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Fantasia has been hospitalized for a possible overdose.  Read on for the deets...


*UPDATE* 4:30p EST: Fantasia's manager has now confirmed that she indeed suffered from a "medication overdose".


THIS JUST IN - Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized Monday night at Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville at about 8:55 p.m for a medication overdose.  

Sources close to the situation say the condition is not life-threatening and it's not known what type of medication was taken.  Also, no one knows whether the overdose was accidental or intentional...or if they do...they aren't saying.

The timing seems a little suspicious since news of Fantasia's sex tape with a married man just broke days ago.  And the statement released by her manager yesterday did very little to clear her name.

Maybe she was self-medicating and took it too far?!

We are following this closely and will keep you posted as it develops.



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Unless men who are supposed

Unless men who are supposed to be married are not retarded, they are accountable for their actions. These laws need to be changed, if it was not her it would have been someone else, he is really about the wife, cant you see. www.yuregininsesi.com
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fantasia is desperate for

fantasia is desperate for attention money and any man i.e. she's buying this man and her music stinks so she needs her reality show to do better to support her man...her last season i watched maybe ten minutes total and this want make me watch more ...why cant she have the sense of beyonce alicia keys tyra etc who dont let a man define them...she is pathetic fantasia is going to get all this back on a world stage just like she did this to this woman on a world stage i dont feel sorry for her!
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No where in the Bible does it

No where in the Bible does it state anything about marriage & divorce. Please refer me to the the scripture. Also this was a publicity stunt, she overdosed on aspirin??? give me a break. The so called marriage may have already had problems. But I'm so sick & tired of Christians preaching about marriage, divorce & God. Prove it to me where the bible talks about this. I want facts not stories. pleeeaaase...
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I wanted so badly to give my

I wanted so badly to give my comment on this that i searched high and low to find so way which i could make a contribution. First let me say that you sin in thought, word and deed. I believe that the man was not retarded and knew what he was doing. Some wives just do not want to believe that is it not working and to just let go. God seeks and knows a man's heart. I believe that we should stop setting double standards. They are lots of issues which needs to be dealt with and yet we spend lots of time of the "frivilous ones". Lets us try to get the guns and drugs off the street and try to let other people make meaniful contributions to society. Fantasia is making her contribution to society. To the wife, the laws need to be revisited to show that the marriage has broken down and not put blame on anyone. If a man is happy in his house, he does not go out looking. I am a wife also and life does not promise us any rose garden. If you need a settlement from the husband get it and go on with your life. Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining.
Roygal's picture

Ok first of all where was

Ok first of all where was Fantasia's mom and praying grandmother. She needs solid counsel around her, however, her mom thinks that just bc fantasia is the bread winner, that she as a mom doesn't have to be a parent anymore. I could tell from the show, when the mom stated, Fantasia pays for her brother's education, so i let her make the decision... that the mom is a joke. I mean word to mothers: If your kids make more than you and are the supplier, don't mean that you are no longer the parent!! Her praying grandmother and mom need to be given her solid advice, instead they letting her do whatever bc they scared the money will be taken away. Yes Fantasia was wrong! You dont get involved until you actually SEE the divorce papers.. but where was all this coverage around Alicia Keys.. who is PREGNANT.. where is all the coverage around Leanne Rhimes and the millions of people who cheat. Same with Tiger Woods.. Coverage is only high when the person is Black. Fantasia needs to fire her publicist, manager, and get a whole new team.. But actually I think it's a lil too late... Stick to gospel fantasia.. you sound better singing that anyways
A-tired-person's picture

A-tired-person sin was from

A-tired-person sin was from in the beginning and it will be until the end. God is not going to ask her mother or grandmother about her and for you to say that the mom is a joke, judge not less ye be judged. God is still on his throne and let him take control over the situation. We are here judging, how you know that the wife did not do the same thing too. We sin in thought, word and deed. What i need you to do is to help get the guns and drugs off the streets and let some of those people be productive citizens.
Roygal's picture

she was wrong for not seeing

she was wrong for not seeing the divorce papers but she is forgiven, now move the hell on, everyone makes mistakes whether big or small in "your" site. " he who has not sin shal case the first stone. Shit!!!!!!'
reecee's picture

Alot of people here

Alot of people here pick-n-choose who they want to pass judgement on: Fantasia, Alicia Keys, R Kelly, Obama, and the list goes on and on. Meanwhile people are cheating on their taxes, their spouses, stealing money & items from their jobs--and then falling up in church. So, at the end of the day, we ALL have said or done--or are STILL doing things we shouldn't be doing. Therefore not ONEof us has the right to judge anybody else. Especially when it comes to relationships: you only know what someone tells you. I hope Fantasia recovers and gets her mind right. God has invested alot in her and I believe He has more blessings in store for her if she can just hold on.
Godiva's picture

Tell them sister, he who is

Tell them sister, he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.
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dang, so is this what happens

dang, so is this what happens when a washed up celeb makes an attempt to stay relative??? SHE SHOULDN'T BEEN CHEATING WITH A MARRIED MAN. The wife has the right now to sue her in North Carolina's ANTI-JUMPOFF law which can award her millions of Fantasia's earnings AND IT'S LEGAL!!! A woman in another state won against her husband's mistress a few months ago and got off like a bandit...nothing better than sweet justice.....make this homewrecker PAY....
Anonymous's picture

Did she take his penis out of

Did she take his penis out of his pants, how did she get a home wrecker, you seems to be a gold digger. Money is not all to life.
Roygal's picture

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Pervaiz Iqbal's picture

The more I read these

The more I read these comments, the more angry I get. Not one person on this earth's surface is perfect. NOT ONE! But you couldn't tell judging by these comments. Yes, Fantasia made a big mistake, but we all have at some point in our lives, or very likely will. But she will have to live with it and be judged by GOD. Not by anyone else. What we CAN do is offer up our prayers for her and her little girl and hope they can move on.
Michele's picture

AMEN Sister, who is perfect?

AMEN Sister, who is perfect?
Roygal's picture

I so agree with you. We have

I so agree with you. We have all fallen short of God's grace at some point, but a benefit of being a christian is that we have forgiveness and salvation. I just hope that Fantasia realizes that I don't believe he brought her this far to leave her. She is in my prayers through this emotional time.
TEAH's picture

Ok now as a married woman I

Ok now as a married woman I feel for the wife but I wudnt get rich of my hubbys hoe.....also as a blk woman who dates blk men none of u women on here can't say you've never fell for a man's lies if not than ur so perfect n take me to where u meet man cuz I got friends n fam who need a good man n there life I kno this is a blog were people talk ish but my grandma always said hoes love calling out their fellow hoes
wisdom 's picture

so your grandmas a hoe?

so your grandmas a hoe?
Anonymous's picture

LOL!!! Love it.

LOL!!! Love it.
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Anonymous's picture

Why didn't Nancy Grace and

Why didn't Nancy Grace and all these other media outlets do a whole story about Alicia Keys cheating behind and that hideous country singer Leeann Rimes? Fantasia needs to be called out for sure, but so do they. I just don't like how she got singled out like she's the only celebrity hoebag.
j's picture

2010 is the official year of

2010 is the official year of the side **HOES**
raraavis's picture

Blah, blah, blah. Try again.

Blah, blah, blah. Try again. Nobody believes this chicken tried to kill herself.
Kit Fit's picture

Fantasia's Hand look

Fantasia's Hand look DISQUSTING with that vine of tats...........Yikes
ME's picture

I smell Publicity Stunt!!!!

I smell Publicity Stunt!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I wish Fantasia well.

I wish Fantasia well. Unfortunately, she has to put on her "big girl panties" and deal with the fallout. Take it one day at a time and be an adult. You have a precious daughter that depends on you and relies on you.
Anonymous's picture

Amen!! It's the TRUTH that

Amen!! It's the TRUTH that will set you free. She should just say what the truth really is and she will be surprised at how much better she will feel. IF she made the tape and she want's to be with Mr. Cook, then just say it. I guess there may be more to the story than we really know. Get well Tasia!!!! This whole situation ain't worth it girl!
Anonymous's picture

She is still HUMAN people

She is still HUMAN people need to cut her some slack. She has obvious self esteem issues. What she did was very wrong and she will pay for that I'm sure but she's also human and should be respected as such. People make poor decisions all the time. I wish her well but I'm also not making any excuse for what she did. She should not have lied about it. And this man is so TRASHY. He's just using her. Both women need to dump him.

i find it very ironic that

i find it very ironic that you said "she is still HUMAN people need to cut her some slack," yet you STILL continue to crucify Chris Brown. You said that she "will pay for that," and Chris paid his time as well. If you really believe that people make poor decisions all the time, they why do you go hard on him everytime he is posted on here? How is the man trashy, and you didn't include Fantasia in that, as well? Even after she knew the man was still with his wife, she continued a relationship with him. So SHE KNEW BETTER, AND DIDN'T DO BETTER. In theory, you could definitely go hard on Chris if he ever decides to raise his hand at another woman. But don't passify Fantasia, and crucify Chris. Wrong is wrong. Adultery and Fornication is very wrong.. since God tells a husband to "love his wife, as Church loves the church." Her growing up in Christ, she cannot tell me her spirit was convicted everytime she spent time, let alone had sex with that man. I want to feel sorry for her, but she didn't feel sorry for Mrs. Cook, when she was sleeping with this woman's husband, knowing that this woman is raising 2 small children at home while she is taking her husband on extravagent trips. Come on Furious Styles, don't pardon her, when you were just going in on Chris.
Local Celebrity's picture

You said that God tells a

You said that God tells a husband to love his wife, as the Church loves the Church. Who is he loving. God knows our hearts and if we are living for the public as i said before we sin in thought, word and deed. You choose one that you never did. Leave the young people and let them get ahead with their lives. Some people issues get aired in public but others we do not hear about. SIN is SIN there is no little sin or big one.
Roygal's picture


Jasmineee's picture

Fantashia knew what she is

Fantashia knew what she is doing; she knew she would face backlash because of her wreckless decisions.
Anonymous's picture

Daaaaamn Gina! Hmph, she'll

Daaaaamn Gina! Hmph, she'll be fine. Don't nobody die from aspirin and Lunesta... I don't feel bad for her because you reap what you sow. She shoulda thought about that before she started living a lie. Talkin bout "i don't know that nigga'... but his name is tatooed on her and he has a WIFE. Women, women, women.... Women need to stop the madness and MAN UP!!! Stop settling for these men who don't respect women, HONESTY, accountability, or life in general. They WILL bring you down with them. S M D H
Asea's picture

TMZ says that it was asprin

TMZ says that it was asprin and sleeping pills SMH
Anonymous's picture

Fantashia my heart goes out

Fantashia my heart goes out to you; but I hope you not doing to distract the situation with her boyfriend. Instead of facing the consequences for her action; she try to take the easy way out. Fantashia knew what she was doing when she is involve with a married man. You are a mother it is not fair that your daughter had to suffer for her your behavior.
Anonymous's picture

Damn... Iunno whats worse,

Damn... Iunno whats worse, the sextape or a film of her tryin' to read Dr. Seuss smh
Yung Bergz Chain 's picture

That is not funny. I don't

That is not funny. I don't know why people feel that they have to make the situation worst by being so silly. I pray that Fantasia & her family can overcome this terrible situation. Yes, I know that she caused all of her pain by being with a triffling man but when do he take some of the blame?
Anonymous's picture

This is a mess. This is not

This is a mess. This is not how you escape Fanny. Ugh,she needs the Lord...forreal not just for tv.
college_fab89's picture

who cares? Next time stop

who cares? Next time stop screwing married men
Anonymous's picture

Unless men who are supposed

Unless men who are supposed to be married are not retarded, they are accountable for their actions. These laws need to be changed, if it was not her it would have been someone else, he is really about the wife, cant you see.
Roygal's picture

I hope she gets better. Cant

I hope she gets better. Cant say I feel sorry for her. I just hope she kept the copies of the sextapes or he will be selling them to the highest bidder.
SoulSista's picture

I do kinda feel bad for her

I do kinda feel bad for her and hope she gets better. I just don't think she's "equipped" to handle all this bad press. I mean, Nancy Grace for 1/2 an hour? CNN? Every blog, black and white is reporting on this story! She probably just wants to crawl in a hole! On the other hand, this is EXACTLY why you don't deal with a married man. When they are going thru sh*t, you are liable to get some on you too! tsk tsk...
missunderstood's picture

Exactly. People are in denial

Exactly. People are in denial if they think they can get involved with a married person and their issues, and come out spotless.
Anonymous's picture

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