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Antwaun Cook's Official Statement About Fantasia & His Wife


After everything has already been discovered about Antwaun's cheatin' ass and his relationship with Fantasia -plus her attempted suicide- Antwaun finally decided to release a statement about the "situation". Read on to find out what he had to say...

Antwaun's lawyer, Nicole Sodoma, released a statement tonight regarding Antwaun's position about both Fantasia and his wife Paula.  And we quote:

"Antwaun would be remiss not to address the criticism and judgment he has received. He knew Fantasia Barrino but the failure of his marriage can in no way be blamed on anyone except the two people that were a part of the union – Paula and Antwaun. [Paula and Antwaun] expected their marriage to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, like many marriages, it did not turn out as planned. In late summer 2009, after years of discussion, the parties separated with the intention of no longer being married."


Fantasia claims that she believed Antwaun and Paula had already split up when they began dating. Paula stated in court documents that the two split June 16, 2010....not summer 2009 as Antwaun is stating.

There's always three sides to every story--his side, her side, and the truth.

Who do you believe?




fantasia is ignorant by all

fantasia is ignorant by all means.. she claims to be church going.. she has a lot of growing up to do... it doesnt matter if the guy was/is separated or on the middle of divorce.. she has enough not to get involved.. having someone to love is not that serious.. but according to her movie she was hot in the pants.. n when she got the attention she took it.. but unfortunalty her sassy unclassy dress got her raped.. she is doin this for attention..
Anonymous's picture

When a marriage fail

When a marriage fail everybody wants 2 blame the other woman not the guy......no 1 is 2 blame 4 ppl fallin out of luv wit each other thts part of life, nothin n life last 4 eva. Idk y ppl r so blind 2 the fact tht ppl fall out of luv everyda... www.yuregininsesi.com
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As a human race we respect

As a human race we respect anamils more than we respect marriages. Why is it so hard to stay out of married peoples homes, even when invited in by the husband or wife. What happened to staying no? Then we have the nurves to try and justify ourselves. We really need to take a good long look in the miror. Truly amazing how we push marriage aside like it's nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I think he and his wife was

I think he and his wife was on the outs, long before he met Tasia. They probably were sleeping in separate parts of the house because he had no place to go (too broke). The wife had in her mind we're getting back together, but he had in his mind "I'm outta here, soon as I get me some money." In his mind the marriage was over because they were sleeping separate for months. His next move was to get a place of his own. But then BAM! He meets Tasia, likes her, and sees her as a way out of that house...He openly dates Tasia because in his mind he and his wife were over long ago. His new romance was FAST paced! Then, seeing him in the press, the wife then regrets her actions & pines for him and wants him back. He refused to return to home, not even to get his things, so she became a woman scorned! But Poor Tasia, she fell hard and fast in love and got caught up in the middle of his mess, which he kept to himself. Tasia was his money ticket! But Tasia, Let him go!!! Tasia needs a Mentor...and...she appears to be surrounded by men in her family that look to her for financial support. Get rid of them too. I'm Just saying...JMHO.
Mary's picture

When little girl are looking

When little girl are looking for love, they look to their father's. When women are looking for love they look to men. But men take advance of these women, emotionally, physically and psychologically. They prey on the weak. When love fails you time and time again, you began to misunderstand what love really is, and you're not sure of your feelings. I really feel sorry for these women they are both victims in my opinion. One looking for love in all the wrong faces, the other; it's so hard to say goodbye to what once was.
lisaand's picture

I believe the

I believe the brotha--because--behind the scenes black women who are married to rich and famous black men have a hard time when their bread and butter is taken away--no more rollin with a baller and shot caller. the brotha wanted to be left alone--but the wife is trying to cling on crying --why you wanna leave me--but the fact really is, he did not love her anymore--for whatever reason, and he ran up on fantasia and they clicked. black women hear this--GET OVER IT WHEN A MAN DO NOT WANT YOU ANYMORE--MOVE ON!
goddess's picture

You are delusional. He's

You are delusional. He's leaving his wife for Fantasia's money. That's all it is. Plain and simple. She can buy things for him that his wife can't. The only clicking the have is the sex and the money. I'm telling you, give it a year. Its gonna be Antwaun with 20 other women on his own reality show. "Antwaun's Search For Love...LOL!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

He wasn't famous!!

He wasn't famous!!
MissLady's picture

I'm with Paula Let Ugly ass

I'm with Paula Let Ugly ass Ghetto-ish Fantasia have that broke Ass
Opinionated's picture

omg, he is throwing up the

omg, he is throwing up the kappa sign . I love me some kappa men, but damn its a time and a place for throwing your sign up .
Anonymous's picture

who knows when that picture

who knows when that picture was taken... lets get a brain now.
Anonymous's picture

For all those commenting on

For all those commenting on her body and the way she looks! Quit hating! You clearly dont know the details of the story! He has his own money im sure! There is so much that most dont know! So leave her alone!
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is he throwing up the kappa

is he throwing up the kappa alpha psi fraternity sign??
Keri's picture

He is NOT worth the drama he

He is NOT worth the drama he is not worth all of the things she has over come He is not worth the lost of her fans her money the lost her respect dignity NO MAN NO MANNO MAN NO MAN is worth that many losses especially when he isnt bringing a damn thing to the table. He is cute but so are monkeys.....
SheSpeakS's picture

Dum-Dum-Dum A$$ Fanny! She's

Dum-Dum-Dum A$$ Fanny! She's making this Trif-ass BOY Famous! Girl Please!
Anonymous's picture

Does anybody really think

Does anybody really think that he would be seen with her if she didn't have money?? Hell to the nawl! This girl got flab hanging everywhere with a raggidy scarf on her head...body just lopsided! I thinks not Fanny Mae! This dude is USING you!
Anonymous's picture

Heck naw he wouldn't be seen

Heck naw he wouldn't be seen with her. There's no way. She's a mess!!
Lil's picture

cheating or not...i would

cheating or not...i would assume he old enough to be with someone based on something other than looks. he had to know someone would be watching shes a celebrity.
lea's picture

He is FINE!!! So either way

He is FINE!!! So either way it goes as ignorant as it sounds ill excuse it!!
Anonymous's picture

And yes it does sound

And yes it does sound ignorant, thank you for knowing that.
Holly's picture

is he a kappa? i saw him

is he a kappa? i saw him throwing up what appears to be the "Yo" sign?
Anonymous's picture

BOOOOOOO, nobody even cares

BOOOOOOO, nobody even cares about this mark-ass-buster! Fantasia please get your ish together. NEXT!
Misa's picture

Atwuan is such a liar. YBF

Atwuan is such a liar. YBF had a post a couple of months back showing him and his wife together at a party! He's just trying to keep Fantasia from getting sued. How weak and trifling that a man will take his mistress' side over his wife and mother of his children.
Holly's picture

Riiiiiight! Remember when

Riiiiiight! Remember when they were saying around the holidays they had a reconciliation and were back together? Doesn't the clock start over again on this 1 year seperation if that happened? Even Fantasia's own lawyer stated he and Fantasia were on/off, hence the vague answers about them being 'just friends'. I bet he was bouncing back and forth, leading them both on. It's not that hard to believe.
missunderstood's picture

btw...Fanny does not look

btw...Fanny does not look cute in that bikini, maybe she should wear a two piece and sarong :/
Anonymous's picture

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Nerd's picture

I believe Fanny has morals

I believe Fanny has morals and values, she comes from a religious background having the grandmother that she has i don't think she would bring any shame her nanny.. At the end of the day she should leave the man along and ask God to send her someone with integrity, and respect.
Anonymous's picture

BS just because someone has

BS just because someone has religious background or family doesnt mean anything...if she was worried about her grandmother, then she wouldnt have been humping and making babies in high school!
Anonymous's picture

Girl dont you know kids of

Girl dont you know kids of religious folk can sometimes be the biggest fk ups and whores there are. those are high standards to live up to and often times the more you tell folks something is wrong the more it draws them to it, after seeing that reality show how on earth can anyone say religion did that clan of coons a damn bit of good.
tdew's picture

Clan of coons????? Be

Clan of coons????? Be careful of what u say. There is no Jim Crow foolish talkin' on this site!!!!!
Cookie's picture

yes coon, anyone who sets the

yes coon, anyone who sets the race back 1000 years with their disgraceful stereotypical antics is cooning so i said what i said. and what whatever i say on this site is what i say and you wont do a damn thing about it COOKIE, perfect example of a coon, whats your mommas name peaches
tdew's picture

Amen to that! Just because

Amen to that! Just because somebody goes to church everytime the doors open doesnt make them a saint. Fantasia knew homeboy was married. She just wanted what she wanted at the time. Remember, that same "church girl" is the same one who had a baby as an unwed teenager too. So miss me with all that holier than thou shit!
suga's picture

Mrs. Cook, has not sued the

Mrs. Cook, has not sued the home-wrecker, she filed suit against her husband and is blaming the divorce on his cheating ways. By stating that her husband is cheating, she is claiming a fault based divorce instead of a no-fault divorce that most people get. I'm guessing that NC has some law that protects the party not at fault and awards them certain damages based on that.
Anonymous's picture

I believe Antwuan. Natasha

I believe Antwuan. Natasha does too just doesn't want to say it. God forbid a man be right in any situation. Natasha has photos of Antwuan & Fantasia that doesn't add up to the wife's story of her not knowing. Before June of 2010. The wife and Antwuan had to be separated for him to travel with Fantasia and take pictureS out in the OPEN. WAAAAY Before June 2010. The wife is just trying to get paid acting like she didn't know of a previous agreement she had with her husband. Knowing the public will always side with the women regardless of the evidence.
MasterMind's picture

but during this whole

but during this whole saga...there has been post where he and his wife were going back and forth...if the public knew it then im sure Fanny did too!
Anonymous's picture

if they were seperated, Y

if they were seperated, Y would this man just be moving things out of the couples home???#justsayin wouldnt that shit been gone!?
Anonymous's picture

Money is the influence.

Money is the influence. Fantasia has introduced him to a lifestyle that he did not have before. I feel sorry for Mrs. Cook. Her husband is not in love with Fantasia, he's leaving her because Fantasia can do more for him materially, than she can. I think this whole situation is going to go beyond him just being Fantasia's married boyfriend. Don't be surprised if Antwaun ends up with his own reality show...minus Fantasia!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I TOTALLY agree... Part of me

I TOTALLY agree... Part of me wonders if Antwaun and Paula set Fantasia up to get more money since NC is one of 6 states that have the "home wrecker" law. I was born and raised here in NC and never heard of that law until now...
Anonymous's picture

I don't believe any of them.

I don't believe any of them. http://www.zazzle.com/kissmeonline Fab, chic & sweet items.
REAL's picture

i believe that they marriage

i believe that they marriage was having sum problems in their relationship fantasia is not they problem and she should not be involved in any legal dispute they have he married her he took those vows and he or she broke them women are sneaky i pretty sure she has sum secrets of her own aint no woman go just sit around when the man has already moved on like come on be for real about the situation everybody wanna side with the wife. do u fanny girl and if he is whats making you happy then i say keep him
Anonymous's picture

I think Antwan an his wife is

I think Antwan an his wife is play mind games on Fantasia 2 get $ out her cuz did his wife get a hold of the sex tape....think about !!!!
Tiffany's picture

I like the way you think. It

I like the way you think. It has always been my stance that Antwan and his wife were running a con game on Fantasia.
Ellee's picture

When are people going to get

When are people going to get it! When they met, he was separated from his wife and Fantasia knew this. She said so in her statement. Also, I do not believe there is a set-up going on. Men leave their mess lying around for their wife. How many times does a wife find the goods on their husbands. There are husbands out there that are stupid enough to leave sex tapes, credit card receipts and other questionable items in their own homes and cars. He could have brought it home and his wife found it. They only person playing with Fantasia's mind is Antwaun. He's leaving his wife for the perks. THAT IS ALL!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I hate it when people start

I hate it when people start quoting scriptures but don't know the first thing about what they are reciting....IF and I mean IF God brought you 2 togehter no man nor woman nor circumstance can come in between you 2.....you says God doesn't like divorce, well he also can't stand liers, theives, killers, blashemy, homosexuality, Gossip and etc...which category do you get off @? #thatswhatithought....back to the subject...what Mr. Cook said was absolutely correct No one is to blame for the dismise of their union but the ones thats in it...again I state if we seek counsel(with the man above) before "We" decide this is the "One" we wouldn't have to worry about all the drama and the heartache...just because you decide today that this is the one doesn't mean that it was ever in God's Plan for you to be with that person
Anonymous's picture

When a marriage fail

When a marriage fail everybody wants 2 blame the other woman not the guy......no 1 is 2 blame 4 ppl fallin out of luv wit each other thts part of life, nothin n life last 4 eva. Idk y ppl r so blind 2 the fact tht ppl fall out of luv everyda...
Le-Le's picture

Blah, blah, blah. We've heard

Blah, blah, blah. We've heard this a thousand times. Say something new. Both of them were wrong and you need to learn how to spell dumb dumb.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Well she hasn't sued Fantasia

Well she hasn't sued Fantasia yet, so we'll have to wait and see. Bottom line is, Fantasia needs to get her self-esteem up so she won't fall for good looking married men feeding her some lines.
Carmelsay's picture

Fantasia has the worst shape

Fantasia has the worst shape I have seen in a while... That bathing suit looks like it belongs to my 9 year old... and those tats are hideous. I am not against tats but hers just looks trashy. I do think dude lied but I think Fanny eventually found out. Wife is lying, he been cheating but I guess if suing Fanny makes her feel better than go ahead... This is a mess all the way around.
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