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MOVIE FAB: Taraji P. Henson To Play Coach In New Movie

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 Looks like YBF chick Taraji P. has landed yet another role. She will be starring as the first African American woman to head coach a men's NCAA Division I golf team in the film, From The Rough. More deets when you read on... 

Taraji P. Henson will be playing the role of Dr. Catana Starks, but will go by the fictional name Cassandra Turner. Dr. Starks starts off as a swim coach at Tennessee State University, but the team is traded for a men's golf team. 

Dr. Catana Starks goes on to make history as the first African American woman to coach a men's NCAA Division I golf team at the historically black college, Tennessee State University.

The film will detail the hardships of putting together a multi- racial golf team, while confronting issues of race, gender and class.  

Filming is set to begin October 4th, in my hometown New Orleans, Louisiana.

Congrats Taraji.

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Love love love her

Love love love her
London girl's picture

She has such strong features,

She has such strong features, a natural beauty. If she's in it, I will support by watching.
Anonymous's picture

how is it that I have no idea

how is it that I have no idea how this movie hasn't even been filmed....but I LOVE it already lol?!!! Can't wait 2 see it, Taraji is such a GREAT actress!!!!
Maine's picture

Go Taraji!! I'll be checking

Go Taraji!! I'll be checking this one out since its about a black female coach AND my alma mater TSU!!!
Anonymous's picture

Ms. Henson is SUPER

Ms. Henson is SUPER diverse... aaand when Hollywood tells her to jump I believe she will hop instead.
Yung Bergz Chain 's picture

Simply LUVS Taraji!!

Simply LUVS Taraji!! Congrats, u go gyrl!!!!!
Cina's picture

I am very proud of her and am

I am very proud of her and am hoping that she will play First Lady Michelle Obama when the time presents itself!
Trustme's picture

To say negative things about

To say negative things about a young, single mother out here doing good things and not sleeping with everybody, stiring up BS and smoking/drinking and acting a fool is just plain stupid but oh, yeah we have ignorant people that will continue to do it on here and in the media....Good Luck Taraji in all of your endeavors!! May God continue to bless you! Love from Alabama!
Kim's picture


~ t's picture

Wow, Taraji is really just

Wow, Taraji is really just getting better and better. It sounds like a great movie. I definitely will watch.
Tagirl27's picture

I just finish watching Baby

I just finish watching Baby Boy on HBO for the umpteenth time. You go gurl, we love you!
There was a Time...'s picture

I like this WOMEN. She makes

I like this WOMEN. She makes me smile every time I see her. Ive seen several movies shes played in, and never get tired of seeing her as a actress. Shes come a long way considering black actress in hollywood. I also love that even though shes a public figure, she conducts herself in way that is not degrading to her as a black woman and a single mother. Thats almost rare with todays actresses. Big Ups Taraji.
My Opinion.........'s picture

I'm so glad to see she's

I'm so glad to see she's getting so much love in hollywood. We need to see more of that for black actresses! www.citizette.com
Lizzy's picture

Yaaayyyy Taraji! She's

Yaaayyyy Taraji! She's certified in my book. I am the theater anytime she's in a movie. The crtics mentioned her performance in this and that, but in my opinion its important to stretch yourself as an artist and definitely play in diverse roles so that you are not typrcast as a ghetto chick (Baby Boy, Hustle & Flow). At any rate, I am enjoying the journey, Taraji...WORK. On another note, I am about to put Sanaa Lathan on a milk carton...haven't seen her in a minute.
CherryBomb7's picture

I love her...I can see her

I love her...I can see her being around in Hollywood for a long time....
Ericka's picture

wow -ms. henson stays

wow -ms. henson stays shuttin' things down, its kinda of cooky how hollyweird gets obsessed with certain actresses of color and you see them in EVERYTHING - ms. henson seems to be about that business, she is not in the clubs with reused funkin' coochie suffocating leggin's (yeah meghan, cough) - you do not hear about her with a married man announcing their relationship as if it is an accomplishment (i'm looking at you gabriella -sp?) -you do not see her altering her face and turning herself into some type of vulcan with odd cheek implants (i love you jada, but that's you kid) , she did not get pregnant by some rapper and stand in an already incredibly long line to get a child support check and try to look like you're still fiyah (cough, lauren) - she seems to be about that cheddar, about securing roles - although i have to agree that something about her karate kid performance was lacking - still the way to perfect your craft is by having different roles that demand different things from you - thankful that not every flick about blacks is a hood flick that genre is so played
TruthSeeker57's picture

DEAD @ this whole comment! So

DEAD @ this whole comment! So true, Taraji is doing her thing.
Music is Lovee's picture

Wow great for Taraji..I'm

Wow great for Taraji..I'm excited to see this.
Smh's picture

I love Taraji Great

I love Taraji Great Actress Her best role was in Baby Boy
Anonymous's picture

That is awesome yet

That is awesome yet unfortunate since she can't act herself out of a paperbag. HONESTLY! She was AWFUL in the karate kid not believable at all. I even saw an episode of house she was on yesterday... HORRIBLE. she was good in Babyboy, I disliked that movie but she played the heck out of that role.
Anonymous's picture

I love that Taraji picks her

I love that Taraji picks her roles carefully and doesn't just take any and everything. No repetitive roles for her just playing someone's girlfriend. I would love to see her in some sort of action flick or sci-fi. If anyone starts bringing Octavia Butler's books to life Taraji has my vote to play one of those strong, black, female leads Ms. Butler was always so good at creating.
Twilightey's picture

Sounds like a good movie.

Sounds like a good movie. Congrats Taraji! Love her.
Marine Wife's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Luvs her!

Luvs her!
Tired of ppl calling 1st's picture

Go Taraji!!! Love her!!!

Go Taraji!!! Love her!!!
Anonymous's picture

Go Taraji, go Taraji!!!!!

Go Taraji, go Taraji!!!!!
kimwoo's picture

I'm goin to see it. I ALWAYS

I'm goin to see it. I ALWAYS support my sisters & brothers...
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