiki had any sense, he should've thought twice about that fact alone. The girl knew...there's no way she couldn't have. Nastiness begets nastiness. So they truly belong together. I hope Ginny takes him to the cleaners!!
Anonymousness's picture

You know this is really about

You know this is really about black men being sooo insecure in America that he has to grab a which little girl to feel like a man. I guess it is cheaper than therapy.
Bronze duchess's picture

Prince is the ONLY black man

Prince is the ONLY black man that we should comment on. That other fool deserves ZERO attention. Prince looking sexy :-)
Isaidit's picture

Tiki..Not surprised by this

Tiki..Not surprised by this news.
SPrice's picture

tiki raggedy & Prince is

tiki raggedy & Prince is ALWAYS beautiful! i <3 him.
myMAMAsaid's picture

Prince girl is hot as always-

Prince girl is hot as always- don't know how he always manage to pull the fliest chicks. Tik Tik Tik i'm so disappointed in you. Wish u didn't dog ur wife out like that. Hope ur arm candy is worth it when she leaves ur ass for better and younger. trust it's only ur money that's keeping her around.
Anonymous's picture

yea, Prince has great taste

yea, Prince has great taste
Isaidit's picture

Tiki & his blonde will pay a

Tiki & his blonde will pay a big price in front of GOD! I hope it was worth with
Brandy, I Blog H8's picture

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