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Lebron's "Sidekick" Savannah Does Harper's Bazaar, Gets Fab While Talking Miami & Marriage

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 Lebron's longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, got fab for an interview and photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar. Read on for the deets on her & Lebron's relationship plus the move to Miami...



The interview will appear in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar hitting stands August 17.  And Savannah is posing with her and Lebron's cutie patootie sons Jr. and Bryce by the pool.  Here's some outtakes about why she no likey Miami (chick is on her defense early right?  Not even mad.) and her and Bron's marriage:

On the move to Miami

Savannah: "Personally, Miami was not my favorite place. Vacationing there is great: You go for three days and get some sun, and it’s time to go home, it will definitely be an adjustment, but we’ll make it. We’re not complaining. Whatever LeBron felt was comfortable, I’m with him. I just love him so much. We’re soul mates."


On marriage for her & Lebron

Savannah: "I’ve definitely not put a fire under his ass, I would never rush him to do something like that. We’re really comfortable with the way things are now. And it’s not up to me. When it happens, it happens. We talk about it. If we do it, I want it to be forever."


Lebron speaking about Savannah 

Lebron: "A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And she’s that, she’s got my back, and I love her for that."

A couple more quotes from the article:

LeBron Jr.: “I’m going to play in the NBA,” he announces proudly. Brinson explains, “He sees his dad playing and he thinks it’s cool. But he can do whatever he wants to do in life. He doesn’t have to walk in his father’s footsteps.”


LeBron Sr. says that he would be thrilled to see his sons play ball: “Well, like any father, I would hope that they would follow in my footsteps. That would be a great story—and as a father, I would be on cloud nine every day. Ultimately, though, only the big man above knows their future. They do have lots of talent, though.”


"Sidekick" though?  Interesting.

I can see why she doesn't want to move to Miami, endless jumpoffs for days!  Especially since she's not 'rushing' or concerned about getting married.

Chick's looking fabulous as always though.  Protect what's yours girl...before somebody else does...

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Please know what you speak

Please know what you speak of, the Carters dated for at least 7 years
Anonymous's picture

I see your point girlfriend.

I see your point girlfriend. I really don't get Lebron though, if you think a woman is worthy enough to have two kids then surely you can marry her. Kids are the biggest commitment there is.
Anonymous's picture

She seems like she's a SMART

She seems like she's a SMART ONE... AKA A KEEPER!
Yas's picture

awwww cute pic and good

awwww cute pic and good read!!
Isaidit's picture

umm you sound like a hater.

umm you sound like a hater. whats wrong with calling her a "sidekick"? TI called Tiny his "situation" on live TV..yet they got married. soo..yeah.
Jasmineee's picture


WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT?...."sidekick" and "situation" is acceptable because LeBron and T.I. says its ok?????! Get the F' out of here!!! People get your priorties straight. What some women allow is mind boggling. Chivary and Honor is truely dying!!! Men need to start raising their boys and teaching them women are not "Sidekicks and Situations". Double *SMH*
Anonymous's picture

I would think the mother of

I would think the mother of your children is more than your sidekick.
Anonymous's picture

lebron worships the devil!!

lebron worships the devil!!
Anonymous's picture

yeah my 16 yrs old son looked

yeah my 16 yrs old son looked into that illuminati and the free masons.....he discovered some things about kobe and lebron....and that pyramid with the eye in it...oh yes he stayed up one nite and looked into all of that.....
tdub's picture

He sure does.... so does Kobe

He sure does.... so does Kobe Bryant
Anonymous's picture

The only comment that

The only comment that bothered me was when asked the marriage questions and she said "its not her choice" - it is your choice damnit! Women give men way too much power.
Coco's picture

It's both of their choices.

It's both of their choices. Unfortunately, she agreed to lay with him resulting in having children before he agreed to take her hand in marriage. But for her, I'm pretty sure child support checks is enough.
Anonymous's picture

Yeah it sounded like she

Yeah it sounded like she wants marriage but he doesn't. She wouldn't be the first woman. But seriously I don't see how you can have two kids with a woman, live with her, and then say you are not ready for marriage. Kids are as big a commitment as it gets.
Anonymous's picture

I'm going to have to agree

I'm going to have to agree w/Furious Styles. You couldn't have said it better. Ms. Savannah know what she is doing.
Anonymous's picture

LOL@ Those taking (SIDEKICK)

LOL@ Those taking (SIDEKICK) as something negative,lol Come on ladies when your with your mate you two have litle saying that some may not get the usage for.,lol He meant someone who is right by his side no matter what,Someone who he trust Etc... But you guys knew this but some just can't see two people happy in their situation.(SMH)
truthhurts's picture

You're right - but being a

You're right - but being a sidekick ended when she birthed his children. Sidekick, go back to high school.
Anonymous's picture

"Sidekick" is not a nice

"Sidekick" is not a nice term. It's very disrespectful. This is a women's magazine. You think Barack Obama calls Michelle his "sidekick" she would sidekick him upside his head LOL Seriously. It's not a term that connotes equality. Women need to stop the nonsense when it starts. If any man called me his sidekick! LOL Women need to expect more. As long as she ALLOWS him to have all the Benefits of an actual relationship without out ANY commitment to her then Nothing will change in their situation. My parents taught me that. You don't give away the Milk and expect him to buy the cow. I'm sure she "holds him down" and supports him. Just like T.I. (now wife) did for him before he was even T.I. Women do that. But men need to show commitment as well and they need to know what they have and respect it. Don't do it backwards. Get it done right the first time.


SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS WRONG WIT THE WORD SIDEKICK?!?!? dont the best relationships work when you realize you were friends first?! last time i checked, sidekick was someone u felt u can do anything with, together, who has ur back, and then some. his just also happens to be his girlfriend, and yes i said GIRLFRIEND, not BABYMOM! people be hating for no reason, wishing u can have somebody like lebron for ya damn selves. i do understand the marriage b4 kids thing which shouldve been but, why is everyone making a big deal over the word SIDEKICK? they have other things going on so focusing on him saying that is beyond RIDIC!
TiFFERS's picture

That's just it..."sidekick"

That's just it..."sidekick" sounds like "friends"....just friends....I would expect more if am the mother of your children. Dora has Boots as her sidekick....Batman had Robin as his sidekick. Sidekicks are for KIDS, not adults. Your WIFE is your lover, your best friend, your confidant, the mother of your children (hopefully). Not a damn Sidekick....SMH...silly women!!
Anonymous's picture


@ TiFFERS A "SIDEKICK" is not a term you give the mother of your children. She's been his "sidekick" while he does whatever he wants to do and when he's done she's there to support him. You know why? Because she has no other choice. He holds the cards and they BOTH understand that. That is not a Healthy Relationship. It's disrespectful. If he can call you his "sidekick" he can treat you as one. It's a term to be used in place of WIFE, or GIRLFRIEND. You're not "cheating" on a Sidekick now are you? A sidekick is a pal not the women who's put up with your nonsense while you look for something better. Do you get it? Look at the situation and why the term was used. I bet you if she has any self respect she did not like that term...If she has any which I'm not sure she does. Some people are happy to be Baby Mothers.

The poor thing, what can she

The poor thing, what can she say really? She's not gonna tel the whole world that YES she has been waiting for years for Lebron to put a ring on it and YES she drops hints any chance she gets to him about getting married. That she is unsure if maybe its time she fell pregnant again so as to persuade him more, hey it worked for Tiny! That she is worried that it won't be long before a Kim K type swooped in with white skin and big ass and she's yesterday news.
K's picture

I don't think people are

I don't think people are putting Miami groupies on a pedestal, they are just fierce at the 'game'. I wish them the best, but I agree with the other posters, Beyonce did it right.
Anonymous's picture

It's funny how people think

It's funny how people think they know exactly what's going on in someone else's relationship just from reading a very short interview, SMH. Nobody really knows their situation except those two. Bitches always trying to throw shade on the next chick's happiness. Just like everyone said TI was never gonna marry Tiny, he doesn't love her, etc. If the two of them are comfortable in their situation, who are we to judge? Obviously whatever they're doing is working.
Anonymous's picture

It's not about just this

It's not about just this interview but the facts. They are not married. And he called her his SIDEKICK. When people do these things you know what is going on. He's wants to be 25. Which is fine. But he's also the Father and he's been in a 10 plus year relationship. So you do the MATH. Something is not exactly right. And we know what goes on in the NBA and in Miami. If you've never been you should visit. More Models there than most places. Beautiful people all over. And temptation will be high. These are the facts. But maybe you're right and this will end well. The odds are not in favor of that Scenario.

I LOVE Savannah!!!! I hope

I LOVE Savannah!!!! I hope she makes it last with Bron. If not I hope she gets her fairytale wedding and years later she walks away with a super-size Shaunie deal! She's a sweet girl. LOL
Annie's picture

the people on here are crazy

the people on here are crazy b4 savannah came into the spot light no one had anything to say about her b/c we dont know her but now that she is how there ppl want to judge her and say kids b4 marriage is bad i bet half the women writin these comments have had kids b4 marriage and have the title baby mama who are you to say that it wont last i have no comment on wether they will last or not but i do wish the bost of them the best of luck with everythin that comes there way
Anonymous's picture

After reading the entire

After reading the entire interview, I hope this little girl continues to find herself because she sounds waaaaaaayyyyyyy too wrapped up in him, what's best for him, what makes him happy, etc. I get it, they've been together since they were 16 - he's all she knows and while I don't wish a break-up on anyone, no one knows what the future holds. She says she's developing a furniture line and creating a charity for young girls - I really hope she pursues that and more because it's easy for a woman to get lost in a man when he's a regular dude, with someone as high profile as Lebron James, it would seem almost impossible to not get lost. Before she was his girl or the mother of his children, she was SAVANNAH - I hope she never loses sight of that . . .
msgonzo10's picture

Maybe someone like you will

Maybe someone like you will MENTOR her. We are always talking about these young girls but how many of you have actually taken one under your wing to help guide her perception and decisions?
Annie's picture

Speaking for myself, I have

Speaking for myself, I have mentored several young ladies through work that I do with a high school in the South Bronx so I actually practice what I'm preaching. Hopefully someone is mentoring Savannah, but that's a two way street - in addition to someone being available to teach you, you have to be willing to learn. I don't know what Savannah's story is, so maybe she is willing to learn and has the right people around her or she will learn by experiencing the benefits or consequences of her decisions.
msgonzo10's picture


WOOOOOOOWZERS!! So like 95% of these comments are straight negative. I'm pretty sure she could care less about the mere mortels COMMENTING on her high-profile life. S/O to all the people who had positive things to say..yeeees..I love it<3 Anywho, I love love love them. And he is saying sidekick like someone who is always with you. Unlike majority of the players running from their wives and lovers most of the time..he obviously ENJOYS her company. She ain't trippin off no ring..alot chicks have the ring and not half of what she does. And how do ya'll know there not married..dummies!! I admire their black love and wish them nothing but the best:) Anti-haters STAND UUUUP!
Anti-Hater Movement's picture

@ Anti-Hater Movement "black

@ Anti-Hater Movement "black love" PLEASE! Maybe you need to move beyond such terms. This is not even LOVE. This is a situation of Convenience and that does not include "LOVE". I really hate when people say that term. "Black love" this is not even an example of love. I'm glad many people can see this. I like these comments. Because women are smart. They know that this is a bad relationship and they put the blame on both parties. Lebron can't have it both ways. But society tells him he can. And people understand that. But women need to also remember that having a child before a commitment is just as stupid.

You really have NO idea how

You really have NO idea how they feel about one another. They are both young and may not be the best at verbally expressing it in the press (as if they have to), but you simply cannot let your bitterness from the sideline determine what's going on between these 2 young people. You really have no idea.
Annie's picture

She dont want to understand

She dont want to understand that, Furious STyles is full of hatered and bitterness.
My Opinion.........'s picture

@ Furious Styles I read some

@ Furious Styles I read some of your comments on this page and reaaaaaaallly came to the conclusion that you are a HATER, NEGATIVE PERSON, FOUL HUMAN, BITTER, AND JEALOUS, etc. DAMN, thats pathetic.
My Opinion.........'s picture

@My Opinion......... Sorry

@My Opinion......... Sorry you feel that way but you can have your "opinion". We look at life in two different ways. I don't "hate" that is what children say when they don't want to hear reality. My wish is that Lebron would respect the MOTHER of his CHILDREN more. They have been together over 10 years and he can't commit?? I feel sorry for any woman who has sex with men who really don't respect them. I see Lebron's baby Mother as JUST that. And that is how he see's her. I don't see a loving COUPLE. I hold up the Obama's, my own PARENTS, Jay-Z and Beyonce as real couoles. I wish people had more love in this nation. Men loving women. Mutual Respect. That is my wish. And that is how I will live my life. I don't tolerate anything less. And NOR should you.

You have got to be young

You have got to be young saying I should look at Beyonce marriage. Got to be. Because Beyonce was with Jay for years before marriage. Me and my husband were together for seven years before marriage, SEVEN. Ive been married for six. We talk and tell others all the time about how we made the right decision to wait until we both mature to take that BIG step. In OUR time, not yours. And its obvious that Lebron is not mature, he didnt give his teammates and employer a heads up before he made his decision to move to Miami. My husband and I say things to each other that may seem disrespectful to you of course, but not to us or the people who know us. But that dont mean he dont love me and I dont love or respect him. Your lonely ass was quick to misjudge people who you know nothing about and what goes on in their life. I want them to be a success at marriage when their ready, hope you find someone like Beyonce did.
My Opinion.........'s picture

"While James settles in on

"While James settles in on his new home court, Brinson plans to split her time between Miami and Akron. She didn't want to uproot her sons—LeBron Jr., five, and Bryce Maximus, three—from their neighborhood, where LeBron Jr. will be starting kindergarten in the fall. "Cleveland is home," she says. "Nothing is going to change about that." " And she's staying in Cleveland and leaving him in Miami? This girl is crazy. "Her mother, Jennifer, who has been minding the kids while Brinson talks, makes a good point: "Don't you think he knows the difference between ruthlessness and love?" she asks. "If LeBron was going to do something shady, he can do that around the corner. He doesn't have to go to Miami."" Keep listening to your mama! LOL She the first one that's gon cuss him out when he gets busted. You better make that move to Miami girl and stop playing.
Christina's picture

she obviously plans to be

she obviously plans to be bi-coastal as MOST athletes wives are. he's on the road alot anyway. when you hav money its ok to be bi-coastal bc you can fly anytime. living up under him 24/7 and following him everywhere will NOT keep him from cheating. at the end of the day, she still has to maintain a house-hold and do whats best for her kids. im sure he respects her more for that.
Anonymous's picture


Wisdom2's picture

sorry for typos *****BE

sorry for typos *****BE present***** and ****evaluate THE relationship*****
Wisdom2's picture

Lebron has been in the

Lebron has been in the spotlight for almost 10 years now. Gropies know who the hell he is already. He could go to Idaho and gropies will be around. For goodness sake the man is 6'9 he stands out whereever he goes, I doubt he is going be overwhelemed by groupies now that he is in mia. He is a freaking nba superstars groupies are always avalible to him.
tutu's picture

I swear som eof y'all live to

I swear som eof y'all live to hate and talk bad about someone else. Who cares if she's wearing the jersey of her boyfriend. I'm pretty sure it was laid out for her on the set. None of you personally know her to say she trapped him or that he doesn't love her or to criticize his use of the word "sidekick". So many hate, but if the opportunity arose you would jump in her shoes in a heart beat. Don't be jealous because she's living the life the majority of you ( not all but the ones talking negative) can only and will only ever dream about.
Kayla's picture

I think people are reaching.

I think people are reaching. Men want a women that will ride for them. I am sure even if he wasn't King James she would still be there. I know he says that as well. He will see right through those birds in Miami. She is a very pretty girl. I wish him and her the best.
Butterflygirl's picture

""We talk about it. If we do

""We talk about it. If we do it, I want it to be forever," she continues. Until then, Brinson knows that the blogosphere will continue to refer to her as James's baby mama. She's not bothered by the description but makes it clear that she feels like she's more than a catchphrase. "I'm the mother of his children," she says proudly. "I'm not a baby mama. There's a lot more to me than that."" What's the difference though? She's still not his WIFE. She better light that fire under his ass before its too late.
Christina's picture

too late for what? Marriages

too late for what? Marriages can end just like relationships can...and they DO, very often in this country.
webstar's picture

Before its too late to get

Before its too late to get that alimony in addition to the child support. ;)
Christina's picture

there goes that mentality

there goes that mentality again... Children are human beings not insurance policies & when a marriage ends both self-respecting adults should be able to support themselves.
webstar's picture

The way you guys work this is

The way you guys work this is so BS...clearly he has a lot of respect for her, he's fully stating that he loves her. If you read between the lines he's also saying behind every good man is a good woman and she's that for him.
Phattygyrl's picture

That is so true...I love that

That is so true...I love that he loves her, and basiclly thats what he was saying when he said "sidekick". Some people shouldnt make that comment out to be more than it is.
My Opinion.........'s picture

I agree with you. Although

I agree with you. Although my parents were married when they had kids, I think each couple's story can be different. He is committed to her. If he was a cheater, we'd know by now. I don't think he wants to compromise his relationship with his sons. He wants to show them what a man is.
Lyoness's picture

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