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Rihanna Gets Fab For Her Afterparty, Clarifies Her New Tattoo

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Rihanna performed in NYC at Madison Square Garden last night for her "Last Girl on Earth" tour.  Then she stepped out looking fab for her big afterparty at Greenhouse. 


More pics of Rihanna out on the town and a few concert stills, plus she clears up the meaning of her new tattoo when you read on...

Rihanna stepped out of her hotel looking interesting in a black sheer and lace dress, with a gold chain and her fave pair of basic black Louboutin pumps.

Rih stops to talk to a fan.  Isn't that the same little girl who tried to stop Usher and Chris Paul earlier this week?  Funny.

She's looking pretty cute strolling down the streets of NYC.

And here are some pics from her concert with Ke$ha:

Wonder how it sounded...

In other Rihanna news, her tattoo has caused quite a stir. 


Her tattoo reads "Rebelle Fleur" which many people have said is incorrect phrasing because the adjective comes before the noun in the French language.  However, Ms. Fenty cleared that up in a text sent to her tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy.

She wrote:

rebelle fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebelious flower, its 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first! Fyi, cuz they will ask.


Looks like Rihanna may be more well versed in French than people think...

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She is so sad. In no time she

She is so sad. In no time she will look like Lil Wayne She trying to hard Lady Gaga and Grace Jones are the queens of these weird outfits This girl is a mess She cannot sing And i tired of seeing that bloody ass hair do of hers
Anonymous's picture

Well I'm glad it wasn't a

Well I'm glad it wasn't a mistake. A tattoo stays with u forever. Even if u try to get it removed there will always be a blurry mark there.
Anonymous's picture

I am French and Rebelle Fleur

I am French and Rebelle Fleur means nothing! It's Fleur rebelle, no matter if its two nouns... That tattoo artist needs to be sued lol
DaRealAngie's picture

The point is it does in

The point is it does in english. I am also french, raised in Ontario and it does LITERALLY translate to rebel flower. Of course we would never say it like that b/c we alway use it in a sentence, not as is. I am just saying, she is technically right...
Anonymous's picture

Vous êtes français ? vraiment

Vous êtes français ? vraiment ?! Je ne pense pas ! il signifie la fleur de rebelle, juste comme elle a dit
Anonymous's picture

Tu penses que "la fleur de

Tu penses que "la fleur de rebelle" a plus de sens ? car je parle aussi le français et ces deux noms ajoutés n'ont aucun sens.... Bonne tentative d'explication de Rihanna par contre, j'aimerais y croire, mais sur ce coup la, elle a tout faux
Anonymous's picture

Preach it girl!!!!!

Preach it girl!!!!!
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yeah her forehead too big for

yeah her forehead too big for the hairstyle
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this girl makes me sick. she

this girl makes me sick. she does absolutly nothing but walk around town all day! where is the real talent at nowadays
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OK Well alrighty then.

OK Well alrighty then.
cosmanot's picture

Dayum everyday its something

Dayum everyday its something about Rhi Rhi I'm so sick of the post about her that really amount to nothing!
Anonymous's picture

She is right, I took french

She is right, I took french for four years. Looking cute but the way
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