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VIDEO: Tiki Barber & Sidechick/Girlfriend Break Silence

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One of the Top 10 cheaters of 2010, Tiki Barber, received a large amount of backlash for bringing his jumpoff to a recent NYC party. The two had the audacity to go on "Entertainment Tonight" last night to "clear the air" about the whole situation. Read on for excerpts and a video...


The two claim that they were just friends until Tiki was separated from his wife.

Tiki:We were only friends when I was still married, I was separated, out of my house so it wasn’t until then that we took things to the next level.”

Traci: “Tiki and I were romantically involved when he was separated, and plenty of people who are separated have boyfriends and girlfriends.”


Tiki and Traci both claim that the media twisted everything.


Tiki:It’s hard, because everything is so skewed by the coverage, and by the perception.”

Traci:I just feel that now is the time to just make sure the rumors that were said are revealed as false.


I'm not buying it. Anytime you leave your 8 months pregnant-with-twins-wife of 11 years and suddenly appear with this chick, something's up....


Here's the video interview...



Tiki is really somethin'...


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Now you right about this one.

Now you right about this one. Did you read my last post to you. It was positive.
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he love women who aren't

he love women who aren't black. his wife was asian and this chick is white trash. noone believes that crap anyway. jumpoff is right. when she was an intern they were fucking.
Anonymous's picture

We need a Cheater of the year

We need a Cheater of the year award,tash..smh @ these two
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How convenient everyone

How convenient everyone claims they waited until the married party was separated. People don't just file for divorce or separate and get into another relationship unless something was going down BEFORE they separated from their spouse. If you can get over your spouse that quickly, you shouldn't have gotten married to begin with. Frankly, I wouldn't want someone who could get over their spouse that quickly and move on because that could easily be YOU in a few years...
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Day Late and Dollar Short

Day Late and Dollar Short Tiki. Ur momma should named u Re-Re cause that is what you r gonna look like when ur wife finishes taking u to the cleaners #lameass
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what a dog

what a dog
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