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Lebron's "Sidekick" Savannah Does Harper's Bazaar, Gets Fab While Talking Miami & Marriage

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 Lebron's longtime girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, got fab for an interview and photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar. Read on for the deets on her & Lebron's relationship plus the move to Miami...



The interview will appear in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar hitting stands August 17.  And Savannah is posing with her and Lebron's cutie patootie sons Jr. and Bryce by the pool.  Here's some outtakes about why she no likey Miami (chick is on her defense early right?  Not even mad.) and her and Bron's marriage:

On the move to Miami

Savannah: "Personally, Miami was not my favorite place. Vacationing there is great: You go for three days and get some sun, and it’s time to go home, it will definitely be an adjustment, but we’ll make it. We’re not complaining. Whatever LeBron felt was comfortable, I’m with him. I just love him so much. We’re soul mates."


On marriage for her & Lebron

Savannah: "I’ve definitely not put a fire under his ass, I would never rush him to do something like that. We’re really comfortable with the way things are now. And it’s not up to me. When it happens, it happens. We talk about it. If we do it, I want it to be forever."


Lebron speaking about Savannah 

Lebron: "A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And she’s that, she’s got my back, and I love her for that."

A couple more quotes from the article:

LeBron Jr.: “I’m going to play in the NBA,” he announces proudly. Brinson explains, “He sees his dad playing and he thinks it’s cool. But he can do whatever he wants to do in life. He doesn’t have to walk in his father’s footsteps.”


LeBron Sr. says that he would be thrilled to see his sons play ball: “Well, like any father, I would hope that they would follow in my footsteps. That would be a great story—and as a father, I would be on cloud nine every day. Ultimately, though, only the big man above knows their future. They do have lots of talent, though.”


"Sidekick" though?  Interesting.

I can see why she doesn't want to move to Miami, endless jumpoffs for days!  Especially since she's not 'rushing' or concerned about getting married.

Chick's looking fabulous as always though.  Protect what's yours girl...before somebody else does...

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@Phattygyrl Sorry that is NOT

@Phattygyrl Sorry that is NOT the case. Where in this article did he say he "loved" her or that he was "in love with her?" Maybe I missed that line. And if he felt that way she would have his ring and his last name. Women make this mistake far too often. Don't confuse words with actions. Guys will say anything if you fall for that. I go by actions. How does he treat me. What is he doing? Etc. Never go off words and don't play yourself. Marriage FIRST then Children. You have to PROVE your respect and interest. And you will never get that by having multiple children First. He has no reason to respect her (in his mind). And his comments tell you how he really feels. Even if he said he loved her she still does not have the commitment. That comes in a marriage. That proves the words.

You ding-bag Lebron did say

You ding-bag Lebron did say that. READ. COMPREHEND. Lebron has been with her for what ten years, and he's admitted several times that he love her. Sorry if this is the only article you read when he was asked about their relationship. People have their own concerns about marriage. I rather for people to really understand what their getting themselves into before they jump the broom and then be divorced 3 months later. Let these TWO YOUNG people live, learn, and commit theirselves to each other in their way, not yours. IF you didnt read about his love for her, try common sense, hes not going to Miami by himself.
My Opinion.........'s picture

My Opinion......... You did

My Opinion......... You did not read what I wrote. Saying you love someone means nothing. He is not married to her. There is no commitment. He calls her his "sidekick" what don't you get? Take notes from BEYONCE. Get the ring FIRST. When a man commits to you that is LOVE. That has more value than empty words said in articles. Case CLOSED! 10 years and he calls you his "sidekick"? Ride or Die is a line in a rap song not a way to live. SORRY!

Are you serious to take notes

Are you serious to take notes from Beyonce? You didnt say that, did you? Beyonce was with Jay for years before marriage, she didnt have children because of her career. Neverthe less they were together, not months, but years. So before you go reciting Beyonce songs, putting on your leatard with your glove. Know that they are the same situations, one just have kids. K.
My Opinion.........'s picture

Lebron: "A person like myself

Lebron: "A person like myself always needs a great sidekick and a person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And she’s that, she’s got my back, and I love her for that."
Anonymous's picture

Sorry that is not the same as

Sorry that is not the same as "I'm in love with her" I love her for being on the side while I do whatever I want to do. That is what he loves. He loves the situation of being unmarried and having her in the wings. Sad.

No, your sad with that

No, your sad with that DUMB-ASS conclusion of his words.
My Opinion.........'s picture

Did not know they had

Did not know they had children.....ok well You NEED to get that NIGGA and all of his MONEY to Marry You......Otherwise he WON'T!
Star 's picture

There goes that babymomma

There goes that babymomma mentality!
Phattygyrl's picture

Not Really. I have no

Not Really. I have no children, but if they have children together and he thinks she's wonderful, they seem to love each other, she relocated with him--Why Not Marry the Woman? TOO Many of OUR Men refuse to marry these woman they have children with, claim they are their "sidekicks and will always have their backs." yet they don't put a ring on it! It's NOT right---Stop having the woman wait around for you if that is NOT your intention! No Babymomma stuff--Just doing the Right Thing!
Star 's picture

Whatever works for them. I

Whatever works for them. I don't think he meant "sidekick" in a disprespectful way. Things can always be taken out of context.
tish's picture


SIDEKICK............... WOW... WOW ....AND WOW!!!!!!!!! GIRL BYEEEEEEEEE
BeBe's picture

I'm sorry but if my man

I'm sorry but if my man called me his sidekick in an interview... There would be problems! Bit this kid is what 25! He shouldn't be thinking about marriage anyway! I'm sorry boo there is a lot more life to live and I sincerly doubt you two are getting married...but that's just me Ladies don't do things backwards Marriage then Kids in that order!
Tracey A.'s picture

I can't say I don't agree.

I can't say I don't agree. Women need to do better. She should not have had unprotected sex with him. He's too immature and he's not ready for that which is fine. But he's a father and his does have children and he should show more respect for his Children's mother. This is SO not going to end well. I just wish people treated each other better! They would make a very nice couple. She seems very nice and good for him. But I just don't see this lasting. Sidekick is just not a good term at all to use.

We have to do better. Why

We have to do better. Why shouldn't she have an expectation of marriage? I feel like we let men slide in our community too much.... And it sounds like SHE wants to get married and he's the hold up.
Anonymous's picture



I think Beyonce did it

I think Beyonce did it RIGHT! She got the RING FIRST! All these girls can take notes from her. She has a real marriage. And she has the respect she deserves. She's not being used by some man and disrespected. She's not his "sidekick". Same with Michelle Obama. She is his EQUAL. And she does her own thing. She does not need to be under him 24-7. Women need to take these as the examples. I feel very sorry for this woman. She seems nice. But Lebron is a pig. This is the mother of his children calling her his "sidekick" tells you EXACTLY what will go down in Miami. And she loves him???? OMG!

I agree. These girls need to

I agree. These girls need to think higher of themselves....
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Damn she has ZERO style--Oh I

Damn she has ZERO style--Oh I forgot they are from OHIO.......lol
Anonymous 's picture

They airbrushed out all of

They airbrushed out all of her tattoos. Interesting.
Anonymous's picture

I think they can be tacky.

I think they can be tacky. Especially with a Gown on.

she only has one *blankstare*

she only has one *blankstare*
Anonymous's picture

Look at their son dunking the

Look at their son dunking the basketball. Great form! But, I guess it's to be expected. Maybe it's because he's young, but I don't think it's appropriate to refer to her as sidekick. A man is always going to be comfortable with shacking up and all the benefits (sex) without the commitment. Savannah should think of her boys. And after seeing what happened to Dwayne and Shaq's situation, I don't blame her one bit for not wanting to move her family to Miami.
Candace's picture

Sidekick? Talk about proper

Sidekick? Talk about proper choice of wording. I guess you would be content with things as is, just to keep the lifestyle that you have. I agree with her though, Miami wouldn't be the city of choice for me either - just too many distractions. She seems really confident in her relationship so hopefully the insecurities don't creep in and turn a good relationship bad. Best wishes to them!
Just Me's picture

I meant "poor" choice of

I meant "poor" choice of wording. :-)
Just Me's picture

A jersey dress

A jersey dress though?OMGEEE!!!Where they do dat @? That's so '98! I understand she's showing support, but um why not just a jersey/shorts/heels?
Latina Heat's picture

I agree 100%. She looks like

I agree 100%. She looks like an NBA Groupie. People have to think what they put on for these shoots and how they will look. She does not look good here. She looks cheap. This magazine did a number on her. LOL SAD!

IT never amazes me how

IT never amazes me how disrespectful some people can be towards each other. "SIDEKICK" is a new term. I would NEVER be with any man who called me his "SIDEKICK". And I would never have children with a man BEFORE we were married. And I would only marry a man I respected and who respected me. If a man is calling you his SIDEKICK in a national WOMEN's magazine there is ZERO hope for this relationship. I feel sorry for her. The woman he does marry won't look anything like her. I feel sorry for these women who use their bodies for pay checks it's vulgar! She really fits the term Baby's Mother. She really does.

Being sorta opinionated

Being sorta opinionated aren't you? If I've said it one time...I will say it again...we are a product of our environment. For an extremely young man who grew up without a father, I think Lebron is doing a great job. Why would they be married already, their children practically. I have never heard of him rapped up in any groupy mess...so if he is...he aint sloppy. Also, I believe he will marry her and his poor choice of words is a reflection of his maturity, not his respect or love for his partner. I love them together&I love that their relationship has a low profile. By the way, take it from a law student, if he does not marry her, financially she will be fine.
Anonymous's picture

@ Anonymous You said it....He

@ Anonymous You said it....He is a product of his environment. But that is not an EXCUSE. Maybe she should have thought about that with the FIRST CHILD he had for him and he was not moved to commit to her. He is only using her FOR his image. And how do you know if he is Sloppy or not? Tiger Woods ring a BELL. These people have people protecting his image. But I'm sure the reason he is not married is in case something better comes along or if some scandal breaks. He's not married. Ge can Do what he wants. But he's also a FATHER. And he should respect the family he has. Calling the mother of his children his sidekick tells you many things about how HE feels about her. I bet you the woman he does marry won't be this women. She won't look anything like her. Just wait and see. AND IT'S NOT ABOUT her using these children for support. That is NOT the issue. Women need to stop using children as pay checks. That is such a bad trend. Why can we have more married loving couples. What is wrong with that? And if you don't want to be married or have kid don't have unprotected sex!

This is definitely not the

This is definitely not the first time that LeBron has pretty much stated that she's nothing more than his baby mama. I do think that he loves her, but its almost like he makes it a point to let the public know, her position is what it is. Not fiance, not girlfriend .. just "the mother of my kids". Even with all LeBron offers to her, I'm sure that hurts her deep down .. what woman wouldn't want a ring on after all those years of being "soul mates" and having two offspring!!! She's comfortable for now but let them groupies start swarming around and she's going to be putting fire under his ass for a ring.
Just Me's picture

"she's going to be putting

"she's going to be putting fire under his ass for a ring." I HOPE SHE DOESN'T. IT'S EASIER TO COPE WITH YOUR "SIDEKICK" CHEATING; THAN YOUR HUSBAND. I DON'T CONDONE SETTING UP HOUSE WITHOUT A RING; BUT IF HE WILDS OUT AS HER "SIDEKICK" : I WOULD HOPE IT SERVES AS A : GLAD I DIDN'T MARRY HIM AND LET ME GET MY ISH TOGETHER KIND OF THING. If he publicly/gets caught (he probably already doing the due w/others) cheats: I really hope she don't start tripping and push for marriage- -- but recognize the relationship for what it was and MOVES ON- -- --- --- MARRIAGE IS NOT THE ANSWER WHEN YOU CATCH A PARTNER CHEATING: CATCHING THEM CHEATING IS A SIGN TO GET-- THE--- HE** -- O-U-T!
Wisdom2's picture


Nicole  's picture

I agree!!!

I agree!!!
Anonymous's picture

"I just love him so much.

"I just love him so much. We're soul mates." I almost cringe to see that. While I wish them both the best, it seems nothing kills a high-profile relationship more than making a declaration.
Summerbaby8's picture

I'm so feeling you on this

I'm so feeling you on this one. Just do you and keep it moving. WE GONNA PRAY FOR HER:
Wisdom2's picture

Lebron please marry the poor

Lebron please marry the poor girl!
Anonymous's picture

That way she'll be able to

That way she'll be able to join the cast of the NBA Wives while she's down there. My bad, being married isn't a prerequisite. Anyhoo, they can all brainstorm on different methods to ward off the groupies lol
Anonymous's picture

I haven't even read the

I haven't even read the interview, but I gotta say those Louboutin sandals are the BIZ! I'd push her in the pool & snatch them. :-) She looks fab here! I like that she's "regular" pretty & not fake/manufactured.
Truth's picture

She does NOT look "FAB" and

She does NOT look "FAB" and it's more than that. The article is where she look terrible. Women need to demand better. And I think she looks like a NBA Groupie here. They did not do her any favors styling her like this. She looks Cheap and apparently Lebron does not think much of her given his own words. This entire story is sad. The kids look good LOL that's all LOL


YOU ARE RIGHT ON!!!!!!!! As Fashionable As Bazaar is! They have here wearing a jersey dress!!!!!!! I haven't seen one of those in years!!! AWFUL!
Anonymous's picture


Wisdom2's picture

LOL WTF is a sidekick! lol

LOL WTF is a sidekick! lol She must be the ROBIN to his BATMAN! LMAO I wish my man WOULD call me a sidekick.. That is NOT cute nor SWEET on any LEVELS..... Get it together LEBRON and Savannah honey put a FIRE under his ASS to marry U please or the shit will prob NEVER happen... & he'll end up with a Kardashion!
Anonymous's picture

lmao @ He'll end up with a

lmao @ He'll end up with a Kardashian...lol
Beantown Beauty's picture

&&why are the Miami groupies

&&why are the Miami groupies ALWAYS put on a pedestal?? They AREN'T ANY CUTER than women any where else...why do they get feared? is it b/c they're hispanics & get to walk around with bikinis on all day? These ballers see most of these groupies naked within a short time period of meeting groupies anyways!! Cause its thirsty women everyowhere on their grind to land a baller & when Lebron was in Ohio I heard he partied in Chicago A LOT (with groupies galore there) so Savannah dont need to worry about anything! Now that "glamorous" Miami lifestyle might overinflate Lebron's ego even more! but the groupies shouldn't be her main concern cause thats nothing new...Savannah keep your head up!
yoooo's picture

I think it's because Shaunie

I think it's because Shaunie O'Neal was quoted as saying that the "Miami groupies are on a whole nother level".
T-Rock's picture

Shaunie O'Neal has lost ALL

Shaunie O'Neal has lost ALL credibility with me since that show!
yoooo's picture

Anyone that lives in Akron

Anyone that lives in Akron knows that Savannah wasn't feeling Lebron until someone whispered in her ear about where he was going. Typical I guess. Pop a couple kids out to guarantee your fortune when he finally leaves you.. Can't be mad at her though. Uneducated, kept woman that never had to do anything but satisfy a selfish egotist. I bet she doesn't like Miami. Lebron, Maverick, Rich P, Randy.. What a joke, a bunch of freeloading party promoters that have a clear influence over their ATM machine. Bring on the temptations..Love.. I call my dog my sidekick.
Noelle's picture

There's no way she's going to

There's no way she's going to be able to compete with those thirsty jump off in Miami. They are ruthless. I give it a year or so before they break up and are fighting over custody and child support.
sarah's picture

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